Disability group for scoliosis indications, definition and purpose

Scoliosis is a serious disease in which persistent pathological curvature of the spine in the frontal plane is observed. But do scoliosis 2 give disability? Or should you apply for registration only with degrees 3 and 4?

Many people incorrectly think that this disease can lead only to cosmetic defects. In fact, spinal deformity can lead not only to destruction of the joints of the lower extremities, intervertebral discs, but also to a significant displacement of the internal organs, which can no longer function normally, as before. And a person, ultimately, can get disability with scoliosis. In addition, the disease brings great physical and psychological suffering to a person. It is believed that this pathology is difficult to treat with difficulty, but is still treated. In addition to some specific procedures and manipulations in the form of massage, swimming, acupuncture, exercise therapy, it is very important that the patient has a strong desire and willpower.

Indications for disability with scoliosis

In fact, disability with scoliosis is not given to everyone who has this pathology. And this is only about 15% of the total number of patients with scoliosis.

  • The inability to fulfill their professional and official obligations;
  • Disability is formed with scoliosis of the 3rd and 4th degree in the situation of detection of pathologies in the pulmonary system – respiratory failure;
  • There are neurological disorders in combination with pain in the spine;
  • After surgical interventions;
  • With the rapid progress of the disease;
  • As a complication of curvature, a change in the functioning of internal organs occurs;
  • If someone else’s help is required in fulfilling domestic needs or light labor obligations;
  • Proven ineffectiveness of all prescribed treatment;
  • Complications in the postoperative period.

What tests do you need to go for disability?

To make a decision on the purpose of disability or its refutation, ITU first carefully examines the patient’s outpatient card, all extracts and other documents from the hospital, sanatoriums or dispensaries in which the person underwent treatment or recovery. Then a complete medical history is collected, a visual study of spinal deformity, patient complaints, and their changes over time.

It is also necessary to undergo some laboratory and instrumental examinations:

  1. General analysis of urine, blood, biochemical study of blood.
  2. X-ray of the spinal column in 2 projections (lateral and direct) with the definition of the angle of curvature of the spine.
  3. If necessary, CT, MRI, myelographic examination. These studies allow us to assess the condition of organs inside the abdominal cavity, the state of cerebrospinal fluid and nerve endings, the presence of protrusions and hernias of the intervertebral space.
  4. Consultations of specialists such as a pulmonologist, therapist (pediatrician), cardiologist, neuropathologist, etc. This is necessary to confirm or exclude pathologies of internal organs and other complications.
  5. The conclusion of the attending orthopedic surgeon about the patient’s health status, the treatment performed, and the results obtained.

How is the scoliosis disability group determined

At the moment, there are clear criteria by which it is determined which disability group is given for scoliosis of grade 3 and 4.

  • 4 degree of curvature of the spine;
  • Violations and changes in cerebrospinal flu >

  1. The degree of scoliotic disease is 3-4;
  2. Persistent respiratory and heart failure;
  3. Pronounced changes in sensitivity in the limbs and indiv >

    Rather rap >

Features of the purpose of disability

In fact, it is quite difficult to get a disability when curving the spine. Since the medical and social examination, for starters, carefully examines several points, for example, whether the patient clearly and correctly performed all the instructions of the treating specialist and does not exaggerate his condition.

To do this, you need to talk about all your complaints, symptoms and violations. If you applied to private medical institutions, be sure to prov />

If you can get a disability, then the first 5 years you will need to confirm it every year. In this case, regular treatment and constant monitoring of your condition in a hospital environment will be required.

In the most severe cases, when the serious condition of the spine and the whole patient’s body remains without any improvement and even with significant deterioration, then such a person is determined to have disability for an indefinite period.

Disability group I in our country is issued very rarely, because, despite the pronounced curvature of the spinal column, such patients still try to independently care for themselves.

It also happens that disability can be ruled out after a certain period. How can this be? Everything is very simple. Not all people stop at this and try to improve the condition of their spine.

This is possible due to hard work on oneself and the state of one’s health. The patient continues treatment with the help of swimming, traction, corset therapy, physical therapy exercises, which can significantly strengthen the muscle apparatus, and he, in turn, will try to give your deformed spine its physiological form.

Do not forget that complex treatment of scoliosis can sometimes give stunning results!

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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Shishkevich Vladimir

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews. It specializes in the treatment of diseases in orthopedic, traumatological, vertebrological profiles