Vitamins for joints and ligaments of athletes list of drugs

In the process of regular classes, the musculoskeletal system of a person experiences serious loads. Often they cause injuries of varying severity. A course intake of vitamins for the joints and ligaments of athletes will help to avoid dislocations and sprains. The bioactive compounds and microelements included in them contribute to the rapid restoration of damaged tissues.

Indications for the use of vitamins

To achieve results in any sport, regular training with a constant increase in loads is necessary. Muscle growth requires maximum exposure to each fiber. Regular increases in stress significantly increase the risk of injury. There is a need to strengthen the ligament-tendon apparatus and cartilage articular tissues. For this, doctors prescribe drugs to strengthen joints and ligaments with a combined composition for athletes:

  • engaged in bodybuilding or powerlifting;
  • during training or after their completion, experiencing severe pain in the muscles or joints;
  • received sports injury: sprain or rupture of ligaments, dislocations, subluxations, serious bruises;
  • wishing to strengthen the ligament-tendon apparatus before the upcoming loads.

Without additional intake of complexes with vitamins, microelements, chondroprotectors, the risk of getting a sports injury increases significantly. A systematic trauma – a direct path to the occurrence of chronic articular diseases, most often osteoporosis. Its symptoms include constant pain, a decrease in range of motion in the damaged joint. The nature of destructive degenerative changes in the tissues in most cases is irreversible. In order to continue to engage in your favorite sport, preventive measures are required. These are regular medical examinations, classes led by a specialist and a long course intake of vitamins.

Over 19 million US residents suffer from osteoporosis. The cause of the disease in many of them was active sports – running and bodybuilding. Endoprosthetics of the knee joint is one of the necessary and demanded surgical operations in American clinics.

Rules for the selection and administration of drugs

At the pharmacy counters, multivitamins with trace elements are present in abundance. But not all of them are suitable for increasing the body’s resistance to internal and external negative factors. Professionals and amateurs lead an active lifestyle, so they need only certain drugs or biologically active additives to replenish energy reserves. What to consider when choosing them:

  • dosage form. Capsules, tablets, dragees are most convenient for use. Powders are also therapeutically effective, but they must be dissolved in water before use. Injectable drugs are usually used after being injured in short courses;
  • amount of active substances. In pharmacology, the rule “the more the better” does not work. The presence of many active ingredients in dietary supplements at best will not cause harm to health. Chemical compounds interact with each other, interfere with tonic and therapeutic properties. The optimal amount of ingredients in a quality product is less than 10;
  • auxiliary components. In order to attract customers, many manufacturers add flavors, colorants, and substances to improve taste in dragees and chewable tablets. In athletes, metabolic processes proceed at an accelerated pace, so chemical additives are completely absorbed. A quick metabolism can in this case cause an allergic reaction.

Vitamins for joints and ligaments of athletes can be used in various dosage regimens. Some of them are intended for daily 1-3 times consumption. Others are taken in short courses 2-3 times a year. They have proven themselves in strengthening ligaments and joints of dietary supplements for local application to the joint area: ointments, creams, gels, balms. They soothe overloaded muscles, strengthen cartilage, protect tendons from fiber breaks.

Drugs must be prescribed to athletes in case of discomfort after training. Their use helps to adapt joints and ligaments to constantly increasing loads.

The optimal composition of dietary supplements and pharmacological preparations

A huge selection of vitamins for athletes is provided by various online pharmacies and online stores. Doctors warn of the low therapeutic and preventive effectiveness of most of them, despite the far from budgetary cost. In the production of high-quality dietary supplements, modern technological processes are used, and the raw materials are subjected to multi-stage purification.

Even “neglected” joint problems can be cured at home! Just remember to smear it once a day.

Therefore, a good drug can not be cheap, but the price should correspond to the effectiveness shown by it. When ordering or buying, you must pay attention to the composition of the dietary supplement. It should include 5-10 ingredients, the beneficial properties of which are described below. A high-quality biologically active supplement is intended not only to eliminate discomfort, but also to prevent their occurrence.

Biologically active substances that help ligaments and joints withstand sports loadsPharmacological and therapeutic action
Chondroitin SulfateJoint restoration
Glucosamine Sulfate and HydrochlorideBlocking enzymes that destroy cartilage, ligaments and tendons
hyaluronic acidSynovial fluid stimulation
CollagenAcceleration of connective tissue cell division
MethylsulfonylmethaneRelief of inflammatory processes
Fat-soluble Vitamins A, E, DRemoval of cholesterol from blood vessels, prevention of joint destruction
Ascorbic acidNeutralizing the damaging effects of free radicals
B vitaminsImproving innervation, enhancing the action of drugs
Boron, ManganeseIncreased glycosaminoglycan production, stimulation of collagen biosynthesis
SeleniumImproving physical performance and stress resistance
ZincAcceleration of metabolic processes, increased testosterone production
CopperPrevention of the spread of inflammation, elimination of pain and swelling in the joint
Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

I have been treating joints for many years. I can say with confidence that the joints are always treatable, even in the very ripe old age.

Hondrostrong is an innovative drug that is created to combat joint diseases. It helps with arthritis, arthrosis and other diseases. Thanks to the use of cream, joint mobility quickly returns. Damaged cartilage tissue is regenerated, which prevents the further development of the problem.

Hondrostrong gel for joints

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Hondrostrong cream allows you to forget about back and joint pain in the shortest possible time, literally from 4 days, and even very difficult cases can be cured within a couple of months. In addition, the manufacturer of this product is now offering a 50% discount of the full cost of Hondrostrong cream.

Fat and Water Soluble Vitamins

To increase the strength of bones and the ligament-tendon apparatus, the body needs vitamin D. This term refers to cholecalciferol and ergocalciferol that enter the human body with food or produced under the influence of ultraviolet rays. With its deficiency, calcium ceases to be absorbed regardless of its concentration in the bloodstream. Vitamin D stimulates the production of certain hormones that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. To quickly regenerate damaged cartilage tissues and increase their functional activity, vitamins for ligaments and joints for athletes with a high content of vitamin D should be purchased. High-quality dietary supplements and preparations must also contain such ingredients:

  • Vitamin A. Takes part in the formation of all connective tissue structures in the human body, including ligaments and tendons. Under the action of retinol, the body’s resistance to viral and bacterial infections increases;
  • Vitamin C. Prevents the destruction of the tissues of the musculoskeletal system by free radicals, prevents their premature wear. Stimulates the production of collagen – the building material of ligaments, cartilage, tendons;
  • Vitamin E. Neutralizes free radicals, accelerates the regeneration of damaged cells by accelerating their division. Increases the elasticity of blood vessels, normalizes their permeability, prevents the formation of blood clots;
  • Vitamin B group. Assigned to patients for quick recovery after injuries, including sports. Normalizes innervation in damaged tissues, enhances the effect of anti-inflammatory drugs.

If the dietary supplement contains fish oil, then all fat-soluble vitamins – E, A, D are present in it. This natural product contains a lot of omega-3 acids, which are necessary for intense physical exertion. Polyunsaturated fatty acids contribute to the elimination of harmful cholesterol from blood vessels, saturate them with useful triglycerides that strengthen the walls of veins, arteries and capillaries.

Trace Elements

Mineral compounds are actively involved in all biochemical processes taking place in the human body. Since athletes are characterized by an accelerated metabolism, the vitamin complexes intended for them contain a high concentration of trace elements. The most important of these is calcium. In order for the bones to withstand increased loads, the ligaments and tendons are not injured, the athlete’s body should not experience calcium deficiency. In a quality dietary supplement, it is necessarily present together with vitamin D, which contributes to its absorption. The presence of the following minerals in the form of salts in the preparations is also important:

  • boron, manganese. Stimulate collagen biosynthesis, accelerating the restoration of damaged hyaline cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Increase the production of glycosaminoglycans necessary for the construction of new articular structures;
  • zinc. One of the most useful micronutrients for athletes, especially those involved in bodybuilding and powerlifting. It accelerates the synthesis of connective tissues due to rapid cell division, promotes the production of the male hormone testosterone;
  • copper. The trace element is characterized by a pronounced anti-inflammatory, analgesic, decongestant effect. It participates in the transformation of collagen, stimulates its production in the body.

When buying a dietary supplement, check for selenium in it. This trace element has the properties of a universal adaptogen. It increases working capacity and stress resistance, protects the body from the effects of adverse internal and external factors. People rarely suffer from respiratory pathologies and depressive conditions in the presence of selenium in the systemic circulation and tissues.

Biologically active compounds

Vitamins and minerals are found in any complex in various combinations. They do not have pronounced therapeutic properties, but have a restorative and tonic effect. The composition of vitamin dietary supplements for athletes must necessarily include components that increase the wear resistance of joints, ligaments and cartilage. Quality preparations contain one or more of the following ingredients:

  • chondroitin sulfate. The main component of the cartilage matrix is ​​involved in the construction of bone and cartilage. Suppresses the activity of enzymes that destroy the structural elements of joints, inhibits their degeneration;
  • glucosamine sulfate or hydrochloride. It activates the synthesis of proteoglycans, inhibits enzymes that damage cartilage. Prevents the negative effects of free radicals on cells and the development of articular pathologies;
  • hyaluronic acid. The bioactive compound is called a prosthesis of synovial fluid – a kind of shock absorber for joints. It prevents their excessive friction and damage to the surfaces of the bones that form the joint. Relieves articular and periarticular pain syndrome. Used in the treatment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system;
  • collagen. With its deficiency, voids form in the intercellular space, which provokes a decrease in the functional activity of ligaments and tendons. Course intake of collagen contributes to their gradual recovery. Regenerative processes occur against the background of a decrease in inflammation, a decrease in the severity of pain.

Doctors recommend that athletes purchase dietary supplements, one of the components of which is methylsulfonylmethane. Organo-sulfur compounds are characterized by anti-inflammatory activity. It is especially effective in the treatment of diseases of large joints – knee, shoulder, ankle, and hip. It is these joints that are often injured during intensive training of bodybuilders, tennis players, hockey players, soccer players. The course intake of methylsulfonylmethane becomes the prevention of the destruction of muscle fibers, tendons and ligaments.

If the dietary supplement contains many extracts of medicinal plants, especially with exotic names, then its acquisition is better to refuse. They will not have an intensive therapeutic effect due to the leveling of effects. But the likelihood of developing an allergic reaction during administration is very high.

The most effective drugs and dietary supplements

In pharmacies, it is worth buying funds to strengthen joints and ligaments with a vitamin and mineral composition, as well as with chondroprotectors. Multicomponent sports supplements are sold in specialized stores for people who are active in sports. The greatest effectiveness is characteristic for such dietary supplements:

  • Bone Boost by SAN. The composition includes glucosamine, chondroitin, methylsulfonylmethane, vitamin D3, collagen. It improves joint mobility, increases the elasticity of ligaments and tendons, strengthens bone tissue. The duration of the therapeutic course is 1-2 months. During the day, 8 capsules should be taken after training and at bedtime;
  • Animal Flex by Universal Nutrition. Contains chondroitin, hyaluronic ac />

Athletes, especially professionals, should purchase fortifying medicines and dietary supplements only on the recommendation of a doctor. This is especially true in relation to drugs, many of which have a wide list of contraindications and side effects. Reception of even “harmless” vitamins without prior coordination with the doctor can provoke undesirable consequences.

Shishkevich Vladimir

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews. It specializes in the treatment of diseases in orthopedic, traumatological, vertebrological profiles