Detailed description of the drug Calcium Sandoz Forte

A macronutrient, along with other useful substances, is necessary for a person to ensure his normal functioning, especially for the strength of bone structures and teeth. The body of a healthy person (adult) contains approximately 1000 g of calcium. The result of a sufficient dose of a chemical substance can be called the absence of problems with blood coagulation, the normal functioning of muscles and the thyroid gland, and the free passage of nerve impulses.

The lack of a mineral that can be washed out of skeletal structures signals the following symptoms:

  • Weakness and increased fatigue;
  • Draining the skin, peeling the skin;
  • Fragility of nails, destruction of tooth enamel (caries);
  • The appearance of bone pain, cramps, numbness of the fingers;
  • The development of osteoporosis due to increased fragility of the bones;
  • Signs of heart failure, heart problems;
  • Increased nervous irritability, thyroid disease.

The situation threatens to delay growth, as well as the development of the child, a violation of the formation of bone tissue and teeth, the lens of the eye undergoes pathological changes. The most dangerous sign of hypocalcemia in childhood is the phenomenon of poor blood coagulation.

How to replenish macronutrient reserves

To treat a life-threatening condition, the doctor prescribes taking Calcium Sandoz Forte together with vitamin D. Use preparations containing any dosage of macronutrient to provide a daily calcium volume of at least 1500-2000 mg. The doctor selects the dosage of vitamin D taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient. The lack of signs of hypocalcemia at a normal level of calcium according to the results of a blood test will indicate the degree of effectiveness of therapy.

The deficiency of Ca + ions is supplemented by the appointment of a special diet enriched with foods with a high mineral content, together with medication. The doctor selects a specific dosage of drugs with calcium in order to avoid oversaturation of the patient’s body with a useful element, an excess of which is just as dangerous as its lack.

A macronutrient that has entered the body is consumed in various life processes. Replenishment of its reserves is facilitated by taking Calcium Sandoz Forte, and the price of an important drug for the body depends on the dosage of the element:

  1. The cost of 20 white tablets made in France with a dosage of 500 mg ranges from 280-474 rubles;
  2. 20 soluble tablets of Calcium Sandoz Forte with a dosage of 1000 mg can be purchased at a price of 512-737 rubles.

It is important to consider that impaired calcium metabolism adversely affects the functioning of all human organs and systems. The need for a trace element does not fade from the time of conception to the time of death.

General information about the preparation

Calcium Sandoz Forte is a combination drug designed to regulate the exchange of Ca + ions. The instruction for the drug reports that it is part of the osteoporosis therapy program to restore normal metabolism, which eliminates the deficiency in this element.

Manufacturers InformationThe holder of the registration certificate is the company SANDOZ, located in Slovenia. The medicine is produced in France, the sales office in Switzerland
ATX code (ATC)According to the system of international classification of drugs (ATX), the drug is registered under the number A12AA20 – a group of combined calcium salts
Pharmacological orientationCalcium Sandoz Forte refers to the means that regulate the process of calcium-phosphorus metabolism, which is a combination of micro and macro elements
Release form Calcium Sandoz ForteRound tablets (white) with a slight citrus aroma, designed to dissolve in a liquid
What contains one effervescent tabletThe active substance, which is a combination of calcium lactogluconate and calcium carbonate with the addition of auxiliary substances.
  • 500 mg tablets correspond to 12,5 mmoles of ionized substance;
  • 1000 mg tablets are equivalent to 25 mmol of ionized substance
Additional Information
  • the drug can be purchased without a prescription;
  • the maximum storage temperature of effervescent tablets is not higher than 30 ° C;
  • the drug is approved for use for 3 years from the date of manufacture
Calcium Sandoz Forte, analoguesInsoluble tablets of calcium gluconate, as well as tablets and granules of calcium glycerophosphate

Most often, the pharmacy chain offers tablets of Calcium Sandoz Forte in polypropylene cases in an amount of 20 pieces. The can is packed in a cardboard box. According to doctors, taking Calcium Sandoz Forte is especially relevant for fractures and osteoporosis. The medication helps to accelerate bone fusion, as evidenced by the reviews of traumatologists. In the treatment of osteoporosis in children, the instant form of ionized salts shows a higher bioavailability than calcium gluconate.

important points

The daily need for a chemical element at different stages of life is not the same, but increases during puberty. Upon completion of the skeleton formation process, the need for Ca + ions decreases, but increases sharply with high physical activity. Treatment with the drug is relevant for pregnancy and breastfeeding, hormonal disorders associated with the thyroid gland or the use of glucocorticosteroids.

One of the best drugs that normalize human calcium metabolism is Calcium Sandoz Forte, which should be taken strictly according to the doctor’s instructions, guided by the instructions for the medication.

According to patients, a soluble product not only eliminates the lack of a mineral, but also perfectly quenches thirst, tastes good.

Features of the effect of the drug

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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According to the instructions for the proper use of Calcium Sandoz Forte, the drug is taken orally (inside). A sufficient amount of the mineral necessary for normal life maintains the balance of electrolytes in the human body, which contributes to the proper functioning of organs and life support systems. Calcium Sandoz Forte is designed to eliminate the deficiency in the element that arose against the background of the following conditions leading to the leaching of the element from the body:

  • The consequences of strict diets and abuse of carbonated drinks;
  • Long-term use of drugs that interfere with the absorption of calcium;
  • Diseases that enhance the absorption of the mineral, an excess of hormones;
  • The lack of vitamin D in the body

Appointment Calcium Sandoz Forte is relevant for inflammatory processes, rickets, allergic reactions. The instruction for the drug warns that the presence of the active substance of two calcium salts (lactogluconate and carbonate) gives effervescent tablets the ability to quickly dissolve in water. Due to the conversion of the active substance into active Ca + ions, the resulting solution is rapidly absorbed.

A drink with a pleasant taste is used not only during therapy for acute or chronic forms of hypocalcemia, but also for the prevention of its development. The instant ionized Ca + salts are also necessary for metabolic disorders in bone tissue.


  • Suction process. Up to 50% of the mineral element important for life is actively absorbed in the widest place of the small intestine (proximal section). Then, the oral dose is accumulated to participate in metabolic processes.
  • How is the distribution? Almost all the reserves of the element contain tissues of human teeth and bones, only one percent of the substance is dissolved in the internal fluids of the body. Half of this volume in the blood is represented by the ionized form of a physically active substance, part of which actively interacts with proteins.
  • The method of elimination. Evacuation of metabolites of calcium salts is carried out mainly by the intestines (80%), the rest is excreted by the kidneys.

In reviews of the drug, doctors warn of an increase in the daily intake of calcium with age. An adult body needs from 1000 to 1500 mg of the element per day. It doesn’t matter from what sources the mineral comes from – from food or drugs. When 1000 mg of calcium with food is ingested, only about 300 mg of the substance is absorbed.


  1. Pregnant and lactating mothers, children during the formation of the musculoskeletal framework for the treatment and prevention of hypocalcemia;
  2. Women at the stage of menopause restructuring and after it for treatment, as well as the prevention of osteoporosis;
  3. People exposed to allergy symptoms as part of a health-restoring therapy;
  4. With insufficient mineralization of bone tissue for the treatment of osteomalacia, as well as a lack of mineral that comes with food.

The drug based on calcium salts is not prescribed for children under 3 years of age due to the lack of information about the safety of treatment for babies. When treating nursing mothers, it should be borne in mind that Ca + ions are able to penetrate into breast milk. The safe dose for pregnant women is 1500 mg; exceeding it is dangerous for the development of the fetus.


Instructions for use of the drug Calcium Sandoz Forte contains a list of diseases in which the prescription of a medication is prohibited. Treatment with effervescent tablets and dosage should be prescribed by a doctor to prevent the threat of hypercalcemia.

The instructions for the drug contain special instructions for the treatment of patients with pathologies of the kidneys, urolithiasis. Therapy requires regular monitoring of the fact of the evacuation of salts with urine in order to adjust the dose in time or cancel the medicine.

Drug intake

One tablet, previously dissolved in a glass of water, is taken orally without orientation to food intake.

Age categorydosage
  • from 3 to 9 years of age, the daily dose of the drug is 500 mg;
  • from the age of 10 years, children switch to an adult dosage – 1000 mg
AdultsThe daily dose is 1000 mg per day.

With an increased need for a trace element, for example, the appointment of bisphosphonates, it is allowed to take a double daily dose of 2000 mg.

The course of therapy with Calcium Sandoz Forte is designed for 4-6 weeks, the duration of taking the tablets for prophylactic purposes is decided by the doctor individually.

Additional information from the instructions

  • Effects. When starting treatment with an instant drug containing a duet of calcium salts, it is important to familiarize yourself with the list of possible undesirable consequences of treatment. Instructions for use Calcium Sandoz Forte will introduce a list of s >


Doctors on the pages of the reviews for Calcium Sandoz Forte warn about the inadmissibility of prescribing tablets to children under three years of age. The reason is the ability of calcium carbonate, which is part of the drug, to reduce the acidity of gastric juice.

Patients in their reviews report the high efficiency of the drug, it can always be found in the pharmacy network at an affordable price. Patients note the convenience of using a tasty medicine, noticeable improvements and its good tolerance.

Shishkevich Vladimir

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews. It specializes in the treatment of diseases in orthopedic, traumatological, vertebrological profiles