All about the benefits of massage for hernia of the spine

Spinal massage with a hernia of the spine is a very effective part of general therapy. With its help, it is possible to eliminate the pathology without surgical intervention. Assign massage with a hernia of the spine, taking into account the state of the body and the features of the diagnosis.

There are several types of massage that can be used for hernia of the spine of the lumbar spine or its other part. It is worth familiarizing yourself with all its features and rules.

Applying the recommendations of specialists in techniques for influencing the body, it is often possible to gradually cope with the disease, prevent further protrusion of the disc, and prevent additional complications.

Is it possible to massage with a hernia of the spine

With a hernia of the spine, back massage can be prescribed after the exacerbation of the pathology has stopped. The purposes of the appointment are as follows:

  • The provision of therapeutic effects, while the procedure is performed as part of the complex together with other measures. For example, an acupuncture, electrophoresis and so on are prescribed. Conducting a course of therapy helps to eliminate protrusion of fragments of the spinal column;
  • Acceleration of the rehabilitation process, massage with hernia is carried out in order to strengthen and restore the spine.

Massage with vertebral hernia – are there any contraindications

Carrying out massage with an intervertebral hernia can restore tone for the muscle corset and ligaments in the affected area.

An absolute contraindication is the following conditions:

  1. Severe pain – they can appear with an exacerbation of a pathological condition;
  2. Pregnancy;
  3. Essential hypertension;
  4. Skin problems, painful conditions, infections and tumors, purulent lesions;
  5. Cancer of the internal organs;
  6. Elevated body temperature – from 38 degrees.

What is the use of the procedure

With a hernia, a violation of the integrity of the fibrous ring is characteristic, part of the pulpous nucleus protrudes, the spine is stretched. Because of this, compression of the nerve endings begins, which can cause discomfort, pain, and well-being, while seriously deteriorating.

Massage with hernia of the spine, acting as an additional treatment procedure, has a large number of healing effects. You can list the following:

  • Massage of the back with a hernia leads to the fact that blood begins to flow more strongly to the affected area after such exposure. This helps improve the flow of nutrients to tissues and cells. It is also possible to get rid of excess lactic acid accumulated due to fatigue and stress. After any physical exertion, muscle recovery occurs. In the intervertebral disc, which is exhausted by the pressure of tense muscles, the condition noticeably improves;
  • Muscle cramps gradually subside. There is relief – the pain syndrome is smoothed out, the patient again feels the flexibility and mobility of the spine;
  • Massage with lumbar hernia stimulates the release of endorphins. Thanks to them, the patient’s emotional state improves significantly. So it is possible to reduce muscle tension, smooth out pain.
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What massage can be done with hernia of the spine

Massage with a hernia of the spine can be used in different types – for example, Thai, vacuum, manual. For any of them, the basic rule is to seek the help of a professional massage therapist.

If a massage is given with a hernia of the spine, the effect should be carried out both on the affected area and on the limb in which pain is irradiated. Due to compression of the nerve endings, numbness often occurs, muscles are noticeably weakened.

General view of massage

General massage of the spine with a hernia of the lumbar can begin with light touches, stroking, rubbing with palms. The patient should be in the most comfortable position – for example, lying or sitting on a special couch. With a vertebral hernia, you can do massage in the medical office, and in a specially equipped room at home.

The fingers of a masseur perform slow rotational movements. Fingers should not be torn off from the back during manipulation. Gradually, the pressure force should increase.

With a vertebral hernia, classic massage should be done as follows:

  1. Perform stroking. Hands of the masseur on the back can move in any direction without moving. As a result, pain decreases, blood flow speeds up, metabolism improves in connective tissues;
  2. Carrying out grindings. The impact is carried out vigorously, produced in different directions until the moment when the skin temperature begins to rise. Affects muscle tone, flu >

Vacuum massage

The optimal type of massage with a hernia of the lumbar is considered vacuum. Its main feature is called the effect, which can be compared with a visit to the sauna. When performing the procedure under the can, discharged air is obtained, which spurs the blood circulation in this area.

The result is an increase in muscle tone and a decrease in discomfort; skin tissue nutrition is improved in the affected area.

To make a vacuum massage with a hernia, use medical cans or special products made of plastic.

The vacuum method features are as follows:

  • Effective and fast exposure, the patient may feel warmth and slight burning sensation;
  • It is necessary to apply a little with a fat texture for the procedure so that the jar can easily glide over the skin;
  • A vacuum is created under the can. The patient’s skin is, as it were, sucked in 10-20 mm.

A session can take 5-15 minutes. The specialist, when performing, tries not only to slide the jar, but to move it in zigzags, in a spiral. Before putting the jar on the skin, the back is smeared with a cream with high fat content.

A lighted wick dipped in an alcohol-containing liquid is placed inside the can for several seconds. A vacuum is created in the jar, after which the edges are pressed against the skin of the back. After suction, they begin to gradually move along the spine.

Acupressure of the spine with a hernia

In the presence of a hernia of the spine, acupressure is allowed, using the Shiatsu technique. The method represents the effect on specific muscles and pain points.

Features of the technique are as follows:

  1. High efficiency;
  2. It affects various points, while the pressure force changes;
  3. Massage movements are performed using fists, elbows, and fingertips.

At each of the points, the effect is short-lived – from 10 to 30 seconds.

Swedish massage

This technique is positioned as sparing. With it, there is no increase in the load on the heart. During exercise, a stretching of the muscle corset is noted, blood circulation is accelerated, seals are absorbed.

Features of gentle massage for intervertebral hernia:

  • For impact on the back, fingers are used in a bent state;
  • Massaging will be long and smooth;
  • There are movements from the center to the periphery.

During the procedure, stroking, rubbing movements, deep kneading are used.

If a hernia is detected, massage can be prescribed Thai, cooling, honey, sometimes hydromassage is used. For all, there are general rules that must be respected.

Rules for performing massage with a hernia of the spine

It should be understood that the chiropractor will not be able to push the vertebrae to its former place. It will not be possible to recover from a hernia by taking only one massage session. With regular exposure to the affected area of ​​the body, it is possible to get a good restorative effect.

Self-massage with a hernia of the lumbar spine is not allowed. Sessions are assigned only in cases where there is a specific diagnosis. Only skillful masseurs with extensive experience should conduct them.

Massage should not hurt. Pressure should not be exerted on the spine itself – only on the surrounding area.

It is impossible to exert such effects during the period when the disease worsens. If pain occurs during the session, the effect must be stopped immediately. It is recommended to use massage in conjunction with other methods – exercise therapy, physiotherapy.

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