Is it possible to cure a hernia of the lumbar spine without surgery

From diseases of the joints and spine, more than half of the world’s population suffer, and every year these numbers only increase. Doctors note that these ailments are increasingly affecting the younger generation, which indicates an unfavorable prognosis of the spread of these diseases in the future. To begin with, we will understand what an intervertebral hernia is and what are the main methods of its treatment, and then we will dwell in detail on how to get rid of an ailment without surgery.

An intervertebral hernia is a defect of the intervertebral disc, developing as a result of rupture of the fibrous ring and protrusion of a part of the nucleus located in the center of the intervertebral disc. This protrusion can compress the nerve roots and, depending on the size of the defect, lead to serious health consequences.

There are a lot of reasons for the development of the disease, it can be advanced forms of osteochondrosis, trauma and specific diseases of the connective tissue that contribute to the development of a hernia. Given that the greatest load is on the lumbar spine, the intervertebral hernia is most often localized in this department. At the same time, both men and women aged 30 to 55 are equally at risk. Very rarely, intervertebral hernias occur in children, usually a congenital pathology. In older people, the risk of developing the disease decreases with age, due to the loss of elasticity of the intervertebral disc, which naturally leads to a decrease in motor function in the spinal column.

Non-surgical treatment of intervertebral hernia, is this possible?

As medical practice shows, surgical treatment of intervertebral hernias is shown only in 5% of cases, in the rest it is perfectly treated with conservative methods, and we will dwell on them in detail. Like any other disease, a herniated disc contains a period of exacerbation and a period of remission. In the acute phase, intense pain is observed, caused by severe edema of the nerves pinched by a hernial defect; accordingly, treatment is aimed primarily at eliminating the local pain syndrome and the inflammatory process.

Recommended drugs in this case are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants that relieve local muscle spasm, thereby reducing local pain and swelling. Novocain blockade helps to relieve pain, their only negative is that they do not have a long-lasting effect (the pain disappears only for 30-45 minutes). In especially serious cases, steroid drugs are prescribed. Vitamins are always recommended for use, especially group B. Given the specifics of the development of the hernia process, it is advisable to prescribe chondroprotectors, they contribute to the elimination of degenerative processes in the tissues. A positive effect is given by drugs from the group of antioxidants that improve the condition of nerve fibers in the pinch zone.

Non-surgical treatment methods

It must be remembered that any type of treatment should be started immediately after the phase of exacerbation of the disease, when the pain syndrome is completely eliminated. Always contact a qualified doctor for a comprehensive examination and accurate diagnosis. Any incompetent measures can lead to complications of the disease. Illiterate prescribed treatment can cause surgery, as the only possible option.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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Acupuncture refers to the traditional methods of Chinese medicine, in which special needles are used to influence the human body. Acupuncture is considered one of the effective types of treatment for vertebral hernia. The principle of its action is to accelerate the recovery processes by point stimulation with needles of certain zones on the body. This technique has been actively used for several millennia, but it is important to approach the activation of the body’s internal reserves very carefully. Modern acupuncture techniques are very diverse, so they should be selected exclusively by a specialist. To date, acupuncture is successfully used in combination with the administration of pharmacological drugs. Another well-established method is laser acupuncture, which, thanks to the use of a laser beam, allows exposure to biological points of the body without damaging the skin.

Ultrasound treatment

This technique has unique properties that allow you to increase body temperature in the area of ​​application, which helps to reduce edema in the tissues, and the effect of powerful ultrasonic waves on muscle tissue accelerates metabolic processes. All this together gives an excellent positive result, in the absence of an acute phase of the disease.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is gaining more and more popularity in our country, however, it is not shown to everyone. It can be carried out only after a comprehensive examination and consideration of all possible risks and complications. Based on the results obtained, a qualified chiropractor can relieve the patient of periodic pain, correct partial displacement of the vertebrae and reduce the pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid (cerebrospinal fluid).


The course of massage procedures is shown exclusively outside the phase of exacerbation, in order to enhance local blood circulation and improve metabolism in the tissues, which helps to relax the muscles in the area of ​​the pinched nerve roots, significantly reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Today there are several effective types of massage: classic, acupressure, can, reflex and other varieties. The appropriateness of using any kind is determined by the doctor.

Spine traction

Traction of the spinal column is considered a fairly old method. However, for many years of its successful use, it has not lost its relevance. The essence of the technique is the artificial creation of traction in the spine, thereby eliminating muscle spasm, displacement of the discs and pain. The most gentle and effective method is considered to be the underwater version of traction, water contributes to additional muscle relaxation, which gives a more pronounced effect. The procedure is carried out not only with ordinary water, sometimes mineral water baths are used for this. The maximum therapeutic effect of this method is able to have on the lumbar spine.

Therapeutic exercise

Non-surgical treatment of the spine is impossible without a complex of physiotherapy exercises, individually selected by the patient, taking into account the features of the course of the disease and exclusively during the period of remission of the disease. Swimming is optimal for these purposes, it has no age restrictions and perfectly removes muscle spasms from the spinal column, relaxing the nervous structures and eliminating the local inflammatory process. To appoint a personal set of exercises, it is best to go to rehabilitation centers. They specialize in these problems, which means that they have a variety of modern equipment and highly qualified specialists who are able not only to choose a personal training course, but also to correctly show how to carry them out.


The treatment course of medical leeches eliminates an acute inflammatory symptom. Hirudin, contained in the saliva of leeches, contributes to the natural anticoagulation effect. Such a course of therapy can enhance local tissue regeneration, increase immunity, and relieve inflammatory and pain syndrome. Hirudin contributes to the active saturation of blood with oxygen, which enhances the metabolism in tissues, reducing their swelling.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine does not give an effect quickly, especially if it is used as an independent method of treatment, however, in combination with various methods, it can work wonders. Mostly folk remedies are applied topically, in the form of lotions, ointments and compresses.

  1. Kalanchoe Degremona has an excellent healing property. The plant is characterized by the ability to relieve tissue inflammation at the site of hernia localization. For use, take one leaflet, remove the top film from it and lay it on the area of ​​the spine where the hernia is located. From above, the plant should be covered with cellophane and fixed with a band-aid, optimally doing this at night.
  2. Fir oil in combination with honey mixed with mumiyo will help eliminate the symptoms of the disease. Initially, a small massage with fir oil should be done, this will locally enhance blood circulation. Next, you need to rub a mixture of honey and mumiyo into the affected area of ​​the spine, if necessary, you can add a little water to the mixture.
  3. A good therapeutic effect is the use of horse fat. First you need to carefully grind the fat. Then apply it to the affected area, cover it with cling film or cellophane, then fix it with a band-aid and bandage it if necessary. Keep the compress for two days.

In the period of exacerbation of the disease, strict bed rest will become an effective tool, it is better to buy a special orthopedic mattress for this purpose. In addition, it is recommended to wear a corset or bandage, which will fix the spine in the correct position, thereby removing muscle tension, and with it the pain syndrome. When the exacerbation is successfully overcome, complex treatment should be used, including a combination of various methods, only in this way surgical intervention can be avoided.

Treatment of a hernia of the lumbar spine without surgery

Spinal hernia is a fairly common ailment. His treatment is long, not difficult. For example, it is possible to treat an intervertebral hernia of the lumbar spine without surgery, but timely diagnosis is required here. If a hernia is detected at an early stage, the disease can be defeated without surgery and with minimal complications for the patient.

Non-surgical therapy

The therapeutic method used to eliminate the resulting complications on the spine is selected based on the signs of the disease, the patient’s well-being and the presence of other abnormalities of the skeletal system. When the first symptoms of the disease appear, treatment of the pathology of the lumbar spine begins with the following actions:

  • It is necessary to provide rest in the form of bed rest, limited loads. When lying down, the body must be in a cruel position, so it is recommended to use specialized furniture. There were cases when, after restricting movement, the hernia resolved independently. A corset is optionally placed on the back, which is easy to make from the sheet yourself. So you can immobilize the vertebrae and prevent increased pain. Also, treatment with drugs is carried out.
  • Cold and warm temperatures are applied. When the pain syndrome becomes noticeable, a heating pad or salt wrapped in tissue is applied to the area of ​​the focus. Alternating heat and cold, you will relieve the cramps that appear, which will help reduce pain.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are recommended. They prevent the spread of the inflammatory process and have an analgesic effect (diclofenac).
  • You can use steroids that relieve inflammation: they will not remove the inflammation near the nerves. But they should be used only for severe pain syndromes and short courses (Medrol).
  • To relieve pain, painkillers can be used. If there are reasonable indications, the doctor prescribes a narcotic analgesic.
  • The introduction of steroids into the epidural space. Medicines are injected directly into the affected area, which helps to instantly eliminate pain and inflammation.
  • In some cases, the doctor prescribes a set of physical exercises to strengthen the muscle frame. Do not pick them yourself, you can pinch the nerve.
  • Using manual therapy, it is possible to release the pinched roots of the nerves and treat the spine without surgery, restoring the blood supply to the affected areas.

Conservative therapy is long and can take up to 3 months. If positive dynamics during this period does not appear, then surgical intervention will be prescribed.

Treatment with folk remedies

Before starting treatment of hernia with folk remedies, you need to consult a doctor. Folk councils will not help with pronounced inflammatory processes and pain syndromes, and if you tighten the use of medications, you can aggravate the patient’s condition. For the most part, folk recipes help relieve the symptoms of the disease and speed up the recovery process. The folk technique distinguishes the following treatment options.

  • The most effective means is honey.

It stimulates hemodynamics in the spine. The product is used as a compress or is used to massage a hernia of the lumbar spine. There have been cases when bee stings were practiced in the inflamed area. Ingestion of pollen and royal jelly will help with lumbar hernia. They enhance the protective properties of the body, normalize metabolic processes and prevent premature cell death.

  • A proven tool is mumiyo.

The mixture can be prepared as follows: 100 gr. fir oil, the same amount of honey and 1 g. mummy. The resulting mixture must be applied to the inflamed area for 30 minutes, covering with a warm cloth. After removing the compress, wipe the skin with a cloth moistened with alcohol, and smear the affected area with a warming ointment, wrapping the treated area with a wool belt. Apply for at least a month.

  • The use of horse fat has a beneficial effect on blood circulation in the lumbar region.

Fat should be kneaded by hands, put in a food bag and fixed on the lower back with a warm belt. This compress can be worn for 2 days. After removing it, wipe the skin with an alcohol wipe. The effect of the recipe will increase if you simultaneously take tincture from saberfish, which is made from 1 liter of vodka and 300 gr. shallow dry grass.

  • You can cook healing grind with the use of birch leaves and corn oil.

Fresh leaves need to be crushed and filled with a glass container, filled with oil and infused for 14 days on the window. Apply grinding as an ointment 3-4 times a day. Using any folk remedies to achieve the desired result, limit physical activity. Avoid heavy loads, alternate work and rest, do not stay in one position for a long time.

Physical exercises

Therapeutic exercises are intended for the recovery period after treatment of lumbar hernia. But they help in the acute course of the disease and significantly alleviates pain syndromes, subject to the basic rules of exercise. Arbitrary exercises can lead to aggravation of the situation and surgical intervention.

For the treatment of a hernia without surgery, gymnastics must strengthen the muscles, reduce tension and normalize their work. Performing gymnastics daily will increase the blood supply to the back, the tissues will eat better and the risks of pinching the nerve will decrease. In the process of exercises involve not only the lower back, but also the press.

Strengthening the chest walls will ensure the normal formation of muscle structure near the desired area. Exercises are prescribed only by a doctor, because the patient may have concomitant diseases of the skeletal system and simple exercises may have contraindications.

Particular attention should be paid to a hernia resulting from injury. Gymnastics with such a pathology is selected only by a doctor.

Having decided on the complex, you need to remember:

  • In between executions, the spine needs mobility;
  • If you are in one position for a long time, take a break every 60 minutes;
  • Engage in swimming: in water you give your back a better position and reduce spinal tension. Warm water relieves pain and reduces inflammation.
  • Take time for a daily walk, but in comfortable shoes

Yoga application

In rehabilitation centers offer to treat intervertebral hernia with yoga. Indeed, it can save you from back problems, but when choosing this method, consider the following:

  • Yoga is not an easy variety of postures; it is a complete system of working with the body;
  • In the acute form of the disease, yoga classes are contraindicated;
  • At the initial stage of training, exercises should be performed under the supervision of a master.

The system of classes is able to produce a positive effect, completely eliminate pain and make the human body healthy, but subject to a complete course in a specialized center.


Massage is the effect on the main points of the human body, the result of which is the warm-up of muscles and adipose tissue under the skin.

Massage with a hernia is necessary for:

  • Relieving muscle tension;
  • Strengthening blood circulation in tissues;
  • Restore the elasticity of muscle tissue and prevent their atrophy;
  • Prevention of the conversion of the stage of hernia to chronic.

With a full course, muscle mobility is restored, they become stronger. A noticeable positive result is obtained with a hernia, which appeared for the first time. If the disease recurs, massage will not have a noticeable therapeutic effect. Therefore, with the primary disease, try to apply the methods proposed by the doctor in time to avoid complications. Massage is contraindicated in the case when exacerbations with severe pain are observed: it can be done only after they are removed.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique, based on the effect of using needles on certain points of the body. Such an effect positively affects the focus of the disease and the general condition of the body. Professionals turn acupuncture into a serious tool for the treatment of intervertebral hernia. It allows you to:

  • Stop the pain that accompanies the disease.
  • Eliminate muscle spasms that support the vertebrae.
  • Eliminate inflammatory processes and pinched nerves.
  • Activate metabolic processes and improve immunity.

It is important to conduct acupuncture in parallel with other procedures to monitor the course of the disease and adjust treatment as necessary.

Acupuncture session should not cause inconvenience: on the contrary, at its completion, the patient should feel relaxed, feel the influx of heat in the area of ​​inflammation. At the end of therapy, rest for an hour and a half, and then put on a corset and avoid excessive physical exertion.

About five acupuncture sessions, alternating with other methods, and you will experience noticeable relief, which is almost 100% confirmed during the study.

There are many ways to deal with the disease without surgery. But any technique should be consistent with the doctor. Know: lumbar intervertebral hernia is not a sentence. Taking the time to the disease, and fully fulfilling all the appointments of a neurologist, you can easily emerge victorious from the fight against an overtaking ailment.

Author: Petr Vladimirovich Nikolaev

The doctor is a manual therapist, orthopedic traumatologist, ozone therapist. Methods of exposure: osteopathy, post-isometric relaxation, intraarticular injections, soft manual technique, deep tissue massage, analgesic technique, craniotherapy, acupuncture, intraarticular administration of drugs.

Circular protrusion of the disc, what is it?

What is foraminal hernia?

What is the difference between protrusion from a hernia of the intervertebral disc

Endoscopic removal of a hernia of the spine

Intervertebral hernia treatment: how to treat intervertebral disc hernia?

According to statistics, today for every 100 thousand people there are 100 cases of hernia of the intervertebral disc. However, not everyone knows what the symptoms of this disease are and how to treat an intervertebral hernia without surgery.

A sedentary lifestyle over time can cause many diseases – including herniated discs. The risk group includes men and women from 25 to 50 years old who perform work related to lifting weights (for example, loaders) or with prolonged sitting (for example, in the office in front of the computer). But what if you already had to face this disease?

What is a herniated disc and what are the symptoms of this disease?

To understand what an intervertebral hernia is, you need to have an idea of ​​the anatomy of the spinal column. The intervertebral disc is surrounded by a fibrous ring. A hernia occurs when the fibrous ring ruptures for certain reasons, and the pulpous nucleus, which is located inside the disc, is displaced. Once in the intervertebral canal, it acts on the cells of the spinal cord or nerve roots, which causes pain, cramping, numbness, etc.

The reasons for the occurrence of an intervertebral hernia can be different: strong blows to the back, injuries when falling, a sharp turn, weight lifting. Particularly high likelihood of developing a hernia in people suffering from osteochondrosis, having improper posture or other problems with the spine.

Symptoms of an intervertebral hernia may vary depending on its location (in the lumbar, thoracic or cervical spine), as well as depending on the stage of its development.

Symptoms of an intervertebral hernia in the lumbar

In the early stages: periodically occurring dull lower back pain, which can be aggravated during sports, coughing, sneezing.

  • more severe pain, which is manifested not only in the lower back, but also given to the thigh and legs;
  • shooting pain after sudden movements (for example, turning, lifting weights);
  • numbness or tingling (toes, groin area);
  • violation of the urogenital system (incontinence or retention of urine, constipation, diarrhea, problems with erection).

Symptoms of an intervertebral hernia in the cervical and thoracic

In the early stages: pain arising from sudden movements, most often aching, can be given to the shoulder and arm.

  • constant pain that is difficult to endure, including back pain;
  • headache and dizziness;
  • numbness of the fingers;
  • pressure jumps.

Attention! The diagnosis should be made only by the doctor after the examination. Therefore, if you find symptoms, be sure to contact a specialist.

However, doctors advise visiting a neurologist at least once a year for preventive purposes.

Intervertebral hernia treatment methods

In general, methods of treating a hernia of the intervertebral disc can be divided into two groups: operating (or surgical) and non-surgical (they are also called conservative). In turn, non-surgical treatment can be drug and non-drug.

Operational (surgical) methods for the treatment of intervertebral hernia

This method solves the problem dramatically: a hernia is removed surgically and relief comes almost immediately. However, this method has many disadvantages, the main of which are:

  • high risk of relapse, only temporary relief after surgery;
  • during the operation, the spine is injured, which can lead to a number of complications, up to disability.

Specialists note that only 2% of such operations are carried out without negative consequences. Therefore, surgical intervention is best used only as a last resort, having previously tested non-surgical methods.

Conservative methods for the treatment of intervertebral hernia

More and more doctors today prefer non-surgical methods for the treatment of herniated discs. True, here, too, have their own characteristics. So, for example, drug treatment is not always effective, because it does not eliminate the cause of the disease, but only removes inflammation. However, if this method is combined with other methods of treating a hernia, then the likelihood of success increases significantly.

Conservative methods include acupuncture and acupressure. When exposed to needles in the area of ​​the intervertebral hernia, spasms of the oblique muscles are removed and swelling is reduced. By stimulating the work of the spleen and thyroid gland, you can gradually reduce the hernia. The exclusion of spicy and fatty foods will also contribute to the restoration of the intervertebral disc.

Another method of non-surgical treatment of intervertebral hernia is kinesitherapy (training with biofeedback according to the kinesiology of motion). This method is a new term in modern rehabilitation. Kinesitherapy – treatment with movement, accompanied by the use of methods and forms of physical education. The main task of the complex is to restore lost functions and motor activity of muscles, ligaments, joints. In this case, everything is achieved by natural movements.

Remember: a hernia of the intervertebral disc is treatable, the main thing is not to start the disease, consult a doctor in time and choose the best treatment method for you. Be healthy!

Which clinic can I go to if a hernia appears?

We asked for an answer to this question from Zhang Zitsian, a leading specialist of the TAO Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

“An intervertebral hernia is a rather serious disease. However, do not despair – it is better to look for a good clinic, whose doctors will help to cure this disease. An example of such a medical facility is the TAO Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine. All our specialists have graduated from the best universities in China and work in Russia on a contract basis. Since doctors have been practicing in the country for several years (rather than coming for a short time), patients can undergo procedures from one specialist, which ensures the psychological comfort of the client.

The services of our medical center are diverse: it includes acupuncture, and herbal medicine, and various types of massage, and the impact on the acupuncture points with heat, and much more. Doctors at the TAO Clinic can help treat many diseases without resorting

PS In the clinic of traditional Chinese medicine “TAO” there is a fifteen percent discount when paying for the full course of treatment.

The license for medical activities dated January 30, 2008 No. LO-77-01-000911 was issued by the Moscow Department of Health.

Treatment of spinal hernia without surgery, effective methods

Any diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which are accompanied by a pronounced pain syndrome, worsen the quality of life. A hernia of the spine is a serious pathology, there is a widespread opinion that it can only be treated surgically, but the operation is complex, requires lengthy rehabilitation, and often ends with complications. Is spinal hernia treatment possible without surgery?

Causes of spinal hernia

If there is damage to the intervertebral disc, which acts as a shock absorber in the spine, a vertebral hernia occurs. The fibrous ring is broken, the gelatinous nucleus flows out, a protrusion forms. The main causes of this phenomenon are:

  • Hereditary predisposition. An intervertebral hernia can be a family diagnosis when cartilage frailty is already genetically incorporated.
  • Injuries. Tears or cracks may appear on the intervertebral disc as a result of a bruise.
  • Osteochondrosis. Cartilage in youth contains collagen and enough fluid to support its functions. Cartilage depletion occurs with age, and the likelihood of rupture of the intervertebral disc increases. Sedentary work, lack of exercise leads to the development of osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine. An unbalanced diet and bad habits lead to cartilage dystrophy. Vitamin deficiency also contributes to the development of the disease. Smoking has a negative effect on the state of cartilage and bone tissue, preventing nutrients from being absorbed.

Symptoms of a hernia of the spine

Pain is the main symptom of a vertebral hernia. It is inevitable, because due to changes in the anatomical shape of the spinal column, the disc bulges out and the nerve is impaired. The pain appears not only in the adjacent region of the spine. If a lumbar hernia occurs, pain spreads from the lower back to the heels.

When the disease progresses, other symptoms appear. As a result of constant tension of the muscles of the back with a hernia, a vertebral syndrome occurs. It is characterized by various disorders of mobility, posture, intense pain. Prolonged muscle spasm leads to curvature of the spine, does not allow the patient to straighten, and the gait becomes insecure.

Due to malnutrition of tissues during pinching of the spinal nerves, radicular syndrome occurs. The lumbar region is associated with the muscles of the lower half of the body and pelvic organs. The patient complains of weakness of the muscles of the thigh and lower leg. Partial paralysis occurs, sensitivity, intermittent claudication, is lost. Gynecological problems, disturbances in the processes of emptying the bladder and intestines, impotence may occur. In too advanced a case, paralysis of the lower extremities occurs.

How to treat spinal hernia without surgery

Surgery is a last resort. It is required in the presence of serious complications that are not amenable to conservative treatment. How to cure a hernia of the spine without surgery? In most cases, the following treatments are effective:

  • Drug therapy.
  • Manual therapy
  • Yoga and exercise therapy.
  • Spinal traction.
  • Massage.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Hirudotherapy.
  • Kinesitherapy.
  • Cryotherapy.
  • Laser treatment.
  • Reflexology.
  • Traditional methods of treatment.

Consider all types in more detail.


Removing pain and inflammation is the main task of the doctor. For these purposes, the following types of drugs are used:

Analgesics. Medicines are selected depending on the intensity of the pain. If the pain is moderate, Aspirin, Paracetamol will help. For more severe pain, Nurofen or Pentalgin can be used. With completely unbearable pain as prescribed by a doctor, Tramadol or Proxifen preparations. Non-steroidal agents Diclofenac or Indomethacin should be used to relieve inflammation. They successfully cope with pain.

Muscle relaxants. Midokalm or Tolperil eliminate muscle spasms, acting on the central nervous system, reduce pain.

Vitamins of group B. Contribute to the maintenance of the nervous system. Intramuscular injections or complex vitamin preparations are sometimes prescribed.

External funds (gels, ointments). Apply to the affected area to provide anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anesthetic effects. They also bring a healing effect.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is aimed at improving joints, vertebrae, ligaments, increasing muscle elasticity. This method deeply affects them and can be combined with other methods. Treatment of hernia with the help of manual therapy methods has certain features.

The goal of the chiropractor is to improve the functioning of blood vessels and nerves in the problem area, to restore the mobility of the joints and spine. The therapist works with his hands on joints, bones and intervertebral discs. The course is up to 15 sessions, they are held at intervals of 1 or 3 days. Procedures should not be long – no more than 30 minutes. Although reviews on manual therapy are mixed. There are always those who say that the treatment could not correct the situation. You just need to remember that manual therapy has many contraindications, before you begin it is necessary to undergo a complete medical examination so that the neurologist gives permission for the procedures.

Yoga and exercise therapy

You can sign up for a special yoga course for those with spinal problems. It is important to know that regular activities can worsen the condition, since they involve twisting, and this increases pressure on the intervertebral discs.

A special set of exercises, selected for different phases of the disease, accelerates the recovery of the spinal disc, helps to avoid hernia recurrence and to control symptoms. You need to find an experienced yoga instructor, so as not to harm your health. After some time, you can continue practicing yoga at home.

Physical therapy is an essential component of complex treatment. Regular exercise of moderate strength will help recover without surgery. Exercises can be done under the supervision of an exercise instructor who will select an individual set of exercises.

Spine traction

Spinal traction is very often used to treat the spine without surgery. The method is effective, simple. The essence of the method is to stretch the spine so that its bone elements stop pressing on each other. Disks are leveled, inflammation decreases, muscles return to normal, blood circulation improves. Performing the procedure every day, you can get rid of back problems.

Traction can be of different types: vertical and horizontal, as well as dry and water. All types are equally effective, which will be used, the doctor decides.

Water stretching is the most gentle and soft. The procedure is carried out in a pool or a special bath, first without load, and then with a gradual increase in weight. Dry traction is carried out in a hospital on vertical or horizontal tables. Adaptations make the procedure painless. To improve the condition, you will need to go through at least ten sessions.

At home, traction can be carried out on the horizontal bar. For several minutes a day, you need to hang on it regularly. The procedure is available at the Evminov dispensary. You can use homemade appliances. The traction method has worked well in Russia and abroad, since it helps to return to a full life.


For the treatment of the spine, a traditional massage can be used, which strengthens the muscles, eliminates pain and stimulates the blood supply to tissues. It should be understood that even the best massage therapist will not be able to push the protruded core back, completely removing the hernia. But massage helps in complex treatment.

Acupressure for hernia can also be used in treatment. This procedure is similar to acupuncture, but the specialist acts on biologically active points with fingers. Treatment is possible only by an experienced specialist who is fluent in this practice.


Physiotherapy is prescribed after the acute symptoms of a hernia of the spine are eliminated. Most often, doctors prescribe hardware methods: magnetic or ultrasound therapy, electrophoresis, phonophoresis, magnetotherapy. Mud baths are effective. Physiotherapy is aimed at improving blood circulation, eliminating inflammation in the nerves, discs, and strengthening muscles.


The essence of the method is motion treatment. Kinesitherapy helps strengthen muscle corset, restore motor functions. Procedures are used to prevent diseases. Kinesitherapy is carried out in specialized centers. First, a specialist conducts a test that determines the capabilities of the patient’s body. Then an individual complex is selected, classes are held on balls, simulators, and other devices. This method is suitable for people of any age.

Traditional methods of treatment

Alternative medicine methods help to cope with inflammation with a hernia of the spine and with pain. You can use any recipes of traditional medicine only with the permission of a doctor.

  1. Horse fat compresses. They can be done for up to two days. In an hour the pain will subside. Horse fat is evenly applied to a piece of polyethylene and placed on a painful area. The compress must be fixed, insulated with a scarf or scarf.
  2. Tincture of Rhizomes of Cinquefoil. For its preparation, take 300 grams of saberfish rhizomes, which insist on vodka. At least three weeks tincture should stand. Then it is taken in a tablespoon three times a day a month, after a month the course is repeated.
  3. Horse chestnut tincture. The tincture is prepared from 500 ml of vodka, 10 pods of hot pepper, 15 chopped fruits, 50 g of rhizomes of white lily, St. John’s wort, 50 g of ammonia. After two weeks of infusion, the tincture can be used for grinding several times a day for seven days.
  4. Kalanchoe. Medicinal Kalanchoe – a home plant that has amazing properties. It is necessary to lay the leaves with the upper films removed to the location of the hernia location, fix with a band-aid, leave it overnight.
  5. Honey with fir oil. Effective massage with the addition of fir oil. After the massage, you can rub the ointment based on natural honey with the addition of fir oil, mummy.

Spinal hernia prophylaxis

Prevention is the best way to avoid long-term treatment. It is necessary to eat right, observe the regime, abandon bad habits. Regular exercises, sports will help to avoid problems with the spine.

If problems with the spine have occurred, osteochondrosis has been diagnosed, it is necessary to immediately begin treatment to prevent complications.

Anatoly Kudravets

Anatoly Kudravets, Orthopedic Traumatologist. He works with severe cases, practices operative methods of treating connective tissues