Rules for using a fixative for curing leg bones

With valgus curvature of the feet, a deformation of a small bone located under the thumb appears. The finger gradually deviates, the bone on the foot begins to bulge apparently. A person with a similar pathology experiences aesthetic and physical discomfort.

The selection and wearing of shoes becomes torture; against the background of hallux valgus, flat feet and joint pain develop. This change is age-related, people over 35 years old are exposed to it. To straighten the deviated finger, a fixative for the bone on the leg is used – an invention with corrective action.

The principle of operation of the latch

The fixators for the bones on the legs work on the basis of a gradual mechanical reposition of the bone that has moved away from the correct position. Depending on the degree of deformation, the characteristics of the acquired pathology, various designs are used. The toe of the bone corrector on the leg will work if the hallux valgus is at the initial or middle stage.

The device is worn on the leg for a certain time. The departed bone has some mobility.

Types of clamps

In the modern market, various fixators for the bones on the legs are produced. They vary in severity, material, time and duration of wear.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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Hondrostrong gel for joints

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Night and day

The design of orthopedic devices for bone on the leg varies. According to the recommended time, socks of clamps exist:

  1. Nightly. Recommended for use in moments of relaxation when a person does not need to walk a lot. These are rig />

Clips from different materials

The fixators from the bones on the legs are available from several types of material:

  1. The cloth. The product is a bandage for bone on the leg made of dense textile. Outwardly, it resembles a sock, ins />

There are also combined orthopedic fixators for the correction of bones on the legs. Products combine the ability to adjust the pressure on the pathological area of ​​the foot, suitable for wear during the day.

Indications and contraindications for the use of clamps

Pads on the big toes from the bones are recommended for several diseases:

  • Hallux valgus;
  • Arthrosis, arthritis of the joints;
  • Flat feet;
  • Prevention of corns.

At risk are women who regularly use shoes with heels, people who are overweight and flat feet. The appearance of hallux valgus is a non-rapid process that manifests itself gradually. The first signs of curvature may not even be noticed during a visual examination of the foot.


Even healthy people should consult an orthopedist before selecting and using a corrector for the big toe from the bone.

Do not wear retainers:

  • With calluses, bruises, scratches on the skin, where the device will be installed;
  • Pregnant women with severe swelling of the feet;
  • Fungal infections on the feet;
  • Scars after surgery;
  • Children without examination and appointment of an orthopedist.

Where to buy a quality product

Corsets for the bones on the leg are sold everywhere. On the Internet, hundreds of non-existent stores trade in retainers of dubious quality. Most of these products come from China, the products do not pass safety checks, and are made from materials that may prove toxic.

High-quality fixators of the bones on the leg can cost about 1,5 – 3 thousand rubles. You can buy a certified product in a pharmacy or make an individual corrector to order in an orthopedic clinic.

How to use the latch

All foot corrector sold in pharmacies are equipped with detailed instructions for use. For further advice, contact your orthopedic surgeon.

The first time you use the device, you should carefully consider several important nuances:

  1. The product should be firmly pressed to the skin of the foot, but not to pull it;
  2. To fix the anatomically fixed, after putting on, you need to take several steps in the usual mode;
  3. In case of uncomfortable sensations, the corrector must either be put on again or corrected.

At the initial stage of using the corrector for the cones on the legs, the sensations will be unusual. Attention should be paid only to discomfort or slight pain – this is a signal that the product is worn incorrectly. The duration of the wear of the device for beginners is 6 – 8 hours a day, after a week of use, the time can be increased to 10 – 13 hours.

If the corrector of the bone on the big toe, made of plastic, is shown for use, you should carefully consider the technology of wearing. These products are distinguished by the marking “L” and “R”, corresponding to the left and right leg.

Put on the plastic device carefully and carefully:

  • Pass the big toe into the structure and combine the inner pillow with the protruding bone;
  • Using the fixing belt, fix the foot in the lock in the above position;
  • Fasten the corrector at the desired angle and in the required volume.

Even in hard plastic clips made using hinges, there should be no pain. The tire retainer for the bone on the leg exerts soft pressure on the desired area without becoming a torture instrument.

5 reasons to use the thumb lock

Bandages for bone on the big toe can be used at any stage of hallux valgus, as well as concomitant diseases. This device will help:

  1. Eliminate the need for an operable treatment for curvature;
  2. Protect the owner from the appearance of corns, corns, overflow of deformation into a more complex stage;
  3. Reduce the feeling of tired legs for those who are forced to cover long distances on foot every day or stand a lot;
  4. Reduce and completely eliminate the pain caused by a change in the position of the bones;
  5. Maintain healthy joints after 40 years.

Will the foot corrector help

If the device is purchased from a licensed manufacturer and selected correctly, the effect will become obvious:

  • Decrease in pain and injuries from walking, toes of shoes;
  • Elimination of corns, calluses;
  • Ability to wear narrower shoes;
  • Reducing the load on the feet, feeling tired legs due to curvature, flat feet;
  • Gradual decrease in deformation and bone size;
  • After a complete correction of the structure of the foot, the reappearance of the bone does not occur.

A positive effect occurs at different time intervals depending on the stage of deformation at the time of use of the device for correcting the bone on the leg.

How to speed up the cure

When you regularly wear a bandage for bone on the big toe, the effect will not occur instantly, but it will appear.

  1. To speed up the process of reducing the protruding part, it is recommended to resort to additional measures:
  2. Massage sessions on the pathological area of ​​the feet;
  3. Exclusion of tight, uncomfortable shoes, heels;
  4. The combination of the corrector with orthopedic insoles, also fixing the feet;
  5. Weight loss and regular monitoring of it – excessive body weight provokes hallux valgus.

The desired effect when using the fixative of the bone of the big toe is achieved due to the forced reduction to the correct place of the bones. It is important to understand that only regular and prolonged use of a quality device will eliminate the deformation.

At the advanced stage, the valgus curvature can only be cured surgically. In order not to bring to surgery, it is recommended to consult an orthopedist and start treatment after detecting the first signs of the disease.

Shishkevich Vladimir

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews. It specializes in the treatment of diseases in orthopedic, traumatological, vertebrological profiles