Classification of spinal arthritis and methods for their treatment

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Arthritis of the spine is a disease of the musculoskeletal system, in which a powerful inflammatory process occurs in the joints of the spinal column. This pathology is not independent, it always arises as a complication of any degenerative process.

Statistics show that about 12% of the world’s inhabitants suffer from spinal arthritis. It requires immediate and comprehensive treatment, as it can easily cause serious complications. Studies have shown that spinal cord arthritis is most affected by people who eat a lot of salty foods.

Arthritis Classification

Arthritis is a serious disease of the musculoskeletal system that causes a person great discomfort. Many people start its course, after which they cannot be cured with the help of medications. For effective therapy, it is very important to accurately determine the type of disease. The tactics of influence and the chance of a successful outcome depend on this.

The attending specialists adhere to the following classification.

Type of ArthritisFeatures
RheumatoidRheumatoid arthritis is a common disease, but doctors still have not been able to determine the exact causes of its occurrence. This is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the vertebrae. It can occur at any age, even in young children. The course of rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by frequent remissions and relapses. A pathology can be cured only if it does not have time to become chronic. The rate of development of rheumatism depends on the individual characteristics of the body.
TraumaticTraumatic arthritis occurs against the background of severe vertebral damage. Because of them, blood enters his cavity, which causes an inflammatory process. If you do not start treatment in a timely manner, there is a risk of developing purulent arthritis. The degree of damage largely determines the severity of the disease.
InfectiousA complex complication of an infectious disease, in which a powerful inflammatory process occurs in a certain vertebra. Most often it occurs in young children who do not have sufficient immune capabilities. Lack of timely treatment can lead to the death of the patient.
PsoriaticThe inflammatory process that occurs in people with psoriasis. This is a skin disease characterized by the occurrence of exacerbations: skin cells begin to rapidly divide. This disease significantly weakens the body’s immune capabilities, and can lead to serious lesions. 30% of psoriasis patients experience this complication. Statistics show that mostly people aged 30-50 suffer from it.
Anclosing spondylitisA disease of a chronic nature in which the vertebrae are constantly in an inflamed state. It was first discovered by the Russian neurologist Bekhterev, today it is often called by the name of the researcher. Most often, the pathology is diagnosed at the age of 20-40 years, but in some, the first signs may appear already in 15.
Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious inflammatory disease that damages the vertebrae in the human body. Most often, a symmetric lesion occurs – two mechanisms are affected at once. It is impossible to determine exactly what caused the development. Prolonged lack of treatment can lead to serious complications in the internal organs. Statistics show that about 1.8% of the world’s population suffers from rheumatism. The female gender is most affected by it.

Among the causes that can lead to rheumatoid arthritis are:

  • Autoimmune diseases;
  • Complications of infectious processes;
  • Severe emotional shock;
  • Lack of beneficial bacteria in the intestines;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Pathogenic environmental effects.

It is extremely difficult to determine the disease in the initial stages. A person may not pay attention to discomfort for a long time. It all starts with painful sensations in the phalanges, which gradually flow on the wrist. The patient suffers from pain that interferes with his full-fledged lifestyle. Discomfort is greatly enhanced in the morning.

With exacerbation of rheumatoid arthritis, the clinical picture changes. A person suffers from fever, general weakness, redness of the skin. The skin itself becomes hot. Due to malaise, there is a sharp weight loss. The patient completely falls out of life, because of the growing pain, he can not do the usual things.

In parallel, there is a violation in the blood circulation, which leads to more serious consequences. In rare cases, the pathological process affects the salivary glands. Many people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis complain of decreased visual acuity and frequent chest pain.

Traumatic arthritis

Traumatic arthritis of the spine is a serious disease characterized by a powerful inflammatory process in the vertebrae. It occurs against the background of damage to the inner membranes of the vertebrae, which is why blood enters their cavity. This leads to a powerful inflammatory process. This condition requires immediate treatment, in its absence complications may occur. The most common causes of traumatic arthritis of the spine include:

  • Sore back;
  • Swelling of the affected area;
  • Swelling of the skin;
  • Increased body temperature.

In this case, the infectious process is supplemented by the inflammatory process. A weakened body is not able to deal with such a detrimental effect, which is why it surrenders. Quite often, this pathology torments athletes who often fall on their backs.

Infectious arthritis

Infectious arthritis is a complication of a common infection process in the body. Most often it is faced by people who have recently had a viral or bacterial infection. Pathogens are still present in the bloodstream for some time after recovery and may settle on the vertebrae. When favorable factors appear, they begin to divide rapidly, which leads to an inflammatory process. Statistics show that this disease is mainly found in children. If you do not help them in a timely manner, serious complications can develop.

A distinctive feature of infectious arthritis is its sudden appearance and rapid development.

In rare cases, discomfort can torment a person for several days. The patient instantly rises body temperature, the area around the vertebrae swells and swells. Many patients complain of pain in the groin, which are manifested during walking. Infectious arthritis is accompanied by high body temperature, nausea and vomiting.

Psoriatic arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis is a serious autoimmune disease that occurs in many people with psoriasis. It has a chronic form, but you can make an effort and minimize the number of relapses. To do this, you must regularly visit the attending physician and carry out all his appointments. The following reasons can provoke the development of psoriatic arthritis:

  • Diseases of the nervous system;
  • Therapy with certain drugs;
  • Serious damage to the skin near the spine;
  • Endocrine system diseases;
  • A powerful inflammatory process in the body.

A few decades ago, it was believed that psoriatic arthritis of the spine is one of the varieties of rheumatism. Modern experts will distinguish it as an independent disease with its own characteristics. Recognizing psoriatic arthritis is quite simple, during an exacerbation, a person experiences severe pain in the spine. The signs of this disease include:

  • Swelling of the skin near the affected joint;
  • Tenderness on palpation;
  • Cyanosis of the skin;
  • Thickening of muscle tissue;
  • Fever;
  • Ossificates between the vertebrae.

Anclosing spondylitis

Anclosing spondylitis is an inflammatory disease of the spine of a chronic type. Most often affects the sacroiliac section. The lack of treatment leads to serious complications in the form of damage to peripheral joints and ligaments. Severely dangerous can cause damage to the eyes and blood vessels. Anclosing spondylitis lasts a lifetime. Even the most effective treatment is not able to completely cure him. Statistics show that pathology mainly affects men. In the world, only 0.5% of the inhabitants are carriers of the disease.

You can recognize it by the following symptoms:

  • Sleep disturbance;
  • The feeling of constant fatigue;
  • Slight pain in the groin and sacrum;
  • Depressive mood, psychosis, and irritation;
  • Stiffness in the lower back.

Anclosing spondylitis in the absence of suitable treatment can progress and develop for a long time. Because of this, a person has serious complications of the cardiovascular system. Try to see your doctor regularly and follow all his recommendations. Only in this way will you be able to lead a full-fledged lifestyle, despite this disease.

Stages of Vertebral Arthrosis

Degenerative processes in the spine are characterized by a gradual course. The sooner you can detect this disease, the faster and more likely to stop the pathology. The following stages of spinal arthritis are distinguished:

  1. At the initial stage, signs of pathology are practically absent, a person does not feel any discomfort. His cartilaginous tissue is thinning, it takes on a fibrous appearance.
  2. In the second stage, the patient is rap >

Diagnosis of pathology

In order to prescribe an effective and appropriate treatment, the patient needs to undergo an extended diagnostic examination. Only with its help will it be possible to obtain accurate data on the defeat. It is important for a specialist to find out in which particular vertebra degenerative processes occur.

A doctor’s appointment begins with a detailed medical history as well as a visual examination of the back. If necessary, he will palpate, and then, if necessary, send to related specialists. To make the correct diagnosis, a complex of laboratory and instrumental methods is performed. The most important tests are:

  • General and biochemical blood tests;
  • Immunological research;
  • X-ray scan of the spine;
  • CT and MRI;
  • Axial computed tomography;
  • Bone scan;
  • Myelography;
  • Contrast discography
  • Electrosponilography.

These studies allow us to determine the condition of the vertebrae. However, with arthritis of the spine, the whole body must be checked. This disease causes serious complications in other organs and systems. When determining the treatment regimen, this must be taken into account.

Traditional treatment

To cure arthritis of the spine, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive diagnostic examination. Based on its results, the doctor will make an appointment and determine which medicines are best for you. It is very important that you are prescribed suitable painkillers – they should be strong, but not cause side effects. If the soreness is such that you cannot move, a blockade of the spine with a solution of novocaine is put. To get rid of pain for a long time, it is recommended to use non-steroidal medicines. Also, drug therapy should include:

    Antibiotics – allow you to get r >

Many doctors prescribe chondroprotectors to their patients. These are such drugs that allow you to restore cartilage and bone tissue. You can take them only after a comprehensive examination, they often cause side effects.

It is necessary to ensure regular physical activity – they have a beneficial effect on the muscle corset, contribute to the normalization of blood circulation. Get an orthopedic mattress on which the load on the vertebrae will be distributed correctly. Visit all the physiotherapy treatments your doctor has prescribed. This will speed up the recovery process. Remember, only an integrated approach will help to avoid complications. It is strictly forbidden to engage in self-medication.


Lack of timely treatment for spinal arthritis can lead to serious complications. First of all, neurological abnormalities appear, due to which the patient is faced with swelling, loss of sensitivity, cramping.

Over time, weakness joins everything, indicating a developing spasticity or Babinsky symptom. Urinary incontinence also occurs, which significantly spoils the quality of life. Arthritis of the spine is a serious disease that requires immediate and comprehensive treatment.

Shishkevich Vladimir

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews. It specializes in the treatment of diseases in orthopedic, traumatological, vertebrological profiles