Treatment of epicondylitis of the elbow joint with folk remedies at home

The elbow joint is one of the most mobile in the human body. That is, he can experience a tremendous load daily. In some cases, it can lead to inflammation in the joint.

Therefore, at the first feeling of discomfort, treatment should be started.

What is a pathology?

Elbow joint epicondylitis is a serious inflammation that affects the muscles that attach to the bones of the forearm. Gradually, the pathological process can spread further, so it is advisable to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Elbow epicondylitis usually has the following symptoms: severe pain in the affected elbow, as well as a feeling of stiffness when moving. The cause of the disease is trauma, constant excessive load. Especially often the disease occurs in athletes: golfers, tennis players.

The treatment of epicondylitis of the elbow joint is carried out according to this plan: first you need to eliminate the pain, remove the inflammatory process, restore normal elbow mobility, and also provide him with the maximum amount of rest until complete recovery.

Important! It is possible to treat epicondylitis, which develops inside the elbow joint, at home using folk remedies. However, this does not mean that you should not consult a doctor. After all, the patient cannot make an accurate diagnosis on his own.

Varieties of the disease

Epicondylitis can be classified as follows:

  1. Lateral. The reason for its occurrence is prolonged flexion and extension of the elbow. It is more common in people aged 30-50 years. Lateral epicondylitis has the following symptoms: severe pain during joint movement, its pathological mobility or substantial stiffness, and the presence of inflammation. Treatment with folk remedies in this case involves the use of oil from bay leaves, compresses from a decoction of horse sorrel, as well as baths with sea salt with the addition of pine cones.
  2. Medial epicondylitis of the elbow joint. This form of pathology occurs due to the constant functioning of the forearm. Symptoms of this form are almost identical to the previous one: the inflammatory process, severe pain syndrome, even with the smallest hand movement.

Even “neglected” joint problems can be cured at home! Just remember to smear it once a day.

In any case, treatment can be done at home. And you can use folk remedies. But before that, you should visit a doctor who can also add medications to therapy.

What contraindications to the use of folk remedies exist? To eliminate epicondylitis of the elbow joint, folk remedies are most often enough. However, you can not always use them. There are such contraindications to their use:

  1. Warming compresses should not be applied during an exacerbation of the disease.
  2. If the patient has an allergic reaction to any component in the decoction, then it should be excluded from the prescription or completely abandon such a remedy.
  3. Caution must be observed when using alcohol tinctures.
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Treatment should be carried out in compliance with all the rules for the manufacture and use of folk remedies.

Effective recipes

If a person has felt the slightest symptoms of elbow joint epicondylitis, he needs to urgently consult a doctor. Treatment with folk remedies for many joint diseases often gives a positive effect, so you should consider the most useful recipes that can really help:

    ointment from the roots and leaves of comfrey. These parts of the plant are taken in equal proportions. You will also need vegetable oil (you can sunflower) and liqu >

  • pain can be treated with laurel oil. For its preparation you need 4 tbsp. l break dry raw materials and pour a glass of sunflower oil. The mixture must be infused for at least a week, after which it is simply rubbed into the sore elbow joint;
  • green tea. Treatment of epicondylitis with this folk remedy is carried out in the acute stage, when the pain syndrome is as severe as possible. Green tea should be large leaf. It is necessary to brew a strong drink in the amount of 1 cup. The liqu >

  • epicondylitis can be treated with compresses from horse sorrel tincture. To prepare it, it is necessary to fill a liter jar with raw materials, which is poured with vodka. Infuse the mixture for at least a week. Using such a tool is quite simple: you need to soak a piece of tissue in the tincture and attach it to the diseased joint. If vodka is too high a degree or the patient’s skin is very sensitive, then the composition should be diluted slightly with water;
  • epicondylitis inside the elbow joint can also be treated with salt baths. To do this, pour a tablespoon of sea salt with a liter of water. When the water has warmed up a little, lower the elbow into the liquid. The execution time is 30 minutes. It is advisable to wrap the joint after the bath with a warm scarf.

That’s all the features of alternative treatment of epicondylitis of the elbow joint. Be healthy!

Shishkevich Vladimir
Shishkevich Vladimir
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