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Scoliosis, recovery and prevention in Crimea

Our Nation Health kinesitherapy centers treat scoliosis in Simferopol, Sevastopol, and also offer a course of spinal rehabilitation aimed at prevention of scoliosis and its consequences in children and adults.

According to statistics, up to 13% of children have this serious illness; in adolescence, 0,5% get complications, which subsequently lead to severe spinal deformities. Not everyone knows that the progression of scoliosis can be stopped, and in adulthood strengthen the spine, correct posture and avoid complications and severe consequences of the disease.

Scoliosis prevention in Sevastopol and Simferopol – we are for a healthy spine!

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine to the left or right, which may be accompanied by asymmetry of muscle tissue, a disorder of pulmonary ventilation. Lateral curvature of the spine (scoliosis) and curvature of the spine back (kyphosis) are of the same nature and are actively manifested in the thoracic spine. The consequences of diseases can be very different, from back pain, to a decrease in oxygen in the blood and a decrease in metabolism. Pelvic distortion, impaired posture and gait can form, and in adulthood, a violation of the functions of the heart and lungs is observed.

With the help of kinesitherapy in the Crimea, you can significantly improve the situation, stop the process and give the natural shape to the spine. Remember – the sooner treatment begins, the faster you can achieve the result. But the assertion that in adulthood the correction of spine posture is no longer possible is erroneous.

The method of kinesitherapy (in Sevastopol and Simferopol it is actively used by the centers of the Health of the Nation “) allows you to fight scoliosis at any age and achieve good results!

Kinesitherapy method for correction of spinal scoliosis

A set of therapeutic exercises for scoliosis is aimed at increasing the muscle corset to correct posture and improve the performance of the musculo-ligamentous apparatus. Strengthening the muscle corset is accompanied by unloading of the spine on multifunctional decompression simulators.

At the same time, the functions of all body systems improve, the spine stabilizes, its functions are restored, posture improves.

Why is scoliosis necessary?

This is not a simple stoop. When leaning forward with arms down, one can see the protruding shoulder blade or rib. The disease can appear not only in childhood, but also in adulthood, especially in men.

How is the recovery process in scoliosis

  • • At the initial consultation, the doctor kinesitherapist analyzes the images, medical indications and acquaints you with our methodology and with the principles by which the course of studies is compiled.
  • • Myoscifal diagnosis and compilation of a client’s myotopographic map reveal all obvious and hidden problems, for example, disorders in the joints (periarthritis of the shoulder-shoulder, coxarthrosis), etc.
  • • The first lesson is devoted to testing, when a client comes to the gym with special simulators and performs exercises under the guidance of an individual instructor.
  • • All our clients attend group classes in ground gymnastics. One recovery session includes the sequential and gradual performance of feasible exercises on 10-20 devices, for approximately 1 hour, from simple to complex.

Since not all muscle groups are worked out on the simulators, additionally group exercises on the ground gymnastics are conducted under the guidance of an instructor. After conducting rehabilitation courses, you will receive recommendations for physical education for scoliosis at home, recommendations for strengthening posture.

Why it is necessary to start the prevention and treatment of scoliosis without delay The spine must be held in position by a strong muscle corset, and this is the only way to prevent scoliosis and correct the spine at different stages of the disease. It is very important to avoid further changes in the intervertebral discs and bone tissue.

Scoliosis can be treated most effectively in childhood, but if this time is behind, it can be largely made up at our Health of the Nation centers in Simferopol and Sevastopol. The progression of the disease can be stopped, during the study of muscles and joints, lost mobility is restored, the pathology of scoliotic posture can be reduced by 1-2 stages.

Types and causes of scoliosis

There are C-shaped, S-shaped, Z-shaped scoliosis according to the types of curvature, as well as 4 stages of the disease, from 5-10 degrees to 31-60 degrees of curvature and severe deformation of the spine with the appearance of a rib hump. Despite the fact that it is almost always difficult to determine the cause of a disease, it is important to pay attention to risk groups.

• At a very young age, children can lead a sedentary lifestyle or engage in asymmetrical activities such as throwing a core, playing the violin, constantly carrying a bag on one shoulder, the habit of stooping around a table or desk, putting one shoulder forward.

• In adolescence, the skeleton is especially fast growing, it is important to properly load the ligaments and maintain muscle tone. Hereditary disposition and individual properties of the nervous system can lead to scoliosis.

• In adulthood, trauma and diseases such as hip dysplasia, radiculitis can trigger the development of scoliosis. Have an initial consultation at our centers in Simferopol and Sevastopol.

Think about your health and the health of your children today, and we will help you do it effectively and correctly!

Which doctor treats scoliosis?

Scoliosis in the lateral plane is scoliosis. There is a disease in every second person. Most often, it begins to develop in schoolchildren. Adult scoliosis results from a sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work. As a result, one shoulder becomes higher than the other, and scapular angles are located at different levels.

Signs of Scoliosis

You can determine the presence of curvature on your own at home, for this you should undress to underwear and go to the mirror. Hands fall along the body, and legs are put together.

If available, it will be seen that one shoulder is slightly higher than the other, the triangles of the waist have different sizes. If these signs are present, then you should contact a professional.

3-4 stages of scoliosis are treated in a hospital. Since more qualified help is provided here, that is, drug therapy is carried out using painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy courses and an additional list of computer screening.

If a person has a curvature of the thoracic region, then he can be sent to the cardiology department. Against the background of deformation, a violation of the chest occurs, which entails a disruption of the heart system.

If a diagnosis of frontal curvature in the lumbar region, which accompanies pain, is made, the treatment is carried out in the neurological department.

If scoliosis of the last stage is complicated by additional pathologies, then the treatment is carried out in the surgery department, since in this case it is possible to restore the work of the spine and internal organs only with the help of a surgical operation.

But many immediately wonder which doctor treats the curvature.

Which specialist should I contact?

When a person has scoliosis, then first you need to contact a general practitioner or family therapist. If the pathology manifests itself in the child, then you need to contact a pediatrician. This professional can explain which doctor treats scoliosis of the spine.

The doctor will conduct an examination of the patient, appoint an examination, having already made an accurate diagnosis and the degree of the disease, will tell which narrow specialist needs to be consulted. There are several specialties that deal with the treatment of pathology – these are:

  • therapist,
  • neuropathologist,
  • orthopedic traumatologist,
  • surgeon or neurosurgeon,
  • vertebrologist.

The decision for curvature of the spine, that is, which doctor to go to, will be made only after an X-ray examination. If the degree of the disease is initial, then the therapist can treat. If necessary, then an appointment with an orthopedist and a neurologist is additionally appointed.

Only the attending doctor will be able to get rid of the curvature. If the deformation has a severe degree and entails changes in the structure of the bones, then the doctor will send for treatment already to narrow specialists.

When the examination is completed and an accurate diagnosis is established, the general practitioner says which doctor treats scoliosis of this degree and gives direction to it.

Curvature can carry serious complications, especially in the later stages of development. It is necessary to consult a doctor at the initial stage, at this very moment it can be completely cured.


He is the first specialist who gets rid of pathology. He listens to the patient’s complaints, examines and appoints a diagnostic examination. After making an accurate diagnosis, he decides who will be able to cure the disease, and sends him.

Most often, this doctor does not correct the curvature, but if there are minor deviations with scoliosis and a degree 1 diagnosis is made, then he sends a neurologist and orthopedist for consultation, and then begins to engage in therapy. In this case, the patient is prescribed special procedures that will help to recover quickly.


If the spine began to bend and is accompanied by soreness in the back, and there is also a violation of sensitivity in the skin and pathologies in the reflexes of the tendons are present, then the doctor is treated by a neurologist.

Then a study of the neurological status of the patient is carried out and, in accordance with the results of the analyzes and examinations, a rehabilitation course is prescribed.


The orthopedist corrects severe deformations in the system of bones and joints. And also gets rid of mild curvature in the early stages of development. Therapy in this case is prescribed only in accordance with the results of the tests and after passing an x-ray examination. But the orthopedist can not always cure the patient on his own, in some cases he additionally attracts other specialists and an integrated therapy method is created.


With scoliosis of the last stages, the surgeon is involved in the treatment, that is, they are sent to him if conservative treatment has not brought results and surgical intervention is necessary.

If the pathology has aggravated to stages 3 or 4, then the deformation of the spine is considered very strong and begins to interfere with the full functioning of the internal organs. Then a surgical operation is performed to restore the natural state of the spinal column.

Chiropractor and physical therapy instructor

If the disease is at the initial stages of development, then a manual therapist and physical therapy instructor can take up treatment.

During therapy, the manipulator has a direct effect on the muscular frame of the spinal column. As a result, the full-fledged work of all damaged internal organs is restored, as well as the regeneration of damaged cartilage tissues and the spine begins to assume its natural position.

Physical therapy instructor selects an individual course of classes. It depends on the characteristics of the course of the disease, the general condition of the diseased and individual characteristics. The rehabilitation course of physiotherapy exercises is carried out only under the strict supervision of a professional.

With the right course, the pathology will quickly recede, and the patient will begin to feel an improvement.

If a person has discovered scleosis of the spine, then you need to contact a specialized doctor and begin rehabilitation therapy. Self-treatment in this case is unacceptable, otherwise you can only aggravate the situation and cause serious consequences and complications. Only a doctor should treat.

Flatten the spine. How do adults treat scoliosis?

Shoulder or shoulder blade on one side higher than the other? Asymmetric waist? Or is your back tired quickly? These and some other symptoms that you will learn about later are an excuse to see a doctor.

With the surgeon Clinic Expert Smolensk, Asnin Efim Semyonovich, we are talking about a common problem not only among children but also among adults – about scoliosis.

– Efim Semenovich, what is scoliosis and what does it happen?

Scoliosis is a complex, persistent deformity of the spine. It is primarily noted in the lateral projection, and later becomes three-plane.

In addition to the spine, the chest is also deformed with its ribs and other bones forming it. Since important internal organs are located in it – the heart, lungs, intestines – as they bend, they also change their position.

The following types of scoliosis are distinguished. By etiology (reason), they are congenital and acquired. Separately, the so-called idiopathic scoliosis is isolated (its cause is still unknown).

What are the causes of congenital scoliosis? An abnormality of development or underdevelopment of the spine and ribs leads to congenital scoliosis. Why is acquired? Past diseases and back injuries lead to it.

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The location is cervical, cervicothoracic, thoracic, thoracolumbar, lumbar and lumbosacral scoliosis.

The shape of the deformity is “C”, “S” and “Z” -shaped scoliosis, as well as kyphoscoliosis (that is, in addition to the lateral deformity, there is anteroposterior deformity, in a simple way – stoop or hump).

An important point regarding chest scoliosis: right-sided scoliosis is considered more severe, since it affects the heart and lungs more. Fortunately, it is less common than left-handed.


Four degrees of scoliosis are distinguished. They are established during the examination of the patient and by radiography of the spine.

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– Is scoliosis a disease of children and adolescents, or can it develop in adults?

It can also develop in adulthood. The causes of scoliosis in such cases are hours at the computer (prolonged forced position), injuries of the spinal column and chest, various lengths of the lower extremities, flat feet, excessive or insufficient physical activity, radiculitis, unilateral paralysis, rickets, rheumatism, polio, pleurisy.

Strabismus and myopia can contribute to the development of scoliosis. Since in this case, a violation of the symmetry of vision and a more pronounced rotation of the body in one direction or another is possible. A certain role can be played by malnutrition.

– What are the symptoms in adults that you suspect a curvature of the spine?

There are several signs of progressive scoliosis. Among them:

– visible curvature of several segments of the spine;

– a change in the normal shape of the chest (for example, bulging intercostal spaces on one side and retraction on the other);

– rotation of the vertebrae around its axis;

– one shoulder, shoulder blade above the other (the other);

– asymmetry of the waist (smoothness on the right or left);

– interscapular, lumbar pain;

– tension of the paravertebral muscles;

– a feeling of discomfort from the internal organs.

There may be flat feet or clubfoot, the gait changes. Dizziness and / or headache are possible when turning the head, changing the position of the body, or taking an uncomfortable posture.

– What doctor specializes in the treatment of scoliosis in adults?

Orthopedic surgeon. But since scoliosis needs an integrated approach, a chiropractor, physiotherapist, and physiotherapist are also involved in such patients.

You can sign up to an orthopedic traumatologist in your city here

note: the service is not available in all cities

– What diagnostics is necessary for a patient with suspected curvature of the spine?

A thorough examination of the whole body in a lying position, sitting and standing, is mandatory. The length of the arms and legs is measured; muscle tone, mobility of the spine and joints are determined.

Of the instrumental methods, radiography, three-dimensional ultrasound examination of the spinal column, magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography, as well as a number of other studies are used.

If the chest is deformed, then spirometry is performed to evaluate respiratory function.

– Tell us about the dangers and consequences of scoliosis in adults. What will happen if this disease is not treated?

If untreated, scoliosis progresses. Function of internal organs may be impaired. There may be complications from the spinal cord and its roots, disability.

– Is it possible to correct the curvature of the spine in adults?

Yes. The treatment is always complex.

– What treatments are effective in the treatment of spinal curvature in adult patients?

This is manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy, special massage. Of course, there should be no contraindications to these methods. Sometimes wearing corsets is used. An integrated approach to treatment is also possible in a sanatorium, resort.

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For certain indications, operations are performed.

In case of violations by the internal organs, appropriate therapy is prescribed.

Treatment is prescribed by a doctor, depending on the characteristics of the course of scoliosis.

– Efim Semenovich, what is the prevention of scoliosis? What can be done to prevent the development of this ailment?

It is important to monitor the condition of the musculoskeletal system since childhood, regularly visit an orthopedic surgeon. Be sure to treat flat feet, eliminate any other factors that can cause the development of scoliosis.

Therapeutic exercises, massage, swimming are recommended.

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Asnin Efim Semenovich

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What kind of specialists to go with curvature of the spine

Unfortunately, spinal curvature is usually only recognized when symptoms appear in the form of severe asymmetry of the body. However, scoliosis is not an easy cosmetic defect, but a serious pathological condition of the axis of the body, which leaves an imprint on the work of all internal organs, including the heart. It is extremely important at the first symptoms of scoliosis to consult a doctor for competent treatment.

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine in the frontal plane. Curvature of the thoracic or lumbar spine is the most common type of scoliosis. Usually this pathology develops in children from 8 to 16 years old, when the body grows at a rapid pace, and it is associated with incorrect body position during prolonged sitting at a school desk. Sedentary adults, working sitting for 10-12 hours a day, also often acquire such an ailment.

The curvature of the body axis can be one-sided when the deflection occurs only in one direction and only in one section of the spine. There are also frequent cases of bilateral curvature, when, for example, in the thoracic spine bends to the left, and in the lumbar to the right. Depending on the strength of the curvature, 4 degrees of scoliosis are distinguished – from I to IV.

REFERENCE! From the age of 7, close attention should be paid to the health of the children’s spine. This is especially true for girls, because in 80% of cases they suffer from spinal problems. This is due to earlier bone growth.


There are certain symptoms of spinal curvature, which are the reason for an urgent visit to the doctor:

  • pain in the back and heart, as a result of pinching of the nerve roots;
  • different levels of shoulders and shoulder blades;
  • uneven line of the spine;
  • slouch;
  • misalignment of the pelvis;
  • gait change;
  • weakness and fatigue of muscles and ligaments of the back.

REFERENCE! At the initial stage, scoliosis does not bring any inconvenience and is practically not visible visually. Parents should pay special attention to the health of schoolchildren who spend most of their time at their desks.

Which specialists should I contact to correct spinal curvature in adults and children?

Before going to the clinic, you need to decide which specialist to contact. Choosing a doctor’s specialization is a crucial step, because the correct diagnosis, the course of treatment and the results depend on him.


The first specialist to whom all patients are referred is a therapist. At the therapist’s appointment, the patient’s complaints are discussed and an examination is carried out, according to which the doctor determines the tactics for further examination and treatment. In fact, the therapist only determines the presence or absence of scoliosis and sends them to a narrower specialist. If the curvature is insignificant, the therapist independently prescribes the necessary treatment and procedures.

Children with suspected scoliosis are assigned to a pediatrician, who determines the further course of treatment and sends them to specialized specialists.


With suspected scoliosis, you can also contact an orthopedist. He conducts a complete diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of all parts of the musculoskeletal system of a person.

Based on the results of examination and identification of the degree of curvature of the spine, the orthopedist prescribes a number of measures to treat the disease. It includes:

  • Therapeutic gymnastics is a set of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles and ligaments of the back. Especially gymnastics is effective for eliminating a slight curvature caused by a weakening of the muscle corset and the patient’s inability to hold the posture correctly. Such treatment is usually prescribed for children.
  • Wearing a special corset that holds the back in the correct position. The corset fixes the problematic parts of the spine, prevents further displacement of the vertebrae. Especially wearing corsets is effective for children with the initial stage of scoliosis. It corrects posture and promotes proper muscle development.

These measures are effective in the treatment of scoliosis of the 1st degree of the upper spine. With more serious manifestations of scoliosis, the orthopedist gives a referral to other specialists.


Complex cases of scoliosis are usually accompanied by curvature of the spine and in other planes – lordosis and kyphosis. In such cases, physiotherapy exercises and wearing a corset will not only not bring results, but will also hurt.

Refer to the surgeon if:

  • conservative treatment of the initial stages of curvature has not yielded results;
  • the curvature has reached a severe stage;
  • scoliosis is complicated by displacement of the chest organs and the formation of intervertebral hernias.

The surgeon may prescribe a straightening massage course if he considers this treatment method justified in a particular case. Such a massage is carried out in a course of several months.

In the process of therapeutic massage, the patient’s vertebrae are put in place and fix them. This measure allows you to reduce the degree of curvature or even completely get rid of it.

If other methods do not help, an operation is performed. During surgery, the doctor independently gives the spine the correct shape and fixes the new position of the vertebrae with a special metal structure. After a year, the structure is removed. Surgical treatment returns the spine to a healthy position.


A chiropractor is a specialist who restores the correct position of muscles, joints and bones with the help of the point impact of the hands. At a reception with a chiropractor, posture can be successfully corrected for scoliosis of the I and II degrees. First, the doctor relieves stress and relaxes the back muscles with a light impact, then corrects the position of the vertebrae. For 10-12 sessions, you can significantly reduce the curvature. Manual therapy is effective only in combination with other measures for the correction of scoliosis – physical therapy, wearing a corset.

The chiropractor does not perform an initial examination and does not make a diagnosis. A referral to this specialist is given by the therapist if he considers this method of treatment suitable for a particular patient.

Read more about what manual therapy is here.


In some cases, curvature of the spine is accompanied by severe pain, lack of sensitivity of the skin on the back. Displaced, the vertebrae crush the nerve roots, which leads to pain and loss of sensitivity. In this case, the treatment is carried out by a neurologist. Even if there are no such symptoms, consulting a neurologist in the process of correcting scoliosis is required.


This specialist organizes a series of measures for the rehabilitation of the patient after surgery to correct scoliosis. If the operation is not possible, the doctor helps the person to adapt to his deficiency and live a full life.


A vertebrologist is a specialist who treats diseases of the spine, surrounding joints and muscles. Such a doctor has the knowledge of a neurologist, orthopedist and surgeon, therefore, he can comprehensively approach the treatment of scoliosis. It is advisable to contact a vertebrologist in the early stages of curvature, since in this case there is more chance of a full recovery.

The choice of a doctor who treats scoliosis depends on the age of the patient, the degree of neglect of the disease, complications and concomitant diseases. The most important thing is to contact the clinic in time if you find the first symptoms of spinal curvature.

Anatoly Kudravets

Anatoly Kudravets, Orthopedic Traumatologist. He works with severe cases, practices operative methods of treating connective tissues