How to treat folk remedies for arthrosis of the knee joint

Arthrosis of the knee requires a comprehensive and complete treatment, which the doctor prescribes, but to relieve symptoms at home, you can use folk remedies. However, before self-treatment, it is necessary to go through all the examinations and get a doctor’s appointment. Only after this, you can begin to alternative therapy.

What is included in the treatment of folk remedies?

Traditional medicine includes rubbing, infusions, ointments, home-made compresses. To alleviate symptoms, treat knee arthrosis, baths with herbs, sea salt, clay are used.

Home treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint with folk remedies helps well in conjunction with drug therapy and physiotherapy. The diseased joint warms up, blood circulation and metabolic processes in the joint area improve, inflammation and pain are reduced.

Hydrogen perox >The use of hydrogen perox />

The doctor has developed an oral regimen to help ease the treatment of knee arthrosis:

  1. In 100 ml of drinking water add 2 drops of a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Drink the medicine an hour and a half after meals for 3 days.
  2. Every 4 days it is necessary to increase the number of drops of peroxide by 1. The maximum number of drops of the drug is 8.
  3. The course of taking hydrogen peroxide inside is 5 months.

To enhance the effect in the treatment of the knee joint, the professor recommends combining the internal intake of the drug with compresses from hydrogen peroxide:

  1. Dissolve 50-1 tablespoons of a 2% peroxide solution in 3 ml of water.
  2. Moisten a cotton rag in the mixture and apply to a sore joint.
  3. Wrap the joint area with plastic wrap, insulate.
  4. Leave the compress for an hour, then lubricate the skin with a moisturizing, nourishing cream.

Methods of application and treatment of arthrosis folk methods

There are a number of folk remedies for arthrosis that help get rid of pain and inflammation in the knee joints.

Recipe number 1: Compress with horseradish from knee pain.

Grind horseradish on a grater, wrap in canvas. Heat the resulting slurry in a water bath, apply to the affected knee joint, insulate. Leave the bandage for 4-6 hours, you can at night. The course of horseradish lasts about 2 months.

Recipe number 2: Compress with honey.

Honey helps with diseases of the knee joint, is the most common tool for prevention and therapy. Heat natural flower honey in a water bath, you can add a few drops of essential oil of spruce, sandalwood, aloe vera extract to it. Apply warm honey to the sore joint with light massage movements, wrap with plastic wrap and insulate. Leave overnight, wipe with a damp cloth in the morning.

Recipe number 3: Cabbage to relieve pain in the knee joints.

To prepare such a compress, you will need freshly squeezed cabbage juice. They need to moisten the dense wool fabric, wrap the knee joint. Insulate from above and keep for 4-5 hours. A simpler option for this technique is a compress of fresh cabbage leaf.

Recipe number 4: Salt compress.

Dissolve 100 g of unmodified sodium chlor />

Recipe number 5: Infusion of dandelion flowers.

To prepare an alcoholic infusion of dandelion flowers, both fresh and dried parts of the plant are suitable. 5-6 flowers, previously chopped, are placed in a liter bottle of dark glass and poured with alcohol or vodka. The resulting mixture must be insisted for 2 weeks, then strain. Treatment of arthrosis with this mixture lasts 2-3 months. Every night before going to bed, apply tincture on an unhealthy knee, insulating after.

Recipe number 6: Infusion of herbs.

Collect herbs (chamomile flowers, calendula, burdock leaf) pour boiling water and leave to brew for 10-15 minutes. Take 100 ml of warm infusion half an hour before meals, three times a day. The course of administration is from 2 to 5 months, depending on the severity of inflammation.

Recipe number 7: Rubbing from elecampane.

Pour 50 g of elecampane with a glass of vodka, insist in a dark place for 12-14 days. Apply to the patient’s articulation every day with a cotton ball with gentle movements, starting from the bottom of the knee joint. Use such a tool every day for a month.

Recipe number 8: Camphor grinding for the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint.

Mix vodka, turpentine and sunflower oil in equal parts. Add camphor the size of a small pea to the resulting mixture. Insist in a dark place for a week. When treating, it is better to use a grind every day at night, warming the place of application. The course is 2 months.

Recipe number 9: “Ural ointment.”

Mix salt and mustard powder in a 2: 1 ratio, add paraffin and mix thoroughly. Leave at night in a dark, warm place. Apply “Ural ointment” is better in the evening, before bedtime. Rub the painful knees until the product is completely absorbed.

Recipe number 10: An ointment based on herbs.

Equal amounts (about 1 teaspoon) of chamomile flowers, ginger root, burdock leaf mix with petroleum jelly. The resulting cream insist 2 days in a cool place. To treat knees, it is necessary to apply this ointment every day, while doing a light massage.

Choosing among the traditional methods of treating arthrosis of the knee joint, one should remember the side effects of certain components of the medicine. Before use, it is necessary to conduct an allergic test. To do this, apply a small amount of the product to the skin of the inner surface of the forearm, leave for 2-4 hours. If redness, rash, itching does not appear, then you can use this method of treatment for arthrosis.

You can also watch other types of recipes in the video:


Alternative methods of treatment will not completely get rid of the disease, but will only help relieve symptoms. A serious and correct approach to the treatment of arthrosis will allow you to quickly and permanently get rid of exacerbations of joint disease.

Arthrosis of the knee joint treatment with folk remedies

Arthrosis is the destruction and sometimes deformation of the cartilage of the joints. If you do not heal with folk remedies for arthrosis of the knee, then there will definitely be a destruction of the cartilage itself and various pains of a chronic style.

It is dangerous because suddenly immobilization will occur, with which there is a complete or loss of almost all functionality.

In the world, this disease is the third most common and women are slightly more susceptible to the disease. The chance of a disease manifesting increases with each subsequent year, because with age, it may be more likely to occur.

Stress. Frequent, especially constant nervous experience and periodic stress, and if, even before the heap, your mood changes, it will first hit your joints. If this is all happening to you, then you need to rest even more, walk even more, breathe clean and necessary air, mental activity is strictly alternated with physical activity.

In your body, metabolic processes are disrupted. And if it is, then your tissue no longer receives the substances it needs. If calcium is lacking, then bone or cartilage tissue will already let you know.

Arthritis. Yes, arthrosis can be a consequence of even arthritis itself. In the joint there is such a cavity in which fluid accumulates, and if there is a lot of it, the destruction of the cartilage tissue itself will occur and arthrosis will occur.

Obesity is either a lot of weight. Of course, this will not directly lead to destruction, but will directly contribute. A heavy, extra load puts pressure on your knees and causes arthrosis.

Injuries. Much can be attributed to this. Dislocations or sprains will lead to arthrosis, and fractures even more so. With such unnecessary injuries, knee movement does not occur and blood circulation deteriorates. This is the reason.

Loads. All sports must be age appropriate. At a high age, you should not actively train, such as in youth. The joints can no longer cope with that load, but only lead to wear.

IMPORTANT! Squats and running, especially on asphalt, are especially harmful.

Meniscus. If the meniscus is damaged, the knee can usually loop tightly. When removed, 90% will lead to arthrosis.

For starters, you may feel a slight pain during exertion, which is especially active. This whole pain happens for years. If the pain occurred suddenly, then this is not arthrosis. Further, this pain goes away if you are in a state of good rest or after walking. Crunch already means second degree. But do not confuse with the usual occurring crunches after the knee bends. Weather also causes knee pain. When it becomes difficult to bend, or vice versa, to expand the diseased knee and all of the symptoms listed, then use folk remedies for arthrosis of the knee joint.

Alternative methods of treating knee arthrosis.

Medicine may well cope with arthrosis itself. But the prices set for different drugs are only used to rising. And initially, any medicine from the pharmacy was synthesized from the sources of our nature, and only after that artificial substitutes went. Traditional medicine, based on sound practice, has already managed to prove its favorable strength.

Seven leaves of simple burdock folded in a stack, velvet with its side down. We cover this stack with a pan full of water, but very hot. A joint in which pain is lubricated with vegetable oil. With its velvet side, put the stacks on the joint, cover with cellophane, insulate with a warm scarf (wool or down) on top.

May flowers, fragrant flowers, are suitable for treatment. Take a handful of dandelions and pour boiling water from the kettle. As it cools, it’s ready. Chew until porridge. This covers the joints, we insulate the film. Such treatment should be applied daily.

Pine baths will significantly improve the condition. Need pine branches, preferably with plentiful needles. These branches, together with the chopped Jerusalem artichoke roots, will be placed in the bathroom. We pour it with hot water from the tap. If possible, add about 1 kilogram of salt, preferably sea salt. The treatment time is limited to 20 minutes. Wipe the knee and draw a stick with a regular iodine. The course is 12-13 times.

The fabric consisting of flax is impregnated with celandine juice. The residence time of such an impregnated tissue is 50 minutes. The course is one week, a break is a decade. Total – 3 courses.

We remove the best and juicy leaves from an ordinary head of cabbage. In the concave side of the surface, apply honey, if so, use floral. We apply the sheet from the side of honey. From above we put on a film and insulate with a warm thing.

How to treat knee arthrosis at home.

Yogurt and chalk.

Chalk, even the one we use at school will turn into the finest powder. In such a powder we add yogurt (kefir or sour cream) to a mass of high density. We cover the oilcloth with the mixture and seal it with cellophane. Just a couple of hours a day will be the norm.

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Important! Use chalk not building.

We turn the shell of ordinary chicken eggs into powder. Add kefir to this powder, so that everything turns out in a thick form. In the matter consisting of flax, we wrap our gruel and place it on the joint. Above, as usual, should be polyethylene. Two and a half hours, this is the period for a day.

With a magnet, with a total diameter of 5 centimeters, we begin to massage well the skin over the joint, in the period from 15-18 minutes. The course is within 2,5 months.

Old, ancient, folk, best way. We leave the washed worms in any container warm. As they are porridge, add alcohol. Rub the treatment mixture into the joint. The period of particular effectiveness is spring.

Heated to heat, rub the oil into the sore knee joint. In order not to particularly feel the current pain, we will do at least 5 regular courses.

Treatment of deforming arthrosis of the knee joint with folk remedies.

Folk remedies will have an active effect if treated in the very initial painful process. The main thing is not to endure pain for a long time and not to let the pathology build up. When deformed, the pain will be almost intolerable, movements are almost limited. You just have to immediately do a full examination (MRI). The doctor indicates the treatment according to the survey. In addition to this, the medicine used by the people will be able to contribute to the relief of pain, resorption of deformation. Getting rid of joints from unnecessary toxins, as well as salt.

We fill the teaspoon with gelatin. In half an ordinary, kitchen glass, cool the water after boiling it and add the gelatin. In the morning we add hot boiling water and do not forget to add a bit of honey. Fasting drink in the period of one decade. The procedure usually consists of only 3 required courses. Rest between courses – a week.

We get the usual fresh root of the washed horseradish. Grate it and grate a little water. All this for steaming, put in a water bath. Porridge forms in a semi-liquid form. It should be laid out on a fabric, preferably from good linen and placed on the knee. For reliability on top, apply cellophane and cover. Keep as much as you can. The course is a decade.

A decoction prepared from an ordinary lavrushka is able to remove all the accumulated salt. Just a small 10 g, fill the kettle with hot, already boiling water. Leave to boil for a quarter of a minute. Insist not very long, you can until it cools down. You can take a little bit. Three, at least four days, is enough for a start. After passing a week, repeat.

Using a blender, we will change the black radish into pieces. Then squeeze the juice and mix honey, preferably linden, a stack of high-quality vodka and salt, but not ordinary, but sea (15g). After strong, good mixing, everything will be ready for grinding.

Apply only in spring. Buds from birch twigs, together with the leaves of a young birch, we will lay on napkins and cover the joint. Cover with a plastic bag and cover with a scarf. So, all night. The course is a decade.

The very longest method. Daily rub the interior fat (pork) into the skin over the joint, followed by warming. We leave the bandage for the night. With this warming, growths and scars will begin to dissolve.

We break eggs from chicken. The contents will remain inside the shell. They need to be rubbed by massaging in places of joint pain. Calcium, as well as contained proteins, enrich the joints.

Finally, I sincerely want to sincerely wish you not to suffer from arthrosis. Therefore, take care of your precious health. Frivolity is not permissible here. You will succeed in life, with good health. I sincerely assure you, if you believe in the power of recipes and help will be double – this is my promise.

Folk remedies for arthrosis of the knee joints

The knee joint is one of the most vulnerable articular joints for the development of various pathologies. And the most common disease is deforming arthrosis of the knee joint. The disease leads to joint deformation, which causes severe pain during movement. Treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint with folk remedies is indicated in the initial stages of the disease, when the degenerative process is not pronounced.

It is impossible to completely cure the knees, but modern medicine is able to slow down the destructive process. To do this, you need to seek medical help in a timely manner. And in addition to drug therapy in the first stage, treatment of knee arthrosis at home with folk remedies can be used.

Traditional medicine for articular pathologies

The opinions of doctors and patients about the use of alternative medicine in the treatment of joint arthrosis are sometimes directly opposite. Professionals consider them useless, preferring to trust pharmacological drugs. But many patients, having tried many drugs in practice, do not always get the desired result.

This makes people lean in favor of alternative methods of treating joint ailments, including arthrosis of the knee joint. As practice and patient reviews show, folk remedies for arthrosis of the knee joint can be of real help in alleviating the condition, but traditional therapy should not be completely abandoned. When treating folk recipes, it is necessary to remember some important points:

  • Before using these or other folk methods of treating joints, you should definitely consult your doctor. This is especially important for funds that are supposed to be taken orally, that is, inside;
  • If wild herbs are needed to prepare such products, plant materials should be purchased not at the market, but at the pharmacy;
  • You should not expect instant benefits from rubbing, decoctions and compresses – the first signs of improvement appear after several weeks of regular treatment;
  • The action of alternative methods of treating arthrosis of the knee joint is most effective in the case of a small to medium degree of damage, when the destructive process goes far enough, alternative medicine is powerless to help.

As the ingredients from which the preparations for the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint are prepared, herbalists-healers use plants – both wild and cultivated. Also, the composition of recipes for such funds may include:

  • Food products (table salt, bee honey and other beekeeping derivatives, chicken eggs, vegetable and butter);
  • Chemicals (turpentine, paraffin, vinegar, alcohol);
  • Minerals (clay, chalk).

Most of these treatments for arthrosis of the knee and other joints of the legs are intended for local (external) use. Plants and other ingredients of rasters and compresses do not cause side effects, do not pose a danger to patients of any age and health condition and can be used without restrictions for a long time – until a positive effect is achieved.

The methods for their preparation are quite simple, do not require a large investment of time and special skills. Another plus of such methods of treatment in their comparative cheapness.

If such drugs are recommended to be used internally in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis, their composition should be taken very carefully. Alcohol tinctures, as well as medicines that include honey and other products, often cause allergies, and therefore are not recommended for people with a tendency to histamine reactions.

Green doctor

Wild medicinal plants are one of the main components of compresses and rubbing for arthrosis of the knee joint. But collecting them yourself is not the easiest task: you need to be well versed in botany, know everything about the beneficial properties of grass or flower, and learn the basic rules for their preparation and storage.

It is also necessary to observe the dosage when preparing decoctions and tinctures for treatment on their basis. To avoid all these difficulties, you can buy a ready-made herbal collection at the pharmacy, the packaging of which will contain all the necessary information on how to treat knee arthrosis with its help.

With garden plants is much easier. They are always at hand, familiar to everyone for a long time and well, they cannot be confused with any others and there is no need to follow special procedures when preparing them. And in their medicinal properties, they are in no way inferior to wild-growing herbs.

What compresses for joint treatment can be prepared from both edible and inedible plants:

  • Compress on the knee from the leaves of white cabbage. After choosing the most succulent leaves from the cabbage, wash thoroughly under a running stream and gently mash with a hammer to beat the meat so that they become softer and give a little juice. Grease the prepared leaves with a thin layer of natural bee honey and wrap them around the sore knee, covering it with polyethylene and wrapping it with a woolen cloth. Such a cabbage-honey compress is put on all night, and after five to six procedures, the swelling of the joint subsides, and the pain becomes noticeably less;
  • It helps to relieve pain in the knee compress with freshly squeezed cabbage juice. After passing a few leaves through a meat grinder or juicer, it is good to moisten a wool scarf or scarf in the resulting juice. Then, slightly squeezing the tissue, wrap around the knee joint on all sides. Put a waterproof bandage on top of such a compress and go to bed;
  • Horseradish compress. Rub the horseradish root on a grater, spread it with an even thin layer on a wide bandage, a piece of gauze or thin cotton cloth, covering it with another part from above, and wrap it around the knee. Horseradish essential oils will cause a rush of blood to the articular region, which will create a warming effect and will help improve blood circulation in the articular joint. Such a compress is applied only to clean skin without microtrauma and is maintained for one to two hours. The treatment procedure is repeated every other day;
  • A compress of fresh celandine juice, in which the bandage should be moistened, is also applied only to healthy knee skin for one hour. After removing it, it is necessary to lubricate the knee joint with vegetable oil. The course of treatment with such compresses is a week, then a week break and repetition;
  • Burdock is one of the most common plants in the European part of Russia. It also has medicinal properties. Its leaves are a popular and effective treatment for arthrosis of the knee joints. After choosing the largest and juiciest, you need to rinse well, then scald with boiling water to become softer. Having greased the knee with vegetable oil, overlay it with mugs on all sides, wrap it warmer and leave it overnight;
  • Another well-known and unpretentious plant that helps in the treatment of joint arthrosis is dandelion. In May, all wastelands and lawns are covered with its flowers. Having collected them, it is necessary to fill in the yellow flower heads with boiling water and knead thoroughly with a wooden crush. A compress is prepared from this mass, which wraps the knee. You can also fill half a dark glass bottle with fresh dandelion flowers, pour alcohol or vodka to the top and put it in a cool place away from sunlight. The bottle should be shaken periodically. After a month, draining the resulting tincture, an evening massage of the knee joint is done with it to relieve pain and swelling.

Self-collection of wild herbs for the preparation of medicines is best done in rural areas, away from densely populated places, industrial enterprises and highways. It is better to choose plants that cannot be mistakenly identified.

Food – an element of home therapy

Many simple and affordable foods contain substances that are useful for nourishing and restoring cartilage in the treatment of knee arthrosis. Of these, you can prepare folk remedies for arthrosis of the knee joints, which can be used for a long time. To restore damaged cartilage tissue will help:

  • Rye crackers with sour milk. Grind the dry black bread in the coffee grinder, pour them with homemade yogurt, wait until the breadcrumbs are saturated, slightly dilute with boiled water to make it look like thick sour cream, and mix well. Put the resulting mass in a warm place for 5-6 hours, and then, laying an even layer on a bandage or strip of thin cotton fabric, wrap the knee joint. You can not leave the ointment the next day – it must be used completely;
  • Gelatin compress. Pour natural dry gelatin powder onto cheesecloth soaked in warm water so that a layer of powder is between the cheesecloth layers. Wrap the bandage around the knee and do not tighten it tightly. Swelling in wet tissue, gelatin jelly, which is collagen, is absorbed into the cartilage of a diseased joint, making its tissues resilient and elastic. Such compresses on the knee joint must be put in a day, the duration of the procedure is about an hour;
  • Anti-arthritic ointment is made from equal parts of turpentine and apple cider vinegar (one teaspoon of each) mixed with the yolk of one chicken egg. The composition must be rubbed daily into the sore knee in the morning and at night;
  • For proper nutrition of the cartilage and articular tissue of the knee, you need to prepare the treatment mixture according to the following recipe. Having taken 6 fresh chicken eggs (not from the store, but from domestic chicken), wash the shell under running water. Wash and scald 10 lemons with boiling water for better juice separation. Putting the eggs in a plate, pour them with lemon juice, cover the plate with a cotton cloth and put in a dark place for a week. When, after 7 days, the egg shell becomes soft under the action of lemon juice, knead the eggs with a wooden crush and mix with 300 grams of natural bee honey, then add 150 g of high quality cognac to the resulting mixture. Take one dessert spoon of the composition after a meal;
  • For a sick joint, warming baths with a solution of soda and sea salt are useful. To a bath of water with a temperature of 39-40 degrees, you need to add 200 g of one and the other, stirring until completely dissolved. Take such baths before bedtime for 30 minutes.
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All these procedures can be performed only if arthrosis of the knee joint of non-inflammatory etiology occurs. If inflammation occurs in the knee region caused by the penetration of an infectious agent, treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint with folk remedies, including warming and moisturizing procedures, is excluded.

Treatment of knee arthrosis with folk remedies – effective methods

A chronic disease consisting in degenerative-dystrophic changes in various cartilage and bone tissues in the joints of the human body, regardless of location, is called arthrosis.

This disease cannot be completely cured. Unfortunately, it is progressing, albeit slowly. Perhaps a slow acceleration of progression due to some external factors. For example, regular dampness in the room where a person with arthrosis lives.

Gonarthrosis and its features

Knee internal arthrosis / osteoarthrosis or gonarthrosis is the most common problem of a person prone to joint diseases. This joint is located between the femur and patella.

More often than others they get sick people who have stepped over 40 years. In addition, in women this disease manifests itself much more often than in men. Gonarthrosis is especially common in very overweight people, often injuring and bruising their legs. In “life” this disease is called “salt deposition” in the knee. And that is the truth.

Gonarthrosis has 3 stages of the intensity of the course of the disease.

  1. The first stage is practically not manifested. There is a very rare small pulling pain, which, often the individual refers to ordinary fatigue.
  2. In the second stage of gonarthrosis, patients begin to complain of difficulty in walking, mainly in the morning when they wake up or after a long immobility when sitting, for example, at a desk. To feel relief, a person will need to “diverge”.
  3. The third stage of gonarthrosis is the most advanced case. A person can no longer move independently, he always needs the help of outsiders (crutches / strollers / stretchers).

What is dangerous arthrosis of the knee joint

The essence of the problem is that arthrosis is a calcification or “calcification deposition”, a process-pathology that occurs in the bone vessels when blood circulation is disturbed, as a result of which destructive changes occur in the cartilage, leading to its death.

As a result, the bone becomes denser, a neoplasm occurs on it – spikes, and the leg is bent and deformed. The disease “deforming arthrosis of the knee joint” is observed.

The danger of this disease is that due to the possible delay in diagnosing it, this problem can lead to a complete loss of movement, as a result – disability and disability.

Causes of the disease

The first symptom to which you should pay attention when a person who is at rest begins to have a feeling of “tightening” and dull pain in the knee. As if the joint is chained. With the development of the disease, knee pain (especially from the inside) becomes more noticeable, persistent and constant. Often the knee begins to noticeably crunch when moving.

Further, it will manifest itself in a restriction on the flexion / extension of the leg, which will entail the appearance of lameness.

  1. Varicose veins, which cause vasodilatation, usually have a very negative effect on the state of health in the cartilage, connective tissue and bones. In this case, gonarthrosis can affect both legs, but the pain will be felt in only one knee.
  2. Impaired metabolic processes in the human body, including a pathological change in hematopoiesis, leading to an increase in capillary fragility.
  3. Large body weight of the individual, leading to a greatly increased load on the knee joints.
  4. Increased trauma to the knee joint, including torn meniscus and ligaments, fractures or fissures.
  5. Past inflammations – arthritis / rheumatism.
  6. Professional sport. Often gonarthrosis occurs in athletes, gymnasts, tennis players, skaters, soccer players.
  7. Untreated injuries or the result of improper treatment.
  8. Individual endocrine and hormonal disorders.
  9. Unique individually congenital abnormalities in the structure of joints and periarticular tissues.
  10. Наследственность.

Do folk ways help defeat this disease

The widespread treatment of this disease according to popular recipes should be authorized by a doctor – a specialist rheumatologist who has diagnosed gonarthrosis.

Traditional medicine recipes that help in the treatment of gonarthrosis are infusions, lotions and ointments. Well-known healers recommend conducting healing courses immediately after winter – in early spring or before the onset of cold weather – in late autumn.

Indications and contraindications

Indications for the treatment of gonarthrosis by folk methods are always there. Alternative methods always help in the “victory” over this disease, especially in combination with physiotherapy and traditional therapy using modern medications. In this case, it is possible to avoid side effects.

But there are contraindications. These are allergic reactions to any ingredient that is part of the selected folk remedy.

Any treatment of gonarthrosis, including using alternative methods, is aimed at alleviating the patient’s condition and its complete cure. It should be noted that the treatment of gonarthrosis is practically no different from the methods for treating other types of arthrosis of the joints.

  1. One of the most effective alternative methods for treating arthrosis of the knee joint is recognized as a tonic drink based on apple cider vinegar. You need to brew a cup of tea with mint or ginger for breakfast. Cool a little and add a tablespoon of vinegar, a teaspoon of honey and a little crust in the powder. If you drink this drink warm every day for a month in the morning, then the pain will greatly alleviate.
  2. Another way to relieve pain in this problem is to use vinegar instead of ordinary water. Put a tablespoon of vinegar with apple base in a glass of boiled warm water. Drink this water instead of ordinary. You can sweeten it with honey to your liking.
  3. This method is not only very effective, useful, but also very tasty. Acetic-cherry drink. In a glass with cherry juice (it must be natural with a tart taste, which only very ripe cherries have) add a large spoon (25 g) of table vinegar with apple / grape flavor. Vinegar should completely dissolve in the juice. Drink a cocktail regularly daily at midday for a month. A little tart, but tasty. In addition, the double effect is the prevention of colds and cured knee arthrosis. This tool also helps with a long-standing problem.
  4. Recommended for relieving inflammation and pain lotions and compress with apple cider vinegar. The recipe for a lotion and compress: in a deep bowl / bowl, pour 6 cups of warm (not hot) water. Add a glass of apple cider vinegar and mix. Soak a soft towel in this solution and apply to the sore spot on the joint for half an hour or just hold this time in the mixture.
  5. Acetic ointment. You can always carry such an ointment with your own hands, of course, if you have a refrigerator “within walking distance”, where it should be stored in hot weather. The recipe for the preparation of vinegar oil-ointment: mix 50 g of olive / coconut / sweet cream butter with 100 g of vinegar. Can be used. If you want to aromatize this remedy, you can add a couple of drops of one of the essential oils: pink or peach.
  6. Very effective for gonarthrosis is freshly brewed herbal tea from spring herbs, among which must be yellow dandelion flowers. You can drink it at least all day, without restrictions. In addition to the benefits for the whole body from such a drink there will be nothing.
  7. Quickly relieves inflammation in the knee apple-lemon-garlic infusion with honey. The recipe for apple-lemon-garlic infusion with honey: coarsely grated pulp of two green apples (must be!) Mixed with freshly squeezed juice from three lemons and chopped large head of garlic. Add 100 g of honey of any kind to the mixture. The resulting mixture is folded in a glass bowl and twice a day – in the morning and before bedtime – drink 20 g, washed down with warm water.
  8. It is very useful for gonarthrosis to eat freshly prepared jelly – jelly and Armenian khash. Such foods contribute to the rapid renewal of bone / cartilage.
  9. With an exacerbation of knee arthrosis, it is useful to rub ordinary natural honey of any kind into a sore spot. Its antiseptic effect has long been known in traditional medicine and is actively used by it.
  10. The compress effect based on healing blue clay diluted in pulp with ordinary cool water is great. Thanks to this tool, swelling in the knee quickly passes and inflammation decreases.
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