Right shoulder hurts

Pain in the right shoulder can occur for various reasons: inflammation of the tendons, arthritis of various origins, arthrosis, pain “backache” with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, etc.

The nature of the lesion of the shoulder of the right hand, its course, symptoms and treatment are the same as in the case of pathology of the left joint. But since most people are right-handed, for the same reasons, the right shoulder joint is more often affected – after all, it experiences maximum stress during physical exertion, while working with hands, when practicing some sports (for example, tennis).

The severity of complaints of a patient with joint damage can be different: from minor, transient pains to a painful pain syndrome, which is accompanied by loss of joint function. The severity of the condition depends on the disease, the degree of its development, the adequacy of the treatment (or lack thereof). For example, with arthrosis at the initial stage, the symptoms are little expressed, joint function suffers slightly, and with infectious arthritis there is acute pain, fever and swelling of the shoulder.

The prognosis for pain in the right shoulder most depends on the timeliness of treatment: the sooner therapy is started, the more likely it is to maintain range of motion in the arm or to achieve full recovery. In the general case, pain in the right shoulder can be successfully cured, but the process of therapy, its complexity and results – all this depends on the particular disease.

If you have pain in the shoulder, you should immediately consult a doctor (orthopedic traumatologist, arthrologist or first therapist), who will find out the cause and prescribe the optimal treatment.

Important! By anatomy, the shoulder is a hand from the shoulder joint to the elbow; pain in this area is noted with a number of diseases of the internal organs: with cholecystitis, pancreatitis, angina pectoris. In this article I proceed from a more “popular” concept that the shoulder is the shoulder joint.

Further in the article: the main reasons why pain occurs in the right shoulder (possible pathologies), diagnosis and treatment methods.

The main causes of pain in the right shoulder

The eight most likely reasons why your right shoulder arm joint may hurt:

Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons in the shoulder joint that occurs due to an unbalanced, excessive exercise.

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joint for various reasons (infections, allergies, immune diseases, etc.).

Arthritis (inflammation) of the shoulder joint

Periarthritis of the shoulder-gland – inflammation of the periarticular tissues (capsules, ligaments, muscles).

Arthrosis is a progressive destruction of the cartilage, which leads to damage to the articular surfaces.

Arthrosis of the shoulder joint

Bursitis is an inflammation of the joint bag.

With osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, the pain can “give” to the shoulder.

Rarer causes: metastases of the tumor to the joint (metastases – that is, secondary foci of the tumor that arose due to the transfer of the “cause of the tumor” from the primary focus of the disease), chondrosarcoma (cancer of the articular cartilage), tuberculosis of the joint (their destruction).

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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Possible pathologies

It is possible to assume which particular illness caused the pain in the right shoulder for some typical symptoms:

(if the table is not fully visible – scroll to the right)

It occurs more often in people of young and middle age, physically active, including those involved in sports. There is a connection between strong and (or) long-term shoulder loads and the occurrence of pain. The pain itself is dull, at rest it may be absent, but it occurs with movements in the shoulder.

Arthritis is characterized by an acute onset and severe signs of inflammation in the joint: it feels hot to the touch, hurts at rest and especially with movements, swells, the skin above it is red, movements in the shoulder are limited.

It develops for the same reasons as arthritis, has similar symptoms.

Usually occurs in people of middle and old age, developing after injuries, hypothermia, excessive loads. The pains are quite sharp, associated with movement in the arm. There are no external signs (the shape of the joint does not change).

In the shoulder joint, arthrosis occurs mainly in elderly people whose professional activity was associated with stresses on the right hand (tennis players in the past, people with hard physical labor; perhaps teachers, writers, secretaries – who write or type a lot of time, especially if the hand is in an uncomfortable position).

The disease progresses gradually: first, the shoulder hurts at the end of the day, over time, the joint gradually deforms. Characteristically increasing limitation of joint function.

The occurrence of pain is clearly associated with a previous injury or a sudden sharp and heavy load.

For pain in the shoulder due to osteochondrosis, this disease is also manifested by other symptoms: pain in the neck, back, crunch in the neck with movements of the head.

Cancer metastases or chondrosarcomas (articular cartilage cancer)

They appear against the background of cancer symptoms of any localization (cancer of the lungs, thyroid gland, liver, bones of the arm can metastasize to the shoulder). Often the diagnosis is already known.

With chondrosarcoma, the tumor is primarily located in the shoulder. The pains are very strong, painful, the function of the joint is quickly lost.

It is relatively rare. Gradually increasing pains are typical: at first dull, at night; then constant and pronounced. Often there is a prolonged increase in temperature within 37,5 degrees, sweating, weight loss against a background of good appetite.


The doctor should determine exactly the reason why the shoulder on the right hurts. An experienced specialist, based on complaints and examination, will be able to suggest a diagnosis, and radiography helps to confirm it. Additionally, computed tomography, ultrasound of the joint, a blood test (general, biochemical analyzes) are performed.


Treatment of pain in the shoulder joint of the right hand is carried out depending on the identified cause:

  • with tendonitis and arthrosis – limit the load;
  • with bursitis and arthritis of infectious origin, antibiotics are used;
  • with osteochondrosis, it is necessary to treat the underlying disease, and the shoulder joint has nothing to do with it;
  • with joint tuberculosis, anti-TB drugs are prescribed;
  • with metastases and chondrosarcoma, antitumor therapy (radiation, chemotherapy) or surgical treatment.

In all cases, painkillers are actively used: for cases not related to cancer, the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nimesulide, diclofenac, etc.) is sufficient. In acute pain, they can be injected for some time, and then switched to tablets.

The duration of treatment also depends on the cause of the problem:

  • most forms of arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis respond well to treatment and end in recovery or prolonged remission;
  • arthrosis and osteochondrosis are incurable, but pain can be stopped by constant or course taking anti-inflammatory drugs, physiotherapy, special exercises that develop the joint;
  • with tuberculosis, treatment is long, but after a full course of therapy, recovery is possible;
  • in cancer, the prognosis depends on the time of establishing the correct diagnosis.


A positive result in the fight against pain in the shoulder of the right hand depends most of all on timely diagnosis and the adequacy of treatment. Therefore, do not try to find out the cause on your own, and do not take painkillers for more than 2-3 days without a doctor’s prescription – this can lead to “blurring” of symptoms and difficulties in diagnosis.

Shoulder pain
why the shoulder hurts, the cause of shoulder pain

Most often, shoulder pains are unsharp, bruising or aching. But sometimes shoulder pains are so severe that they are comparable to toothache — they deprive a person of sleep and peace. And almost always perceived by the sick as a disaster.

Nevertheless, to cope with pain in the shoulder or shoulders, no matter how strong it is, in the vast majority of cases it is not too difficult. It is only necessary to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment for the shoulder joint.

So. Why does my shoulder hurt?

Doctors who are not well versed in diseases of the shoulder joint usually have only 2 answers to this question. If a patient complains of pain in the shoulders, these doctors will say that “it hurts because of the neck,” or they will diagnose “arthrosis of the shoulder joints”.

In fact, arthrosis of the shoulder joints is quite rare – only about 5-7% of the total number of cases of shoulder pain account for arthrosis.

Can my shoulder hurt from my neck? Yes maybe. But this is also not the most common cause of shoulder pain.

The most common cause of pain in the shoulder joint is a widespread disease called shoulder-shoulder periarthritis. It accounts for more than 50% of all cases of shoulder pain.

The second place is really “pain due to the neck,” that is, damage to the cervicothoracic spine with a backache in the arm or shoulder. About 30% of cases of shoulder pain.

Arthrosis of the shoulder joint, as we found out, is about 5-7% of cases of shoulder pain.

Another 5-7% is accounted for by arthritis, which occurs with inflammation of the shoulder joint. For example, the shoulder often hurts or becomes inflamed with rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatism, psoriatic arthritis, polymyalgia rheumatism.

And a few percent of people suffer from shoulder pain that has arisen for other reasons: due to vascular disorders, stiffness of the neck muscles, and liver diseases.

Acute shoulder pain

Attention! Suddenly occurring acute pain in the left shoulder, which began literally in a second against the background of full health, may be the first symptom of a heart attack! Seem to the cardiologist!

Suddenly started acute pain in the right shoulder, also arising against the background of full health, may be the first symptom of an attack of gallstone disease!

Shoulder pain that lasts longer than a few days: causes

Below I will briefly talk about the distinctive features of those shoulder diseases that occupy several of the top lines of our “rating” and are quite common.

1. Periarthritis of the shoulder blade

This disease usually begins after an unsuccessful movement of the hand, after sleeping in an uncomfortable position, or after overloading the hands with unusual physical work.

In case of shoulder-shoulder periarthritis, one shoulder can become ill – right or left. But it often happens that both shoulders become inflamed at once.

The main symptom of brachiocephalic periarthritis is a significant restriction of certain movements in the arm.

For example, the hand does not rotate well around its axis clockwise or against it, it is difficult to wind up behind the back and rises poorly through the side up. When trying such movements, very sharp pains in the shoulder can occur.

Sometimes the mobility of a hand with periarthritis is reduced so much that a sick person can’t raise his hand behind his back, can’t raise his hand, comb his hair or put his hand in the sleeve of a shirt or jacket.

Pain in the shoulder with shoulder-shoulder periarthritis can be unsharp, aching. But often the pains are very severe. They can occur even at night, and with the most severe forms of periarthritis, shoulder pain just at night becomes completely unbearable.

2. Shoulder pain caused by damage or a hernia in the cervical spine

Most often, pain from the neck shoots only in one hand – in the right or left. In both hands, neck pain rarely shoots. The second hand either does not hurt at all, or it hurts less and in other areas.

At the same time, a sick hand is often “shot” not only in the shoulder, but also along its entire length – to the very tips of the fingers.

Pain in the shoulder with a backache from the neck can be quite severe. Moreover, in some people the injured hand hurts during the day, when moving. And others hurt at night, in the middle of sleep.

A key feature of the lumbago: in contrast to the shoulder-shoulder periarthritis or shoulder arthrosis, in this case normal mobility of the arm is almost always maintained. Only sometimes the ability to raise a sore arm above the head and fully extend it upwards is slightly reduced.

3. Arthrosis of the shoulder joints

Most people over the age of 45 suffer from arthrosis. Often sick men who have worked for many years in hard physical work: builders, locksmiths, blacksmiths. And also – professional athletes: weightlifters, tennis players, shot putters, etc.

Pain sensations with arthrosis of the shoulder joints are usually very weak, quite tolerable. And these pains arise only when moving.

When moving in an arthritic joint, a crunch is heard. The mobility of the shoulder joints with arthrosis is reduced, but not much.

The appearance of sick shoulder joints with arthrosis is practically unchanged. The general condition of patients and body temperature remain normal.

Read more about arthrosis of the shoulder joints “material is being prepared.

4. Inflammation of the shoulder joints with arthritis

Of all arthritis, inflammation of the shoulder joints most often develops with ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis, less commonly with articular rheumatism and psoriatic arthritis, very rarely with gout.

A distinctive feature of inflammation of the shoulder joints with arthritis: usually some other joints become inflamed first. For example, knees or feet, or fingers or toes. And only then the shoulders get sick.

Arthritis begins quite rarely with the shoulder joints – although sometimes it does.

Pain in the shoulders with arthritis is most pronounced at rest, late at night or in the morning, but subside in the afternoon and evening. When moving or after a light warm-up, such pain is most often noticeably reduced.

The mobility of the shoulder joints with arthritis is almost always reduced in the morning, but by noon, especially after a light warm-up, the range of motion in the shoulders can fully recover (except in cases of chronic arthritis).

The general condition of patients with arthritis is often unsatisfactory – the patient may have a fever, weakness, chills, body aches.

5. Other, more rare causes of shoulder pain, in the article – 3 diseases that most doctors do not know about

A video with gymnastics for treating shoulder pain can be seen here.

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Why can the right shoulder in the back hurt?

Pain in the right shoulder behind can occur for a number of reasons related to damage to the tendons, muscles or joints. An awkward fall, weight lifting, physiological changes in the structure of joints, stretching can trigger inflammation. We will analyze in more detail.

Main reasons

Periarthritis – occurs in the shoulder-shoulder area, and helps immobilize the shoulder joint. Movement is blocked by acute pain. The cause is pinching of the bundle of nerve fibers in the cervical region.

Deposition of salts – calcined salts are deposited in the tendon of the clavicle and under the shoulder blade. As a result, ossification occurs. The joint loses mobility. Lumbago, spasms occur during abduction of the arm 90 degrees.

Bursitis is an inflammatory process of the bag of the joint of the shoulder joint. The cause is permanent microtrauma as a result of overvoltage. It manifests itself in athletes and people engaged in heavy physical labor. At the site of damage, the body temperature is elevated, painful sensations occur with pressure, compression, movement of the limb.

Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons as a result of friction on the bone. The cause may be sawing firewood, painting. Everything related to the rhythmic wide movement of the hand. In a passive state, the shoulder is painless, with movement there is dull pain.

Inflammation of the internal organs – can cause painful, pulling sensations in the right shoulder. A provocateur are diseases of the digestive system, liver, lungs, and the development of neoplasms.


Symptoms of pain in the right shoulder have characteristic features, as they are associated not only with injuries and diseases of the joint, but also with diseases of the internal organs.

  1. The occurrence of pain with any type of arm movement.
  2. Dull pain when palpating.
  3. Hyperemia of the skin, fever in the area of ​​damage.
  4. Increased pain when moving the shoulder, arms.
  5. Joint stiffness.
  6. Numbness of the shoulder, arms, hands, fingers.

If the right shoulder hurts from behind, the cause is the spread of pain from other organs. The main culprits are diseases of the cervical and thoracic spine. The syndrome begins in the center of the back and gives to the side of the right shoulder blade, neck. Diseases of the internal organs contribute to a different type of spread of pain. Aching pain in the right shoulder is accompanied by a decrease in pressure, digestive upset, in some cases, the temperature rises.

If there is a dull pain in the right shoulder at the back, this indicates inflammation of the joint and adjacent muscles and tendons. The reason is: myositis, osteochondrosis, pinching, tears in the tissues. The nature of the pain is tolerable, so they try to eliminate them on their own, which leads to complications and late adoption of measures for recovery.

Diagnosis and treatment

Before prescribing treatment for pain in the right shoulder from the back, a diagnosis is made:

  1. a survey on the nature of sensations, time of occurrence, duration;
  2. recent or chronic diseases;
  3. Ultrasound of the internal organs;
  4. X-ray
  5. MRI.

According to the results of the examination, treatment is prescribed. The basis is the adjustment of nutrition and the removal of pain along with inflammation. Diet adjustment. With diseases of the spine, the consumption of meat, flour, preserves, and sweet is limited. To restore salt metabolism, it is recommended to give priority to vegetables, fruits, dairy products. Additionally, a complex with a content of calcium and vitamin D3 is prescribed. Drugs that improve the mineral support of bone tissues: Ostalon, Osteogenon, etc. To relieve pain, Ibuprofen, Ibuklin, Diclofenac, Glucosamine, Alizatron are used. Physiotherapeutic procedures:

  1. massage;
  2. magnetotherapy;
  3. UHF reduced intensity;
  4. ultrasound, radio waves;
  5. SUF – radiation;
  6. physical education complex.

It is additionally recommended to use lotions based on a decoction of anti-inflammatory herbs, 2% salt solution, at the site of inflammation of the damaged joint. Bathing with sea salt. Removal of inflammation when taken orally helps a decoction of chamomile, calendula. Home methods are not able to replace complex treatment with specialists and is used only as an adjuvant.


To avoid a new manifestation of pain in the right shoulder from behind, the following rules must be observed:

  • Change nutrition, enriching it with vitamins and minerals, excluding products that cause a provoking factor.
  • Distribute the load on the muscles during the day, avoid sudden movements, weight lifting, injuries.
  • Regularly undergo a course of therapeutic massage.
  • Do not break the sleep and wake schedule.
  • Do not forget about posture.
  • Regularly do the general complex of therapeutic physical exercises.

Maintaining good health is easy. To do this, just change a number of your habits and regularly work on the body. Exercise aimed at restoring the position of the joints, improving blood flow, will not only help to avoid the condition when the right shoulder in the back hurts. You will feel awake during the day and less exposed to fatigue in the evening.

Shoulder pain

Everyone knows the phrase “shoulder”, meaning the emergence of some kind of moral burden, burden, trouble. According to psychophysiologists, discomfort or pain in the shoulders just arise as a result of the stresses we have experienced, due to hyperresponsibility and anxiety.

Pain in the shoulder joint can bother a person at different ages: older people often experience it, but among young people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, such problems are also not uncommon. Depending on the cause that causes it, pain in the shoulder joint can have a different nature and strength.

What diseases bothers joint pain?

With tendinitis, a sharp or pulling pain rises suddenly, often appears at night. The tendon becomes inflamed due to excessive stress on the shoulder and interferes with the free movement of the arm

With bursitis, soreness persists for a long time, the shoulder constantly aches. There is swelling, the patient is not able to raise his hand up, has difficulty taking it to the side

In case of a shoulder injury, as a rule, acute pain is felt in the damaged area, which becomes more intense during the movement of the hand. The shoulder joint can be injured as a result of a bruise, rupture of muscles or tendons, dislocation and fracture

With a capsule, the patient feels chronic aching pain, covering the upper part of the arm and neck, the shoulder muscles practically do not work. It should be noted that the inflammatory process in the joint capsule develops quite rarely.

With arthritis, the temperature of the skin around the inflamed shoulder joint rises, swelling is observed, arm movements are chained, but the pain is periodic: after a short acute period, it usually subsides

With arthrosis, the symptoms are similar to those described above. The hand moves with difficulty, a specific crunch is heard in the joint. In the advanced stage of the disease, the pain becomes constant, with palpation it is also felt in the region of the scapula and clavicle. Subsequently, due to cartilage dystrophy, the joint is also deformed.

With cervical osteochondrosis, pain and tingling spread throughout the arm and intensify when the patient moves his head or neck

In case of brachiocephalic periarthritis, a burning, pulling pain in the shoulder gives to the neck and arm, especially during attempts to lift it up or back, as well as at night. This disease is a complication of osteochondrosis in the cervical spine, the affected limb may go numb, gradually the muscles atrophy

With osteoporosis, the functions of the shoulder joint are impaired, the hand weakens. The pain increases with additional physical exertion

With neuritis of the brachial nerve, it seems deceptively that the right or left shoulder joint hurts, discomfort occurs unexpectedly, pain syndrome is usually of high intensity

Causes of pain

Any pain arises as a result of an imbalance of energy constitutions in the body, doctors of the Tibetan medicine clinic “Naran” confidently declare this.

Most often, problems with joints are the result of systematic hypothermia, provoking indignation of the “Yin” dosha “wind” (nervous system) and “mucus” (endocrine and lymphatic systems). Cold penetrates the body through the skin, contributing to the excessive accumulation of mucus, penetrates the internal organs, affects the shoulder, elbow, knee and other joints in which degenerative pathologies develop. The nonequilibrium, disturbed state of the regulatory systems “wind” (nervous system), “mucus” (lymphatic and endocrine systems), “bile” (digestive system) has a strong effect on the weakening of human immunity, contributing to the onset and development of joint diseases.

Inflammatory processes in the shoulder are often the result of the disease “heat”, which is caused by the predominance of the bile dosha (vital principle). Excess “Yang” energy can be triggered by irritability, envy, aggression, malnutrition of the patient.

Factors contributing to the appearance of sharp pain in the shoulder joint include

  • Hypodynamia
  • Excessive exercise
  • Shoulder injury
  • Impaired posture
  • Metabolic problems

Is it possible to stop the pain with Tibetan medicine

– Acupuncture quickly relieves pain, eliminates swelling and inflammation, restores the functional mobility of the shoulder joint

– Acupressure of the collar zone stimulates the body’s immune forces, triggering a self-healing mechanism

– Vacuum therapy activates metabolic processes, improves innervation and nutrition of tissues

– Moxotherapy is ideal for restoring heat and energy balance

– Stone therapy tidies up the nervous system, expels excess “cold”

– “Hormé” compresses restore working capacity to the shoulder, strengthen immunity, expel cold from the body

It will quickly relieve pain, remove swelling and inflammation, and restore functional mobility of the shoulder joint

Stimulates the body’s immune forces by triggering a self-healing mechanism

Activates metabolic processes, improves innervation and nutrition of tissues

Ideal for restoring heat and energy balance

Tidies up the nervous system, expels excess “cold”

They restore health to the shoulder, strengthen the immune system, and others warm.

Shoulder joint treatment

  • Types of Shoulder Pain
  • Sharp pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Pain during movement
  • It’s a dull pain
  • Reflected pain
  • Diagnostics
  • Shoulder joint pain treatment
  • How to prevent shoulder pain

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Why shoulders hurt

Our shoulder joint is vulnerable. He does not withstand abuse for long and responds with pain and impaired function. The causes of pain in the shoulder joint are varied – hard physical work, intensive training in the gym, and viral diseases. The shoulder may hurt due to a bruise, dislocation, or fracture. Constant pain in the left or right shoulder is an occasion to consult a doctor. This will prevent the development of the disease and prevent it from becoming chronic.

Pain in the shoulder joint is at risk for people who:

  • stoop, do not monitor posture;
  • move little during the day;
  • perform heavy physical work;
  • professionally involved in sports.

Types of Shoulder Pain

Shoulders often begin to hurt due to overload. Intensely playing sports, lifting weights, we provoke the appearance of pain. It can be a symptom of various diseases. Consider what diseases what type of shoulder pain cause.

Sharp pain

Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. Pain is given to the arm and intensifies when the head is turned. Strengthen at night and become intolerable. In advanced cases, a person does not raise a hand.

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joint. With arthritis, the right or left shoulder is very sore.

Arthrosis is a common cause of acute pain in the shoulder joint. More common in older people. It hurts a person to raise his hand and perform another movement. Arthrosis can cause bruises, dislocations, fractures, sprains.

Neuritis of the brachial nerve. It is caused by inflammatory processes, tumors, injuries. A person suddenly feels a sharp pain in the shoulder joint.

Tenobursitis – inflammation of the joint bag. It is caused by deposits of calcium salts. Tendobursitis is characterized by acute pain in the entire arm from the neck to the tips of the fingers. It is difficult for the patient to move his hand.

Defeat of the rotating cuff of the shoulder. Non-standard hand movements, such as painting the ceiling, cause illness. The day after painting, a person may feel a sharp pain in the shoulder.

Capsulitis of the shoulder joint. The disease causes stiff muscles in the shoulder girdle. A person has a severe pain in the right or left shoulder, he cannot freely raise his hand up, take him aside, or put him behind his back.

Shoulder injuries – fractures, sprains, dislocations. Injuries need to be treated, otherwise they will lead to persistent impairment of shoulder function and become chronic.

Chronic pain

Tendonitis. This is an inflammation of the tendons surrounding the shoulder joint. Tendonitis usually occurs due to increased stress. With heavy physical work, the tendons rub against the surface of the joint. This causes chronic aching pain.

Biceps tendinitis. This is an inflammation of the tendon of the muscles of the inside of the shoulder. A person’s shoulder hurts constantly. The pain intensifies with movement of the arm and palpation of the muscle. When the biceps tendon ruptures, a bloating appears in the form of a ball.

Bursitis. It occurs with excessive load on the joint, after injuries of the periarticular bag or tendons. A person experiences sharp pain, edema joins it. It is impossible to sleep on the affected shoulder.

Pain during movement

Collision Syndrome. The disease causes the deposition of calcium salts. The pain occurs suddenly, when raising a hand, it is intense and constant. The syndrome most often affects people aged 30-50 years.

Overstretching of the ligaments of the shoulder. This problem is familiar to bodybuilders. Sprain cause heavy physical exercise. The pain intensifies with movement or palpation of the muscle, bruising appears.

It’s a dull pain

Intervertebral hernia of the cervical spine. Causes intermittent aching pain in the shoulder joint and neck. Headaches and dizziness join her. With the development of the disease, the situation worsens. The pain becomes constant and unbearable.

Periarthritis of the shoulder blade. The pain is burning, aching and shooting. It starts gradually, for no apparent reason. Often “wakes up” at night, while hands freeze. Movements cause joint pain. In advanced cases, the functions of the brush are disturbed, the hands go numb.

Myalgia. The disease is caused by physical overload, hypothermia, viral infections. A person feels aching, sometimes sharp pain in the muscles, cannot move his arms in full force.

Reflected pain

A person has a shoulder pain, but the problem is in another part of the body. Reflected shoulder pain appears due to heart disease, liver disease, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, pneumonia, cervical radiculitis and tumors of the chest. With a heart attack, a person sore arm from the shoulder to the elbow. The patient feels heaviness and contraction in the chest, dizziness occurs.

Feedback on treatment

I would like to say a big thank you to Alexander Chukaev. Half a year has already passed after the treatment, but I still constantly think about how good it is that I got to him! I came to see him in despair. At that time, I was 25 years old and was severely limp due to pain in the inner thigh for 1,5 years. I could not only engage in some kind of active activities (running, any outdoor games in nature, etc.), but also just walk normally. I visited 5 doctors before him, including the clinic, 122 medical units, where I got to the head of the department of traumatology, and 3 paid clinics. I went through all the examinations (MRI, ultrasound, x-ray) and NOBODY could tell me what was the matter. Everyone agreed: “this is not a joint.” Everyone wrote some recommendations, but there was nothing concrete. I had a course of magnetotherapy, injected a blockade, prescribed ointments, but nothing gave even a short-term effect. Alexander immediately determined the diagnosis, explained everything in great detail and showed in the pictures, answered all my silly questions, prescribed a treatment that was constantly monitored, and after 2 months I was able to walk without limping! Now for all questions only to him :)


The shoulder joints hurt for many reasons, so making the right diagnosis is not easy. If you experience pain, consult an experienced specialist. Your detailed description of the symptoms will help the doctor make the correct diagnosis. Using a comprehensive examination, doctors at the Health Workshop will accurately determine the cause of shoulder pain. We use the following diagnostic methods:

Shoulder joint pain treatment

Doctors at the Health Workshop clinics in St. Petersburg treat non-surgical methods for treating shoulder pain. Conservative treatment stops the development of the disease and heals the body.

Our specialist will prescribe an individual course of treatment for the patient, taking into account the causes of pain, age, gender and body characteristics. Treatment will take a maximum of one and a half months. The patient will undergo procedures 2-3 times a week. Pain in the shoulders will pass after the first week of treatment. The course of treatment is composed of the following procedures:

The course of treatment for pain in the shoulder joints relieves inflammation, improves blood circulation in the sore arm, normalizes metabolism and increases the amount of intraarticular fluid. Conservative methods normalize the nutrition of joints and strengthen them.

After the course, our doctors will advise what to do if a shoulder hurts.

How to prevent shoulder pain

  • Do not sleep on a high hard pillow. Better place an elastic roller under your head.
  • Carry your bag on one side less often. Try to evenly distribute the load on both sides.
  • Watch your posture, don’t slouch.
  • 3-5 times a day, stand close to the wall so that the heels, buttocks, shoulder blades and nape touch it. Stand there for a few minutes.
  • Do not make sudden head movements.
  • Dress for the weather, do not get cold.
  • In the morning, do exercises: turns and rotations of the head, rotation of the arms and hands, torso, squats, jumps, exercises for the press.
  • Make a complex to strengthen your shoulders: raise your shoulders 20 times, shake each shoulder in turn, rotate your shoulders back and forth.
  • Do not go on stilettos. Optimal heel height – up to 5 centimeters.

5 stages of treatment in the clinics “Workshop of health”

or call us at +7 (812) 309-82-03

The medical consultant will inquire about the symptoms, select the right doctor, tell you about the cost of the procedures and make an appointment.

The doctor will examine and interrogate you. If you already have the results of an MRI, ultrasound and X-ray, it will analyze the images and make a diagnosis. If not, he will write out the necessary directions.
During the course of treatment, repeated appointments by the attending physician are unlimited and free.

Pain in the shoulder joint of the right hand: causes

Pain in the shoulder joint occurs very often, at any age, the causes of painful sensations are various. Most often, pain in the shoulder joints occurs in the elderly and athletes as a result of large loads on the joint, trauma. The cause of pain in the right shoulder joint can be physical inactivity, the constant execution of uniform movements with the right hand, joint diseases, infections, an allergic reaction, arthritis, arthrosis and other diseases. In the Yusupov hospital, in the therapy clinic, a rheumatologist is receiving and consulting. The hospital is equipped with innovative diagnostic equipment that allows you to quickly and accurately diagnose.

In the Yusupov hospital, you can undergo treatment for diseases of the shoulder joints, a diagnostic examination, in severe cases, surgical treatment is performed. The shoulder joint has a complex structure, the base of the joint is the clavicle, humerus, scapula with articular surface and processes (coracoid and humerus). The joint has a large number of binding elements: coracohumeral ligament, coracoacromial ligament, acromioclavicular ligament, joint capsule. Neurotrophic disorders in the joint capsule, trauma, inflammation in the tendons, muscles, restrict the movement of the joint, lead to the development of degenerative processes.

Pain in the shoulder joint of the right hand: symptoms of the disease

Depending on the area of ​​joint damage, the patient feels pain, other symptoms of the disorder appear. A swelling occurs in the joint area, the patient periodically rises in temperature, he feels weakness, constant or periodic pain in the joint. There are problems with raising a hand up or moving your hand to the side, the mood often changes. The inflammatory process or infection becomes a factor provoking the development of a degenerative process in the joint bag, tendon, ligaments, joint. Pain can be given to the neck, shoulder blade, occur during movement, be absent at rest, or disturb in sleep.

Pain in the right shoulder joint: causes

The causes of pain in the right shoulder joint are various inflammatory, infectious diseases, and traumatic tissue damage. Depending on the disease, joint damage is manifested by various symptoms:

  • Bursitis. An acute or chronic disease characterized by inflammation of the synovial joint bag, copious exudate secretion and its excessive accumulation in the joint bag. Bursitis can cause shoulder injuries, inflammatory processes in the body, osteomyelitis, furunculosis, various diseases, alcoholism, great physical exertion and excess weight contribute to the development of bursitis. The disease manifests itself as swelling of the skin at the site of the shoulder joint, fever, general malaise, and limitation of arm movement in the shoulder joint.
  • Tendonitis. The disease is characterized by an inflammatory process in the tendons of the shoulder joint. The cause of the inflammatory process is trauma, poor posture, various joint diseases (gout, rheumatoid arthritis and others), inflammation can develop as a side effect of taking certain medications. Dull pain is felt in the tissues around the joint during movement with the hand, the skin hurts at the site of inflammation, and edema develops.
  • Capsulitis In most cases, capsulitis occurs between the ages of 50 and 70, affects the right and left shoulder joints equally often, men are less likely to get sick. It is believed that the cause of capsulitis may be a neurotrophic disorder in the synovial membrane and in the joint capsule. Often, capsulitis develops after a heart attack, in cancer patients, with hyperthyroidism, after a stroke, heart surgery, and other diseases. In this case, secondary capsulitis is diagnosed. The disease manifests itself with an increase in soreness over several weeks, amplifies at night in the supine position on the side of the diseased shoulder joint. This condition can last up to a year, then stiffness of the joint occurs, movements are limited.
  • Arthritis. The name refers to the collective designation of various joint lesions. The primary forms of the disease include: rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, gout and pseudogout, osteoarthritis, Still’s disease, juvenile and idiopathic arthritis occurs. Arthritis can develop in various diseases: hepatitis, purpura, systemic lupus erythematosus. With arthritis, redness of the skin, pain, swelling and limitation of joint mobility are noted, and crunching is heard during movement.
  • Joint injury. The shoulder joint is the most mobile of all types of joints of the human body. His ability to freely rotate, bend, unbend often leads to injury, damage during sports, physical activity – this leads to the development of the inflammatory process.
  • Periarthrosis The disease is characterized by the inflammatory process of the joint capsule, ligaments, tendons and other elements of the joint. The pain with periarthrosis is aching, aggravating at night, the pain period lasts from two to nine months. Limited movement of the shoulder joint develops, which also lasts from three to nine months. Pain is reduced, a complete blockage of the shoulder occurs – sclerotic capsulitis develops. This condition can last from a year to two years.
  • Osteochondrosis. It develops as a complex of dystrophic disorders in the articular cartilage. Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine often causes severe pain in the shoulder joint, accompanied by severe headache. Osteochondrosis can affect the cartilage of the shoulder joint.

Aching pain in the shoulder joint of the right hand: treatment

Severe pain in the shoulder joint of the right hand causes a decrease in the quality of life. Pain and restriction of movement of the right shoulder joint leads to a decrease in the activity of the right hand, the patient can not perform certain actions – to perform quality work, take care of himself. The treatment for pain in the right shoulder joint depends on the type of disease. With arthritis, arthrosis resort to complex treatment: a course of chondroprotectors, non-steroidal drugs, analgesics, hormone therapy are prescribed. Bursitis is treated with therapeutic massage, various methods of physiotherapy, painkillers are prescribed.

Injuries and bruises should be treated with cold compresses at the site of the impact, in case of complications after an injury, treatment is carried out depending on the disease. Shoulder injuries are of the following type: shoulder dislocation, tendon stretching, muscle strain, rotator cuff injury, other types of injuries. Most often, athletes handle traumatic injuries of the shoulder joint. If you get injured, you should fix the damaged arm, apply a cold compress to the shoulder, seek the help of a traumatologist for help. Shoulder-shoulder periarthrosis is treated with the help of physiotherapeutic procedures, drug therapy, physical therapy classes, therapeutic massages are held.

The treatment of capsulitis depends on the stage of the disease. With severe pain, the patient is prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – NSAIDs, for older people it is preferable to prescribe aceclofenac, which is not characterized by frequent complications in the gastrointestinal tract, heart and kidneys. Also, intra-articular administration of hormonal agents is carried out. Tendonitis is treated with cold compresses, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the affected limb is fixed. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the shoulder joint is carried out in the Yusupov hospital. At the hospital, patients are offered various physiotherapeutic procedures, physical therapy classes with an instructor, therapeutic massages. You can make an appointment with a doctor by phone.

Morozov Georgiy

Georgy Morozov, rheumatologist. For more than 20 years, he has been involved in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of joint diseases.