We treat scoliosis at home

On the effectiveness of treatment with folk remedies

Recently, there is an opinion among people that it is necessary to treat diseases at home, using folk remedies. Is it really? Or, nevertheless, you should contact a medical institution for advice and diagnosis in order to avoid undesirable consequences from improper treatment? These issues should be dealt with more carefully. After all, we are talking about our own health, which does not tolerate neglect.

Of course, there are folk recipes that help to cope with the symptoms of ailments, such as, for example, colds, fever, minor digestive disorders, etc. But, it should be immediately noted that such recipes help eliminate the main symptoms, but completely cure the disease, unfortunately these methods are not capable. Especially when it comes to serious diseases requiring medical treatment without fail.

The same goes for home treatment. Before you make a diagnosis and begin to be treated, you should first visit a doctor who will give permission for treatment at home, if possible.

Scoliosis treatment at home

Scoliosis is a pathology that is a curvature of the spinal column. This pathology can lead to a banal sedentary lifestyle, as a rule, begins even from school. Constant incorrect posture at the table leads to a gradual curvature of the spine.

The disease is accompanied by frequent or constant pain, flatfoot may appear, sometimes there are violations of the heart, gastrointestinal tract.

In the early stages, scoliosis is treatable at home; in the later stages, surgery is used.

With timely contact to a medical institution, the attending physician, after conducting an appropriate study, will prescribe treatment that can be performed at home.

Treatment is aimed at stopping the development of the disease, in order to stabilize the spine, to strengthen muscles and correct existing deformities. These four important areas will help get rid of scoliosis in its early stages of development.

How to treat scoliosis at home exercise

As medical practice shows, the best and most effective way to combat scoliosis is a special set of therapeutic exercises, which is aimed at the correct development and strengthening of the back muscles. In addition, significantly improve the overall health of the patient.

A special set of medical exercises will be selected by the attending physician. Each patient should take into account the basic rules that must be followed during physical activity:

  • all exercises are performed slowly, with the breath set correctly;
  • at the very beginning of training, exercises are performed with a minimum load, in the future, the load will gradually increase;
  • at the slightest discomfort, or the appearance of pain, the exercise stops. In this case, you should seek the advice of your doctor;
  • all exercises are performed without excessive effort and without sudden movements and jerks;
  • an important rule – to do therapeutic exercises regularly, daily, and then a positive result will be noticeable.

Therapeutic massage and wearing a corset

Therapeutic massage indicates that when performing it you need to master certain massage techniques. Not knowing these techniques can lead to negative results. Therefore, before you start doing massage at home, you should contact a specialist who will make the first session and introduce you to the correct movements of the hands, and the basic principles of massage for the treatment of scoliosis.

Very often, doctors recommend that young patients wear a special orthopedic corset to help align the spine. It should be noted that the spine in a person grows to 20 years. Therefore, in the early stages of scoliosis, in childhood, wearing a corset will be very useful and relevant, stopping the progression of scoliosis. The right doctor will help you choose the right corset.

Unfortunately, when scoliosis reaches 3 or 4 degrees of development, especially after the age of twenty years, it is not possible to align the spinal column. In this case, the patient is offered surgery, since living with a pathology of this degree is extremely difficult. The quality of life of the patient will gradually deteriorate, leading to various kinds of complications.

Treatment for folk recipes

Almost every doctor in the recommendations has active folk recipes that can facilitate the course of the pathology, and help with complex treatment. When we ask a doctor a question about how to treat scoliosis at home, he can offer compresses, gels, ointments, decoctions prepared independently at home. In addition, twenty minute healing baths with decoctions of herbs are very useful.

Of course, in order to avoid the disease, you need to lead an appropriate lifestyle that will be active, active, useful. Scoliosis is primarily a disease that is developed among children, so parents should constantly keep their child’s lifestyle in mind, monitor their posture, and also remind their children more often, encouraging them to choose between a computer and a walk in the fresh air in favor of the latter .

In addition, it is important to monitor the nutrition of children. It is necessary to explain to the child that bad unhealthy food does not benefit the growing body. In many ways, you need to set a positive example for your children, and an example of a healthy lifestyle especially.

How to cure scoliosis at home

The appearance of a person depends on his posture. A beautiful slender body instantly raises admiration and attracts the attention of the opposite sex. One of the defects in the normal position of the spine is scoliosis. It is quite possible to treat scoliosis at home, you only need to determine the causes of the appearance and the degree of its development.

The disease affects the location of the spine and is characterized by its curvature. Face him primarily at an early age. The stages of this disease range from imperceptible and slowly progressing in adolescence to a vivid expression in an adult, especially with additional loads.


Scoliosis is divided into two types: acquired and congenital. The first is the result of abnormal development of the fetus inside the womb. The consequences of this can be terrible: improper development of the vertebrae and hips, fusion of bones and so on.

Another form is acquired in childhood or adolescence. It is at this time that the human body is more vulnerable, because there is intensive growth and development of the skeleton.

Such changes are often the cause of the curvature. It is not known why, but this disease is found much less frequently in boys than in girls.

Possible causes of scoliosis:

  1. Cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy) and similar diseases;
  2. Vitamin D deficiency and, as a result, the appearance of diseases such as rickets;
  3. Osteochondrosis;
  4. Congenital torticollis;
  5. Herniated discs and more.


Before treatment, doctors examine the patient for the degree of development and neglect of scoliosis:

  • I degree – almost imperceptible curvature, characterized by a slight deviation (curvature up to 10 degrees);
  • II degree – asymmetry of the shoulder blades, back pain (curvature from 11 to 25 degrees);
  • III degree – the shape of the back changes, the protrusion of the ribs is possible. Unbearable pain of the spine (curvature from 26 to 50 degrees) is inherent in people with this degree of the disease;
  • IV degree – the most neglected and terrible form of scoliosis. A rib hump appears, a severely deformed back, noticeable problems with the ribs (curvature greater than 51 degrees).

The most effective diagnostic tool is X-ray. Thanks to the image, the attending physician can determine the presence of the disease, and all the ensuing factors.

The ailment can be considered at home. In its absence, the spine of the child is even, the shoulder blades and shoulders are symmetrical and are on the same level. If there are signs, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Possible complications

Many believe that scoliosis can lead to displacement and compression of the internal organs, and as a result, to a disruption in their work. But you need to understand – such health problems can appear only with 3-4 stages of this disease.

III degree of S-shaped scoliosis

If a person suffers from internal organs and at the same time has a first degree, then these things are in no way connected. Grade 1 of the disease is a very small deviation, not characterized by serious problems, especially with internal organs.

Scoliosis of the second stage is of the same nature. Grade 2 is nothing more than an external flaw with occasional back pain. And even if the pain is frequent – not the fact that it is associated with this ailment.

Really dangerous are 3 and 4 degrees of scoliosis. As a result, the curvature of the spine and chest – increases the load on the lungs and heart.

The consequence of this may be the risk of coronary disease or heart failure. The chances of developing pneumonia, bronchitis and other diseases also increase.

People with grade 3 or 4 scoliosis often complain of gall bladder problems, suffer from chronic pancreatitis, cystitis. Some women have problems conceiving and bearing a child in severe stages of scoliosis.

Signs of occurrence

Back pain does not bode well and can be a sign of scoliosis. Therefore, you should not postpone a visit to the doctor for pain or curvature in these areas. Signs that scoliosis appears may be:

  1. Improper chest construction (protrusion or sagging of the ribs);
  2. Visible deformed areas of the spine;
  3. The appearance of a kind of roller in the lumbar region (a consequence of the pathological tension of muscle fibers);
  4. Violation of walking (flat feet, etc.);
  5. Pregnancy problems (due to curvature of the lumbar region);
  6. Malfunctioning organs;
  7. Inadequate blood circulation, a consequence of this is brain damage;
  8. Changes in character due to health problems.

If the 1st degree develops in childhood and can disappear during adolescence during sports, then the second one has much more problems.

Although scoliosis of the 2nd degree does not cause serious problems, nevertheless it is more difficult to notice it, as a result of this there is an increased chance of further development and complication of the disease.

The main symptoms of the second degree of scoliosis:

  1. Blade asymmetry;
  2. Vertebral rotation around the axis;
  3. Asymmetry of the gluteal folds.

Particular attention should be paid to weight lifting. Indeed, in children 11-12 years old with stage II scoliosis, the risk of transition to the third degree is much increased. Especially – during physical exertion.

There are two forms of scoliosis – fixed and non-fixed. If the child has a fixed scoliosis, the angle of curvature of the spine does not change when lifting weights, and if it is not fixed, it increases.

Home Treatment

In order not to aggravate the condition of the disease, it is necessary to immediately take measures to cure scoliosis. After all, non-fixed scoliosis of the 2nd degree without treatment goes into stage 3.

You can identify the initial stage of this disease at home, but it is best to undergo an X-ray, and computed tomography will determine if there is torsion (twisting, displacement of the vertebrae).

They treat the disease with a kind of physiotherapy. With such a disease, medications are rarely used. Do not forget about the age of the patient and the characteristics of his body.

That is why, in some cases, they use the surgical method of treating the disease. But is it possible to cure scoliosis at home?

In the first degree of the disease, it is necessary to pay attention to restoring the correct posture (trying to walk and sit upright, sleeping on a hard surface) and strengthening the muscles (in this case, the child should be recorded in physical education sections).

Correcting the disease at this stage is quite simple, because the main methods of treatment are gymnastics, swimming, massage, morning exercises.

More difficult is the treatment of scoliosis of the second degree. The first step is to establish whether a person is actually stage II.

The next step will be physical exercise, massage and wearing a corset. For each patient, such a corset is made specially. First, it will need to be worn for several hours. Gradually, the wearing time increases to several days.

To correct scoliosis of the third degree, a corset is also prescribed, which must be worn for a long time. If the angle of displacement is more than 45 degrees, they begin surgical intervention and install a system that straightens the spine automatically.

We should talk separately about scoliosis of the fourth degree. Everything is much more complicated here. At this stage, the disease can carry certain complications and the risks associated with this are quite large.

At this stage, only the surgical method often helps, and then a long course of rehabilitation is carried out.

Not enough simple exercises and massages to completely get rid of the disease. The following events will greatly help the treatment:

  1. Active lifestyle;
  2. Hardening;
  3. The use of the required amount of nutrients (minerals, proteins, vitamins);
  4. Posture regulation;
  5. Sleep on a hard surface.

Folk remedies have power in the fight against scoliosis. Curvature of the spine causes back pain due to the fact that asymmetry leads to stretching. To get rid of such unpleasant sensations, use salt compresses and pine baths, and resin baths – more on this link.

Tips and Tricks

In order not to start the curvature of the spine and avoid further health problems, you must remember the main rule – it is easier to prevent the disease than to treat it.

If you constantly monitor proper posture, systematically walk in the fresh air and do morning exercises, a disease such as scoliosis will not have a chance of occurrence. And at the first sign, you must immediately see a doctor and follow all his recommendations.

As can be seen in this article, scoliosis is a lot of costly and slowly occurring disease. However – in the early stages, the ailment does not constitute any danger. Possible complications associated with curvature can manifest themselves only in advanced stages, and even then not always. But despite this, it is necessary to monitor your health, because any health problems, one way or another, have consequences.

Particular attention should be paid to children and pregnant women, because it is they who are more dependent on proper care and care.

It is recommended to apply various procedures after examination by a doctor. Since improper exercise can do more harm than good. And at home, special attention should be paid to the prevention of the disease. The second stage is the most common, which means that every effort must be made to prevent future complications and relapses.

For this, regular exercise, proper nutrition, and routine examinations will be more optimal. If you take into account all these recommendations and try to implement them, scoliosis will forever remain a medical term.

How to treat scoliosis at home with folk remedies

Scoliosis is a very common disease that occurs in people of all ages. In most of the cases, the moment when the curvature can be relatively easily corrected is missed. Some cannot detect the disease in the early stages, others do not take it seriously, while scoliosis is dangerous for progressive development. Unfortunately, the last (4) stage of the disease can only be cured by surgery.

Recognize the initial signs of scoliosis and take all possible measures to correct it is better at an early stage. Otherwise: constant pain, disturbances in the work of internal organs, flat feet.

When deciding to do independent therapy, a mandatory consultation in a medical institution and the approval of all actions by a specialist are necessary. The attending physician will conduct a thorough diagnosis and tell you how to fix scoliosis at home if the stage of the disease will allow self-medication.

Correction of scoliosis with the help of a set of physical exercises is the most effective way to combat the disease, which will strengthen and properly develop the back muscles. Activities will strengthen the intervertebral cartilage, so the ligaments and joints will begin to recover, the strength of muscle flexibility will increase and overall health will improve.

But before moving on to the training process, you need to familiarize yourself with its basic principles:

  1. Start training in light mode, gradually increasing its load;
  2. During the exercise, sharp movements are excluded, the whole complex is performed at a smooth and slow pace;
  3. Classes should not go through pain and strength. If you feel unwell, it is better to postpone the mini-training;
  4. Correction of scoliosis involves not only the load on the back. The physical complex should also be aimed at the development of the shoulder girdle and legs;
  5. In the process of doing exercises, it is necessary to observe the correct calm breathing technique.

There are no difficulties in performing therapeutic and preventive exercises, and with regular practice a positive result will be surely visible:

  • While standing, tilt the body forward to the feet.
  • “Scissors”: we lay down on our back, we hold a straight canopy and make them intersecting movements according to the type of work of the scissors.
  • “Cat”: while standing on all fours, bend and bend your back, thus increasing the mobility of the spine.
  • Standing on your knees and elbows, sit on your heels and stay in that position, pulling your back to complete relaxation.
  • Sit on the floor with your hands behind your back. Now try to maximize the pelvis up with support on straight arms.
  • Take a position, lying on your stomach and raise your upper and lower limbs, fixing the position for 20-30 seconds. After alternately raise your right leg and left arm, then vice versa.

In addition to these exercises will be useful elementary hanging on the horizontal bar.


Using this method, you can relax tense muscles and improve the tone of weak fibers. Massage also activates metabolism, blood circulation and has a general strengthening effect on the entire musculoskeletal system.

Although massage is allowed to be performed at home, it is impossible to start the procedure without knowing the specific basics of his technique. That is why it is necessary to invite an experienced specialist to the initial session, who will tell all the subtleties of art. Back massage for scoliosis is done in the following order:

  • Longitudinal stroking;
  • Deep friction, kneading;
  • Rubbing skin folds (fingertips);
  • Vibration with palm or fingers;
  • Alternating stroking.


The muscles of a person diagnosed with scoliosis are significantly weaker than the muscles of a healthy person: they do not function fully and do not support the spinal column to a sufficient degree. Therefore, if scoliosis is diagnosed, treatment often involves wearing special corsets.

This device is recommended to be worn already at the first degree of curvature. The corset holds the spine in the correct position, stops the progression of the pathology and, after a certain period of time, completely restores the axis of the ridge. However, a positive effect can only be expected until the patient is 15-18 years old, while there is still an active process of growth and formation of skeletal muscles.

The main rule when choosing a corset is that it must be purchased only on the recommendation of the attending physician.

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Folk remedies

When considering all possible methods of treating scoliosis at home, one cannot help but mention traditional methods of therapy. Self-prepared ointments for massages and compresses can in no way affect the position of the spinal column. However, their contribution to the integrated approach to combating scoliosis is invaluable. The main tasks of “home healing” are the relief of pain, relieving spasm and muscle relaxation.

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Hondrostrong gel for joints

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  1. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of salt in a glass of warm water. In the resulting solution, moisten the bandage and apply to the sore back. After a couple of hours of holding the compress, apply Menovazin ointment for greater effectiveness.
  2. In equal proportions, peeled potatoes and horseradish root are passed through a meat grinder, thoroughly mixed and applied to the place of pain localization (on a gauze bandage). The compress holds until you feel a burning sensation.
  3. As a compress, you can use a regular rye flour tortilla. Just knead the dough on the water and put it on a sore spot – the attack of pain immediately stops.

Warm baths

  1. Boil chopped pine branches over low heat for 10 minutes and let them brew for about 5 hours. Strain the resulting infusion, and add to the bath in a ratio of 1: 1 with water.
  2. Boil for 10 minutes 1 kilogram of aspen bark in 3 liters of water, strain and pour into the bath.
  3. In a three-liter saucepan, boil for 5-7 minutes 300 grams of chamomile flowers, strain through gauze – the broth is ready.

Therapeutic baths must be taken during the week, alternating decoctions. The duration of one session is not more than 20 minutes. The area of ​​the heart should be above the water.

Treatment 3 and 4 degrees

It is quite difficult to get rid of the advanced form of scoliosis. If children’s curvature can still be completely aligned, then the task of treating scoliosis in adults is to prevent further progression of the disease.

After 20 years of age, you can only rely on the elimination of 2-3 degrees from the pathological arc of curvature. However, most often, with 3 and 4 degrees of scoliosis in adults, doctors insist on surgical intervention. Their purpose is argued by the fact that after the operation, the spinal cord and nerve endings will not be squeezed, unnatural curvature will be corrected, which can no longer be removed by other treatment methods.

A disease after the cessation of active growth of the body develops very rarely and almost all cases of adult scoliosis are the wrong treatment for an illness in childhood or neglect of it at all.

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All of the above methods answer the question of how to cure scoliosis at home, but they will not be enough if you do not adhere to elementary “anti-scoliosis” rules in a systematic manner. The list of useful recommendations is so simple and harmless, but effective that it is useful to carry out as preventive measures even for those who have no problems with the spine and back muscles:

  • An active lifestyle and daily walks in the fresh air are prerequisites for those who want to be healthy. It has been proven that regular exercise will improve posture and prevent the development of scoliosis.
  • A good balanced diet should satisfy the needs of a growing organism. In total, the lack of one of the components necessary for growth and regeneration can lead to various diseases, including curvature of the spine.
  • The place of sleep and rest should be comfortable: you should forget about a soft bed and high pillows, but you can’t get carried away with too hard a bed. The ideal solution is to buy an orthopedic mattress.
  • The sitting position should be controlled: the lower back should be adjacent to the back of the chair, the buttocks should be on the chair.
  • Static loads should always be diluted with short breaks and supplemented with active physical activities (visiting sports sections, swimming, cycling).

With the growth of a person (especially at school age) to the period of skeletal maturity, body proportions are actively changing. Therefore, so that subsequently there are no questions about how to get rid of scoliosis, from childhood a habit of keeping an even posture should be inculcated.

Author: Petr Vladimirovich Nikolaev

The doctor is a manual therapist, orthopedic traumatologist, ozone therapist. Methods of exposure: osteopathy, post-isometric relaxation, intraarticular injections, soft manual technique, deep tissue massage, analgesic technique, craniotherapy, acupuncture, intraarticular administration of drugs.

Does physical therapy help with scoliosis of the 1st degree?

How to perform exercises for spinal kyphosis?

Scoliosis treatment at home

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Successful treatment of scoliosis depends on two main factors.

1. The professionalism of the doctor who directs the treatment.

2. The diligence and care of the patient himself.

The main measures for the treatment of scoliosis should be performed by a sick person on his own, therefore, successful disposal of spinal deformity very much depends on how the patient himself will treat the treatment.

Let us dwell on the main points of independent disposal of scoliosis.

1. Control over posture.

2. How to sit at the table.

Posture control

If scoliosis is suspected, a posture test should be performed every 2 weeks and, based on these tests, draw conclusions about the formation of the skeleton in the child.

With proper posture, all parts of the body are located symmetrically relative to the spine, there is no rotation of the pelvis and vertebrae in the horizontal plane and bends of the spine or oblique position of the pelvis – the spinous processes of the spine are located in the midline of the back. The proportions of the body change over time, so you need to control your posture, paying attention to the age of the person.

Normal preschooler posture

The chest is symmetrical, the shoulders do not protrude anteriorly, the shoulder blades protrude slightly, the abdomen extends forward, the legs are straightened, lumbar lordosis is observed – the spine bends forward in the region of the lower back. The spinous processes of the spine are located in the midline of the back.

Normal student posture

The shoulders are horizontal, the shoulder blades are pressed to the back (do not protrude). Physiological bends of the spine are moderate. The protrusion of the abdomen decreases, but the front surface of the abdominal wall is located anterior to the chest. The right and left halves of the body when viewed from the front and rear are symmetrical.

Normal posture of boys and girls

The spinous processes are located in the midline, the legs are straightened, the shoulders are lowered and are on the same level. The shoulder blades are pressed to the back and do not protrude. The chest is symmetrical, the mammary glands in girls and the nipples in boys are symmetrical and are on the same level. The triangles of the waist (the gaps between the arms and the torso when a person is standing level with his arms lowered along the torso) are clearly visible and symmetrical. The abdomen is flat and pulled in relation to the chest. The physiological curves of the spine are well pronounced, in girls, lumbar lordosis is emphasized, and in boys, chest kyphosis.

Controlling posture is the first step in preventing and treating scoliosis at home.

Exercises for the treatment and prevention of scoliosis at home

If you have already found a curvature of the spine, then before you begin to perform the exercises proposed here, consult your doctor. The exercises are simple and they do not require special preparation, but remember that a tangible result from these exercises will be only with regular exercise. Thanks to these exercises:

1. intervertebral cartilages, adjacent ligaments and articular bags are developed, due to which they have the opportunity to recover;

2. excessive tension is removed from the spine;

3. increases the strength and flexibility of the muscles of the spine;

4. improves the overall well-being of a person.

Exercise Rules

1. Perform each exercise 5 to 15 times.

2. Perform exercises only when you feel alert, do not do exercises through strength.

3. Master the exercises slowly, gradually.

Exercise Technique

1. The exercise can be performed while sitting or standing, the back is straight, the shoulders are straightened and motionless, the clasped palms are located in front of the eyes so that the upper edge of the palm is flush with the eyebrows. Pull your head up, trying to peer out from behind your palms and reach your crown to the ceiling. Stretching your neck, turn your head to the right and left.

2. The back is straight, the head is raised. Tilt your head back gently, then also gently and slowly tilt it forward.

3. The back is straight, keep your head straight. Slowly look to the right and, following the look, turn your head as much as possible without much effort. Then do the same movement in the opposite direction. Gradually increase the range of motion.

4. Standing, arms down along the torso. Lift the right shoulder up, lower the left down. Following the left shoulder, the head bends slightly. Do the same in the other direction. With each repetition, aim to tilt a little lower.

5. The back is straight, the pelvis is motionless. Squeeze the spine like a spring, shoulders, as if under weight, lower it down, then stretch the spine – stretch your shoulders up, trying to touch their ears.

6. The back is straight, the pelvis is motionless. Imagine that you are going to wrap your arms around a large round object. Stretch your arms forward, as if you were clutching it. In this case, the shoulder blades diverge after the movement of the hands, the back bends. Then do the reverse movement, take your hands back and to the side, throwing your head back and arching your back.

7. Sitting on the floor or chair, hands rest on the seat or floor, the back is straight. As you exhale, lean forward, trying to reach your knees with your nose. Straighten your back as you inhale. Then lean back, as if trying to reach the buttocks with the back of your head, and return to your starting position.

8. Standing, legs shoulder-width apart, slightly bent at the knees, hands on the belt, back straight. Within 30 seconds, make circular movements of the pelvis to the right and left side, slightly tilting the body, but without bending the spine. The breath is deep, calm.

9. Standing, back straight, legs shoulder-width apart. Lean forward while arching your lower back. Return to starting position.

For the treatment of scoliosis at home, exercises that increase the strength of the back muscles are also necessary.

Rules for using the spine

The spine, like any other organ, feels comfortable when it is in optimal conditions, so to avoid scoliosis or to get rid of it, you need to learn how to stand, sit and lie. We will consider how to sit properly, since a modern person, both a child and an adult, sits at the table every day for many hours and, according to experts, it is precisely because of improper sitting that scoliosis develops most often in children.

It is necessary to sit with a straight back, but without disturbing the physiological curves of the spine. Buttocks should be on the back of a hard and straight seat. The loin should fit snugly against the back of the chair, the shape of which should correspond to the physiological curves of the spine. The abdomen should be picked up and the muscles slightly tense, the shoulders straight, lowered and relaxed, the head in a natural position, not tilted forward. The chair seats should be flat and shorter than the hips. This is necessary so that the edge of the stool does not squeeze the veins and arteries under the knees and does not interfere with normal blood circulation in the legs. The height of the chair from the seat to the floor should be the same as the distance from the thigh to the floor, that is, the feet should be completely on the floor, and not dangling in the air.

Even if you are sitting in optimal conditions and on the “right” chair, every 40 minutes you need to get up and walk for at least 20 – 30 seconds – this is necessary in order to remove a static load from the back muscles.

Treatment of scoliosis at home is possible, but only subject to the above rules and under the supervision of a doctor.

Modern treatment

The most effective treatment methods are used by specialized centers for the treatment of the spine:

• Acupuncture (relief immediately)

• Manual therapy (soft techniques)

• Therapeutic back massage

The restoration of muscle mobility and elasticity can be accelerated. There are new effective ways to restore muscle conduction:

• Hivamat (pain passes in 2 sessions)

• Electrophoresis (but only with the Ionoson apparatus)

The complex application of techniques allows to achieve a long-term treatment effect.

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Morozov Georgiy

Georgy Morozov, rheumatologist. For more than 20 years, he has been involved in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of joint diseases.