Mineral water for gout

It is proved that mineral water with gout helps to improve the patient’s condition. Alkaline liquid will help the body get the missing minerals and restore metabolic processes. This affects the health of the joints. You can drink water both in the hospital and at home. To do this, you can purchase a medical mineral water at a pharmacy or special certified points of sale.

Mineral water and gout

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What is useful?

With arthritis and gout, joints are affected, pain symptoms disturb, inflammation and deposition of salts in the joints are observed. Therefore, it is very important to neutralize the acidic environment in the body and remove uric acid. And for this you need to drink alkaline water. Mineral with gout helps:

  • normalize acid-base imbalance,
  • replenish the supply of minerals in the body,
  • to strengthen the effect of drugs on the body during treatment.

Gout is difficult to treat. But alkaline mineral water, if used regularly for a long time, helps to reduce bouts of pain. It will also speed up the healing process if any medications are taken. Sometimes an exacerbation doctor may prescribe a mineral diet. After all, water establishes a metabolism and removes decay products from the body.

What mineral water do you drink for gout?

For the treatment of gout, use a list of such products:

  • “Dilijan”
  • Lipetskaya
  • Morshinskaya
  • Slavyanovskaya
  • Borjomi
  • Naftusya
  • Luzhanskaya
  • “Glade of Kvasov”
  • Mirgorodskaya
  • Svalyavskaya
  • Narzan
  • Isti-Su
  • Donat
  • Sulinka
  • Arzni
  • Dragovskaya
  • Truskavetskaya
  • Smirnovskaya
  • “Sirab”
  • Essentuki 17 and 4.

List of Compound Aquatic Products

Mineral contains various ions, which are beneficial, but have different effects on the body. You can drink and be treated for gout on your feet with such waters:

  • Hydrocarbonate (for example, the name “Glade of Kvasova”). Promotes the dissolution and withdrawal of urates, relieves inflammatory processes.
  • Magnesium (Donat). Breaks down oxalic acid and removes, relieves spasms.
  • Sulphate and sulphide (Essentuki 4). It fights the inflammatory process, lowers the amount of uric acid, acts as a bile and diuretic. In more detail, the presence of calcium dissolves acids and eliminates inflammation. Silicon protects cells from acidity by neutralizing it and causing diuresis. And fluorine interferes with the synthesis of acids.

The use of mineral water should be agreed with the attending physician, since the concentration of salts is different and not always suitable. For example, “Essentuki” for gout is used under the numbers 4 and 17, where the latter is more salty. If we compare the waters of Polyana Kvasova and Luzhanskaya, then the second contains less salts. And each product helps in the treatment differently.

How to drink?

Alkaline drinking with gout is best at the well itself, in the resort. But you can drink at home, if properly cooked. The name of the water and the dosage should be determined by the attending physician. The average daily intake is 600 ml. Drink in 30 minutes. before meals, if there are problems with the digestive system, it is possible during and after the meal. Water can be heated, but not to be hot and not lower than room temperature. You need to drink in small sips, slowly, so the best absorption takes place. If symptoms worsen, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

Contraindications to consumption

You can not drink mineral water with pathologies of the urinary tract, as well as with renal failure. It is worth fearing the product of insulin-dependent diabetics. Not recommended in the presence of urolithiasis and pyelenephritis. Although the water is useful, but for pregnant women and young children only as directed and recommended by the attending physician.

What mineral water to use for patients suffering from gout

The key to successful treatment of gouty arthritis is the qualitative removal of uric acid from the patient’s body. Unfortunately, modern medicine is not able to completely overcome the pathology, but it is still possible to maintain the disease in a state of remission. Mineral water with gout is an effective assistant, as it allows you to normalize the water-salt balance.

The importance of water-salt balance in the body

The metabolic problem becomes immediately noticeable, as it affects the work of the whole organism, especially on the urinary system and musculoskeletal system. Excessive accumulation of salts in the blood provokes their deposition in the joints, which as a result causes their dysfunction.

Most often, gout forms on the legs. The patient may also suffer from stagnation of urine – hydronephrosis. In this state, urate and oxalates cease to be excreted from the body, and henceforth crystallize, resulting in the formation of sand and stones.

If uric acid salts accumulate at the junction of the bones, this will provoke inflammation and arthropathy. Serious pathologies can be avoided by drinking water enriched with useful minerals. The volume of fluid consumed and the treatment regimen are determined by the doctor for each case individually.

Mineral water is often included in the protocol of any type of therapy. Proper use of enriched fluid will allow the sick body to reach the stage of remission, and in the initial stages of gout, even a complete cure is possible.

Useful Properties

Alkaline water is recommended for use with gouty arthritis in order to remove excess uric acid from the body, which helps prevent its crystallization inside the joints. Such a liquid is characterized by diuretic and choleretic features that reduce the content of split uric acid in the blood and stimulate the metabolism in the body. The elements contained in the alkaline drink, make it possible to fill the need for minerals, as well as normalize the pH of the internal environment.

Mineral alkaline water is obtained from natural sources, where the liquid for a long time lies deep underground, absorbing many useful compounds. Mineralization in such formulations can reach a level of 5 to 20 mg / l, with an acidity of 7 pH. In the composition of the waters recommended for patients with gout, the greatest amount contains chlorides, sodium, magnesia, bicarbonate ions.

The main advantages of mineral water for gout from a therapeutic point of view:

  • prevention of the formation of stones and microliths;
  • accelerated removal of aggressive chemical compounds from the body;
  • the need for minerals is being filled;
  • the level of effectiveness of the drugs used rises.

Mineral waters in the treatment of gouty arthritis

On the shelves of shops and pharmacies you can see many different names for alkaline mineral waters. Deciding which one to give preference to is not always easy, so you should get the doctor’s recommendations in advance in this regard. This kind of drinks with gouty arthritis are divided into types:

    Bicarbonate. It contains bicarbonate ions, breaks down and removes uric ac >

For therapeutic purposes, with gout, you can use various mineral-rich waters, based on the recommendations of your doctor. Depending on which ions prevail in the liquid, the characteristics of the effect on the body are determined. Below is a list of the most common items.

Yessentuki No. 4, No. 17

Essentuki is obtained from the depths of the resort zone of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Water is designated as medical and dining room, contains many mineral elements. It can be recommended by specialists with gouty arthritis, gastrointestinal pathologies, and problems with the genitourinary system. The taste is soda-salty, marine, no smell. The highest mineral concentrate in No. 17, in connection with which water has a number of contraindications. Before use, a consultation with a doctor is mandatory.


Healing water is extracted in the wells of Georgia, in the Borjomi Reserve. The liquid is not only enriched with a useful mineral and chemical composition, but also has a pleasant taste. Beneficial effect on metabolism, accelerating metabolic processes, which is useful for gout. Also, according to doctors, it has a positive effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, it is useful to take with gynecological diseases. Prevents the formation of uric acid stones.


Low mineralized water with a high content of organic elements. Has a light specific flavor of oil. Doctors recommend Naftusu for use in urolithiasis (urolithiasis) and urinary tract pathologies. It should be used exclusively within the pump room, because as a result of interaction with air, the liquid loses its healing effect.


Water of glacial origin, has natural gas, is considered a medical and canteen. Pour “Narzan” in the North Caucasus. Doctors can recommend it in the presence of ulcers, pancreatitis, gastritis, but only during periods of remission. Due to its high level of calcium and magnesium, it has a positive effect on the bone and nervous systems of the human body.


It is extracted from the wells of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, not far from Zheleznovodsk. Medical-table water is slightly mineralized, it is recommended for gout at any stage of the disease. It is beneficial in the fight against diseases such as chronic pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus, gastroduodenitis, and is recommended for obesity.


Alkaline representative mineral water is produced in a high-thermal source, at a depth of about 300 meters in Zheleznovodsk (Caucasian Mineral Waters). The slightly mineralized liquid has a slight sour taste. Recommended for various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, used for constipation, contributes to weight loss.

All of the above mineral waters are successfully used in the treatment of gouty arthritis. Each individual name eliminates one or another reason that provokes the onset of the disease. Some directly affect the adequacy of the ratio of uric acid in the human body, not allowing it to accumulate in the joint cavities.

Alkaline water at home

You can buy “live” water in many stores and in almost all pharmacies. But not everyone knows that such a drink can be prepared independently at home. There are several popular recipes:

  1. Take half a teaspoon of baking soda and the same amount of salt, pour one liter of water and mix until dissolved. Enrich the taste, making it more enjoyable, you can a small amount of sugar.
  2. Grind one lemon into 6-7 slices and send to a jar filled with water, the volume of which is 2 liters. Add one teaspoon of salt to the lemon drink. Before use, cover the container with a lid and leave it for 10-12 hours at room temperature.
  3. Take the shell of two or three eggs and rinse thoroughly under running water. This stage is as important as the dirty shell will not be stored and will only spoil the water. Grind the product by hand, then pour purified water and leave for 10-12 hours. As a result, calcium enriched water can be obtained.
  4. You need to purchase a pH drop – a composition with a high concentration of alkaline mineral elements. To prepare a drink should be strictly adhering to the instructions attached to the drug.

Features of use and recommendations of doctors

In addition to gouty arthritis, the patient may have other diseases, so it is extremely important to obtain the permission of the doctor to use any kind of healing mineral water. You should choose the drink that will have a beneficial effect on the state of the body as a whole. The medical specialist will carry out the selection based on the examination of the patient, tell the frequency and dosage of the drink.

During therapy and as a preventive measure, it is imperative to maintain balance and moderation, because an excessive amount of minerals in the body is as bad as their lack. You can not drink too much mineral water, usually 3-4 ml per 1 kg of weight is enough. The temperature should be room temperature, in no case cold. Drink the liquid in small sips, about 30 minutes before eating.

Answers to questions

Is it possible to drink sparkling mineral water with an ailment?

In the presence of gouty arthritis, it is recommended to drink mineral water without gas. If the drink is initially carbonated, you should open the bottle in advance for a couple of hours to release the gas, and only then use the liquid. This process can be accelerated by means of warm water, into which an open bottle should be lowered.

How to choose mineral water?

It is impossible to pick up mineral water for a patient suffering from gout. Be sure to get advice on this issue from a medical specialist. The choice is based on the quantitative and qualitative content of mineral components and ions. It is necessary to determine in advance the causes of the pathology, which mineral water should help fight.

Are there any contraindications for the use of mineral waters for gout?

Despite the undeniable advantages of drinking mineral water, there are still a number of contraindications, in the presence of which it is impossible to drink it. These include diseases:

  • glomerulonephritis;
  • insulin-dependent diabetes;
  • pathology of the kidneys;
  • bilateral pyelonephritis;
  • urinary obstruction.

Pregnant use of alkaline water is not contraindicated, but you still need to be careful, so consultation with a doctor is mandatory.

If the use of a mineral drink caused a patient with gout nausea, heaviness in the stomach or other unpleasant phenomena, you should immediately tell your doctor about this.


Regularly and continuously using mineral water for gout, you can significantly improve the general condition and well-being. Such therapy will be most effective if you use it in combination with drug treatment, diet and physiotherapy.

Mineral water for gout: which one can you drink?

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One of the key points in the treatment of gout is the question of the qualitative elimination of uric and oxalic acid from the patient’s body. But the severity of this disease is that modern medicine is not able to completely cure gout. To date, it is only possible to maintain the disease in a state of remission. An effective assistant in this situation is mineral water with gout, which will be discussed in this article.

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Mineral water names for gout

As a preventative method and when stopping an acute attack of gout, some mineralized drinks can be used. It should be remembered that the mineral water used must have an alkaline pH level.

The names of mineral waters with gout that meet the necessary characteristics:

  1. Lipetsk.
  2. Essentuki number 4.
  3. Smirnovskaya.
  4. Jermuk.
  5. Essentuki number 17.
  6. Krolenka.
  7. Borjomi.
  8. Dilijan.
  9. Lysogorskaya.
  10. Slavyanovskaya.
  11. Donat Mg (Donat Mg).
  12. Novotersky healing.
  13. Narzan.

The main objective of such therapy is the elimination of excess uric acid, preventing the formation of urate crystals in the joints.

Sulphate and sulphide waters, which undoubtedly include such well-known brands as Borjomi, Narzan, Essentuki No. 4 and No. 17, have diuretic and choleretic properties, reduce the concentration of uric acid in the blood, eliminating hyperuricemia, and also reduce inflammation.

With the intake of such water, uric acid is alkalized, which contributes to its easier excretion, and the exchange of protein compounds is also stimulated. But you should remember one main rule. The phrase “the more the better” does not in any way apply to the intake of specialized mineralized water.

Essentuki No. 4 and Essentuki No. 17 – low-mineral medicinal-table water. Its reception with gout is permissible only with the permission of a specialist.

Borjomi is a natural mineral hydrocarbonate – sodium water, with natural mineralization. Such water helps to dissolve urates and uric acid stones, no larger than 7 mm. Mineral water “Borjomi” is consumed half an hour before a meal in an amount of 150 ml.

Slavyanovskaya – water with sulfate-bicarbonate and calcium-sodium characteristics. Her intake shows high efficiency in the prevention of gout or the relief of its attacks. Mineral water effectively breaks down the salts of urates, activates the process of excretion of the products of their decay, eliminates inflammation.

The intake of mineral water “Slavyanskaya” – four times a day in the amount of 4 – 5 ml per kilogram of weight. Healing water should have a temperature of 20 – 30 degrees. The duration of treatment is four to five weeks.

Magnesium water, which includes mineralized liquid Donat Mg (Donat Mg) activates nucleic acid metabolism, reduces the amount of uric acid in the blood. In most cases, it is prescribed to patients with nephrolithiasis, that is, in the presence of sand and kidney stones. But it is no less effective with gout.

Calcium ions present in the liquid help to dissolve uric acid, which contributes to its more active removal from the body. This element has membrane-protective characteristics that allow you to activate the cell, reduce the level of tissue inflammation.

The silicon element, invariably present to a greater or lesser extent in all of the above waters, helps to stabilize cell membranes, enhances urination, while decomposing uric and oxalic acids, preventing the formation of crystalline forms of urates.

Fluoride ions effectively stop the synthesis of uric acid substances, which include uric acid.

Alkaline mineral waters for gout

Reception of alkaline mineral water with gout helps to easily dispose of excess uric acid substances, removing them with urine from a sick body. It is used for high acidity of gastric juice. Such water alkalizes urine perfectly.

With a regular, but dosed intake of alkaline mineral water (low mineralization), metabolic processes normalize, toxins are removed from the body.

After consulting a specialist, it can be used to prevent gout.

To take alkaline mineral water with gout should be with the consent of the attending physician and according to the schedule he painted. In most cases, the dose of one dose is calculated based on the patient’s body weight. This formula is simple: 4 ml per kilogram of patient weight.

But this is an average formula, since each organism is individual and during the treatment process this starting dosage can be adjusted. The composition of specific water also differs by individuality, which also makes adjustments to the dosage taken. On average, the allowed daily volume of such water is from half a liter to a liter. At the same time, doctors recommend drinking it in a warm form.

Alkaline mineral waters with gout can also be used as mineral baths, compresses and applications.

[4], [5]

Mineral water for gout and urolithiasis

Violation of metabolic processes especially affects the work of the musculoskeletal and urinary systems of the body. Excessive accumulation of uric acid substances and their deposition in the articular elements make these systems work to the limit.

Moreover, in such a patient, there is a violation of the outflow of urine, together with it the urate salts and oxalates do not leave the body, which under certain conditions begin to crystallize. When they accumulate in the joints, an inflammatory process develops, leading to gout. Some crystalline neoplasms accumulate in the kidneys, forming stones in it, which leads to the development and progression of urolithiasis.

Mineral water for gout and urolithiasis is one of the components of almost any treatment protocol for these diseases. Properly selected mineralized water can help the sick body transfer the disease to the stage of remission.

  1. Prevention of the formation of stones of any chemical composition.
  2. Activation of the production of special colloids that contribute to the improvement of the solubility of uric acid salts.
  3. Improving their elimination from the body.

The intake of mineral water is carried out under constant monitoring by the attending physician, since an independent change in dosage can lead, on the contrary, to an increase in the content and deposition of a number of salts in the body, which can also provoke the formation of stones.

If the patient’s body has a stone of relatively large size, then when trying to remove it from the body, there is a high probability of blockage of the urinary tract, which is a direct indication for immediate hospitalization and surgery.

Therefore, before taking such water, it is necessary to undergo a full examination of the body using instrumental diagnostics (ultrasound examination of the zone of interest to us, radiography, and so on).

Moreover, the type of stone formations is determined without fail. Mineral water with alkaline characteristics is prescribed only for stone urate, as a result of a failure in purine metabolism. Particularly good results in this case show magnesium water. Such, for example, as Donat Mg.

The mineral waters recommended for gout, as already mentioned above, must necessarily belong to the group of mineral waters with an alkaline pH level, that is, this indicator should be higher than 7.

The mineral water recommended for gout should be not only alkaline, but also hydrocarbonate – sulfate, with a high content of magnesium ions. This combination of elements normalizes metabolism, in which protein metabolism occupies a special place. Due to its special properties, it manages to break down uric acids, which are present in excess in the patient’s body with gout, thereby reducing the likelihood of the formation of urate stone tumors. Do not forget the fact that this drink has anti-inflammatory and alkalizing characteristics.

We consider in more detail the example of one of them. Mineral water Donat Mg (Donat Mg) belongs to alkaline drinks and has a high content of such chemical elements as magnesium and silicon.

The duration of a treatment or prophylactic course is generally from four to six weeks. On average, the Donat Mg mineral water intake schedule looks like this:

  1. The “medicine” is taken daily in a glass of minutes 30 to 40 minutes before meals.
  2. Before taking water, you should slightly warm up and drink it warm.
  3. The first intake is required on an empty stomach before breakfast. In this case, the volume consumed is usually greater (200 – 300 ml) than before lunch (100 – 150 ml). Before dinner – standard 200 – 250 ml.

Mineralized water is stored at room temperature, in a tightly sealed container. Its storage location should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

In addition to the already voiced mineral waters, recently, doctors are increasingly paying attention to mineralized drinks infused with such a mineral as shungite. Shungite is a natural mineral rich in silicon, manganese, magnesium oxide, potassium salts, aluminum, manganese and many other chemical elements and compounds so necessary for the normal functioning of the human body.

This product has unique properties:

  • Inhibits the growth and reproduction of pathogenic flora.
  • Improves metabolism and metabolic processes in the human body.
  • Adsorb toxins and other substances harmful to humans.
  • Improves their removal from the patient’s body.

The indications for taking shungite water, including, include gout and urolithiasis, as well as a fairly extensive list of other diseases.

Alkaline, sulfate – bicarbonate, bicarbonate – sodium and calcium – sodium mineral water for gout is one of the elements of any treatment protocol for the disease in question. But which of the following drinks is more suitable for this clinical picture, only a qualified specialist can solve it.

Mineral water for gout: is it possible to drink, the benefits and harms, how to choose and drink water

Mineral water for gout is often used. It is used to treat joint diseases in sanatoriums. This drink promotes the excretion of uric acid and other toxic substances from the body.

Mineral water for gout: benefits and harms

During exacerbation of gout, in the first two days you need to drink alkaline waters of low mineralization, they restore the acid-base balance, washing out toxins from the body cells, uric and oxalic acid

Treatment of gout with mineral water is widely used, since it is this drink that helps normalize the level of oxalic and uric acids in the body. To neutralize the acidic environment, it is recommended to use alkaline mineral water. It helps to restore the acid-base balance, reduces the amount of glucose in the blood, saturates the body with useful minerals and other elements, and also improves the therapeutic effect of the medications taken.

The composition of alkaline waters

Alkaline mineral waters include Yessentuki, Smirnovskaya, Narzan, Lipetsk and Borjomi. All of them belong to the hydrocarbonate class. These waters have an almost identical composition, it differs only in the number of certain elements. The composition includes the following useful substances:

  • Sodium. It contributes to the destruction of oxalic acid, has a mild antispasmodic effect.
  • Calcium. It is aimed at dissolving uric acid, also nourishes the cells.
  • Sulfides and sulfates. Contribute to the reduction of the inflammatory process, reduce the level of uric acid concentration in the blood.
  • Silicon. It has a slight diuretic effect, suppresses uric acid.

Alkaline mineral water with gout helps to normalize metabolism, accelerates regeneration, and also relieves inflammation. Its composition helps to eliminate pathological processes in the joints as quickly as possible.


Mineral water is a common drink, many do not even think that it has a number of contraindications. Everyone is used to considering mineral water useful anyway. However, it is not recommended for use in the following conditions:

  • Acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which are accompanied by diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.
  • The presence of bleeding of any origin.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system, accompanied by circulatory disorders.
  • Acute kidney disease, as well as severe chronic pathology.
  • Exacerbation of mental illness.
  • Frequent use of alcoholic beverages.

Mineral water should be taken with caution during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In these cases, it is recommended to drink it in minimal quantities.

If after taking mineral water a person feels a deterioration in well-being, then this drink must be abandoned or its consumption significantly reduced.

Application Results

Comprehensive spa treatment for gout in the form of drinking treatment, mud therapy and balneotherapy allows you to achieve persistent remission during gouty arthropathy and prevent damage to internal organs

The best results in the treatment of gout with mineral water can be achieved in spa conditions. There, treatment is carried out under the supervision of a specialist, for each patient an individual scheme for taking a drink is selected.

The course of spa treatment with the help of mineral water allows us to achieve the transition of the disease to the stage of sustainable remission. In order to prevent a relapse of the pathological process, such courses of treatment are carried out with a frequency of one year.

With self-treatment of gout using mineral water, it is difficult to achieve the same results. In this case, mineral water as an independent tool will not give the desired effect, it can only be used as part of complex therapy. The main role is played by medications. And mineral water helps to quickly remove uric acid from the body, eliminate puffiness, and also improve the general condition of the patient.

The choice of mineral water

Many patients are interested in what water to drink with gout. There are several varieties of it:

  1. Sulfide and sulfate. Promote increased urination, have a slight diuretic effect. In addition, they help eliminate the inflammatory process, as they contribute to the removal of pathogenic microorganisms and have a choleretic property. May significantly reduce uric acid in the body.
  2. Hydrocarbonate. Their main action is aimed at dissolving salts, normalizing the level of acidity in the body. In addition, this type of mineral water helps eliminate mucus in the urinary tract.
  3. Magnesium. Most commonly used in patients suffering from kidney stones. This problem is quite common in people who have experienced gout. Therefore, this group of patients is recommended to give preference to this particular variety of mineral waters. Magnesium has a mild antispasmodic effect, which reduces pain in gout. In addition, magnesium mineral water promotes the binding and excretion of oxalic acid from the body.
  4. High in silicon ions. Such drinks protect the cell wall, increase urination, providing a diuretic effect. In the process, they contribute to the neutralization of oxalic acid, because it is it that is involved in the formation of kidney stones.

With gout, most often patients drink the following mineral waters:

  • Essentuki.
  • Berezovskaya.
  • Polyana Kvasova.
  • Jermuk.
  • Lipetsk.
  • Mountain glade.
  • Kashinskaya.

The listed mineral waters are characterized by a high content of useful substances, which are so necessary in the treatment of joint diseases. And it’s not just about the positive effects on the joints. Such products favorably affect the state of the whole organism. They normalize the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, and also improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to drink mineral water?

Doctors advise drinking mineral water with gout 3-4 times a day, and do not rush, and throats should be shallow

After choosing mineral water, the question arises of how to drink it properly with gout. This product can be medical and dining. In the treatment of gout, it is medical mineral water that is used, so the amount of its use must be carefully monitored.

Excessive use of the product negatively affects the state of the body, since an excess of even useful macronutrients leads to undesirable consequences. Before starting treatment for gout, it is recommended to consult a specialist, since the permissible amount of mineral water is calculated individually in each case. It depends on the stage of the gouty process, concomitant diseases and the general condition of the patient.

When the disease goes into remission, it is recommended to consume no more than 0,5 liters of mineral water per day. During an exacerbation of pathology, this amount increases to 2 liters. Such a dosage is permissible only for those people who do not have any contraindications. In the presence of concomitant diseases, the indicated dosage is reduced several times.

It is recommended to begin treatment of gout gradually. The initial dose of mineral water should not exceed 0,5 liters. With good health, the dosage is gradually increased to 2 liters daily. Such a smooth start of treatment will help the body to properly adapt to the intake of minerals and other beneficial substances. Therapy will be more effective. The average duration of treatment is 1-2 months. In case of deterioration of well-being, the use of mineral water must be stopped or reduced.

What alkaline mineral waters can be consumed with gout

Mineral water plays a very important role in gout, because it improves the metabolism of substances such as adenine and guanine, which, if poorly metabolized, can be transformed into uric acid, which can cause a disease such as gout, or “fertility disease,” it began to be called in the 21st century.

Gout – how to be

Gout is a disease that occurs when there is insufficient metabolism and is characterized by the accumulation of uric acid in the joints. It has long been considered a “disease of the rich”, since the main cause of the occurrence is an excessive enthusiasm for high-calorie food and drink. If inactivity is added to these factors, then the likelihood of the progression of this disease increases.

Men at the age of 50 mostly fell into the risk zone, but today the boundaries of gouty influence have expanded, and this disease has also affected the fair sex. Today, for every seven sick men there is one woman. At the beginning of the 20th century, one woman accounted for 20 men with gout.

Changes in living conditions, rhythm do not always entail positive consequences. Women recently began to pay too much attention to various diets, including methods of losing weight with the help of diuretic drugs, without thinking that these drugs increase the amount of uric acid in the body and contribute to the development of gout.

Proper drinking with gout

One of the adjuvants used in the treatment of “fertility disease” is a healing mineral water. This is mineral water, which contains almost the entire composition of the chemical elements of the periodic table. But the main substances of mineral waters are ions – positively and negatively charged particles.

Ions are positively charged “+”Ions are negatively charged “-“
Sodium NaChlorine Cl
Calcium CaSulfate SO2
Magnesium MgBicarbonate HCO3

The composition of medicinal water, in addition to chemical elements, includes a certain amount of gases, for example, carbon dioxide and organic substances. These are all the indicators on which the classification of alkaline waters is based and the level of favorable inspiration on the human body is determined.

Alkaline mineral waters with gout affect:

  • acid-base balance (balance the correct ratio);
  • the content of minerals (increase their capacity in the body);
  • reabsorption of drugs (enhance the effect of drug effects on the body);
  • have a beneficial effect on immunity and the digestive tract in general.

It is important to know

Here is a list of alkaline mineral water items recommended for use with gout:

Maybe the list of names of alkaline waters is relatively small, but the use of these drinks will replenish all the lost mineral reserves of the body necessary for effective control of gout.

Note! “Miracle Voditsa” is a medicine and should, accordingly, be prescribed by a doctor! This is especially true for the intake of Essentuki water. She has the highest concentration of minerals, and experimenting with her intake, self-medicating, is not worth it.

Characterization of alkaline water

Gout and mineral water are related concepts. Only alkaline minerals together with drug therapy can improve the patient’s condition and transfer gout to the remission stage or prevent its progression in the initial stage of occurrence.

Yessentuki No. 4, No. 17

Essentuki is mined from the depths of the resort area of ​​the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Relate to medicinal-table waters, have a high concentration of minerals. They are prescribed for gout, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary system. No. 17 has the highest concentrated mineral composition and a number of contraindications for use. For its use, the supervision of a doctor is required.


Belongs to low-mineralized mineral waters with a high level of organic matter content. Water has a specific flavor of oil. It is prescribed for the treatment of urolithiasis and diseases of the urinary tract. Special recommendation for use: it is used only within the pump room, since when interacting with air it significantly loses its therapeutic effect.


This medical-table mineral water is of glacial origin and contains natural gas. It is bottled in the North Caucasus. It is prescribed for gastritis, ulcer, pancreatitis, but only in a state of remission. Due to the high content of magnesium and calcium, it favorably affects the nervous and skeletal systems of the human body.


Like Essentuki, this medicinal-table water is produced in the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters in the vicinity of Zheleznovodsk. Belongs to low mineralized mineral waters. A characteristic difference: it is applied regardless of the stage of exacerbation. It has proven itself in the fight against diseases such as gastroduodenitis, diabetes mellitus, chronic pancreatitis, obesity (which increases the risk of gout) and diseases of the genitourinary system. Strengthens the tone of sphincters, gall bladder and gastrointestinal motility.


This healing water gets its start in the wells of the Borjomi Reserve (Georgia). It has a pleasant taste, healing mineral and chemical composition. The spill feature is in glass containers with a deer emblem. Favorably affects the metabolism (failure of which leads to the development of gout), the respiratory system (with cardiac asthma and bronchial asthma), gynecological diseases, and the cardiovascular system. Prevents the formation of uric acid stones.


Represented alkaline water originates in a high-temperature spring with a depth of about 300 meters in Zheleznovodsk (Stavropol Territory, Caucasian Mineral Waters). Refers to low-mineralized medicinal drink. It has a sour taste. It is successfully used for constipation, various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract. Promotes weight loss.

All of the above alkaline water names are successfully used in the fight against gout. Eliminate certain causes of this disease. They can also directly affect the correct ratio of uric acid, preventing its accumulation in the joints.

General rules of use

What kind of mineral water to drink with gout, is decided solely by the doctor. Therefore, the first and most important rule – you need to consult with a specialist! Everything can play the role of both poison and medicine: it is important to determine the correct dosage. Your doctor should deal with this issue. The type of medicinal water is individually assigned, the peculiarity of its use and dose is established. General rules for water intake:

    Before use, it is necessary to get r >

Basically, the duration of the course of treatment is a month. The desired break between courses is at least two months. Patients with gout use the “privileges” in this case: they can increase the duration of the course of therapy, and shorten the break a little.

Contraindications to use

It is not recommended to use the presented medicinal water for people with an increased alkaline environment of the body. There is a ban on such diseases as:

  • glomerulonephritis;
  • bilateral pyelonephritis;
  • insulin-dependent diabetes;
  • urinary obstruction;
  • pathology of the kidneys.

During pregnancy, a strict taboo on the use of alkaline waters is not imposed, but still caution in use should be observed.

Remember that there is a genetic factor for the development of gout. In this case, the use of alkaline waters will serve as preventive measures. In addition, special attention with gout should be given not only to drinking, but also to food. Nutrition must be warm, dietary, varied. In no case should proteins prevail in the diet: it must be balanced. Alcohol is contraindicated. Do not forget: for detailed recommendations, you should contact specialists. Be healthy!

Mineral water for the treatment of gout

Mineral water will help you cope with the disease

Many pathological conditions contribute to the development of gout and gouty attacks, but regardless of the cause of the occurrence, patients with a similar diagnosis are prescribed the use of mineral water. This disease is characterized by an increased level of uric acid, the appearance of cones in various parts of the musculoskeletal system due to a malfunction in the metabolism, the occurrence of pain and a decrease in the amplitude of movements. For the treatment of gouty arthritis, mainly medications and physiotherapy are prescribed, and the treatment of this disease is carried out using mineral water. Mineral water for gout is most likely used to prevent relapse, but it also favorably affects metabolism and improves the course of the disease.


Alkaline mineral waters will help cure gout, if the dosage and mode of application are correctly calculated. Of course, the uncontrolled use of Essentuki 17 or other means will not bring a positive result. This product has a beneficial effect on the disease. The use of such a tool restores the acid-base balance. Mineralized drinks have the following effects on the patient’s body:

  • alkaline drink with gout restores the metabolic processes that occur in the patient’s body during the assimilation of food;
  • therapy with this method does not allow the formation of stones of the genitourinary system;
  • make up for a high concentration of minerals in the presence of gouty arthritis;
  • make the use of medicines more effective;
  • stopping inflammatory processes;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • do not allow to increase the level of uric acid and the formation of urolithiasis;
  • have a choleretic effect.

With gout, alkaline water promotes and helps urine find a more alkaline environment. In this case, uric acid salts from sodium urates are not formed. Mineral water for gout is an ideal remedy that quickly gives a positive result in the development of acute gouty attacks and during remissions.

How to choose the right one?

With low mineralization and the occurrence of salt deposits, leading to the formation of stones and impaired metabolism, the use of mineral water is simply necessary for the patient’s body. Selection Rules:

  1. Mineralized drinks should be of low mineralization or have an alkaline environment.
  2. Purchased products are recommended to be used if they are rich in bicarbonate ions, sulfate ions (it has a choleretic effect). For the complex treatment of gout, it is important that there is calcium in the mineral water, it prevents inflammation and brittle bone structures. The content of magnesium ions is also necessary.
  3. Silicon products help in the rapid removal of oxalic acid. Such agents prevent the further production of uric acid salt, and also prevent the formation of urolithiasis.

Alkaline water with gout eliminates the shortage of macro- and micronutrients. Only after visiting the attending physician go for the purchase of this product. Treatment is determined by the acidity, an indicator which should be 7 pH or less. Only a specialized doctor can pick up a drink, relying on the patient’s uric acid level and water acidity level.

The purpose of the alkaline water treatment course is to remove uric acid from the patient’s body, to prevent the formation of sodium urate in the joints. What mineral water to buy? There are several types of this product that are used if a similar disease affects the joints. These include the following alkaline mineral water:

  • with sodium bicarbonate ions — Essentuki 17, Borjomi, Dragovskaya, Arzni, Essentuki 4, and others;
  • with sulfate ions – Smirnovskaya, Slavyanskaya;
  • with magnesium ions – Donat.

Therapy of gouty arthritis with mineral water begins after the patient decided to visit the attending physician. The doctor will tell you how to properly drink mineral water. This product not only normalizes the acid-base balance, but also reduces the concentration of uric acid and restores metabolic processes in the patient’s body. However, such a therapeutic measure is not suitable for all patients with a diagnosis of gout. Some patients alkaline mineral water with gout is contraindicated to drink. In this case, patients are advised to drink a product prepared at home. Alkaline drink prepared independently also helps to restore metabolism, eliminate urolithiasis and excretion of uric acid salt.

Recommendation for use, preparation and storage

A product sold in a store can be prepared at home if the patient is contraindicated in using purchased products. To do this, you need 1 liter of distilled liquid, 0,5 tsp. salt, 0,5 tsp soda, 5 tbsp. l Sahara. All the ingredients are poured into the bottle, use a watering can so as not to spill past. Before this, the water must be heated. Shake the container well so that the components dissolve completely. You can drink the resulting water with gout immediately after cooking. This method is more economical, but no worse than purchased products.

Purchased products are accepted according to a certain pattern. Healing mineral water must be drunk for 1 month. The method of use depends on the selected product:

  1. Essentuki 4 – medical and table water. At the time of deterioration of the course of gouty arthritis, they drink up to 500 ml per day.
  2. Borjomi drink half an hour before a meal of 150 ml. Multiplicity of use – 3 times.
  3. Slavyanskaya – drink up to 4 times a day, per 1 kg of patient body weight 4 ml of water is necessary. The use of mineral water should not exceed the prescribed dosage. Uncontrolled use of the product will not improve the patient’s condition, but it can worsen.

Alkaline mineral waters with gout must be heated to a certain temperature. It should not be lower than 36 ?? and above 40 degrees. She is drunk during remissions and with an exacerbation of the pathological condition. Use in small sips, slowly. If it is necessary to extend the course of treatment with alkaline water, you should first visit a doctor and undergo a second diagnosis. Store at a temperature of 20-25 degrees in a closed form.

In order for the consumption of Caucasian mineral waters to give positive results, you should adhere to proper nutrition. For the comprehensive treatment of gout, it is important to use all therapies. In this case, you should abandon a number of products that worsen metabolic processes, increase the concentration of uric acid and lead to the development of gout with acute attacks. These include:

  • legumes;
  • caffeinated drinks;
  • strong black tea;
  • alcohol.

It should increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and berries. During the development of the inflammatory process, various cereals and tomatoes are especially useful, they positively affect the course of the disease.

preventive measures

The use of mineral water is possible during the period of remission of a degenerative-dystrophic state. Gouty arthritis often forms at the sites of joint injury, therefore, after receiving damage, an examination of the affected joint should be done after some time to exclude the development of gout.

Alkaline mineral waters will help cure gout, but in the future, degenerative pathology may return if the patient does not follow preventive measures. Patients with such a diagnosis should bring weight to normal, quit smoking and abuse other bad habits. It is very important to perform gymnastic exercises, they will help to destroy uric acid salts and restore protein metabolism in the body. Among other things, it is important to dress warmly in cold weather, to treat kidney diseases in a timely manner. Gout mainly affects the legs, so the lower limbs should always be warm, not wet.

If the disease begins to manifest, do not wait until the pain becomes unbearable. Treatment for gouty arthritis should begin immediately. If you turn to the doctor in time, it may be possible to avoid the use of numerous medications, replacing them with alkaline mineral water. The disease affects the joints quickly, and therefore should act immediately.

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