Analysis of the psychosomatics of back and lower back pain

The back and lower back belong to the psychosomatic parts of the human body. These sites react sharply to emotional upheavals. The back and lower back are affected by many psychological inconsistencies and disorders, experiences of conflict. Psychosomatics explains the provocation of bodily diseases by feelings of guilt, anxiety, anger, and a state of depression. Back, lower back hurts not only for physical or organic reasons.

The back side of the torso often turns into a kind of dump of feelings and emotions. According to doctors, 50% of patients do not recall traumatic physical factors. But such patients vividly talk about unpleasant events or emotional upheavals that preceded the appearance of pain in the back and lower back.

The connotations of the concept of “psychosomatic disease”

Psychosomatics arose through the study of the effects of the soul on the body. The main subject of research in this medical industry is to establish the degree and forms of the influence of psychological causes on the occurrence and development of bodily (somatic) diseases. Psychosomatic medicine is combined with psychology, psychiatry and neurology.

Psychosomatic diseases are manifested as a result of the mutual influence of emotional-psychological and bodily-physiological factors. It is established that various types of physiological pathology are expressed under the influence of psychogenic causes.

The disease is classified as psychosomatic in the absence of physical or organic causes. There are 5 emotional states that lead to the occurrence of psychosomatic diseases.

Ailments are caused by experiences:

A common cause of psychosomatic disorders is stress. That is why coping with stress is important for a person’s normal life. This directly affects the likelihood of psychosomatic symptoms and allows you to manage or avoid them.

Psychosomatic causes of back and lower back pain

The back is the foundation of the human body. This inner core framework takes on most of the emotional sorrows and psychic blows of fate.

The psychosomatics of back diseases confirms that each part of it is associated with certain mental niches. The back of the torso becomes a model with captured experiences and frustrations. On the back, people “bury” true inner desires.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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Top factors

The physical condition of the upper back is affected by loving-heart anxieties. A person seeks to please others. But does not meet reciprocity. There is a feeling of dislike.

The upper back takes upon itself the burden of malice, resentment that has not spilled out. Reflects on this part the burden of loss of life goals and the washed away existence. Painful symptoms are aggravated by frustration and irritation. They are caused by the feeling that a person is not engaged in something that could bring him pleasure and satisfaction.

What affects the middle section

On the middle segment of the back, past grievances and unresolved conflicts converge. The patient lives in the past, cannot refuse or forget it. Exciting intense internal excuses. Experiences about perfect or imperfect actions do not give rest.

Low back pain

Psychosomatic diseases of the lower back are caused by:

  1. Panic due to financial uncertainty;
  2. Fear of using oneself in the interests of others;
  3. Fear of poverty, material adversity;
  4. Horror before the approaching old age;
  5. Perception of life as an excessive burden.

A special set of emotional and mental disorders can lead to radiculitis. The psychosomatics of this disease is associated with:

  • Hypocrisy;
  • Fears of the future;
  • Concerns about financial affairs;
  • Mental overload.

Causes of Lumbar Pain

The psychosomatics of lower back pain indicates a fear of poverty. Such a disease catches up with those who assume excessive responsibility for other people.

The causes of lumbar pain are feelings of lack of support from loved ones. Effective factors include love experiences and financial unrest.

Respond with back pain:

The psychosomatics of pain in the lower back and sacrum indicates an unresolved internal conflict, problems with intimacy. Inhibition of libido, suppression of sexual desires due to their own complexes turn into muscle spasms and pain in the lumbar region. A deeply hidden insult loads the tailbone with excruciating suffering.

Summary table of psychosomatics of the back and lower back

Psychosomatics will help to correlate localized pains with the most likely causes of their occurrence. The table of diseases of the back and lower back explains the relationship between the physical manifestations of the disease and the likely psychological root causes.

The back and lower back are related to the concepts of life support. Local pains in the back of the body indicate a deficiency of some experiences and an excess of others.

What to do to overcome pain

For the treatment of psychosomatic disorders, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and alternative medicine are used. The recovery of patients contributes to the additional involvement of tranquilizers, ant />

Medical practice confirms the connection between the physical condition of patients and verbal means. Psychosomatic illnesses worsen or disappear after statements made by recognized authorities.

For the treatment of psychosomatic pains in the back and lower back, they are relieved of fears. Satisfied with what they have. However, do not give up the desire to get more. If you really want something and make some efforts to achieve it, then even distant dreams will not be so prohibitive.

Confidence in oneself and in the world should become a part of man. An improved emotional and mental state will be harmoniously combined with physical health.

The psychosomatics of pain in the back, lower back sets up to overcome pain by introspection. If you can’t figure it out on your own, then turn to a psychologist or psychotherapist.

Shishkevich Vladimir

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews. It specializes in the treatment of diseases in orthopedic, traumatological, vertebrological profiles