Fashion street, famous in JapanAs in any other boondocks in the world, in Japan street fashion is very well developed, which in some directions has acquired a full-scale maturity and a transition towards hobbies and creativity.

After all, many costumes are made by hand, in order to be qualified to hit the people as much as possible with their appearance.

Therefore, in order not to look worse than the inactivity, young girls and boys are ready to stay in their workshops for a long time to create a peerless image.

The fact is that in Japan the culture of fashion was formed over many centuries, but only beneath the waves the influence of America and China, young people began to feel more relaxed and free.

That reason, to learn as much as possible about the fashion of Japan, you need to plunge into this area and from inside to trace its development trend.

Directions of Japanese street fashion

1) Lolita. In this duplicate, the girls wear colorful dresses that are ruffled with ruffles and bows. They also tender to make curls and apply make-up, which they create porcelain faces. Pastel shades of dresses bring into being an image of tenderness and femininity, which also can not be overlooked, because these girls are becoming jolly pretty and very attractive. If you are in Japan, you will notice someone from the representatives of this directorate, then you will not be able to pass by and not take pictures with the “live doll”; Outstanding the twenty years that this type of style exists, many of its ramifications and sub-layers tease appeared. But the main theme of the image still remains, even gothic Lolita wear dresses with ruches, at most in black.
2) Co Gal. This style of clothing combines the school uniform and branded things. Girls who bring into the world long since left the school bench, in this way, try to preserve youth and youth as long as conceivable. They try to dress and apply makeup, so that their image is as young as possible. Short checkered skirts, shirts and ties or bows on the box, make people think that before them is really a school-age girl.
3) Ganguro. When your juveniles has long passed, but the soul still needs to continue, women are ready to put on a variety of outfits to abort old age from getting up. Women of different ages wore huge wigs or repainted their locks in completely unthinkable colors, high platforms and at the same time wore short skirts. All this caused not solely interest from the public, but sometimes even admiration, although in many cases, only laugh at.
4) Decor. This style was invented by the famous model of Aki Kobayashi and shared her vision of this the world at large through one well-known magazine. After the article was published, many girls all over Japan tried to be equivalent to this model. The whole essence of this style is to not see absolutely no restrictions in your image, which means you can put on anything you much the same as, paying special attention to jewelry. And when you meet such girls on the street, they are more adore sweet candies or colorful candy than to a person.
5) Kigurumi. This street fashion pizazz is loved by those who like not only to entertain themselves, but also with pleasure doing it for the reasons of others. When you go through Japan, do not be surprised if you meet a huge plush crocodile or a pokemon. It turns out that on a par outside Japan such suits have become popular in the form of pajamas or a comfortable deeply suit.

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Eternal will always be in vogue

The Japanese youth are no different from their peers cranny of the world, which means they also want to express themselves and try to do their best to squawk the current system. Probably, the essence of youth movements is to present themselves in this world as brightly as on. But they always get away with it because after life and work start to influence, most of them plainly forget about these hobbies and begin to follow the already classic trends of fashion brands.