Hygroma on the wrist how to get rid of it

Hygroma on the hands is an oval or rounded formation, inside of which there is a transparent or yellow content. The cyst membrane consists of connective tissue. The size of the growth is on average 2-5 cm.

Hygroma on the arm appears suddenly, at first it does not hurt and does not cause discomfort. A person may not even notice her. Over time, the cone increases in size and squeezes the surrounding tissue and nerve endings, because of this, the growth begins to hurt.

Symptoms of hygroma on the wrist:

  • dense, elastic to the touch and sedentary protrusion on the hand;
  • the cyst has clear contours;
  • when exposed to sunlight, the cone is translucent, you can see the liquid inside it;
  • darkening and tightening of the skin at the site of formation;
  • cooling of wrist joints (when squeezing blood vessels).

At later stages, when the cone reaches a large size, the symptoms are more pronounced. In addition to pain, there is a limitation of mobility. A person with difficulty carries out movement with his fingers, numbness of the palm may be felt.

Symptoms depend on where the tumor is located. A favorite place is the wrist and wrist joint. But a bump may appear on the inside of the wrist and palm.

Up to 70% of cysts are localized on the back surface of the joint and only 20% are located on the inside.

Hygroma in the palm of your hand is a rare occurrence. The growth causes severe discomfort, interferes with the normal work of the hands. With constant pressure on the cyst, pain is observed. Another distinguishing feature is the numbness of the palm.

More often a hygroma occurs on the right wrist joint. This is due to the fact that the right hand performs more movements. Hygroma of the left wrist joint is characteristic of left-handed people.

How is this dangerous?

Hygroma of the hand never degenerates into a malignant formation, but also does not resolve on its own. It can grow gradually or rapidly increase in size.

Complications can occur if the cone is removed incorrectly. If you try to crush or open it yourself, then the shell of the brush will break and all the contents will fall into the periarticular tissue. The consequence of this will be infection of the growth, the inflammatory process and the development of arthritis.

Which doctor treats hygroma on the wrist?

The surgeon deals with the treatment of hygroma on the wrist.


Diagnosing hygroma is easy. Diagnosis is based on patient complaints and visual examination. It is important to differentiate the growth with a malignant tumor.

The effectiveness of treatment and possible complications depend on the correct diagnosis.

Differential diagnosis includes:

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Treatment of hygroma of the wrist joint can be of several types:

  • conservative therapy;
  • folk remedies;
  • surgical intervention.

It is the latter technique that is most effective.

After removal of the hygroma, a high probability of a reappearance is high. That is why neither surgical intervention nor conservative therapy provides a 100% therapeutic effect.

Previously, hygroma was treated with conservative techniques. The lump was crushed, kneaded, physiotherapeutic procedures were applied, the contents of the growth were removed and sclerotherapy preparations were administered, but the effect was short-lived. In 90% of cases, hygroma of the wrist joint of the hand appeared again. Surgical treatment is considered the most reliable.


Treatment without surgery is suitable if the wrist hygroma does not hurt and does not cause significant discomfort. In the initial stages, ultraviolet irradiation, electrophoresis and paraffin therapy are effective.


At an early stage, while the cyst is barely noticeable, you can treat it at home. There are such folk remedies:

  • Copper coin. It must be bandaged to education for 2 weeks. After removing the bandage, the cone will disappear.
  • Cabbage leaf. You can make a compress of cabbage and honey for the night. Cabbage juice is also effective. But it must be taken orally 100 ml 2 times a day before meals for at least a month.
  • Alcohol lotions. Compresses need to be done at night.
  • A mask based on red clay and sea salt. 100 tsp should be diluted in 2 ml of warm water. salt and 200 g of dry clay. Mix all the ingredients, you get a viscous mixture. It must be applied to the formation and wrapped with a bandage. As the clay dries, moisten the dressing with water. Only 10 procedures are enough. Between them you need to take a break of 2 hours.


Puncture is effective only with small cysts. The technology of getting rid of education is the introduction of glucocorticoids.

Manipulation is carried out under local anesthesia. Stages:

  1. Cyst puncture.
  2. Delete content.
  3. The introduction of a hormonal solution into the cavity.
  4. Tight bandage.

The rehabilitation period lasts 5 weeks. At this time, it is necessary to limit any brush movements.

Surgical removal

The operation involves a thorough excision of the tissue of the hygroma. If at least a small fragment of the cyst remains, there is a chance of re-development.

An experienced surgeon will never advise crushing a bump. After this action, the number of cysts increases significantly.

There are 2 varieties of surgery:

  • Laser removal. The upper layers of the epidermis are incised, and then the cyst is burned by a laser. This technique is easier for the patient to tolerate, and recovery takes place in a shorter time than when opening the cyst with conventional surgery. When excised with a laser in 15% of cases, the cone appears again.
  • Endoscopic removal. Endoscopic surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Sutures are removed 12-14 days after surgery. Complications are rare. The most dangerous consequence is infection and suppuration of the wound.
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Rehabilitation is rarely accompanied by complications if you follow the doctor’s recommendations and exclude the effect of provoking factors. You can not load the operated joint, the hands need to provide complete rest for the recovery period. If signs of suppuration or infection appear, you should immediately go to the hospital.

The most difficult is to remove the hygroma, which is located on the inner side of the wrist in the area of ​​the radial artery. High probability of damage to the arteries and circulatory disorders of the hand.


Preventive measures are to reduce the load on the joints and avoid hand injuries. When performing heavy physical work, it is worth using orthoses. It is important to consult a doctor on time after an injury or pain in the wrist.

The prognosis for hygroma is favorable, the likelihood of complications is minimal. A patient can live with this type of cyst all his life if it does not prevent him from performing daily work.

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Shishkevich Vladimir
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