Diagnosis and prevention of bilateral knee gonarthrosis

Every person is in danger every day to earn a disease, and this can be either a small infection, which causes a sore throat and cough, or a serious inflammatory process related to joints or other parts of the human body. For this reason, it is important to constantly carefully monitor your body, paying attention to all the changes that occur.

Bilateral gonarthrosis (arthrosis that affects the knee joints) is one of the ailments that require a quick diagnosis after the onset of the first symptoms, because otherwise irreversible changes may occur that will complicate further life.

If you turn to a specialist in time, then the disease can not only be cured completely, because you will be able to avoid the use of surgical intervention that requires long-term rehabilitation.

What is bilateral gonarthrosis

The joints of the knees of a healthy person are always elastic, smooth, which allows them to perform their main function, that is, depreciation during walking and other loads directed to the legs.

Arthrosis of the knee joints primarily affects the articular capsule, which has a synovial membrane, as well as ligaments and muscles that ensure their mobility. Over time, the knee joints cease to withstand even standard loads for a particular person, as a result of which some degenerative changes begin, for example, leg mobility is significantly reduced.

We recall that in the most difficult situations, the mobility of the knees can be completely lost, and in the absence of treatment, in any case, the destruction of cartilage fibers will begin, and pathological processes will begin to occur in neighboring tissues. Bilateral gonarthrosis is characterized by a wave-like nature of development, that is, periods of exacerbations and remissions will be observed.

In order to cope with this ailment, it is necessary to study it in detail, as a result of which the root causes of the disease will be identified. Quite often, this disease does not have clear reasons, so the diagnosis is complicated, but with timely medical attention and the use of modern technologies (magnetic resonance imaging or some alternative examination is perfect), specialists manage to prescribe competent therapy and cope with the problem.

Causes of appearance

Just mention that all the causes of bilateral arthrosis of the knee joint are usually divided into primary and secondary. The primary problem appears only in people of advanced age, women and people with a large body weight are especially susceptible to this problem, which creates a rather serious load on the joint.

Secondary gonarthrosis may develop due to the negative impact of one of the following reasons or their combination:

  • Serious injuries of the knee joint, which are accompanied by disorders associated with the meniscus, or even rupture of the ligaments;
  • Disease of a rheumato >

If you do not timely determine the real reasons for the development of bilateral gonarthrosis, then a large amount of time will be lost. Thus, you will not be able to develop the therapy appropriate for your case in time, therefore, almost any treatment will not have the proper effect.


Fortunately, bilateral gonarthrosis can be detected by the development of characteristic symptoms. But not everything is so good, because this disease in the early stages very often proceeds without any special manifestations. There are situations when the patient went to the doctor a few years after the onset of pathological changes in the knees, because it all starts with a little pain, which many ignore.

Here are the main stages of bilateral gonarthrosis and the symptoms observed on them:

  1. First stage. At the initial stage of development of arthrosis of the knee joint, it begins to deform and dull pain appears, which appears only after exertion. Swelling of the knee is also a fairly common symptom.
  2. Second stage. At this stage, the symptomatology is already more pronounced, because the pain is significantly amplified and become long-lasting. Patients often complain of stiffness in the area of ​​the knee joint that appears in the morning. In order to prevent such a manifestation, doctors often prescribe analgesics. A characteristic symptom of this ailment is also a crunch in the knee, indicating the appearance of serious violations. As for the other symptoms that arise in the second stage, it is possible to note an increase in the knee in size, as well as limitations in its flexion and extension, which greatly complicates the process of walking and life in general.
  3. Third stage. At this stage, everything is much more serious, complex treatment can still be applied, but it often does not give the desired effect, as a result of which the only way out is surgical intervention. If you do not start therapy by this time, then the pain will begin to intensify even from small movements, and the gait will be seriously impaired, and the knee cartilage will be deformed.


As you might guess, it is best to start treating this disease during the development of its first stage, because otherwise this process will be noticeably delayed and complicated. To begin with, an x-ray will be prescribed, which allows you to confirm the preliminary diagnosis made after examination and palpation.

The specialist will not only have to identify the fact of the presence of arthrosis of the knee joint, but also find out detailed information about the stage and dynamics of the problem.

The following treatments are most commonly used:

    Drug therapy. The essence of drug therapy is to relieve a serious inflammatory process and to reduce the manifestations of arthrosis, that is, to relieve pain. In most cases, chondroprotectors are used that can replace synovial flu >

In most situations, doctors prescribe phonophoresis, but other procedures can be used:

  • Magnetotherapy;
  • UHF therapy;
  • Diadynamic currents and so on.

Orthopedic treatment. The essence of orthopedic treatment is to use special insoles to reduce the load on the joints due to its uniform distribution. And also experts use orthoses.

Massage. Massage sessions are another important component that will achieve the desired effect in the treatment of bilateral gonarthrosis. Of course, they can be implemented independently, but it is better to contact qualified specialists in the nearest massage room.

Quite a lot of disputes between experts are observed about the use of folk remedies. In fact, the option of their use is rejected only when considering such therapy as the main treatment. Sometimes experts respond positively to the effect of folk remedies, because they are really good as a component of complex therapy. Of course, they certainly will not remove the inflammatory process, but they can reduce pain.

Be sure to consult your doctor before using any folk remedies, because in some cases they can be dangerous to your health!

Surgical intervention

As mentioned earlier, it is not always possible to correct the situation through the use of conservative therapy, then preference is given to surgical intervention, which has an excellent effect, but, unfortunately, suggests the need for a long rehabilitation.


Here are the main preventive measures that will help you cope with the problem and prevent its development in the future:

  1. Lose weight. As mentioned earlier, overweight negatively affects the condition of the joints. If you have any problems associated with losing weight, it is recommended that you consult a dietitian who will tell you how to do this. A training and nutrition program will be developed for you, taking into account your individual characteristics and diseases.
  2. Live actively. A sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work are precisely those factors that can lead to a huge number of diseases. You must definitely perform some physical exercises necessary to improve blood circulation and all muscle tone.
  3. Choose your shoes carefully. First of all, your shoes should be comfortable, and not beautiful or any other. The fact is that the absence of an orthopedic sole or even wearing high heels can unevenly distribute the load on the leg, as a result of which the knee joints will suffer.
  4. Watch your condition. Any disease that affects your body must be cured in a timely manner. The fact is that even ordinary SARS and other diseases can result in the appearance of serious complications associated with joints or with something else.
  5. Have your exam regularly. If you have a predisposition to the development of joint diseases, then you should regularly undergo a medical examination and observe all the previously mentioned preventive measures.
Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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Shishkevich Vladimir

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews. It specializes in the treatment of diseases in orthopedic, traumatological, vertebrological profiles