Features of the syndrome of the shoulder brush, treatment and prevention of the disease

Hand-brush syndrome is a collection of neurological manifestations that differ in appearance and develop in different ways. Its appearance is most often noted in people aged 30-50 years.

The disease is accompanied by severe pain, which can be localized in the neck, shoulder girdle, “give” to the hand. To get rid of uncomfortable sensations, a visit to the doctor should not be postponed.

Disease information

A disease in the medical literature can be found under the following names:

  1. Steinbroker Syndrome, or Wrist;
  2. Shoulder-arthritis;
  3. Cervical rib syndrome;
  4. Abduction, cervico-brachial syndrome;
  5. The trophoneurosis is sympathetic and so on.

Infection, for example, influenza, heterogeneous intoxications, metabolic problems, endocrine disorders, excessive and prolonged physical stress, and prolonged microtraumatization contribute to the development of the disease to a large extent.

The disease can begin in an acute and subacute version. In the shoulder joints, pain appears not only due to sudden movements, but also at night, when the patient sleeps and is at rest. The irradiation of pain in the head, arm, shoulder blade is characteristic. The joints may swell, movements become limited, accompanied by pain.

After a couple of months from the onset of the disease, the pathological process expands, capturing the arm. The patient’s skin turns red, acquiring a bluish tint, the temperature often rises. Swelling leads to a gradual deformation of the fingers, movements become limited.

Causes of the disease

Steinbroker shoulder-hand syndrome does not occur on its own – this is preceded by certain disorders of the body. A painful condition can occur due to myocardial infarction, as a result of traumatic lesions of the shoulder and other joints of the upper limbs, with vertebral osteochondrosis.

You can list the following reasons:

  • Muscle injuries to the shoulders and neck, dislocation of the clavicle, shoulder, or fractures;
  • Dystrophic changes, inflammation in the cervical spine, which may be accompanied by damage to the cervical vertebrae;
  • Disorders of a professional nature that arise as a result of prolonged tension of the spinal column and arms – for example, painters, plasterers, turners;
  • The result of a congenital pathology in the shoulder area, which is caused by compression of the nerve endings.

It is not uncommon when a disease manifests itself after injuries and injuries after several years. For young people, this disorder is classified as rare. More often it manifests itself after 50 years, may be one of the manifestations of osteochondrosis.

It is recommended that patients who have problems of a similar nature should be examined regularly to identify disorders – if it is possible to note the disease at an early stage, it can be dealt with quickly and more effectively than with a protracted process.

Symptoms of the disease

The most characteristic signs of shoulder-hand syndrome are:

  1. Pain in the hand, shoulders. They can be very burning and tough, with the use of analgesics they cannot be stopped;
  2. The muscles of the shoulder, wrist joints acquire quite pronounced vegetative-trophic disorders, which are especially reflected in the area of ​​the hand.
  3. On the affected brush, the skin swells, becomes smooth and shiny. Erythema can be in the palm of the hand, hands and fingers are affected by acrocyanosis.

The list of visible symptoms can expand over time, there is muscle atrophy, flexor contracture of the fingers, carpal osteoporosis.

How the disease proceeds

There are several stages of the course of the disease.

Stage one is able to last from three months to six. Symptoms considered characteristic of her are:

  • Severe pain in the hands, shoulders;
  • Constant sensation of tension in the muscles of the forearms;
  • The affected arm is characterized by limited mobility of the joints, problems with the functionality of the fingers and hands;
  • Tendon reflexes, severe swelling, sometimes acrocyanosis, are amplified.

The next stage – the second – can last up to six months. Puffiness and pain may not be particularly intense and even disappear for a while. But they are often replaced by trophic disorders, the hands are getting colder. If you conduct x-ray studies, signs of osteoporosis will be detected.

The third stage can take several years. A distinctive feature is contracture, turning into a lack of mobility for the fingers and shoulders. The process is irreversible. In the future, muscle atrophy begins, osteoporosis appears, the temperature on the hands of the skin drops significantly.

What measures can be taken to correct the situation

The treatment of such a disease will be quite long; a doctor will prescribe it. In this case, the patient will have to regularly monitor the condition of muscles and joints.

There is no specific treatment for shoulder-hand syndrome. Those measures that are taken to normalize the patient’s condition are based on a blockade, carried out mainly with the help of novocaine. Ganglion blockers can be added to the drug.

To accurately determine the cause of the pain, the doctor diagnoses based on the patient’s complaints. The case history is being studied. Previous diseases and injuries are considered. Often an illness can be guessed from the patient’s characteristic posture – the shoulder that bothers them, they try to press it to their chest, and poor joint mobility is noted. For accurate determination of painful areas using the palpation method.

Methods of treatment

In acute pain, you can try to provide the patient with first aid. To relieve tension in the arm and spine, the arm is fixed with a scarf, bending at the elbow. From painkillers, you can take analgin, amidopyrine.

During exacerbations, it is recommended that the patient be at rest. Pain is relieved with the help of medications, massage and gymnastics, physiotherapy, which include electrophoresis and the use of ultrasound, sometimes help.

If all measures taken in the form of conservative treatment have not had a result, surgical operations are prescribed. During surgery, dissection of the muscles, removal of a hernia of the intervertebral can be performed, and so on.

Prevention of disease

To stop the development of discomfort, to prevent the onset of the disease in a healthy person, the following measures are recommended:

  1. Avoid stress, a surge of emotions;
  2. Include walks and physiotherapy exercises in your daily routine; swimming is useful;
  3. Give up bad habits;
  4. If any injuries to the spine occur, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

When treating the disease, it is worth considering that recovery with the appearance of Steinbroker syndrome can be quite difficult. The result of the exposure will depend on the complexity of the course of the disease, the speed of seeking medical help, the accuracy of the diagnosis and diagnosis.

The most effective method of treatment is considered to be complex – it allows you to avoid serious health consequences, and the result can be obtained after a short time. It includes therapeutic methods of treatment, surgical interventions in a particularly complicated situation, as additional effects on the body, alternative methods, therapeutic exercises, and other supporting measures are prescribed.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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Shishkevich Vladimir

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews. It specializes in the treatment of diseases in orthopedic, traumatological, vertebrological profiles