What to do if the back pain from the back under the left shoulder blade

Pain under the left shoulder blade from behind from the back is a serious nuisance in which the ability to move will inevitably be impaired, a person experiences extreme discomfort. With certain pathologies, even at rest, the patient experiences discomfort.

But it is worth noting that the pain under the left shoulder blade does not always indicate the presence of a complex pathology. Sometimes it can manifest due to a long stay in the same unnatural pose.

General Disorder

If you look at the human back, you will notice that the left shoulder blade is attached to the ribs that make up the chest. Between them, nerves and blood vessels are placed in the recesses. The ribs are connected using ligaments and muscles.

Why does the subscapular discomfort occur

The pain in the left shoulder blade is often caused by the following factors:

    Gastric ulcer. With this disorder, back pain often assumes a growing character. It often appears after the next meal, but decreases if the patient vomits. To find out whether the pain really occurred due to an ulcer, one must trace the presence of bouts of heartburn, belching. Unpleasant sensations, pains can begin in the subscapular region on the left s >

    Acute pancreatitis is a disorder in the body that can cause severe pain under the shoulder blade on the left s >

  • Angina pectoris. A pathological condition in which it also often hurts on the left side under the shoulder blade. Sensations are extremely unpleasant and sharp, which, as it were, compress the chest. The cause of the unpleasant condition is a change in the size of the gaps in the blood vessels. Attacks can be triggered by significant physical exertion, alcoholization, hypothermia. In order to ease the attack, you can use nitroglycerin;
  • Pathological conditions of the respiratory organs. If it often hurts under the left shoulder blade, the cause may be dry pleurisy or pneumonia. Discomfort will be noted with every attempt to cough, while sneezing and even deep breaths. The direction of pain always rushes to the area of ​​the affected lung. The character may change depending on the state of the person – pain can be insignificant, and as if cutting and even piercing;
  • Aortic aneurysm – characterized by increased load on the heart valve. The heart then ceases to fully perform its functions. Because of this, venous blood begins to stagnate in the lungs, and swelling develops. Where the aneurysm is attached to the vessel, the wall becomes thinner – it can tear at any time and provoke the opening of bleeding into the abdominal cavity;
  • When it hurts under the left shoulder blade in the back, the cause may be a two-phase rupture of the spleen. This case is one of the most rare. Damage provokes the onset of abdominal bleeding that cannot be stopped. The disease requires immediate surgical intervention, especially if the pain under the scapula on the left side is very intense.

Pathologies of this kind should be recognized as soon as possible. The sooner treatment is prescribed, the more effective the fight against the disease.

Disorders of the supporting apparatus that provoke discomfort

Pain under the left shoulder blade from the back from the back can cause problems with the spine, other skeletal departments. Treatment will be determined after diagnosis. Discomfort sometimes happens for such reasons:

  • Cervical osteochondrosis. In the first stages of the disease, discomfort is muffled, the patient is not always able to clearly explain where exactly he is worried. In this case, the most vivid sensations in the area of ​​the nerve roots that have become damaged are. Pain attacks can begin suddenly, they are pulling and lose intensity if the patient spends some time in a warm bath. In the cervical region, vessels and nerves can then be pinched, which is quite painful. The course of the disease is supplemented by pain giving to the arm. Cervical osteochondrosis mainly develops in people leading a sedentary lifestyle. The pain in the shoulder blade on the left can be stitching or aching;
  • Intercostal nerves may be affected. This condition is called the main cause of back pain on the left under the shoulder blade. They can be aggravated by coughing, deep sighs, and even torso to the left. They are very strong, sharp, often – shooting. With the progression of the disease, pain in the left shoulder blade can become burning;
  • Scapular-rib syndrome – characterized by aching or pulling sensations. Localization of discomfort is usually lower than the shoulders, above and below the shoulder blades. The main feature of the pathology can be called the fact that when you move your shoulders and arms you hear a crunch. The cause of the disease is serious physical stress or injury to the arm, and sometimes severe hypothermia;
  • The skeleton can infect a malignant tumor, which causes discomfort. In such cases, a tumor or formed metastases are located on the scapula;
  • Crunch in the scapula. Such a disease is rarely encountered. The pains under the left shoulder blade in this case are not strong, but when moving in the upper back, a distinct crunch is noted;
  • The left shoulder blade sometimes hurts due to osteomyelitis obtained after a specific injury. For example, the cause may be a wound resulting from the use of weapons;
  • Periarthritis of the shoulder-shoulder. With a simple form of development, the sensations are not particularly vivid – usually the manifestations of the disease occur as a result of movements. A pathology that takes an acute stage of development can manifest itself with increased symptoms, which tend to worsen at night. In the shoulder for this period, mobility is limited, basal temperature rises, muscle cramps are noted.

Pain under the left shoulder blade from the back can indicate severe pathological conditions, a particular suspicion arises in cases where their nature is burning, stitching.

Attacks when the shoulder blade in the back left hurts can be triggered by injuries – such as fractures or cracks. Discomfort in this case is expressed as aching pain under the left shoulder blade, any awkward movement can strengthen it.

Significant stresses of an emotional, psychological nature that the body could not cope with can provoke sensations. If the patient neglects the symptoms, the severity of the condition may worsen.

Options are possible:

  1. Tinea pain, in which the localization of discomfort in only one place. A person can feel it constantly, pains may intensify with inspiration. The patient’s condition is aggravated by sudden movements and coughing. The reason is the passage between the ribs of a nerve impulse;
  2. Burning under the left shoulder blade from behind from the back, tingling, numbness of certain areas;
  3. The growing nature can take on pain caused by increased muscle tone of the shoulders and back;
  4. Acute pain – can lead to the fact that the patient is not able to take a breath, movements are difficult, it becomes impossible to lie on the left side;
  5. Cutting pain can be localized on the left, then goes to the center;
  6. Aching, dull pain under the left shoulder blade from behind from the back occurs, as a rule, when raising arms;
  7. Sharp, severe pain under the left shoulder blade;
  8. Drawing sensations spreading from the scapula to the lumbar region;
  9. The pain can be constant, which does not allow you to lie calmly, move, breathe.

Since the types of sensations in different diseases may differ, it is unlikely that it will be possible to precisely determine the cause on its own.

Diagnostic methods

When the back hurts under the shoulder blade, aching sensations appear, it is necessary to begin treatment with a complete examination of the body. The following procedures are used for diagnosis:

  • X-ray of the spine in different projections. A snapshot can simultaneously help identify lung problems;
  • MRI, CT;
  • ECG examination – in the presence of appropriate symptoms;
  • Ultrasound examination of organs;
  • Blood test – general, biochemistry;
  • Assessment of blood pressure, pulse.

When the patient is examined and the cause of the pathology is established, a selection of therapeutic measures is performed. Additional consultation of specialized specialists may be required.

How is the disease treated?

When it is already precisely established why the pain under the left shoulder blade from the back, and the patient cannot take a deep breath, it is time to start treatment. Ways to eliminate discomfort are determined depending on the factors that caused the development of pathology. Just eliminating the symptoms is not enough – they will soon reappear.

Each disease is characterized by individual symptoms, depending on them, a treatment regimen is selected. Each includes recommendations on the selection of the diet and compliance with the regime of the day, if the pain is dull, treatment is carried out with the help of medications.

The use of conservative therapy may not bring positive dynamics – in this case, the patient needs surgery. With the help of surgery, it is possible to treat a sufficiently large hernia, to correct the situation with rupture of the spleen, to cure a stomach ulcer.

Immediately go to the hospital if the patient notes severe pain and burning sensation under the left shoulder blade, constant discomfort, which intensifies with deep breathing. To begin with, you should contact the therapist – he will decide which of the specialists to refer the patient to, depending on the symptoms present.

It is not possible to fully protect against all existing diseases, but you can try to follow some preventive measures. Take a closer look at the selection of the diet, daily do warm-up exercises.

If it becomes known why it hurts in the back left under the shoulder blade, it is time to start treatment. Not all pathologies can be completely defeated, but in this case it is possible to influence them in order to slow down the course of the disease.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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