Method of application and effectiveness of green Thai balm for joints

The action of the balm is effective against an impressive list of diseases. Its main feature is its exclusively natural composition, which includes valuable essential oils and medicinal wild herbs. The combination and proportions of natural components are selected in such a way as to provide maximum analgesic effect and eliminate the feeling of clogging in muscle tissue.

Green balm is often used by athletes to treat sprains, injuries and bruises, muscle pain of varying intensity and bruises. After application, the product relieves muscle tension and normalizes tone. In addition, the herbal remedy is effective for headaches of various etiologies, quickly eliminates nausea and dizziness attacks.

Balm is also used for massage procedures aimed at eliminating muscle pain. It is applied to the skin after insect bites to relieve itching and inflammation – the plant components of the balm quickly neutralize toxins that have fallen under the skin. Ointment is a strong analgesic, activates blood flow, has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is especially important for myalgia, osteochondrosis, lumbago and radiculitis.


Green Balm is a product of Wangprom Herbal Center, which is located in Bangkok. The product is widely distributed not only in Thailand, but also beyond. According to statistics, the ointment is in the medicine cabinet in almost every Thai family, local residents use it to treat various pathologies and injuries.

In 2005, the Wangprom plant received a certificate from the Ministry of Health of the country, which confirms that all products of this brand are environmentally friendly and safe for health.

Balm – a natural green remedy, the drug is versatile, because it helps to get rid of a variety of diseases. The cooling ointment is created on the basis of a local plant – clinakantus drooping. Balm is an indispensable tool in Thai medicine. Its healing properties help get rid of the symptoms of smallpox, depriving and even slowing down the growth of a cancerous tumor. The drug has powerful antioxidant properties, which contributes to the rapid healing of burns, acne and boils.

Green balm is used not only externally, but also for inhalation. Vapors saturated with essential oils have a general strengthening effect, increase the protective functions of the body and activate the immune system. As a result, the body quickly and efficiently copes with the penetrated infection and pathogenic microorganisms.

Balm is used to treat flu and herpes.

Thai healers took part in the development of the drug, and an ointment is produced on modern equipment. Production facilities are located in the center of Bangkok.

The drug has passed clinical trials and received positive reviews from specialists and patients. The balm contains no chemical additives or synthetic components. The basis of the drug is herbal extracts and extracts from plants growing in the mountainous regions of Thailand.

Indications for use

Universal balm – a unique tool that is distinguished by its natural composition and high efficiency. It is used to eliminate pain of different localization, etiology and intensity. Also, the ointment copes with headaches, radiculitis, cramps, colds. One of the main indications for the use of balm are joint injuries, muscle damage. With thermal damage to the skin, the product is applied to the burn site.

With a cold, the area of ​​the chest and foot is rubbed with a balm, and with headaches, the temporal parts and the cervical spine are rubbed. The drug is effective for insect bites – relieves itching, redness, inflammation and swelling.

Green balm is in the first-aid kit of many athletes. This is an indispensable tool for injuries of varying degrees of complexity. If you apply the ointment on the first day after injury, the process of regeneration and healing of tissues, muscles, tendons and cartilage is much faster. Discomfort disappears after 10-15 minutes after the treatment of the damaged area. Swelling and inflammation disappear.

The balm is used for dislocations, sprains, bruises and bruises.

Regular use of the ointment prevents the development of pathological changes in the joints and muscle tissue.

Thai green balm is used in the care of bedridden patients – it is an effective preventive measure for the appearance of pressure sores, in addition, its components nourish the skin with necessary useful substances, strengthening its protective functions.

Balm action

  • It activates the outflow of lymph and blood flow, tones the skin, eliminates stagnation in the veins, eliminates swelling – these properties are used for neuralgia and pinching of the nerve.
  • It has a cooling effect and relieves the feeling of tired legs. Also, the cooling effect of the balm is used for burns – chemical, solar and thermal.
  • The balm has a local anesthetic effect, eliminates inflammation.
  • For any injuries and bruises, if you apply a balm to the damaged area in the first minutes, it will first cool and then warm the skin, activating the flow of blood and stopping the pain.
  • Ointment activates tissue regeneration, stimulates the process of bone fusion and promotes resorption of hematomas. According to statistics, the hematoma disappears in one week, and with the use of Green Balsam in just 3-4 days.
  • The ointment is indispensable for athletes – relieves muscle tension, so it is applied before training. It also helps to reduce strength and inflammation in the joints. To exclude the possibility of muscle spasm, the balm is applied immediately after training.
  • Vapors of the balm soothe, inhaling the balm helps to cope with a stressful situation, relax, strengthens sleep.
  • The ointment neutralizes the action of poisons that enter the body after insect bites, and also eliminates the symptoms of allergic reactions.
  • Balm activates metabolic processes – this property is used in the fight against cellulite.


Natural, natural composition is one of the benefits of Green Balsam. All components are selected in such a way as to enhance the effect of each other and provide the maximum therapeutic effect.

The phytopreparation contains about nine dozen components:

  • Essential oils;
  • Extracts of herbs collected in the mountainous part of Thailand, including wild vines;
  • Camphor oil;
  • Beeswax;
  • Menthol.

Specialists carefully selected not only the composition of the balm, but also the proportions of the components. It is impossible to find out the complete list of components, the information is classified and not distributed by the manufacturer.

Instructions for use

The balm is intended for external use and can be used at home. The method of application does not require special knowledge. Before the procedure, you need to clean the skin, apply the product to the prepared area and rub it with light, massage movements. Manipulations are repeated several times a day, focusing on well-being.

  1. For colds, a small amount of ointment is applied to the chest area, rubbed and wrapped in a warm blanket or woolen shawl. Regular use of the balm eases the patient’s condition and speeds up the healing process.
  2. With dizziness and difficulty in nasal breathing, inhalation with a balm is performed. It will be necessary to bring water to a boil, add 5-10 drops of phyto-medicine and, covered with a towel, breathe over dishes for 5-7 minutes.
  3. With headaches, the temples are rubbed.
  4. To get rid of cellulite, balm rub the problem areas before training.


Do not apply the product to areas with open wounds, damaged mucous membranes, avoid contact with eyes. If this happens, the ointment should be washed off with plenty of soap and water. It is strictly forbidden to take the balm inside, so after each procedure you need to wash your hands.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews. It specializes in the treatment of diseases in orthopedic, traumatological, vertebrological profiles