The effect of the drug Gialgan and its use

“Gialgan Phidia” is a stimulator of tissue regeneration and restoration processes, which is presented in the form of a sterile solution of hyaluronic acid of the highest degree of purification, placed in a syringe for a single injection into the joint. The drug improves joint activity, eliminates serious disorders of the musculoskeletal system, restores locomotor activity, increases the level of synovial fluid elasticity, promotes the regeneration of cartilage tissue, eliminates joint stiffness, and treats post-traumatic arthrosis.

This medicine is available as an injection:

  1. 2 milliliters of a solution of hyaluronic acid in a glass ampoule;
  2. Five ampoules of 2 milliliters of a solution of hyaluronic acid in a package;
  3. 2 milliliters of a solution of hyaluronic acid in a glass syringe;
  4. Five syringes of 2 milliliters of hyaluronic acid solution per pack.

Hyaluronic acid is a mucopolysaccharide, a polymer that is part of the nervous, connective and epithelial tissue. This substance acts as the main component of the synovial fluid, it is responsible for its viscosity, and is also part of the cartilage, where it is present in the form of a chondrocyte, which is responsible for its elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is also part of the skin, takes part in its regeneration. This polymer belongs to the human innate immunity system.

This substance is obtained by growing, synthesizing, fermenting and purifying bacteria of various kinds. The acid obtained in this way has properties identical to natural. It is able to quickly penetrate into cells and act on them as much as possible.

“Gialgan” is prescribed for osteoarthritis, joint pathologies that occurred as a result of trauma, to eliminate pain, improve joint mobility, and also as an additional tool in orthopedics and surgery.

The drug “Gialgan” is dispensed without a prescription; its price in pharmacies averages four and a half thousand rubles per syringe with a solution.

Store the drug in a dry, dark place at an air temperature of not more than twenty-five degrees Celsius. It is forbidden to freeze the solution. Shelf life is three years from the date of issue, subject to storage in the package. Children, animals and people who have mental disorders should not be allowed to the drug. After the expiration date, the medicine must be disposed of, its use in this case can be life threatening.

The drug

The drug compensates for the lack of homogeneous cellular matter of the joints and synovial fluid. Normalization of the amount of acid in the gaps between the structures makes it possible to normalize the viscosity and synovial fluid and the elasticity of the cartilage tissue. This is especially true for osteoarthritis, in which there is a severe deficiency of this substance. With regular use of the drug, the functionality of the cartilage and joint improves, the process of their pathological change stops. Hyaluronic acid also corrects metabolism in bone and cartilage, eliminates pain and inflammation.

The medicine “Gialgan”, the cost of which is relatively high, has a good effect, it will be noticeable after the first injection. The highest concentration of acid is observed in cartilage. The substance in the liver is metabolized, the decay products are excreted together with urine a day after the injection. The therapeutic effect persists for another six months after treatment.

Instructions for use

The injection should be carried out intraarticularly, its introduction is carried out in the knee or pelvic joint. The doctor will determine the degree of development of the pathology to identify the number of injections needed to achieve a stable positive result. The injection is carried out once every seven days. The course of treatment is five weeks.

First, the area where the injection will be disinfected is disinfected, for this you can use alcohol or another antiseptic solution.

Then the doctor removes the effusion from the joint bag, carefully inserts the needle, then the synovial fluid is aspirated, and only then the drug is administered. Do it slowly enough.

The same needle is used to remove effusion and administer the drug. Removing the effusion is a procedure in which fluid is sucked off with a syringe. In the case of pain, the drug should be stopped. Air must not enter the syringe cavity, as well as the needle and the joint itself.

After the injection, it is recommended not to load the joint for forty-eight hours. It is possible to conduct a liquid test for the presence of bacteria that was obtained during aspiration. The drug does not affect the ability to drive a car and engage in other dangerous activities.

When the patient is prescribed “Gialgan,” the instructions for use tell us that it cannot be used after the expiration date. Needles after an injection must be disposed of. After the injection, swelling may appear in the area where it was made, or pain in the tissues that are located near the joint. Unused product cannot be stored.


Before using “Gialgan”, it is necessary to study the instructions, paying attention to the limitations in its use. These include:

  • High susceptibility to the components of the drug;
  • High sensitivity to bird proteins;
  • Severe liver disease;
  • The presence of infection in the place where the injection is required;
  • Damage to the skin at the site of the procedure;
  • The simultaneous use of other intraarticular injections;
  • The use of drugs based on ammonium salts;
  • Childhood;
  • Damage to the packaging, various inclusions in the solution itself.

Side effects

The drug is well tolerated by patients, including people of advanced age. Sometimes the following negative reactions can be observed:

  • Painful sensations that quickly pass;
  • Swelling or hyperthermia at the injection site;
  • The appearance of burning and itching;
  • Rash, urticaria;
  • Anaphylaxis in isolated cases;
  • An increase in the amount of fluid in the joint cavity;
  • A slight increase in temperature;
  • Redness of the skin at the injection site.

All these adverse reactions are very rare, they disappear within one day. If the above symptoms occur, it is recommended to apply cold to the injection site and completely relieve the joint.

In medical practice, cases of overdose have not been recorded. But doctors recommend adhering to the prescribed doses in order to avoid negative health consequences.

Analogues and reviews

In medicine, there are several analogues of “Gialgan”, which include hyaluronic acid, which must be injected into the affected joint. “Gialgan” analogues have the following: “Adant”, “Singial”, “Hialubrix”, “Suplazin”, “Fermatron”, “Ostenil”. The drug “Gialgan” is a simple drug in its composition, it replaces the synovial fluid, which is produced independently in a healthy body. Therefore, there are a lot of analogues of medicine today, it does not seem difficult to find a similar drug. Some of them even have a relatively low cost.

Some note the appearance of heaviness in the legs on the second day after the injection, which caused discomfort. But such sensations passed on the sixth day, before the next injection. The therapeutic effect was felt two weeks after the end of treatment and lasted up to six months. Therefore, patients note the cumulative effect of the drug. In some cases, there was a significant improvement in severe pathologies of the knee joints, the medicine put even seriously ill people on their feet.

Some are wondering whether Gialgan or Fermatron is better. Fermatron is an analogue of Gialgan, but unlike it, it is made from streptococcal bacteria Streptococcus equi, therefore it is prescribed for those who have allergic reactions to bird proteins. Also, the doctor, when prescribing the drug, must take into account the possibility of an immunological reaction of the body in response to the introduction of biological material. In any case, the choice of the drug is carried out by the attending physician after studying the individual characteristics of the patient’s body. The patient should only follow all the appointments and recommendations of a specialist. Self-medication is strictly prohibited.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews. It specializes in the treatment of diseases in orthopedic, traumatological, vertebrological profiles