How and how to treat knee arthritis

Start treating arthritis as early as possible, do not delay, do not expect complications

The knee joints, being together with the hips, the most massive and important joints of the bones in the body, experience constant stress. This applies not only to walking, but also to the banal maintenance of the body in a selected position, as well as any carrying of heavy objects. That is why many people, due to their professional activities and lifestyles, develop many joint diseases. Quite often, this is an inflammatory process called arthritis. It entails the appearance of severe pain, noticeable edema, reducing the mobility of the joint and worsening the quality of life, a rise in local temperature and other unpleasant phenomena. The causes of the onset of the disease can also be various infectious diseases, the development of tumors, various injuries, as well as tuberculosis. The treatment of arthritis of the knee joint is best started as early as possible, without delaying and without waiting for life-threatening complications. Only timely therapy can save a person from this unpleasant disease.

What does disease therapy include?

This joint disease can be defeated only by complex therapy, which can both eliminate pain and eliminate all the processes that caused the development of arthritis. The doctor’s arsenal has:

  • Drug treatment.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • Massage sessions.
  • Physiotherapy.
  • In an extreme case, surgical interventions are possible.

What exactly can be used, how to treat the patient, is determined only by the doctor. In no case should you take measures yourself and try to get rid of arthritis of the joints.

Medication Therapy

Treatment of this unpleasant joint disease begins with the schedule of taking medications. Usually these are drugs from five large groups.

  1. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These are the basic formulations that are prescribed for patients who need to treat joint diseases. They are able to reduce pain, reduce swelling. Most often, these are Nimesulide, Olfen, Revmoksikam and the like. Despite the effectiveness, they cannot be taken for a long time because of the long list of side effects. The most dangerous are the effects on the digestive tract, liver, the ability to cause bleeding and spasms of the bronchi.
  2. Steroid hormonal drugs. They are needed to reduce inflammation and pain, to save a person from edema. To cure their knee, you need to pump drugs directly into the joint cavity. The most famous drugs are “Diprospan”, “Kenalog” and a suspension of hydrocortisone. True, it must be borne in mind that these drugs have even more side effects than non-steroid drugs.
  3. Warming gels with ointments. They act directly on the skin and the joint area, reduce pain, enhance local blood circulation, help treat the knee and restore its usual mobility.
  4. Chondroprotective drugs. It’s almost impossible to cure joints without these drugs. They restore the cartilage tissue, put in order the metabolic processes in the cartilage. Most often prescribed funds “Rumalon”, “Don”, “Teraflex”. It is necessary to take them for several months in order to notice the medicinal effect.
  5. Vitamins and various general strengthening agents. For the treatment of joints, a variety of vitamin complexes are required to help restore metabolism not only throughout the body, but also precisely in affected joints. The use of group C, B in combination with immunostimulating drugs such as Taktivin or Levamisole helps to normalize the formation of fluid in the joint and increase the elasticity of cartilage tissue.

If necessary, the doctor can prescribe antibiotics, drugs against tuberculosis, the development of tumors. It all depends on the causes of arthritis of the knee joints, the course of the disease, as well as the individual characteristics of each patient.

Physiotherapeutic treatment

To successfully treat arthritic knees, you need to attend physiotherapy sessions. They are not carried out in the acute phase of the disease, but are prescribed exclusively during remission or recovery. Usually, doctors prescribe UHF, magnetotherapy, treatment with paraffin or phonophoresis with hydrocortisone. Physiotherapy helps to order blood circulation, improve metabolism in diseased joints, strengthen cartilage, reduce inflammation, strengthen the musculo-ligamentous apparatus and prevent relapses and exacerbations of the disease.

Therapeutic exercises for arthritis of the knees

Any training for this disease can be carried out only after the pain is removed and the inflammation is removed, otherwise you can not heal the joints, but only hurt. All exercises are preferably carried out lying on the floor or a hard bed. Each exercise is preferably performed six to eight times, carefully monitoring your own condition. The appearance of sharp pain is a signal of the need to stop gymnastics.

  • Lie on your back, pull your arms up, straighten your legs. Stretch in opposite directions, stretching and spreading thus the area of ​​the joints.
  • Lying down to alternate socks and heels.
  • Lie down, straighten your legs. Accurately describe circles in feet.
  • Take turns to raise straight legs.
  • The classic exercise “Bicycle”. It can be performed both with bent legs and with straight legs.
  • Movement “Butterfly”: lie on your back, connect your feet and try to spread your legs to the sides, while raising your head.
  • Familiar “Bridge”: raise the pelvic area, relying only on the shoulders and heels.

How to cure knee arthritis at home

Arthritis is an inflammatory process in the joint, inflammation of the knee joint is also called gonitis. Inflammation can be caused by age-related changes, an autoimmune or infectious agent, due to collagenoses, injuries, etc.

It drives, like any inflammation, accompanied by a number of characteristic symptoms:

  • pain at rest, with physical exertion; it can be different in nature and intensity;
  • the joint looks “swollen”;
  • discoloration of the skin on the affected s >

To diagnose the disease, it is not enough to know the symptoms, it is necessary to conduct a series of studies, both routine and specialized. It is necessary to take a general analysis of blood, urine, biochemical tests. To specialized research include instrumental: radiography, arthroscopy, CT. After diagnosis, the doctor prescribes treatment.

Drug treatment for gonitis

In the acute stage of the disease, anti-inflammatory drugs are used. They can be hormonal – steroidal, and non-steroidal. These include ibufen, ibuprofen, and so on. Steroids are most often represented by prednisone. Intervention in the joint cavity may be required. In systemic autoimmune diseases, the underlying disease should be treated. With sports injuries and age-related changes, chondroprotectors are used to treat joints. These are drugs that restore cartilage and inhibit the process of further destruction. Additionally, vitamin complexes are prescribed.

In the recovery period, the patient is prescribed physiotherapy, massages, exercise therapy. In very rare cases, surgery is performed using endoprosthetics.

Arthritis diet

To treat a knee joint at home, you first need to change your lifestyle and diet. It is necessary to get rid of bad habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol. Nicotine and alcohol destructively affect cartilage.

Nutrition is a very important aspect in the treatment of knee arthritis. It is necessary to exclude from your diet spicy, fatty and salty foods. It is necessary to refuse caffeine, caffeine leaches minerals. The number of meat dishes should be cut. Also

enemies of the joints are chocolate, honey, crackers, chips, french fries, egg yolk, butter.

There are not only enemies, but also friends of the joints. There are animal and plant chondroprotectors of natural origin. Animals – gelatin, vegetable – ginger. These products relieve the symptoms of inflammation.

Fish is rich in amino acids that are necessary for the knee joint. It is worth salmon to give preference. Eating salmon twice a week will provide anti-inflammatory therapy and the necessary amount of vitamin D for the body.

Products containing vitamin E, it protects the joint from toxic substances, helps strengthen the joint bag. These foods include nuts, walnuts, peanuts, almonds.

Products that stimulate collagen production in cartilage are apples. You need to eat apples every day, always fresh and with the peel.

Beans are a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It contains the necessary trace elements for the body. Beans come first in terms of magnesium.

Beijing cabbage contains the daily calcium requirement for the human body. Peking cabbage salad is a great way to fight osteoporosis.

Broccoli is an antioxidant, a leader in the content of vitamins A and C. Protects cartilage from destructive processes.

A few more words about nutrition for arthritis of the knee joint. It is necessary to abandon green onions, tomatoes and a number of fruits. The meat is only boiled, preferably chicken or crawl. It is necessary to use fermented milk products. Be sure to eat fish.

How to make an anti-inflammatory ointment at home

For home ointment, you need 100 ml of alcohol, camphor oil and mustard powder. For a bottle of alcohol, a bottle of camphor oil + 5 grams of mustard. Mix the resulting mass with beaten egg yolks. This ointment is used at night. A wonderful medicine made at home helps relieve inflammation and has a mild analgesic effect.

Home Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis can be treated at home. For successful treatment, you need to follow a diet and ensure peace of the joints.

In the early stages of the disease, joints can be treated with folk remedies. Any expensive ointments can be replaced with compresses from boiled potatoes, garlic, onion leaves. They relieve the symptoms of the disease.

Replace the ointment can be a good old recipe for arthritis of the knee joint – a compress from a cabbage leaf with honey.

Paraffin compresses have proven themselves well. Paraffin must be melted in a water bath. After which, cool a little, blot the tissue in it and lay the tissue on the affected area. Paraffin compresses are recommended by doctors. The procedure takes half an hour.

Honey – a medicine to combat many diseases, known since ancient times. Honey treats arthritis of the knee in the early stages. You can use it not only with leaves of cabbage. To relieve inflammation, it is necessary to mix honey, aloe, alcohol in equal proportions. Compress is used all night. This remedy not only relieves symptoms, but is used to treat the disease.

Another recipe that contains honey is an ointment with mummy and honey. For 100 g, add 0,5 g of mummy. It is applied to the joints for half an hour. A high therapeutic effect was shown not only by the external use of the mummy, but also by the internal.

Effective folk remedies for home treatment are rubbing. For grinding, you can use juice from radish. It must be freshly squeezed. In the juice you need to add table salt, 2 tbsp per glass, and alcohol in an amount of 20 g. Rub the affected knee joint. Any alcohol tinctures can be suitable for grinding. The tincture of red pepper works especially well.

Nettle infusion – cure joints instead of pills. Brew a teaspoon of nettle and drink for 10 days. Infusion time 10 minutes. For infusions, you can use burdock root, currant leaves, dandelion root, spring primrose grass.

As a means for internal use, you can use lemon and celery. Mix everything in a ratio of 1: 1 and add honey. For a week, this remedy must be infused in a dark, cold place, such as in a refrigerator. Take 1 tsp before meals. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

Before starting treatment at home with folk remedies, it must be agreed with the attending physician. It is better not to combine unconventional methods and traditional treatment. In any case, a diet is required. Non-traditional remedies are effective in the early stages of the disease, in advanced cases they will not be able to cure pathology. In any case, it is necessary to undergo a preliminary diagnosis.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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