How to cure a hernia of the cervical spine without surgery

A hernia of the cervical spine is a fairly common disease, often occurring not only as a result of injuries and bruises, but also a physiological predisposition of the body. The initial stages of the disease are often asymptomatic, patients ignore the first signs of discomfort in the neck and back. A visit to the doctor is postponed until the pain becomes unbearable and it is difficult to lead a habitual lifestyle.

Cervical hernia and the causes of its occurrence

A hernia is formed as a result of rupture of the fibrous ring in the spinal disc. The nucleus breaks the outer capsule and exits. This is accompanied by a cramping pain not only in the neck, but also gives off to the lower back and lower extremities.

    Osteochondrosis. Muscle corset weakness and sedentary lifestyle. Bad habits, smoking, overweight. All these factors contribute to the rapid “wear” of the body and the emergence of the so-called “senile ailments.” Past spinal injuries, sudden movements, great physical exertion without proper preparation. Physiological predisposition of the body, poor posture, the consequences of infectious diseases.

Any person can be at risk if you ignore the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle and do not undergo a comprehensive medical examination at least once a year.

Interesting to know! The first signs of a hernia of the cervical spine can appear after 20 years and affect pain in the back. If untreated, after 30, the disease progresses rapidly.

Symptoms of a hernia of the cervical vertebra:

    Loss of sensitivity of the skin. Muscle weakness and numbness of the hands. Loss of muscle mass. Sometimes, weight loss of one arm or leg is characteristic, a feeling of relief with elevated limbs. Pain in the shoulder and shoulder blade, aggravated by bending. Spasm can give in the thumb. Complicated flexion and extension of the fingers, a general deterioration in well-being, concomitant diseases of internal organs. Cerebrovascular accident, decreased performance.

Treatment of a hernia

In modern medicine, there are many alternative methods of treating a hernia, ranging from exercise to massage and medications. Only a few percent of patients really need surgery.

A patient with a hernia of the cervical spine is advised to bed rest, the less a person will move, the more effective his treatment will be.

The main methods of treating the disease are:

    Acupressure. It is carried out by affecting the active points of the body, by activating the body’s reserves. This method originates in Tibetan and Chinese medicine. Acupuncture. Widely used to relieve pain and inflammation, helps restore joints. Kinesitherapy. Kinesiologist, by treating the focus of the disease with fingers, relieves general muscle tension, restores damaged ligaments. Manual therapy. This method allows you to return the disk to its original state and completely heal the patient. Vacuum therapy works using cans. As a result, the patient gets rid of the pain and, ultimately, the hernia recedes. Hirudotherapy is used to treat leeches that inject hirudin into the blood. It dilutes the blood, accelerates the movement of lymph and completely eliminates inflammation.

An auxiliary way to get rid of a neck hernia at home is to wear a neck collar. It is recommended to use it from the most acute period of the disease in order to reduce pressure on the damaged disc and relieve pain. In addition, the collar reliably fixes the neck in one position and reduces the risk of additional injury and sudden movements.

The cervical collar with a hernia is worn for about three hours a day, be sure to remove it before bedtime. During the recovery period, dress for one to two hours.

In the initial stages of the disease, traction of the spine, in other words, traction, is used. There are two methods of traction: using a special apparatus and manually. Spinal traction gives a positive result when the protrusion of the disk, with a prolapse of the nucleus, this method is inconclusive.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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Bubnovsky treatment

Dr. Bubnovsky S.M. completely excludes in its practice the surgical and drug effects on the patient’s body, the basis of his method is movement (kinesitherapy). Patients are given an individually designed set of exercises and exercises on simulators with anti-gravity and decompression functions. Even the most neglected case, when it is difficult for a person to perform elementary movements, can be cured. The simulators use the unique MTB anti-gravity system.

To successfully undergo a course of treatment, patients master a special breathing technique, which is aimed at reducing pain and facilitating the implementation of physical exercises. As a natural painkiller, a Russian bath, sauna and cryohydrotherapy are used. Reception with a stay in the steam room and subsequent immersion in ice water, softens muscle tissue, allowing you to stretch the ligaments of the spine. In addition, relief comes almost instantly, pain and inflammation of the periarticular tissues are removed.

After undergoing treatment for cervical hernia according to the Bubnovsky method, immunity is increased, the work of internal organs is normalized, and the musculoskeletal system is strengthened. To maintain the achieved result and complete recovery, individual treatment complexes are selected for patients.

How to cure an intervertebral hernia at home

How I cured an intervertebral hernia

The evening was approaching, panic was growing. The action of painkillers passed, and the leg began to ache more and more. And so every day. In its dense nature, at first I thought that it was a simple sprain, the pain itself would pass, but there came a time when it became unbearable to endure. A week later, I went to the hospital. Did MRI – intervertebral hernia. The doctor looked at the picture, said: “The hernia is large, we must do the operation.” Mom dear, spinal surgery, no, so right away I will not agree.


– Can you do without surgery?

“It is possible,” the doctor once again glanced at the picture, “but I recommend surgery.”

Later, when I was receiving inpatient treatment, I talked to a dozen of my sick colleagues and realized how wisely I acted when I refused the operation.

Statistics report that herniated discs over the past few years have tripled worldwide. Annually, it is detected in 150 people per hundred thousand people

Almost everyone who transferred it returned to the operating table again.

Happily, but with a bad ending (such a paradox), surgery ended only for one of my new acquaintances.

Eight years after the operation, he felt like a normal person. At the same time, he clearly followed the recommendations: he did not lift more than three kilograms.

You can do without surgery

It was ruined by excessive self-confidence. In the summer, he and his wife brought home a plum crop from the garden. Plum lay in a wooden tray, which weighed twenty kilograms. The elevator did not work, and he dragged the tray onto the ninth floor by hand.

Five days later, the sinker was on the operating table, and now he was undergoing treatment with me.

Later, I found out that he repeated three more operations.

Rule number one

Hence the first rule: do not lift weights.

If you are a woman – do not drag heavy bags from the store or from the market.

In Germany, about twenty thousand patients with intervertebral hernia are operated on annually. In the USA, such operations are carried out exactly ten times more – 200

Go there twice, thrice, ask for help husband, boyfriend.

If you are a man, do not pay attention to the phrases: “What kind of man are you, you cannot rearrange the table.”

These people do not know what their reproach will turn out to be.

Rule number one – do not lift weights

Remember – you suffer.

Everyone will forget about the table and shops the next day, and you will lie in a hospital bed and howl in pain.

Back muscles strengthen when walking

I was prescribed treatment. Every day I came to the hospital and did the prescribed procedures.

Who was treated – they know: stretching in the pool, massage, current, ultrasound, gymnastics and more.

Two weeks later, the course ended and I began to wait full of hope for the pain to go away.

She did not leave, only slightly dulled.

A week later, I repeated the procedures in the same hospital for the second time.

Most often, pathological changes develop in the lumbar spine. 48% are detected between the last lumbar vertebra (fifth) and the sacrum. 46% – between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae

They help many, but, as a rule, only for a year. After a year, the patient returns there to the same doctors who still remember him by name.

Someone does not help. To me, for example.

In consultation with my doctor, I almost in desperation asked: “What to do?”

He replied: “Walk.”

– Well yes! Buy yourself shoes with thick soft soles and go.

When walking, the back muscles are strengthened and the spine is held in position.

We must work, not laziness

The thought seemed sound to me, and I began to walk. The first month he covered a day no more than a kilometer, dragging his leg.

Then he noticed that it became easier to walk, I no longer dragged my leg, and the pain almost calmed down.

After a couple of months, my daily stretch was already five kilometers.

And a month later I went through a dozen every day.

I have been walking this way for five years now. I recently thought about it and could not remember which leg hurt: right or left.

During the day, our growth varies. In the evening, a person is two centimeters lower than in the morning. This is due to the fact that the intervertebral discs “flatten” a little when the body is upright

When it is raining or icy on the street, I work out on the simulator.

I bought myself such a cheap simulator (a thousand and kopecks), I will not name the brand, otherwise they will think that I am writing an advertising text.

But in sports stores there are many. It is simple, efficient and small. 18 cm high, -35 cm long. Five kilograms weigh.

I turn on the film, and until it ends, I pace on the spot. The benefits are no less than walking along the street.

We must work, not laziness

The most important thing is to develop a habit in yourself and not be lazy.

I understand everything – business, work, no time.

At first, I also thought that I could not stand it.

But, nevertheless, he rested like a ram and decided that health is still more important.

I remembered the constant aching pain that exhausted, exhausted, drove me crazy, made me crazy, and thought: “No, you can’t stop it.”

There is always an opportunity, there would be a desire

Five, ten kilometers is not as much as you think.

After all, it is not necessary to walk every day at the same time, along the same route.

The main thing is to gain these kilometers per day.

Do not get in a car or bus if you have several stops. And if you go far, get off at three, four stops to the desired one, go on foot.

Believe me, there is always an opportunity to walk during the day.

Intervertebral hernias most often appear in people aged 30 to 50 years. Those who exercise regularly are much less likely to get sick.

I went on a business trip, got off at the station at four in the morning, a change in two hours. You think you got into a chair and dozed off, however.

He went outside and for an hour and a half slowly and monotonously wandered around the station.

On business trips, I often travel long distances. At stations, the train sometimes costs an hour, forty minutes. What am I doing? I walk along the train.

By the way, the rhythm is unimportant. You can move quickly, slowly, very slowly.

But you can’t run, the blows are given to the sore spine.

Brilliantly simple things

In the winter I was on a business trip in Khabarovsk. December, frost, wind. There is no simulator, it is unrealistic to defile along the street. Went to the hotel room. He turned on the TV and walked from wall to wall for exactly an hour. Everyday.

At work, I tell my colleagues: “Every hour I have a warm-up. “Do not think that I am crazy, and do not be annoyed that I will loom in front of you, I just need to move more.”

I get up and walk past the rows of employees bent over the monitors. There and back again.

About ten minutes, but every hour. I do not care what they think, I’m afraid of the return of pain.

Approximately 30% of patients aged 35 years show changes in the intervertebral disc. At 60, degenerative changes of varying degrees are present in 90% of cases. Although not all of them lead to the formation of a hernia

But I am sure that every hour and a half a day everyone will be able to set aside for themselves without such tricks.

Headphones – in the ears, Queen “The show must go on” – and forward to the street.

Five kilometers is just an hour of time. Just an hour!

And in the spring, in the summer – it is a pleasure.

At the same time, the heart will become healthier, and it’s generally good for the body to walk.

Hernia will go away

I’m not talking about a hernia – it’ll leave!

Believe me, firstly, I experienced this on myself, and secondly, I promoted my method among patients.

The term “intervertebral disc displacement” is not entirely correct. The intervertebral disc is connected to the vertebral bodies very tightly, and is strengthened by strong ligaments in front and behind. He cannot move, that is, leave his normal location

Nine people who, like me, forgot about laziness, called me later, thanked me, said that they did not believe at first that everything was so simple and effective.

Simply! Everything ingenious is simple.

The genius, of course, is not me, and it was not me who invented this method, I just had the mind and perseverance to bring it to its logical end.

Therefore, my dear sick colleagues, do as I do. Go, go, go!

More importantly, the treatment is completely free. Do you know how many people will tear off for the procedures in the hospital?

In this article, I talk about my experience in the treatment of intervertebral hernia without surgery at home. But there are other examples. I recently came across a story on YouTube video hosting.

Video: Lumbar hernia. My treatment history

The bad is in the past

I still remember with horror today how I used to swallow Naiz, Ketanov, Ketorol every four hours, and injected Diclofenac and Analgin into myself.

Thank God everything is in the past.

Hello to mental workers! Smoking and a sedentary lifestyle are the main causes of hernia. Smoking lowers oxygen levels in the body, and intervertebral discs experience oxygen starvation. Overweight people are also at risk.

And a big request to everyone who reads this text, drop the address of this note on the forum, on social networks, anywhere.

The more people read this post, the better, and I am pleased if my method helps someone else.

Well, everything, I have to go for a walk!

Here is another way to get rid of intervertebral hernia without surgery, all from the same YouTube video hosting.

Treatment of a hernia of the cervical spine without surgery

A hernia of the cervical spine occurs in connection with violations of the structure of the intervertebral discs.

It can be with dystrophy.
Hernia is an uncommon but dangerous disease.

Symptoms and Causes

The cervical spine includes seven vertebrae. In medical practice, they are prescribed by the letter C in conjunction with the number of the corresponding vertebra.

The most important part is the intervertebral disc. It consists of an elastic fibrous ring located in the center of the nucleus.

If the discs are healthy, then a person does not feel any pain or discomfort when moving the neck.

In case of feeling dizzy, extraneous tinnitus, darkening in the eyes, unexpected short-term fainting and impaired coordination, a hernia of the cervical spine can be diagnosed.

Dependence of symptoms on the site of hernia:

  • A hernia that occurs between the 5th and 4th vertebra (C4-C5), reminds itself of increased pain when raising arms and weakness in the muscles of the forearm;
  • C6-C7 – palpable pain in the triceps and thumb, unpleasant numbness of the forearm;
  • C7 – weakness in the arm, painful numbness of the little finger.

The causes of these symptoms are conditions:

  • Injury
  • Hypodynamia;
  • Osteochondrosis of the neck;
  • Posture problems.

It contributes to the development of the disease – heredity, working conditions and the presence of congenital anomalies of the spine. It is impossible to get rid of a hernia without treatment. Painkillers only exacerbate the situation.

Non-surgical approach

Treatment of a hernia of the cervical spine can be carried out conservatively, i.e. Without surgery, it is possible through the following tasks:

  • Relieving the patient from pain and neurological symptoms;
  • Prevention of disease progression;
  • Prevention of the appearance of new foci of the disease.

To stop the pain in the first stage, it is necessary to stop the pain. For this, the patient should observe bed rest for several days.

After taking the necessary drugs, the pain syndrome goes away.

To consolidate the results of the first stage, use non-drug treatment:

V >Therapeutic gymnastics performed with a hernia in the neck is due to a number of important features:

  • Lack of sudden movements;
  • Minimization of power load.

The most favorable and effective gymnastics under the guidance of a neurologist.

Doing the wrong exercises at home can only make matters worse.

In order to avoid complications of the disease, a number of rules must be observed:

  • Daily classes, lasting 5 minutes, at the beginning and 35-45 – after getting used to;
  • Exercise more effectively in the morning, in the evening you need to leave relaxing exercises;
  • It is forbidden to do after meals and at bedtime;
  • Performing exercises should not cause pain and discomfort.

The effect of medical gymnastics is versatile and favorable:

  • Normalization of blood circulation;
  • Improving the nutrition of the spine, nerve and muscle tissues;
  • Neck pain relief;
  • Decreased headache, extraneous tinnitus;
  • The return of flexibility in the spinal zone;
  • Blocking the development of the disease;
  • Normalization of muscle tone;
  • Prevention of possible exacerbations.

Gymnastics and physical exercises with a hernia can eliminate the symptoms and foci of the disease. This treatment takes a small amount of time and gives the result in a week.


The need for massage with a hernia of the cervical spine is due to the need to relieve muscle tone. After the massage, an improvement in blood supply to tissues is observed.

A high-quality and effective massage should fulfill the following tasks:

  • Reducing tension in the muscles, which leads to a decrease in pressure of the surrounding arteries, improved nutrition in the tissues, minimized effects on the heart and brain, and decreased intracranial pressure;
  • Reduction of pain and discomfort in muscle tissue;
  • Improving nutritional function and blood circulation in the surrounding tissues.

It is impossible to get rid of a hernia with a massage alone. It is important to use complex therapy – massage, physiotherapy, physiotherapy.

Folk ways

Alternative methods of treatment are divided into 2 areas:

  1. Herbal treatment. The method is simple for cooking at home and economical. The most effective are dandelion syrup, a decoction of an equal number of herbs, tincture of fruits and leaves of rose hips and tincture of sweet clover, sabelnik, devil, hemlock.
  2. Compresses Treatment helps a speedy recovery. The maximum effect is observed in people who use compresses from fresh Kalanchoe leaves, garlic compresses, and compresses using badger fat.

In addition to 2 main areas, people are famous for turpentine baths. It is important that proportions are maintained, for 20 liters of water 4 tablespoons of turpentine. You can take such a bath for a maximum of 20 minutes.

This helps improve blood circulation and relieve inflammation. The result appears after 2 months of its use.

Consequences of inaction

In medicine, 3 dangerous consequences for humans have been identified:

  1. Ischemic stroke. He is not able to predict an experienced doctor. It occurs due to the large load of hernias on the vertebral artery. It is responsible for the blood supply to the brain, then a lack of oxygen can provoke the death of parts of the brain. Then death or stroke.
  2. Paralysis. The cause of this problem is atrophy of the cerebral nerve of the cervical spine. The lack of oxygen in the blood vessels leads to their death. Irreversible paralysis of one or 2 hands.
  3. Inflammation. If the hernia is not started to be treated on time, then its increase will lead to inflammation of the surrounding ligaments. What causes cervical radiculitis.

In order to avoid ischemic stroke, paralysis and cervical radiculitis, it is necessary not to start hernia treatment. For timely diagnosis, you need to regularly undergo an MRI examination.

Non-surgical therapy for hernia of the cervical spine

It is essential for pessimists to believe that the only way to get rid of a hernia of the cervical spine is surgery. In fact, this is not so. There are many different methods of treatment and rehabilitation of the patient. However, it all depends on the individual susceptibility of the organism and its ability to cope with difficulties.

Content of the material

The cervical spine experiences considerable loads, which sometimes leads to the formation of a hernia. Your health should be treated with utmost attention and, if necessary, consult a specialist in a timely manner. After all, the prevention or treatment of the disease in the early stages gives significantly better results than in cases of neglect of the disease.

An exception is not the treatment of a hernia of the cervical spine without surgery. This method is preferable for both the patient and the doctors. Therapy involves the following goals:

  • anesthetize;
  • remove the inflammatory process;
  • restore broken functions.

If all else fails, we recommend that you read the material on the operation to remove a hernia of the cervical spine, which we wrote about earlier.

Pulpous formation in the neck becomes the main source of the inflammatory process that has a negative effect on overall health.

All these stages take more than one day, because the treatment does not accept rush. The attending physician selects non-narcotic analgesics individually for each patient to relieve pain.

Important: Drugs should not have a negative effect on the shell of the housing and communal services. Incorrectly selected medications can provoke the appearance of a stomach ulcer.

Vertebral hernia causes a lot of inconvenience. Moreover, this ailment presents the main danger in the fact that if treatment is not started in a timely manner, then paralysis can occur. Everyone is responsible for their health, therefore they are obliged to pay special attention to the slightest deviations from the normal state of health. Timely access to a doctor will allow you to treat a hernia of the spine without surgery.

Treatment course

Treatment of an intervertebral hernia of the cervical spine without surgery also requires bed rest, or at least a decrease in movement activity. After removing the pain syndromes, the patient, as a rule, can be prescribed a massage to restore functions, and they also select a set of physical exercises.

We advise you to read more about acupuncture treatment of intervertebral hernia on our portal.

At this stage, it is important to support the spine in order to reduce stress and prevent the recurrence of pain. To do this, it is recommended to wear a special corset for reliable fixation of the affected section.

With the ineffectiveness of these methods and the development of pathology, laser therapy can be prescribed. Depending on the complexity of the situation, a one-time procedure or the passage of the whole complex is selected. At the same time, the size of the edema decreases and the process of inflammation is removed, which suggests a quick recovery.

Note: Intervertebral hernias of the cervical spine are relatively painlessly treated with the laser, and the effectiveness of the procedures is observed. This is achieved due to the fact that this region of the spine is maximally accessible.

We recommend to study:

Other available treatments

In addition, electrophoresis is possible with a hernia of the cervical spine, and acupuncture, and yoga. Everything is selected individually for each patient, since both the pain barrier and endurance are different.

Read about cervical hernia treatment at home for a better understanding of this therapy.

A correctly selected treatment technique will allow to cure a hernia of the cervical spine without the need for surgical intervention.

There are also methods where treatment of a hernia of the cervical spine without surgery is possible with folk remedies. Basically, this method of therapy involves taking decoctions of therapeutic decoctions.

Anatoly Kudravets

Anatoly Kudravets, Orthopedic Traumatologist. He works with severe cases, practices operative methods of treating connective tissues