How to treat a hernia of the lumbar spine at home

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how to treat a vertebral hernia of the lumbar

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How to cure a hernia of the spine at home

How to cure a hernia at home

The intervertebral hernia is “famous” for its increased soreness. Not everyone is able to endure back pain for a long time, tormenting several days or more.
Intervertebral hernia treatment at home

It is carried out when there is no opportunity to immediately go to the doctor or call him at home. In this case, simple tips on how to escape from pain at home, if the hernia is seized, will be indispensable. There are life-tested recipes for dealing with hernia pain at home.
Pain with intervertebral hernia can occur suddenly and, as they say, at the most inopportune moment and in an unexpected place. The fact is that the disease itself, of course, has been brewing for more than one year. It’s just that a person usually does not know about its existence, not paying attention to periodically appearing pain in the lower back, considering them to be ordinary radiculitis.
In fact, inside the spine there have long been imperceptible externally dystrophic changes in the cartilage tissues (osteochondrosis), which once led to the fact that the intervertebral disc ceased to withstand the load, and its core began to extrude outward. At one point, with a sharp slope, an uncomfortable posture, especially in combination with an attempt to lift something heavy, a final “breakthrough” of the nucleus from the disk cavity occurs, which is the fact that a hernia is formed. In this case, sharp pain can occur: it all depends on whether the spinal nerve is affected or not.

Intervertebral hernia treatment at home

Hernia treatment is a very delicate matter: to understand all its symptoms, you need to know at least
* spinal cord structure
* the relationship of each of its segments with zones of innervation (zones of influence of the nerve on various organs and parts of the body)
Otherwise, it will turn out that you will separately treat a hernia and a dozen more diseases, not suspecting that they are all manifestations of the same hernia.
The primary goal of intervertebral hernia treatment is to eliminate the pain
It is on the elimination of pain that basically all recipes for the treatment of this ailment are designed at home. If with the help of folk remedies or other simple techniques you can stop the pain, then consider that you managed to perfectly cope at the very first stage. But this does not mean that the disease has passed, and there is no need to be treated further.

Plants, animals and bees are our friends

Consider some of the most suitable hernia treatment recipes at home.
Alcohol tinctures and oils from herbs growing nearby are an excellent remedy for the treatment of hernia
If a hernia has found you in a country house or somewhere in a village, then do not worry: it is in these conditions that you can find medicines literally in your garden or meadow. But if you or your neighbors still have beehives or some products “donated” by our most disinterested friends – pets, then you are definitely saved from pain.
* Brew grass thyme (it is difficult to confuse it with another for a wonderful fragrant smell), based on the proportion – one tablespoon per glass, and drink 13 glasses three times a day
* Good painkiller effect on hop cones. Hops have a wide growth zone, so you probably saw it too. This plant is climbing, with small yellowish-green inflorescences, which, after flowering, turn into rather large fruits in the form of greenish cones. Brew should be in the same ratio as thyme, and drink 1 tbsp. l three times a day
* An excellent remedy for treating pain with intervertebral hernia is the following compress: Ordinary horseradish from the garden (you need to dig out the roots) and cut raw potatoes into cubes about half a glass, grind through a meat grinder, or grate on a fine grater. Then add a tablespoon of honey. Put the mixture on a piece of tissue or cheesecloth and attach to the sore area of ​​the back, wrapping something on top. Hold the compress for about an hour
* Pork fat is available in the village in every home. Mix approximately 200 grams of fat with four tablespoons of beeswax. If you find the roots of the marshmallow, then add them directly to the mixture and cook for 20 minutes. It will turn out a wonderful healing ointment, which must be rubbed into the diseased areas. But even without any herbs, pork ghee and beeswax are self-sufficient remedies for relieving inflammation and pain. Pork fat can be replaced with horse fat. Almost all animal fats have anti-inflammatory healing properties.
* A mixture of honey with mummy is also suitable for the treatment of intervertebral

Several alternative methods of treating lumbosacral hernia

If you are worried about a vertebral hernia of the lumbar spine, information on how to treat it at home may be useful to you. In the absence of complications, it is quite possible to cope with the problem at home, without surgery. It is preliminary recommended to consult a specialist.

Content of the material

Back pain, discomfort when lifting objects and walking can cause a vertebral hernia of the lumbar spine. How to treat such a pathology at home is advisable for everyone to know, since both old people and young people can face a problem.

Low back pain and limited mobility require immediate intervention

Symptoms and Causes

First of all, it is important to recognize the symptoms on time. To suspect a hernia of the lumbar spine and put on treatment of an intervertebral hernia of the lumbosacral part with folk remedies, the following symptoms may contribute:

  • back pain;
  • numbness of the muscles, paresis;
  • pelvic dysfunction;
  • neurogenic intermittent claudication;
  • burning and tingling sensation.

The main symptom is the pain that occurs when squeezing the nerve roots

Important: Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis after examining the patient and obtaining MRI images of the problem area.

Such factors can provoke the exit of the pulp beyond the disk:

  • trauma;
  • excess weight;
  • metabolic disease;
  • load on the back;
  • degenerative diseases of the spine, etc.

An orthopedic pillow or circle eliminates painful symptoms and discomfort in the lumbosacral-gluteal region with a long daily stay in a sitting position at home or at work. This simple medical product will provide a preventive, relaxing and massage effect throughout the day.

It is very important to determine why there was an intervertebral hernia of the lumbosacral spine. Treatment at home is mainly aimed at eliminating the symptoms and preventing the negative impact of the causes that triggered the pathology.

We recommend to study:

Home Treatment

If the patient’s condition does not cause concern, and the neoplasm itself is small in size and does not compress important structures of the spinal canal, you can try to independently solve the problem of intervertebral hernia of the lumbar spine. Treatment includes folk remedies, gymnastics, massages and rubbing. During this period, it is not recommended to lift weights, it is necessary to ensure peace for the patient, good rest and maximum relaxation for the muscles.

Read more about lumbar hernia and save the link to the article.

We recommend wearing an orthopedic corset to support your back.

Medication administration

Pharmaceutical origin medications are often indispensable. This is especially true in situations where a hernia provokes intense back pain. Ointments and gels are mainly used, which are applied to the area of ​​the body where the hernia of the lumbar spine is located. Treatment at home with the help of drugs is based on the use of those drugs that are necessary to eliminate pain, relax muscles and stimulate tissue nutrition.

The most popular home remedies are warming ointments.

Pills are also needed for complex effects, but only a doctor can prescribe them.

Important: Self-medication can be dangerous, so you should make sure in advance that there are no contraindications and the need to use the selected drugs.

Traditional recipes

Also, for hernia of the lumbar spine, treatment with folk remedies is used. Basically, the effect of relieving pain and swelling of the tissues is achieved. The most popular recipes are the following:

  • garlic tincture;
  • salt grinding, especially with mustard powder;
  • tincture of comfrey root;
  • compresses with Indian onion.

The salt is used for grinding and additionally provides a peeling effect

In addition, it is possible to exert an internal effect on the vertebral hernia of the lumbar spine. How to treat folk remedies for back disease with medication inside? It is necessary to saturate the body with vitamins and stimulate the production of collagen in the articular ligaments. It is good to eat papaya, gelatinous foods, as well as sources of vitamins A, B and E.

Such an injury as a bruised sacrum during a fall is quite common. This place is very vulnerable, since the first one takes a hit and a lot of load when falling. In this regard, more serious damage may occur, as well as other negative consequences. You need to know how to get rid of the problem and restore health.

Classes and additional procedures

To achieve a complete cure, it is necessary to eliminate a hernia of the spine of the lumbar spine. Home treatment provides a gentle effect on the problem area. To do this, you can do mud wraps, self-massage using active points, etc. To help you can take massagers, the Kuznetsov applicator and similar devices.

We advise you to read information about the extraction of the spine with a hernia in addition to this article.

A special role is given to gymnastics. It is with the help of exercises that you can stretch the spine, relieve tension and correct posture. Due to this, the hernia decreases to its complete elimination.

Light: In the subsequent classes, it is recommended to continue to consolidate the effect and prevent repeated problems with the back.

Lumbar Hernia Exercises

A set of exercises can include the usual movements for morning workouts, yoga asanas, and positions from modern fitness techniques. Classes with a fitball, an extract on the horizontal bar, swimming, the use of auxiliary simulators and devices are popular.

One of the most effective methods are classes on the Evminov board

With a competent combination of home techniques, you will no longer be bothered by a lumbar hernia. Treatment of a lumbar hernia with folk remedies should be combined with available traditional methods and controlled by a doctor.

How to treat a hernia in the lumbar at home?

Pain in the back, radiating to the leg, numbness in the limb, weakness and tingling in the legs – all these unpleasant sensations can indicate the presence of a hernia of the lumbar spine.

The diagnosis of “intervertebral hernia” is made by the doctor according to the results of examinations, taking into account the symptoms. The patient is prescribed medication to reduce pain, eliminate the inflammatory process, if any, and in severe cases, surgery is indicated – removal of the intervertebral hernia.

To accelerate the healing process, to help get rid of unpleasant symptoms as soon as possible in the state of alternative methods of treatment. Among them – massage, which can be performed independently at home, therapeutic exercises, rubbing, taking some medicinal herbs. In combination with drug therapy, these methods of therapy for performing at home can cure an intervertebral hernia.

How to treat a hernia of the lumbar spine at home?

At home, a person can independently use the following methods:

  • spinal traction;
  • Exercise therapy;
  • self-massage;
  • folk remedies.

All these methods comprehensively complement the medical treatment of a hernia of the lumbar spine.

Spine traction

In order to release the clamped disk of the lumbar spine, you can resort to one method, which helps to stretch the spine and reduce the load on the damaged disk.

Under the legs of the bed are several small bricks or beams, so that the head of the bed is slightly higher. Soft straps are tied to the head and loops are made. The patient lays on the bed, passing his hands in the hinges, and his assistant puts a roller under his lower back, rolled up from a large and soft towel.

In this condition, the patient should lie for 3-4 hours. At the same time, he should be quite comfortable and convenient. Such a simple exercise will help relieve lower back pain. Repeat the procedure for several days, while pain should gradually decrease. If this does not happen, then this treatment method should be discarded.

Therapeutic exercise

Another effective method of treating a lumbar hernia at home is therapeutic gymnastics. Specially selected exercises strengthen the muscles of the back, contribute to the extension of the spine. However, before you begin to engage in physical therapy, it is worth consulting with your doctor. It will help you choose the best exercises, as well as give recommendations on the intensity of the health complex.

It should be remembered that it is impossible to engage in therapeutic exercises during an exacerbation of the intervertebral hernia. The presence of pain is an absolute contraindication to physical exercise.

The simplest exercises for a hernia of the lumbar spine are vertical rifts on the back. To perform them, you need to take the pose of the embryo. Pressing your knees tight to your chest, wrap your arms around them. Perform vertical rolls from head to tailbone.

It is also useful to walk on all fours, straightening your back, you need to do this several times a day.

Lying on your back with straight legs, try to bring your chin to your chest, and at this time stretch your socks and stretch in their direction with the whole body.

Another simple exercise: it is necessary to lie on your back, slightly bend your knees, extend your arms along the body. Try to raise the pelvis up and hold it in this position for several seconds, then go down. Perform exercise 5 times.

Self-massage using raster

It is possible to treat a hernia of the lumbar spine at home with the help of self-massage. Before the massage, it is necessary to lubricate the affected area of ​​the back, first with fir oil, and then with a mixture of honey and mummy. To prepare the grinding, you need to mix a mummy tablet and 100 grams of honey. After applying the medicinal composition, massage, lowering the palm of your hand onto the skin covered with a mixture of honey and mummy, and tearing it with force from the surface of the back.

It is recommended to perform self-massage within 5 minutes, and then it is worth removing the rest of the mixture from the back, apply any warming agent for the joints, wrap the lower back with a warm scarf.

St. John’s wort oil also has a healing effect, which must be rubbed back before massage.

Folk remedies

Effectively treat a hernia of the lumbar spine at home with the help of traditional medicine. This is one of the most affordable treatments that, at an early stage, can even replace medication.

Compresses from clay and Kalanchoe leaves

To eliminate pain, a fresh Kalanchoe leaf is taken, the upper film is removed from it, and then with the help of a patch the leaf of the plant is fixed in the area of ​​the hernia.

Red and white clay mixed with chopped leaves of Kalanchoe also gives a good healing effect. To prepare the treatment mixture, 5 parts of red clay, 1 part of white clay are taken and several crushed leaves of the plant are added to them. The therapeutic composition is diluted with some hot water. A cake is formed from the resulting mixture and applied to the diseased area for 3 hours.

Decoctions of herbs

For people suffering from a hernia of the spine in the lumbar, traditional healers recommend using the following decoctions and infusions:

  • Infusion of linden, chamomile and rose hips. To prepare folk remedies on the basis of these plants, 1 teaspoon of linden inflorescences, 1 teaspoon of chamomile flowers and the same amount of dried rosehips are mixed. Plant materials are poured with a glass of boiling water, infused for 20 minutes. The resulting broth is filtered and drunk in the third part of the glass during meals.
  • A decoction of honey with bran. To prepare this folk remedy, rye or wheat bran is needed. Vegetable raw materials, in the amount of 1 tablespoon, must be mixed with 2 glasses of water, put on a stove and boil for half an hour. Cool the resulting mixture and add a spoonful of honey. The broth is divided into 3 servings and consumed in the morning, at lunch and in the evening.

Intervertebral hernia is a dangerous disease. Its development is associated with spinal injuries, sedentary work, osteochondrosis, weight lifting. Traditional medicine, coupled with drug therapy, therapeutic exercises and massage, can successfully treat this disease at home.

Vertebral hernia of the lumbar

Vertebral hernia of the lumbar spine is one of the pathologies manifested by debilitating pain. It manifests itself gradually, so when the first symptoms appear, many ignore the state of their health.

The situation worsens, and the patient has no choice but to agree to surgery. But such a treatment is not always a way out, as it is fraught with possible negative consequences. Is lumbar spinal hernia dangerous? How to treat this pathology at home?

Due to protrusion of the vertebrae, a complete violation of motor activity may occur. Large hernias of the lower back negatively affect nearby internal organs.

Home treatment

Vertebral hernia of the lumbar – how to treat at home?

Thanks to home treatment with exercises and folk remedies, people have learned to cope with the symptoms of a vertebral hernia. This will require regular compliance and long-term application of the recommendations.

Taking medication

With a hernia, pain of varying intensity is manifested. Pinched nerve leads to the fact that a person can not perform simple tasks – to unbend, bend, walk quickly or change body position.

The symptom intensifies if the patient is in the same position for a long time. To alleviate the condition, it is necessary to stop the pain. Without medications, this is impossible.

Pain management

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and conventional analgesics come to the rescue. The first group of drugs acts on inflamed tissues, reducing swelling and lowering the temperature.

But applying them systemically is not recommended. There is addiction or some side effects. As for analgesics, they affect the composition of the blood, so it can thicken. It is necessary to take painkillers as a last resort – if the pain is clearly palpable.

Anesthetics: Diclofenac, Ortofen, Ibuprofen.

Removing swelling and muscle strain

Muscle relaxants are intended for the treatment and relaxation of striated muscles. After their intake, the edema of the tissues surrounding the spine decreases. From the penetration of components eliminated pinching of the nerves.

Medications can be taken at home daily. Despite the strong effect, they do not have a negative effect on the part of the heart, blood vessels and other organs.

Preparations: Midokalm, Mephedol, Sibazon.

Stimulation and support of joints and cartilage

A special group of drugs called chondroprotectors is available for this. It is necessary to begin their intake with the first symptoms indicating problems with the back or other bones.

This is an excellent support for healthy joints, but they do not restore the destroyed structure. Chondroprotectors are useless if degenerative changes have occurred in the cartilage. After the course of treatment, inflammation passes.

Preparations: Rumalon, Teraflex, Arthra.

Vitamin Complexes

Due to the balance of vitamins in the body, metabolic processes occur faster and nerve fiber is restored. Vitamins are required to be taken daily.


When a vertebral hernia occurs in a person, a pain syndrome begins to develop, the influx and outflow of blood to the tissues is disrupted. Finger exposure next to the affected area on the lower back contributes to the rapid circulation of lymph and the elimination of stagnant processes in the muscles.

Massage must be light so as not to provoke an increase in pain. The lines with a hernia go from the lower back to the cervical spine.

During stroking, the spine is raised and wave-like stimulation of the cartilage tissue occurs. Due to increased blood flow, edema is reduced. With caution, massage is used for people with high blood pressure. With a vertebral hernia of the lumbar spine, correct and accurate effects will be needed.

It is better if the massage is performed by a specialist at home. If this is not possible, then any family member can fulfill it, having previously studied with a specialist.

  • During the massage, massage oils are used for greater effectiveness – fir, nut, and a small amount of honey can be added to them.
  • Before use, the product is recommended to be slightly warmed up.
  • After the procedure, the lower back is wrapped in a woolen cloth or scarf.
  • Additional warming will increase blood flow.

Therapeutic and preventive physical education

Exercises for the back are selected individually by the attending physician. Exercise therapy is carried out at home, but only in the absence of exacerbation. With pain, sudden movements and loads will provoke the opposite effect.

Exercise 1.

The patient takes a lying position and extends his arms along the body. Feet remain flat. Smoothly and slowly the body rises in the sacral area, the shoulder blades do not come off. At the upper point, when lifting, the position is delayed, and the buttocks are a little tense. The position is maintained for 15 seconds, then there is a smooth lowering to the starting position.

Overvoltage is prohibited. If the exercise is difficult to perform, then two methods are enough for the first day. During the week, the amount increases to 10 times a day.

Exercise 2.

An exercise for stretching provides tone to the muscles and eliminates protrusion of the hernia. In the supine position, the patient stretches his arms above his head. Feet are bent to the top. Gradually and smoothly it is necessary to exert force and stretch. After a while, the exercise includes raising and lowering the hips. Pain should be absent. If they suddenly appeared, gymnastics is stopped.

Exercise 3.

The patient becomes all fours and smoothly steps his hands from side to side. When turning the head, the legs should be visible. After such turns, a smooth and natural stretching of the back occurs in the lumbar region.

Exercise is recommended in 10 steps. Then give back. To do this, stretch out on a flat, solid surface and relax as much as possible. There should be no tension in the back.

Morning work-out

The most constrained sensations arise after awakening. At this moment, an easy but effective workout is important. Blood circulation from morning exercises quickly removes the feeling of compression of the vertebra.

A sharp rise from the bed will lead to the progression of the disease!

  • First, the right leg is pulled by the knee and leans all the way to the left side.
  • The shoulder blades do not tear from the bed.
  • All movements of the exercise are done with the use of force by hand.
  • The back is not involved.
  • Then the exercise is repeated with the left foot.

It is advisable to repeat several times. The patient is encouraged to stretch and roll when raised from bed.

After turning on the stomach, the arms are extended along the body. Overwhelming movements are made.

With any exercise, the load and pain should not be felt.

Manual therapy

Hernia repair is carried out only by a specialist – a manual therapist. It is forbidden to carry out this procedure at home, since it is possible to provoke a pinched nerve. Therapy is suitable for patients with a slight protrusion (protrusion), when the disk has not yet lost its elasticity.

The therapist determines if there is a rupture of the fibrous ring of the disk. In this condition, the reduction of lumbar hernia is prohibited.

Visceral therapy according to the method of Professor Ogulov A.T.

Orthopedic corset

If the hernia is constantly bulging and causes severe discomfort, special support is used. The orthopedic corset is made of elastic fabric providing air access.

  • fixation of damaged vertebrae of the lower back;
  • load reduction from the pain area and its even distribution;
  • removal of stiffness of muscle tissue;
  • elimination of vertebral deformity;
  • warming effect;
  • the implementation of massage.

The corset is designed using special technology. The plates simultaneously correct, but retain joint mobility. It can be adjusted to the fullness of the body. For a hernia of the lumbar spine, semi-rigid or rigid structures are selected that prevent the hernia from bulging out during movement.

Home hernia repair techniques are an opportunity to completely cure a hernia at an early stage or to delay the time of a complex operation.

Anatoly Kudravets

Anatoly Kudravets, Orthopedic Traumatologist. He works with severe cases, practices operative methods of treating connective tissues