Scoliosis massage therapy video

Massage with scoliosis of the spine is an essential component of complex treatment. This method allows you to improve the condition of the muscle corset and in the initial stages allows you to eliminate the disease, and in more serious cases, significantly alleviate the symptoms and slow down the progression.

What is spinal scoliosis

Scoliosis is a persistent deviation of the spinal column from its axis in the frontal plane. Depending on which side the shift occurred, right-side or left-sided scoliosis is distinguished. The disease most often occurs during the period of intensive growth of the skeleton, that is, at the age of 4–7 years and 11–15 years.

In adolescents and children, the cause of scoliosis can be:

  • Weak back muscles due to lack of sufficient physical activity.
  • Unbalanced diet deficient in trace elements and vitamins.
  • Carrying briefcases or bags on one shoulder.
  • Wrong posture during class at the table.
  • Congenital defects of the musculoskeletal system (vertebrae, ligaments and muscles).

Why massage is needed

Massage with scoliosis of the spine allows you to eliminate or significantly reduce the imbalance in muscle tone that occurs with this disease. Using special exposure techniques, a specialist will be able to relax overly spasmodic muscles and tone those glorified. Properly performed exposure improves microcirculation and metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the condition of ligaments and tendons.

Basic principles

Preliminary survey. It is necessary to identify the stage of the disease, as well as the presence or absence of contraindications to treatment. Massage should be done only by a specialist who has undergone special training. Improper procedures can be harmful.

It is not recommended to eat within two hours before the session and within an hour after it. The room should be warm. The optimal number of sessions is 15–20. During the year, it is recommended to undergo 2-3 courses of treatment. The surface on which the massage is carried out should be smooth and moderately hard. The best option is a special massage table.


Massage can not be performed in the following cases:

  • Inflammatory processes of any localization.
  • Increased body temperature.
  • Arterial hypertension.
  • Diseases of the skin.
  • Neoplasms.
  • Period of menstruation.
  • Diseases of the nervous system.
  • The period of exacerbation of any chronic diseases.
  • Surgery over the past 6 months.
  • Any malaise on the day of the procedure.

Types of massage

The impact can be general when the whole body is massaged, and particular when certain zones are worked out. Types of therapeutic massage can be as follows:

  • Manual. Masseur makes an impact with his own hands.
  • Can. The therapeutic effect is achieved due to the vacuum created in special banks installed on the patient’s back. During the procedure, the specialist moves the banks along the spine in direct, circular or zigzag movements. This effect has a pronounced lymphatic drainage effect and significantly improves blood circulation in the tissues.
  • Point. The essence of this technique in influencing special acupuncture points of the body.
  • Differentiated. In this view, different methods of exposure appear in different areas.
  • Hardware The procedure is carried out using special devices: massage chair, massage pillow, special hand massager, body vibrator and others. For such a massage, there are strict indications, therefore it is not recommended to use the devices on their own.

Which type to use in each case, can only be determined by a doctor.

Technique of execution

Depending on the part of the spine that is deformed, as well as the severity of the disease, different exposure techniques are used. The main task when performing the massage is to achieve relaxation of excessively tense muscles and to tone the weakened ones.

  • Massage is performed while the patient is lying on his stomach. Hands lie freely along the body. A special cushion is placed under the ankle joints for maximum relaxation of the muscles of the lower back.
  • First, the muscles are heated and blood flow is increased in them.
  • More intense stage. First, the muscles are massaged from the convex segment of the spinal column. There, the muscles are stretched and often atrophied, so the massage therapist improves muscle tone with special techniques.
  • Next, they act on the concave segment. Here the muscle fibers are spasmodic and shortened. By acting on them, the masseur achieves muscle relaxation and recovery from normal functioning.
  • End the session with stroking movements all over the back.

Features of the procedure for varying degrees of scoliosis

Massage effect for each degree of the disease has its own characteristics.

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Massage for scoliosis of the 1st degree

At the first stage, a change in the position of the spine is not clearly identified, therefore it is enough to carry out kneading and rubbing movements in the area between the shoulder blades and along the spine. Massage for scoliosis in children can be carried out at home after the parents have completed a training course in basic techniques of a specialist. To correct the curvature of the spine at the initial stage, massage is often enough to conduct several courses in combination with therapeutic exercises.

Massage for scoliosis 2 and 3 degrees

In order to tone the weakened muscles, it is necessary to gradually increase the impact both during the current procedure and from session to session. In the second and third degrees of curvature, it is desirable to influence the acupuncture points and to know the features of the massage in case of damage to various parts of the spine. Therefore, with scoliosis of 2 degrees and higher, it is better to entrust a baby massage to a specialist than by inept actions to harm the baby’s health.

Features of conducting in adults

Treatment of scoliosis in adults is much more complicated. Here, the specialist deals with the formed musculoskeletal system, and not plastic, like a child. In addition, in adults, scoliosis is often combined with osteochondrosis. Nevertheless, if the disease is not started, then even in adults massage will help to correct it.

At the first stages, an intense shallow effect is performed in order to increase the general tone of the body. At the stage of correction of deformation and stabilization of the achieved results, the massage becomes deeper, more intense and longer. In adults, special attention is paid to the effects on the muscles of the chest, abdomen, neck and buttocks. Often there is a need for deep study of the lower extremities with curvature of the spine in the lumbar region.

It is important that massage is always used in conjunction with exercise therapy (physiotherapy), physiotherapy and, if necessary, medications. Only in this case can an effective treatment of scoliosis in adults be achieved. It is often recommended that the patient wear a special corset or belt.

Thus, back massage for scoliosis in both children and adults is an essential component of therapy, and the earlier it is started, the more effective it is. An important condition is compliance with the massage technique, as well as a combination of massage with other treatment methods recommended by the doctor.

How to perform back massage for scoliosis (curvature of the spine) in children?

Scoliosis is a change in the region of the spinal column, resulting in lateral curvature of the spine. Among the possible causes of this disease are inflammation in the back, congenital pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, vertebral hernia, osteochondrosis. Scoliosis can also be the cause of many diseases.

The effect of massage with scoliosis on the body

Massage course held by a professional:

  • accelerate the treatment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system;
  • restore the body, and give the patient energy;
  • will have a beneficial relaxing effect.

A correctly selected massage technique is an excellent prevention of many pathologies, and will cure existing diseases:

  • nervous system – skin and muscle receptors are subject to mechanical influence during the procedure, which leads to a sedative effect;
  • musculoskeletal system – the massage therapist’s passes accelerate the movement of blood, while increasing the amount of oxygen, nutrients entering the ligaments, joints and muscles;
  • circulatory system – due to massage accelerates the flow of blood and lymph, which cleanses the body;
  • metabolic systems – massage stimulates metabolic processes that contribute to increased tone;
  • integumentary system – during massage exfoliation of the upper layer of the ep >Massage is recommended to be carried out by an experienced specialist, but this does not mean that you cannot master the technique of information video on your own

Rules of the procedure for curving the spine in a child

There are clear rules for children’s massage, which make the procedure as effective as possible. The course of therapy consists of a minimum of 20 sessions. The time of each dose gradually increases from 15-20 minutes to 1 hour.

When performing the procedure, the age and severity of the pathology in the patient are taken into account. Localization, strength of influence and duration of massage sessions depend on these characteristics.

Massage for scoliosis requires the use of techniques:

  • kneading
  • continuous vibrations;
  • stroking body areas;
  • rubbing;
  • light finger strokes.

The technique of the procedure always consists of these basic techniques, the sequence and intensity of which is determined individually for each person.

Massage technique with video

The essence of therapy is simple – a specialist needs to return the tone to weakened muscles and lead to relaxation of tension. A massage session looks like this:

  • Prior to the procedure, the masseur achieves the greatest possible muscle relaxation. The spine is given the position closest to normal.
  • The session takes place on a special table, the child is in a prone position.
  • The child is located on his stomach. Masseur begins passes from the thoracic region. Initial movements are relaxing. Then the specialist proceeds to vibrations in the area of ​​thoracic scoliosis and lumbar lordosis (concavity).
  • The kid flips to his left side. Masseur special passes holds the iliac crest on the right. Used movements that maximize the effect of massage.
  • The child rests on his stomach again. The masseur proceeds to work with the lower back, then to the area under the shoulder blades, stretching her muscles.
  • Toddler rolls onto his back. The doctor works with the front chest surface.
  • The massage ends with smooth stroking movements of the back and the area above the shoulders. By doing this, the massage therapist achieves the effect of relieving tension from his previous actions.

On the Internet there are many videos that can be used as training material for performing the procedure at home or advanced training. One of the most effective is considered to be the technique of pediatric back massage of Adele Maksovna Chunts.

Massage treatments for different degrees of scoliosis

Massage for scoliosis in children is a necessary procedure to minimize or eliminate curvature and lateral deformities of the spine. There are 4 degrees of scoliosis, each of which has characteristic features. Depending on the degree of scoliosis, different massage techniques are used.

I degree, the characteristic manifestations of which are:

  • head down;
  • shoulders kept up all the time;
  • strong stoop;
  • violation of the symmetry of the waist;
  • pronounced displacement and rotation of the vertebrae around the vertical axis.

With a curvature characteristic of this degree, it is recommended to carry out a light massage in the form of rubbing and stroking. The strength of the effect varies depending on the application. Movements begin from the sacrum, and gradually move along the spine to the scapular region. Having received the approval of a doctor, this procedure for grade I can be carried out by parents.

II degree possessing such features:

  • twisting of individual vertebrae (torsion);
  • violation of the symmetry of the cervical contours;
  • the presence of a muscle roll in the lumbar region;
  • protrusion of the chest (see also: keeled and funnel chest deformities in children).

III degree is characterized by:

  • “hump” is visually manifested;
  • there is a weakness of the abdominal muscles;
  • protrude front ribs.

It is important to know that for each degree of scoliosis, its own massage technique is used.

II and III degree of scoliosis requires special attention. The specialist carefully massages the affected areas, carrying out the procedure of burdening and abduction of muscles. Massage is carried out in the position of the baby lying on his stomach, side and back.

With IV degree of scoliosis, there is:

  • a sharp increase in symptoms of I – III degree;
  • in the area of ​​curvature, the muscles are greatly stretched.

Scoliosis of the IV degree is manifested by severe pain and active deformation of the ridge. For lordosis and kyphosis, a different technique is used, and the masseur necessarily controls the level of pain in the patient. Performing massage at this stage of the pathology makes sense only at an early age.

Features of the procedure at home

In any case, massage will help correct the baby’s posture and strengthen muscles.

Features of the procedure at home:

  • start treatment as soon as the child is diagnosed with scoliosis;
  • when performing massage, cons >

Scoliosis is a violation of symmetry in the human body, this is the process of curvature of the spine to the right or left relative to its normal vertical axis. When diagnosing a disease, massage for scoliosis of the spine will help to overcome all deviations much faster.

Content of the material

Scoliosis is a process of curvature of the spine on one side, accompanied by severe deformations of the back and improper functioning of organs adjacent to the spine. The treatment process can be carried out conservatively and expeditiously. The most effective methods include massage for scoliosis of the spine. This procedure many times proved the undeniable benefits for the human body, helped to relieve pain and prevent exacerbations.

Known massage techniques

Back massage for scoliosis should begin with the muscles on the legs, then the specialist gradually moves to the hips, stomach, and only in conclusion the back is affected.

The technique involves strengthening weak muscles and relaxing those that are too tense.

The technique involves strengthening weak muscles and relaxing those that are too tense. With different forms of damage, an appropriate massage is performed. The effect of scoliosis of 2 degrees, 1 degree and more advanced forms is also different.

Stages of massage with the development of C-shaped scoliosis

  • With this curvature, massage should begin with simple strokes of the back. The master initially massages the concave part, and only then the arched part.
  • Then he proceeds to warm up the broadest and longest muscles with circular arms. And with straightforward movements, the muscles are massaged in the spaces between the ribs.
  • With the same duration and dynamics, you need to continue massage on the neck and trapezius muscle.
  • It is necessary to alternate massage with simple strokes.

We recommend reading about the use of manual therapy for scoliosis of the 2nd degree in addition to this article.

Massage should begin with simple strokes of the back.

Important! At the first stages, it is required to relax the muscles as much as possible, and only then engage in their strengthening and stimulation.

We should not forget about the pectoral muscles – they also need relaxation, and the muscles on the abdomen – in additional strengthening for unloading the back. Massage with right-sided scoliosis or with damage to the left side is practically no different.

We wrote earlier about curvature of the spine of the lumbar spine and advised to bookmark the article.

Stages of massage with C-shaped scoliosis in the lumbar region

Therapeutic massage for scoliosis should begin with light strokes, turning into “squeezes”. The phasing of the process is no different – first they act on the concave side, then on the convex side.

C-shaped scoliosis of the lower back.

  • Warm up for the longest and broadest muscles through circular hand movements.
  • A straight massage for the muscles in the area between the ribs.
  • Massage separately for the lower back in circular motions.
  • Massage of the pelvic zone – first stroking, then “squeezing”, a warm-up for the sacrum and the crest, located in the ileum.
  • Pressure on the convex region of the back, adjusting the spine into place.
  • In conclusion, a massage is performed for the muscles on the legs.

The coccyx is the lower part of the spinal column, consisting of five fused vertebrae. In distant ancestors, if we follow Darwin’s theory, it acted as a tail support, while in modern man it bears the status of a rudimentary organ. However, this rudiment brings a number of inconveniences and painful sensations during its injuries and pathologies. One of the serious pathologies is the coccyx curvature.

Stages of massage with S-shaped scoliosis

Another severe case of spinal curvature is S-shaped scoliosis. For its correction, massage should be done on the chest and lower back, following the same sequence that was described.

The video shows a therapeutic massage for scoliosis

Advice! The duration of massage therapy should be 10-12 days, and for prophylaxis it is recommended to repeat treatment 2-3 times a year, depending on the severity of the pathology and general health.

We recommend to study:

The technical side of the implementation of massage

Massage with curvature of the spine is used in a complex treatment process and is prohibited for self-implementation at home! It helps strengthen muscles, stimulates blood flow, metabolic processes in the body, and also restores the entire musculoskeletal system of a person. Massage should be done only by a professional. To do this, there is a special massage technique developed in accordance with the principles of its implementation known in medicine in the diagnosis of scoliosis. These principles include:

  • Differentiated effect on shortened or, on the contrary, stretched muscles on the buttocks, chest, abdomen, arms and legs.
  • Differentiated effect on the muscles of the back: concave arches need to be stretched and relaxed too tight muscles, arched arches – you need to tone and stimulate the work of the stretched muscles.
  • The specialist must find places where the muscles are in hypertonicity, places of localization of pain, compaction, and then act on the listed violations with reflex or acupressure massage techniques.

We also recommend that you read about massage for scoliosis in children in addition to this material.

Massage helps strengthen muscles, stimulates blood flow, metabolic processes in the body.

Important! The masseur is obliged to clearly identify the objectives of the treatment and establish a methodology for its implementation on an individual basis. A full course includes various procedures and techniques.

In addition, we recommend:

Thai Scoliosis Massage Technique

Thai massage is considered an effective method for the comprehensive treatment of scoliosis, helping to deal with its consequences. The session should begin with a slight pressure on the back. Next, a lumbar massage is performed and study of the lateral areas is done through rotational movements.

The procedure ends with a stretch for the hands and light pressure on the side surfaces of the back.

Thai massage for the spine.

So, a massage for the treatment of scoliosis, supplementing other treatment methods, helps to quickly correct violations of the location of the spinal column. The result appears a few months later. The duration of the procedures in adults is individually prescribed by the attending physician, and in children, therapy is carried out until the moment of full recovery.

Scoliosis Massage

A special massage for scoliosis, correctly performed and professional, has a combined effect on the body: heals, relaxes, restores. This approach allows not only to get rid of the disease, but also to prevent its occurrence in the future (preventive goals). Massage also has a positive effect on the nervous system: a massaging effect excites nerve cells, due to which a stream of positive impulses is generated.

The nature of scoliosis

Scoliosis is an arched deformation of the human spine that occurs as a result of improper posture, various developmental abnormalities or due to inflammatory processes directly in the vertebral tissues. With this disease, the normal location of the internal organs, as well as their functions, are violated. This mainly applies to such systems of the human body as cardiovascular and respiratory.

Externally, scoliosis is manifested by an increase in the muscular roller on the convex side of the spine, as well as by the appearance of a rib hump in the thoracic region.

The concept of “scoliosis” comes from the Latin scoliōsis, which translates as “curve”.

With intense physical exertion, as well as with a change in lifestyle, the disease sometimes regresses. Arcuate curvature of the spine can be treated including through therapeutic massage.


Scoliosis can be:

  • congenital, as a consequence of abnormalities in the development of the spine;
  • acquired as: a complication after rickets, polio, childhood paralysis; the result of incorrect posture, improper lateral state of the pelvis (often with different lengths of the right and left legs in humans); consequence of burns, injuries (due to large constricting scars).

Degrees of scoliosis

This disease has four degrees of severity:

  • 1st — deviation of the spine from the midline laterally. When stretched, this deformation disappears;
  • 2nd — lateral deviation of the spine from the midline is noticeable, a rib hump in the thoracic region begins to form. When stretched, the curvature does not disappear at all, but decreases;
  • 3rd — persistent and pronounced chest deformity, distinct rib hump;
  • 4th — the spine is bent more than 60 °, the rib hump in the thoracic region is large, and the mobility of the spine is sharply limited.

Methods of treatment

The following treatments for scoliosis are distinguished:

  • conservative (gymnastics, massage, gentle motor activity, etc.);
  • therapeutic (medicines, special diet);
  • operative (straightening the spine using metal rods, installation of autografts).

Back massage for scoliosis

The choice of the best way to eliminate the defect depends on the degree of scoliosis (its severity).

The treatment itself is lengthy. If the disease does not progress, then with the 1st and 2nd degrees of scoliosis, conservative methods are the main ones.

The benefits of massage in general

Massage is useful for:

  • joints and ligaments: improves their blood supply, accelerates the movement of synovial fluid (mass filling the joint cavity). This helps to increase the elasticity of the joints;
  • circulatory system: accelerates blood flow and lymph movement in the body;
  • metabolism: improves metabolic processes, and therefore is effectively used to combat cellulite;
  • skin: removes dead epidermal cells, improves the functioning of the sebaceous and sweat glands, restores and tightens tissues.

Special massage techniques exist to eliminate the initial scoliosis.

Scoliosis massage goals

Back massage for scoliosis is performed to relax tense muscles and at the same time tone up the weakened ones. However, there are two opposing theories, which of the muscles are considered weakened and which are tense:

    according to the first theory, which is called the “bow string”, the muscles of the concave vertebral zone with scoliosis are tense, and the convex zone is weakened. Proponents of this theory compare the arch of the spine with a bow and make the following conclusions: back muscles stretch into the concave area along the spine, like an onion bowstring, while the opposite s >Moreover, the categorical division of the back into two zones – tense and weakened – is not correct. Muscles on different sides may be in different conditions. The muscles of the convex zone are most often the most stressed, therefore, during back massage, special attention should be paid to this circumstance.

Duration and frequency of sessions

There are so-called general and private forms of massage for scoliosis.

In the first case, massage is carried out for all parts of the body, with the most problematic being given special attention. The frequency of massage is every day, the duration of each procedure depends on the complexity (usually about an hour).

In the second case, problem areas are subjected to massage: back, arms, legs, hands, etc. The duration of such a massage, depending on the techniques and area of ​​influence, can vary in a wide range – from 5 to 30 minutes.

Requirements Before Massage

It is necessary to position the patient so that his muscular muscles are relaxed. Changing the position of the person who is being massaged is unacceptable, therefore, it is necessary to initially ensure his immobility and at the same time comfort during the entire session.

Before starting the massage, the physiological curvature of the spine must be aligned.

Method of conducting

Therapeutic massage for scoliosis begins with the legs, moving to the hips, then the stomach and ending with the back. Massage techniques include:

  • detection of bends in the frontal region of the spine;
  • visual division of the back into squares;
  • selection of the optimal (depending on the degree of scoliosis) massage technique;
  • massaging the necessary areas (back, stomach, chest, etc.).

By itself, massage for scoliosis of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree includes:

  • warming up the necessary parts of the body;
  • massaging, including kneading a portion of the body, stretching, rubbing, shock movements, etc .;
  • relaxation consisting of stroking, pressing, etc.


Massage for scoliosis in children

Massage for children with scoliosis can be performed both by a professional massage therapist and by the parents themselves.


1. The child is laid on his stomach. Massage begins on the part of the thoracic region with relaxing movements in the form of stroking, etc. Next, grinding and vibrational movements are performed, first in the area of ​​chest scoliosis, and then in the lumbar region (in the concavity zone)

2. The child is placed on his left side. Massage movements are aimed at pulling the iliac crest to the right

3. The child is again laid on his stomach. The subsequent massage is directed to the lumbar region. After that, relaxing and stretching movements in the subscapular area are performed.

4. The child is laid on his back. The front surface of the chest is massaged. The procedure is completed by stroking movements in the back and shoulder area.


  • Blood diseases
  • Frequent bleeding
  • Inflammatory processes in the body
  • Diseases of the skin, nails, scalp
  • Mechanical damage to the skin (cuts, abrasions, cracks, etc.)
  • Inflammation of the lymph nodes and blood vessels
  • Exacerbation of the nervous system diseases
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Cardiovascular, renal, liver failure
  • Allergy
  • Eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases
  • Hemorrhage
  • Active tuberculosis
  • Ischemia
  • Cerebral sclerosis
  • Mental disorders
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Complications of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Quincke’s edema
  • Hypertensive crisis
  • Nausea and vomiting


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