Customer reviews about Dolgit cream and its effectiveness

Dolgit Cream, the instructions for use of which are quite simple and understandable, are also a means of a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. And this means that it is relatively safe, because hormones are not observed in its composition. It is intended for local use and is part of symptomatic therapy for various problems.

As additional funds, Dolgit cream contains:

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The entire therapeutic effect of the drug is based on its main active substance – ibuprofen. And he, as you know, has the following healing properties:

  1. Reduces heat, even occurring locally;
  2. Relieves inflammation;
  3. Anesthetizes.

Therefore, it can be argued that Dolgit cream quickly copes with various unpleasant sensations that appear against the background of injuries or other pathological processes – for example, degenerative destruction of cartilage or joints. It also relieves the person of pain and allows you to eliminate puffiness, which is a frequent companion of all kinds of injuries.

Ibuprofen works where prostaglandins are produced – substances that, in fact, cause inflammation and pain. They are also able to increase the volume of fluid, which leads to its accumulation and the development of edema. By blocking the production of such substances, Dolgit cream helps relieve pain and swelling, increases the mobility of damaged joints.

The earliest period when you can feel the cream after applying it is 15 minutes. In this case, the effect can last up to 4 hours. The cream is distinguished by a fairly rapid penetration under the skin and targeted work at the site of damage. It is excreted from the body by the kidneys.

Form of issue

The cream is available exclusively for external use. It is a homogeneous substance, soft, white, in some cases with a cream tint. He has a specific smell, which many call unexpressed. The cream is packaged in tubes weighing 20, 50 and 100 mg. They are hermetically closed and open with a cap.

Indications for the appointment of funds

Despite the fact that ibuprofen is often called a safe active substance, and drugs with it are available in any pharmacy without a prescription, you should not prescribe such a cream for yourself. For the use of any drug, even vitamins, there must be clear medical indications.

In the case of Dolgit, this is:

  • All sorts of arthritis;
  • Joint problems that may develop amid exacerbation of gout or rheumatic disease;
  • Ankylosing spondylitis;
  • Osteoarthrosis and osteochondrosis;
  • Radiculitis;
  • Muscle pains of different nature;
  • Dislocations – in this case, the cream allows you to quickly relieve pain and significantly improve and alleviate the condition of a person;
  • Soreness, developing against the background of various traumatic injuries, when there are problems with the integrity of the tissue, for example, stretching.

Also, Dolgit cream is often advised to be used for diseases that lead to problems with the organs of the musculoskeletal system. And it can also be used if you need to remove the swelling that appeared on the background of surgery.

Can I use it in pregnant women?

Since the mechanism of the effect of the drug on the fetus has not been studied, doctors do not recommend using it in expectant mothers. If this is directly vital, then the drug can be used in consultation with the gynecologist and in reduced doses. And it is prescribed only in cases where the potential benefit of its use significantly exceeds the risk to the fetus.

There is a strict ban on the use of Dolgit cream in the third trimester, i.e. from the 26th week of pregnancy. Until this time, there is some opportunity to apply it, but taking into account all potential complications and understanding all contraindications.

If the expectant mother experiences some discomfort during the use of the drug, she should immediately stop the therapy and consult a doctor.

Dolgit is able to be absorbed into the bloodstream and into breast milk. Therefore, a nursing mother should also take special care to consult on the use of this drug during breastfeeding. If the cultivated areas are too large – over 10 cm, Dolgit cannot be used.

Contraindications and side effects

Of course, going to use Dolgit cream as a therapy, it is imperative to study all contraindications. After all, if you ignore this item, you can get serious health problems.

The prohibitions include:

  1. The presence of open wounds on the surface of the skin;
  2. The presence of purulent lesions on the skin;
  3. The presence of cuts and scratches on the affected area;
  4. Weeping eczema;
  5. Early age of children;
  6. Pregnancy and lactation;
  7. Intolerance and hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  8. Allergic reactions in history to various non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

In such a situation, the action of Dolgit cream can be unexpected and extremely negative.

Do not forget about the side effects that can be detected when using this tool. Doctors say that Dolgit is well tolerated by people. However, during studies that were conducted as part of testing the means for market readiness, it was found that in response to its application, some undesirable reactions may develop.

So, for example, it can be a local reaction, which will be noted at the place of application of the drug – skin irritation, redness of the skin, the development of edema.

Those people who have an intolerance to individual ibuprofen may develop bronchospasm as an allergic reaction. Systemic effects may also occur with prolonged use on sufficiently large areas of the skin, significantly exceeding the affected area.

What if overdose?

According to doctors, an overdose is hardly possible. After all, ibuprofen does not particularly accumulate in the body and does not have systemic absorption through the skin. However, a situation can be dangerous when the cream enters the mucous membranes, for example, in the mouth or in the eyes.

If the dose is exceeded, the person will feel the following symptoms:

  • Stomach ache;
  • Nausea and even vomiting;
  • Increased drowsiness;
  • Pain in the head.

If the remedy still enters the body, you need to empty the stomach – for this, inducing vomiting and gastric lavage are suitable. It is also advised to use enterosorbents, which will bind all the harmful components of the substance and quickly remove them from the body. Recommended and visit a doctor.

How to use the drug correctly?

The product is intended exclusively for external use, and no other options are provided. Dosage is determined by the age of the patient and the amount of damaged surfaces.

For adults, the following recommendation works – a small piece of cream (1-3 cm) should be applied to the skin and gently rub and rub it. Leave until completely absorbed. Repeat this procedure should be no more than 3 times a day.

The maximum course of therapy in this way is no more than 10 days. But you should carefully monitor your reaction to the use of the drug. If no improvement occurs on day 3-5, you will have to refuse to use it.

In children, such a drug is not used until they are 12 years old.

How it works with other tools

Many are constantly interested in how a particular tool works in combination with others. Indeed, a lot depends on this. Long cream is no exception. So, for example, it should not be combined with other drugs from the category of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.

The exception is situations where otherwise was prescribed by a doctor, based on the data of the examination, the patient’s condition and the severity of the situation. Otherwise, there is a high risk of overdose.

Also, it is not advisable to combine the drug with indirect anticoagulants. After all, such a combination can lead to the development of bleeding, including hemorrhages under the skin.

What to consider

Dolgit cream can not be applied to open wounds, as well as to prevent its entry to the mucous membranes. If there is a severe inflammatory process in the body, for example, in the joints, you can use the drug only under the supervision of a specialist and in combination with other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory options.

If the drug is used for more than a week, it is necessary to take tests for platelet count and liver indices.

After using the product, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. This will prevent contact with eyes. If this happens, rinse your eyes with running water and consult a doctor.

Local use of the drug in no way affects the psychomotor functions of a person, therefore, does not exclude driving a car and working with various mechanisms.

Similar options

Dolgit cream also has several analogues that are similar to it in various characteristics. This list contains:

  • Dolobene;
  • Nurofen;
  • Ibuprofen;
  • Dolarn;
  • Voltaren Emulgel;
  • Dicloberl;
  • Indomethacin.

You cannot prescribe a replacement on your own – there is a great risk that you can simply not guess and not get with a dose. Therefore, it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor about a more suitable alternative.

How to store

The drug is available in many pharmacies and does not require a prescription from a specialist. Shelf life is 3 years from the date of production – everything is indicated on the packaging. It should be stored at a temperature of 20 degrees out of the reach of children. The cost of the tool is quite budgetary – up to 250 rubles, depending on how much the tube is.

Reviews about the drug

Dolgit – an inexpensive cream, while showing a good effect. Naturally, they use it quite often. Therefore, there are a lot of reviews on the network.

For example, a user Eremeevatoma writes that this is a highly effective drug that not only relieves pain, but also heals. She does not see any flaws in it. The user advises the cream to those who have pain in the joints, muscles. Before him, she used the proven Nise. But the pharmacist in the pharmacy explained quite reasonably that such a remedy would perfectly relieve pain, and also fall into deep tissues and have a therapeutic effect, relieving swelling and eliminating inflammation.

The user Good Spring notes that the drug is rather ambiguous – for example, he did not fit her spouse, but worked for her. Such a treatment option was recommended to her husband for radiculitis as an external remedy. However, the disease was too acute that there was no effect. Later, the author also tried the cream. She had pains in her knees, because She is actively involved in sports. And the cream came up, but her pains were not strong.

Ako2012 also had pleasant feelings and impressions about Long. She notes that the remedy is good, but has its drawbacks. The doctor prescribed the cream to her when she was stretching her muscles. Since then, she has it in her medicine cabinet, and she successfully uses it when, for example, she pulls her back. The tool is universal, does not bake, anesthetizes and removes inflammation. But there is a minus – an unpleasant smell. Only he stops from frequent use.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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