Effective recipes and rules for the use of the plant Zhivokost

Larkspur or comfrey is an amazing healing plant, the useful qualities of which are well known since ancient times. The main scope of the use of the gastrocostis covers pathologies and injuries of bone tissue, ligaments and muscles.

General information

The peak of the plant’s popularity falls on the 16th century, until the end of the 18th century it was actively used in folk and traditional medicine. Then they forgot about him for a century and a half, but in the middle of the 20th century, the livestock was again popular.

Translated from Latin, the name of the plant means – to grow together. Another Latin name for comfrey is also known, meaning to strengthen. Both names fully reflect the scope of the stomach bone – any pathological processes that occur in the bones and bone system. There are many varieties of comfrey, but all of them are similar in their effect on the patient’s body.

Appearance and habitat

Comfrey is a plant that can grow into vast territories. The stalk is hairy, about 120 cm high. The leaf plates are lanceolate, painted purple with a red tint. If you grind the leaf in your hands, the smell of fresh cucumber will appear. Inflorescences in shape resemble white bells with a yellowish tinge. Comfrey blooms all summer. The root system is strong, forms a complex, interwoven lump.

The larkspur is very whimsical to the growing conditions; in a personal plot it is better to plant it next to the compost pit.

In wild conditions, the plant prefers moist areas – the banks of ponds, ditches, forests located along rivers, meadows in lowlands.

Larkspur rapidly spread throughout Europe, this was facilitated by:

  1. Theoretical information and facts about its healing qualities;
  2. A bountiful harvest;
  3. High protein content – in this indicator, the plant is superior to soy.

Comfrey is rich in nutrients, but their maximum concentration in the rhizome.

You can find a plant throughout Russia except the Far North.

Using comfrey

Antique healers have successfully used comfrey to treat more than a hundred pathologies. Also, the livestock is successfully used in cosmetology – products with its content restore the structure and healthy appearance of the skin. Comfrey is added to the tonic essential bath mixes.

Zhivokost – a well-known rubber. There are facts when the Germans in the war years tried to grow it for further processing and production of rubber.

Medicinal qualities and herbal remedies

The plant has a rich chemical composition. It contains alkaloids, which have a relaxing effect on skeletal muscles, stop pain.

In addition, comfrey has a complex effect:

  • Relieves inflammation;
  • Destroys pathogenic microflora and parasites;
  • Possesses an expectorant effect.

Balms and ointments are used externally, they quickly and effectively eliminate the symptoms of rheumatism, inflammation in the bones and joints. With the help of the stomach bone, they treat toothache.

Scope of comfrey:

  1. Pathological processes in the joints and musculoskeletal system;
  2. Bleeding – external and internal;
  3. Chronic bronchitis – the plant has an expectorant effect, relieves inflammation;
  4. Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract – the laparotum has an enveloping and astringent action, eliminates inflammation;
  5. Tuberculosis of bones is treated with milk extract of comfrey, but it is included in the complex therapy;
  6. Edema and postoperative sutures are treated with ointment-based ointment – it is especially effective for treating wounds that do not heal.

Under the name Symphytum, they release a comfrey based homeopathic remedy.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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Decoctions and infusions

For cooking, you will need all parts of the plant – the root, inflorescences, shoots and leaves. It is important to properly prepare herbal remedies and take it correctly.

Algorithm for preparing the infusion:

  • 5 g of crushed raw materials;
  • Add 0,5 l of boiling water;
  • Leave on for 8 hours.

The infusion is taken for pathologies of the stomach and violations in the functioning of the liver. The traditional treatment regimen is half a glass twice a day.

For the treatment of diseases of the lungs, kidneys, sclerosis, back pain, a decoction and comfrey are prepared:

  • It will take 5 g of leaves and 400 ml of hot water;
  • The mixture is boiled for a quarter of an hour;
  • Take a decoction of 5 ml (teaspoon) three times a day.

The course of therapy is two weeks. If the taste of the decoction is unpleasant, honey can be added to it.

An infusion of dried plant roots is also prepared:

  • 40 g of crushed raw materials are poured into a thermos, pour 0,5 l of boiling water;
  • The mixture is infused for a quarter of an hour in an open thermos, then the container closes and infuses for another five hours.

The finished product must be filtered and taken with gastritis and ulcer, constipation. Treatment regimen: half a glass half an hour before a meal. The duration of the course is one and a half months, the break is two months.

A special decoction helps to restore joint health. For its preparation, 100 g of roots will be required, they are poured with a liter of water, boiled for a quarter of an hour. The finished mixture is filtered. Herbal tea is used for external procedures – compresses and lotions. Scope of application:

  • Damage to ligaments;
  • Joint pain of various origins;
  • Fractures.

In addition, the decoction helps with bleeding. A napkin dipped in broth is applied to the damaged area. The first few days the compresses should be cool, and then warming. A positive effect occurs after 7-9 procedures.

Alcohol tincture

The tool is especially effective for fractures and pain in the joints. For preparation, you need a dry root of the plant, crushed into powder, – 100 g and 0,5 l of vodka. The mixture is insisted for 2-3 weeks.

Take tincture according to the following scheme: add 40 drops of the drug to half a glass of water. Drink 30 minutes before meals.

Tincture is especially effective in combination with ointment.

Fresh roots are needed for cooking, they must be crushed in such a way as to preserve juice. A greasy base, for example, lard, is added to the prepared slurry. The mixture is stirred and incubated for 24 hours, the dishes are placed in a place where light does not penetrate. Then the mixture is transferred to a glass container and stored in the refrigerator.

This ointment helps with any problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Ointment can be prepared from dry raw materials. Required:

  • Dry roots of the gastrocosts – 100 g;
  • Horse chestnut inflorescences – 200 g.

The components are ground, 100 ml of vodka or alcohol is added, all the ingredients are mixed.

Separately, pork fat is melted – 400 g and mixed with the prepared herbal mixture. The ointment is kept in the oven for three hours. Then the balm is boiled for 5 minutes, filtered and transferred to a glass container. Used for trophic ulcers, treat the affected areas and wrap.

Bath, rinses and compresses

With chronic suppuration and open ulcerative processes, washing and baths with broth of the laparotomy help. Chronic pathological processes are often found in the elderly, in people who move little, in smokers. In this case, experts recommend a complete solution – baths with broth, rinsing and compresses.

For all procedures, prepare a decoction. A glass of crushed raw materials is needed – the roots of the plant, they are poured with two liters of water. The mixture is boiled for ten minutes, insisted for half an hour and filtered. When the broth cools to a comfortable temperature, the feet or the entire leg are lowered into it. Other parts of the body are thoroughly washed for 5-10 minutes.

Washing can be painful. In this case, you need to take a towel, moisten it thoroughly in a decoction and attach to the affected area. Such a compress must be fixed and removed after half an hour. After the compress, the affected area must be lubricated with calendula-based ointment and the compress from comfrey broth is repeated.

The procedures seem troublesome, but after a short time the patient will feel relief and permanently get rid of wounds that did not heal before.

Compress from the roots of the gastrocost

Any injuries that damage the tendons, joints and muscles can be treated with a compress of gruel from comfrey root. The procedure is indicated for dislocations, fractures, bruises and sprains. The compress also helps with inflammatory processes that occur in the muscles and tendons.

The cooking algorithm is as follows. It will take from 50 to 100 g of comfrey root powder – its amount is determined by the area of ​​the affected area. The raw materials are poured into the dishes, poured with boiling water and 3-4 drops of vegetable oil are added. The result is a pasty mixture. Until the paste has cooled, it is applied to the affected area and covered with a cloth of natural fibers, and then with a terry towel. The compress should be fixed and left for several hours or at night, there is severe pain. The paste is easy to rinse, after the compress, the area is treated with ointment based on live bones.

Larkspur for various diseases

In case of osteoporosis, treatment is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Half a teaspoon of crushed livestock is poured with water and insisted for a day, then diluted with half a liter of milk. The mixture is kept in the oven for three hours, then filtered and drunk one and a half teaspoons after each meal (three times a day). The course of therapy is one week.
  • After one week, a tablespoon of cottage cheese or honey is added to the milk broth from the livestock (a mixture from the first recipe). The mixture is eaten three times a day. Store the drug in the refrigerator.

With gout, discomfort in the joints, rheumatism and arthritis, an ointment is prepared. It will require fresh comfrey root, pork fat and dimexide in the following proportions – 1 part, 2 parts and 0,5 parts, respectively. The tool is rubbed into the affected area three times a day, wrapped on top with a warm blanket.

For joint inflammation, comfrey-based balm is used. In the pharmacy, you can buy a ready-made product, when using it, you need to carefully study the instructions. You can prepare the balm yourself:

  • It will take a teaspoon of chopped comfrey roots;
  • Raw materials are mixed with 10 teaspoons of fat (pork of any animal);
  • The mixture is insisted for ten days, after which the remedy can be used.

Regular use of the ointment allows you to get rid of the pain syndrome – back pain, with intervertebral hernias, with joint pathologies. Beeswax can be added to the ointment and used to combat toothache, heal wounds, burns.

For its preparation, inflorescences and plant roots are needed. As a result of taking tinctures, metabolic processes are normalized, thus, weight is normalized.

  • 50 g of the roots and inflorescences of the gastropod are filled with half a liter of vodka or diluted alcohol;
  • The mixture is infused for two weeks in a place protected from direct light.

Take the drug ten drops twice a day. On the first day, drink 4 drops, then daily increase the dose by 1 drop and bring the amount to ten drops. In addition to normalizing weight, the patient feels a strong therapeutic effect, the symptoms of diseases of the liver, stomach and lungs disappear.

Comfrey honey helps with tuberculosis, as well as male and female pathologies. To prepare, you need a fresh root of the plant, it is grated and mixed with honey in a ratio of 1: 2. The mixture is taken in a teaspoon twice a day. The course of treatment is two weeks.

During pregnancy, the use of comfrey preparations is prohibited. Biologically active substances can adversely affect the development of the fetus. External use of balms and ointments is possible in case of discomfort in the knees and back. Another contraindication for taking comfrey is children under 12 years old.

Safety measures

The plant has a wide range of useful properties and healing qualities, due to this it is used in folk and traditional medicine. However, it should be borne in mind that the plant lowers blood pressure, therefore hypotensive is contraindicated. Allergic reactions and excessive sensitivity to individual components of the drug are also possible.

Shishkevich Vladimir

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews. It specializes in the treatment of diseases in orthopedic, traumatological, vertebrological profiles