What vitamins to drink to strengthen joints

Each person needs various useful substances for health, strength and vitality. The connective tissues and bones have important functions, which require a special vitamin complex, the action of which is aimed at protecting and slowing down the destruction processes, nourishing and strengthening bone and connective tissues.

Medicines with a similar action are allocated in a separate group and are called chondoprotectors, which means – protecting the joint.

Vitamins needed by the joints

For a stable and proper functioning of the body, it must contain a specific set of vitamins and minerals in a certain concentration. Chondroitin and glucosamine will not ensure smooth, uninterrupted joint function. Specialists isolate about a dozen useful substances with which healthy bones and joints are formed.

The following trace elements have the greatest value for joints.

  • Calcium provides strength and elasticity of joints, in case of deficiency, calcium is washed out of the bones and enters the circulatory system. The trace element must be consumed with vitamin D, so that calcium is absorbed in full;
  • Chondroitin sulfate – a substance that enters the cartilage tissue, prevents its destruction, slows down degenerative processes, activates the synthesis of synovial fluid;
  • Glucosamine – the substance is a building material and is necessary for the synthesis of chondroitin sulfate;
  • Collagen is the protein that many connective tissues are made of, if it is not enough, joints become brittle, lose strength;
  • Sulfur – is included in the amino acids necessary for the synthesis, formation and functioning of connective tissue, the active growth of cartilage, gives strength and elasticity to bone tissue, helps relieve inflammation. Sulfur is needed to treat sprains and symptoms of arthritis;
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 are fatty acids that provide joint health, effectively eliminate inflammation, remove toxins from the body, and activate metabolic processes.
  • Selenium – one of the most powerful antioxidants, destroys viruses;
  • The mineral group of the osteotropic group is necessary for the synthesis of collagen, the prevention of osteoporosis and fractures;
  • Phosphorus supports healthy bones.

All of these minerals act only in combination, are necessary for a huge number of chemical and metabolic reactions, control the work of the whole organism, activate the processes of tissue and joint regeneration.

You also need to remember about vitamins for joints:

  1. B vitamins eliminate inflammation, strengthen collagen fibers, stimulate metabolic processes, and restore joints;
  2. Vitamin A is one of the most powerful antiox >

Symptoms of nutrient deficiency

It must be understood that the lack of different vitamins and minerals in the body manifests itself in different ways.

  • Calcium deficiency is manifested by fatigue, dry skin, brittle nails, numbness of the limbs is felt, and convulsions occur. From the musculoskeletal system, osteoporosis develops, bone tissue is deformed and destroyed;
  • Chondroitin sulfate deficiency affects the amount of synovial flu >

Vitamins for different categories of people

Vitamin complexes are usually divided not only in composition, but also in the category of people for whom they are intended. Most often, vitamins are represented by such groups.

  1. For people of advanced age, when all processes are slowed down, and the body cannot independently synthesize the necessary substances. The beneficial substances contained in food are not enough. Reception of chondoprotectors is primarily aimed at replenishing deficient nutrients necessary for the regeneration and nutrition of connective tissue and joints;
  2. For athletes. In this case, we are talking about high loads, as a rule, professional athletes work with loads that are above the usual maximum. The intake of vitamin preparations is aimed at enhancing the regeneration processes, eliminating inflammation and pain. In addition, chondoprotectors provide the body with a sufficient amount of nutrients for quick recovery;
  3. For pregnant. During the bearing of the baby, the female body experiences serious, atypical loads. The action of vitamins strengthens connective tissue and bones and prevents the development of articular pathologies.

Do not take pharmacy vitamin preparations on your own. First you need to pass an analysis and determine which vitamins are missing.

Vitamins for Professional Athletes

Given that the athletes’ loads are significantly higher than the average ones, their metabolism is faster and it is important to choose vitamins that strengthen the joints, protect their injuries and injuries. It is also necessary to protect the cartilage, because it is they that neutralize the blows, soften sharp turns.

Athletes choose for themselves vitamin formulations that prevent premature wear of joints and cartilage. Biological supplements are needed to restore joints after exertion and nourish them with essential nutrients.

The main criteria for choosing vitamins for athletes:

  • Age;
  • Load level;
  • The presence of disease;
  • The condition of the musculoskeletal system.

Weightlifters and athletes who are injured and undergo rehabilitation therapy require special attention.

Vitamins should provide the body with the necessary building material for the regeneration of muscle tissue fibers, the elimination of microtraumas and the treatment of articular pathologies.

All athletes, regardless of age, sport and degree of exercise, need the following vitamins:

  1. Chondroitin and glucosamine – the basis of cartilage, stimulate the synthesis of synovial fluid, with regular use, crunch in the joints disappears, fatigue is felt less, joints recover faster after training;
  2. Methylsulfomethane – the substance is a source of sulfur, indispensable for injuries to quickly restore motor activity;
  3. Collagen – restores joints and cartilage;
  4. Omega-3 – healthy fats present in fish oil and vegetable oils, increase joint elasticity, reduce the likelihood of injuries and inflammatory processes.

The intake of vitamins must be supported by a balanced diet and physiotherapeutic procedures.

Vitamins for the Elderly

In patients of respectful age, joint problems are, as a rule, already in neglected form – cartilage is in a deplorable state, many of them are deformed and severely worn out. The situation is complicated by the fact that the body is not able to independently synthesize substances necessary for joint health – collagen, chondroitin and glucosamine.

In addition, in the elderly, the immune system does not work at full strength, inflammatory processes often occur in the body.

Given the above facts, you need to select the most balanced vitamin complex in order to replenish the supply of all deficient nutrients.

In order for the vitamin complex to work at its full potential, its intake is combined with a full, balanced diet and therapeutic exercises – exercises need to be selected individually for each patient. Only with an integrated approach can a positive result be achieved – to activate blood flow and metabolic processes so that nutrients and oxygen enter the tissue.

Vitamins for the elderly:

  • Vitamin D – can be purchased in capsule form;
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin – are present in the preparations of the brand “Doppel Herz” with the same name, “Teraflex”, as well as in many biologically active additives;
  • Finnish vitamins based on fish oil;
  • “Ortomol Arthro Plus” – a vitamin complex aimed at restoring joints;
  • “Collagen Ultra” – the composition is supplemented with acetylsalicylic acid for better absorption;
  • “Arthrivit” – a dietary supplement, which includes many components that neutralize edema and pain in the joints;
  • “Sustanorm” – activates the synthesis of useful substances, including prostaglandin;
  • “Calcemin” – restores calcium-phosphorus metabolism.

In older people, joint problems are diagnosed very often, a rheumatologist will help to choose the right medication and a complex of vitamins. The doctor prescribes the necessary examinations and analyzes, the treatment regimen is signed only on the basis of the diagnostic results and is aimed at maintaining the functionality and health of the joints.

All dietary supplements are not medicines, their action is not able to solve the problem, but is used as a preventive measure. It is strictly forbidden to engage in self-medication when degenerative and pathological processes occur in the body.

Prenatal vitamins

Pregnancy is usually accompanied by discomfort of varying intensity. Doctors often call them “normal” and recommend enduring pain. However, joint problems can trigger severe pain. First of all, you need to determine the cause and source of discomfort.

Most often, during pregnancy, women face arthritis, there are more than a hundred varieties of this pathology.

The most common cause of joint discomfort is calcium deficiency. A biochemical blood test will help confirm the diagnosis. In this case, calcium and vitamin D preparations are prescribed. In addition, you need to drink more milk, eat cottage cheese, fish, eggs and liver.

You must understand that not every pain during pregnancy requires treatment and taking vitamins. Pain syndrome develops due to weight gain and increasing load.

When should you start taking vitamins?

  1. When an insufficient amount of useful substances comes from food, this fact must be checked using a blood test;
  2. At constant loads – sports, physical;
  3. Hypodynamia;
  4. Heredity and predisposition to joint diseases, if close relatives had or have any pathologies of connective tissue.

The vitamin complex acts only in combination with a balanced diet, moderate physical activity.

If you are concerned about discomfort, do not try to treat it yourself; consult a doctor to determine what is causing the pain and find an adequate treatment regimen.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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