Why do I need a Freyka pillow model, indications for use, features of choice

A common cause of dysplasia of the hip joints in infancy is the gluteal presentation of the fetus in the mother’s womb. Shortly after birth, a full examination of the baby is performed. If a pathology is detected, treatment immediately begins. When choosing treatment methods for pediatric orthopedists, the degree of inferiority of the hip joint is taken into account. For the treatment of dysplastic changes in the joints, special devices are used for constant wear.

One of them is Freyk’s pillow (bandage, perink, struts). A soft orthopedic product fixes and holds children’s legs bent at the knees in a diluted position, ensuring proper joint formation. Using a pillow for several months eliminates pre-dislocation, subluxation, prevents the occurrence of complications associated with dysplasia.

Indications for use

The Freyka pillow for newborns is designed from a dense roller located between the knees, straps and clips for secure attachment of the device. Its wearing provides a physiological position of the legs, in which there is a full “ripening” of the hip joints. The child’s legs are bent, slightly retracted, and the heads of the femurs are in the acetabulum.

The Freyk pillow is designed to treat dysplasia, or a congenital disorder in the process of joint formation, which can cause dislocation or subluxation of the femoral head. This diagnosis is often made already in the maternity hospital during an external examination of the newborn. If a dislocation is detected, orthopedic appliances are not used. A dislocation indicates the development of severe dysplasia and requires the application of a plaster cast or surgery. With the help of Freyk’s pillow, a severe degree of dysplasia cannot be cured. It does not provide a sufficiently strong fixation of the femurs in a diluted position. Therefore, with any intense movement of the legs, the bone heads will slip out of the acetabulum. Wearing a Frey pillow cannot be used to treat dislocation. But sometimes it is sometimes used as an additional means of therapy.

The Freyk pillow is used for pre-dislocations or subluxations. In such cases, it is enough:

  • constant wear of the product by the child;
  • monitoring by a pediatric orthopedist of the condition of the hip joint.

The doctor regularly examines the child, and if necessary, ultrasound or (and) x-ray studies are performed. Wearing a pillow of Freyk is shown from 1 month, and its duration depends on the degree of dysplasia. It is usually used for 1,5-3 months. Only with the slow formation of the hip joint does the orthopedist prescribe wearing a pillow for 1-2 years.

Product selection

The choice of Freyk pillow is only for a pediatric orthopedist. It takes into account the degree of inferiority of the development of the joint, the general state of the child’s health, and the presence of a history of chronic diseases. Orthopedic appliances are produced by many domestic and foreign manufacturers. Pillows are distinguished by dimensional scales, so the following criteria can be taken into account when choosing:

  • age of the child;
  • the distance between the knee joints, divorced to the maximum width.

Experienced orthopedists select products based on the distance between the child’s knees in the position of their maximum bending and abduction. In this position, the legs of the child will be fixed during treatment. Rarely used age gradation, calculated for the average baby. In this way, it is rarely possible to immediately select a device, since children at birth are very different in weight and height, the degree of abduction in the hip joint varies.

With an incorrectly defined size of the Freyk pillow, therapy will not produce a result or it will be insignificant. If the product is small, then the legs will not be pulled apart enough, which will negatively affect the formation of the joint. When the pillow is large for the child, the legs will be too far apart. This causes him inconvenience, and sometimes pain. Sleep is disturbed, the newborn becomes moody, restless, and may refuse to eat.

Frey pillow sizeFixture WidthAge of child
XS14-15 see1-3 months
S16-17,5 see6-12 months
M18-19 see1-2 years

How to put on the device

It is important to correctly fix the child’s legs in a physiological position. The child will quickly get used to the foreign object, and recovery will come much faster. At the appointment, the orthopedic surgeon will show how to put on and fasten Freyk’s pillow on the baby’s body. If necessary, refer to the instructions for use enclosed in the packaging.

Putting on the orthopedic device on the newborn, the following recommendations should be observed:

  • Do not put a pillow on the diaper. To avoid excessive sweating and rubbing the delicate baby skin will allow the removal of cotton underwear;
  • put on the product in a straightened form. The baby is laid on top so that the dense roller is located at an equal distance between the hips;
  • Avoid squeezing the case with the strap system. The fasteners prevent the pillow from shifting, reliably fixing it in one position. But belts should not leave red marks on the skin as a result of strong squeezing of the skin.

For a month of life, children get used to freely move their legs and arms, so after the first putting on the bandage they begin to act up. Here, parents should be persistent, do not stop using the pillow. This will significantly reduce the period of adaptation to the Freyk pillow. If the child is crying, and it is not possible to distract him with a toy or a walk, it is necessary to check whether his knees are too divorced. After reducing the degree of abduction, the condition of the baby is usually normal. The design of the product provides a fastening system that allows you to lengthen the belts as the baby grows. But still, over time, the parent of the children, who are shown long-term therapy, have to purchase a larger Freyk pillow.

Even “neglected” joint problems can be cured at home! Just remember to smear it once a day.

When diagnosing a child with severe joint instability, doctors recommend wearing the device around the clock. In other cases, its use within 12 hours is sufficient. Remove the pillow should be brief – when bathing, during massage procedures, gymnastics.

Models of children’s bandages

Freyk pillows vary in materials used in their manufacture. According to international standards, the presence of synthetics, plastic, metal is allowed in the composition of products. But the inner surfaces of the devices in contact with the skin of the baby should only be made of natural hypoallergenic materials.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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This is the toughest model of the Frey pillow. Its lower part is made of easily bending plastic, and the shape of the model vaguely resembles a saddle. Fixation straps are located on the back and sides. Such a fastening system prevents even a slight displacement of the product. In some models, the belts immobilize the hip joints so firmly that they are used instead of gypsum tires.

It is impractical to use these complex designs with mild dysplasia due to the inconvenience of wearing, especially in the treatment of children taking their first steps. Plastic orthopedic appliances have significant disadvantages:

  • during their use, children sweat heavily, which can cause irritation of delicate baby skin, and sometimes the development of dermatitis;
  • the design provides for the possibility of only the maximum breeding of the child’s legs.

Children adapt for a very long time to wearing a Freyk plastic pillow. Sometimes this period is delayed for several weeks, during which the child is constantly acting up, which worries the parents.

Polyurethane Foam

Frequently used models of Freyk pillows in children’s orthopedics are made of polyurethane foam. They are always in the range of orthopedic salons. A dense part of the device located between the legs is made of this material. A characteristic feature of such a model is the presence of a “memory effect.” When re-donning, the roller immediately takes on a comfortable shape. The device reliably fixes the hip joints, but strong crushing of the body is completely excluded.

Manufacturers in the manufacture of backs used mesh material to prevent excessive sweating and skin irritation. When choosing models, orthopedists pay attention to the pillow mount system. On some straps are arranged in such a way that with a sharp movement of the child, their tension is weakened. It is inconvenient in operation and reduces the therapeutic effect. Therefore, doctors do not recommend the use of pillows if, for their fixation, it is necessary to place straps on the shoulders.


The design of such pillows Freyk provided stiffeners. But unlike plastic devices, wearing them does not greatly limit the child’s mobility. The adaptation period is practically absent, since children can freely roll over, sit, crawl. A fixture is made of mesh material that allows good air permeability. In addition to stiffeners, the production used natural hypoallergenic wool to prevent slipping of the pillow and skin irritation.

The fastening system is located on the upper and side surfaces of the brace. Belts are made of elastic materials and fastened with durable Velcro. Combined models are very convenient to operate, easy to remove and put on.


The cost of some models is several thousand rubles, and taking into account the need to change bandages, the price of treatment increases several times. Therefore, some parents make Freyk pillows on special patterns on their own. To create a roller, a flannel is used, which is twisted in several layers, and belts and clips are purchased in stores. The only plus of such models is an individually selected mounting system. And there are much more minuses: insufficient stiffness of the pillow, fast stretching of the belts, the use of non-allergenic materials, inconvenience in leaving. But most importantly, a self-made bandage does not provide a sufficient degree of fixation of the hip joints.


It is forbidden to use any orthopedic devices without a doctor’s prescription. If parents have suspicions of insufficient examination of the child after birth, you should contact a pediatrician. Self-treatment of non-existent dysplasia can cause curvature of the legs, the development of hallux valgus joints. The Freyk pillow is not used in therapy in the following cases:

  • pathology of the skin of a relapsing nature;
  • congenital or acquired hip dislocation;
  • diseases in which it is impossible to fully separate the legs of the baby to the sides.

The use of pillows in treatment is refused if the child is hypersensitive to the materials used in its manufacture. Clinically, it manifests itself in the form of an allergic reaction proceeding as a urticaria.

Shishkevich Vladimir

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews. It specializes in the treatment of diseases in orthopedic, traumatological, vertebrological profiles