Osteoarthrosis how to treat at home

Therapy for arthrosis of any localization is complex. Both traditional methods and traditional medicine are used. Of particular relevance to patients is the treatment of the disease at home. It is convenient, does not require large expenses, you can not tear yourself away from everyday worries.

The effectiveness of such measures directly depends on a correctly developed therapeutic strategy. Therefore, before starting treatment for arthrosis at home, it is necessary to consult a qualified specialist.

You can use various methods of treatment only after their approval and in accordance with the recommendations of a doctor.

Diet for osteoarthritis

Probably, the main task that many patients with osteoarthritis will face is normalization of weight. Reducing the load on the joints is the main condition in the treatment of the disease.

It is necessary to observe the known norms of healthy eating:

  • Compliance of the diet with the energy needs of the body.
  • The balanced content of nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water, vitamins, minerals).
  • Food should be good, properly cooked.
  • Compliance with the diet (eat fractionally, in small portions, without snacking, without eating up at night).

In addition, foods saturated with transgenic fats, chemical additives (preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers, etc.) should be completely excluded from the diet. It is worthwhile to be careful about products that can be manufactured using growth hormones, nitrates, pesticides, and genetic engineering technologies. It is also recommended to stop drinking alcohol.

With osteoarthritis, you need to limit fatty and fried foods, smoked meats. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, greens. Give preference to cereals, fish, dairy products. It is necessary to saturate the body with calcium, vitamins of group B, C, D.

Products that contain collagen and gelatin, natural components of the cartilage matrix, will help treat the disease.

These include: jellied meat, jellies, jellied dishes, jelly, jelly. It is good for arthrosis to drink juices from carrots, cucumbers, beets, celery. This contributes to weight loss, and also has some analgesic effect.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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The use of gelatin in arthrosis

Alternative medicine specialists confirm the ability to treat arthrosis with edible gelatin. It can be used not only as part of certain dishes, as mentioned above, but also independently. Drinking gelatin, diluting the powder in a glass of warm water with honey – this is one way. You can add it to orange juice by drinking this mixture in the morning.

It is necessary to take gelatin or products with its content for at least several months. Only in this case, you can notice the effect – the strengthening of connective tissue (cartilage, ligaments, joints).

In addition, gelatin can not only be drunk, but also applied topically in the form of ointments, rubbing, compresses. A swollen or dry powder applied to a sore joint and wrapped in a wet bandage is one option for this application. Such a compress will need to be left overnight.

Treatment of osteoarthrosis folk remedies

Do not lose relevance at the moment and folk tips for the treatment of arthrosis. Experienced herbalists recommend using recipes that include the following components:

  • Infusion of a mixture of St. John’s wort, motherwort, chamomile, immortelle and corn stigmas.
  • Infusion of a mixture of lingonberry, juniper, birch buds, horsetail and hypericum.
  • Tinctures of agave leaves, radish juice.
  • A decoction of a mixture of burdock roots, wheatgrass, grass string, Veronica, violets.
  • Decoctions of strawberries, pine buds, horsetail.
  • Vaseline-based ointment from hops, hypericum and clover.
  • Grindings from angelica, bird cherry bark and joster fruits.

Recipes for rubbing and compresses from an extract of beekeeping products, kefir with chalk, oatmeal, honey will help treat arthrosis. A good remedy in addition to such therapy is the use of pollen.

Many folk herbal remedies can be taken in parallel, and some in the form of stepwise treatment. In any case, the course of administration will be long, because the natural components have a less rapid effect, unlike medications. Treatment of arthrosis with folk remedies should be carried out carefully, remembering that certain substances can cause an allergic reaction.

Only time-tested recipes should be used and only after the doctor’s approval.

Physiotherapeutic procedures

Well proven procedures using various water and heat. Without exacerbating the process, such agents will significantly alleviate the condition, relieve inflammation and help in restoring range of motion. Most patients after undergoing a course of balneological procedures or systematic visits to the baths note an improvement in the condition of the joints.

Osteoarthritis balneotherapy

Of great importance for the treatment of osteoarthritis at home are warm salt, coniferous, turpentine, iodine-bromine baths. Such procedures will have a positive effect in the form of improved tissue circulation and metabolism, warming, delivery to the joints of the necessary components.

When taking baths, you need to remember these simple rules:

  • Before the procedure, you need to wash well to cleanse the skin.
  • You can not take a bath immediately after eating – at least 1 hour must pass.
  • Baths are contraindicated at elevated body temperature, in a state of intoxication, in case of infectious diseases, exacerbation of chronic pathology, tumors.
  • The procedure is usually performed before bedtime.
  • After the bath, the skin is not wiped off, but easily gets wet with a towel.
  • The duration of the session is 15-25 minutes.

Mud baths with blue clay are widely known for arthrosis. They warm the joints, enhancing microcirculation, normalize the nervous and immune systems. There are no side effects and skin irritations.

Effectively treat arthrosis will also help compresses with clay. They are applied to the affected joint before bedtime and are applied until the condition improves. In addition, you can rub the sore spots with a mixture of clay and vegetable oil. This can be done in addition to mud baths or on your own. A good restorative effect and normalization of metabolism has water with dissolved clay, prepared according to various recipes. You need to drink such a mixture for several weeks.

These techniques can be used at home, although they will be most effective in spa treatment.

Before you take baths yourself and treat arthrosis with clay, you need to make sure that there are no contraindications, which can only be done after a medical examination. Do not neglect the advice of a specialist.

Osteoarthrosis and bath

Walking in a bath with an atrosis of the knee joint and many other diseases of the musculoskeletal system is not only safe, but also useful. Heat leads to increased circulation and increased metabolic processes in the tissues. However, patients are not without doubt about whether it is possible to warm the knee joint with arthrosis, as well as other joints. Therefore, you need to mention the principles of visiting the steam room:

  • Take into account general contraindications: fever, hypertension, coronary heart disease, pathology of the respiratory system, kidneys.
  • You can not go to the bath during an exacerbation of the process when inflammation is activated.
  • It is undesirable to cool the joints – refuse diving into cold water, replacing it with a cool shower.

Visits to the bath with arthrosis of the knee joint will help to remove puffiness, stiffness, and reduce pain. When using heat, a slowdown of dystrophic processes in the joints occurs, harmful metabolic products are excreted.

Bath procedures are part of the spa treatment. Therefore, a visit to the bath will also help cure arthrosis.

Hardware therapy of arthrosis

Today, the treatment of arthrosis at home is not complete without hardware techniques. Widely used devices of the so-called DENS-therapy, reflex electromyostimulants, massagers. Their use allows you to relieve pain, increase mobility in the joints and accelerate recovery. According to various sources, this allows, if not to cure arthrosis completely, then significantly improve the condition of the cartilage.

When treating arthrosis at home, you need to remember that a lot depends on your own strengths: self-organization, perseverance and determination. In addition, arthrosis can be cured only with the use of safe and effective agents according to medical recommendations.

How to treat osteoarthritis at home with folk remedies

Folk remedies for the treatment of osteoarthritis have always been popular with many patients. The knowledge collected over the centuries to this day helps in the treatment of many ailments. Although they are not able to cure pathological changes in the joints with osteoarthritis, they can organize the patient’s condition, ease pain and speed up the process of restoring mobility in the limbs. Such recipes are distinguished by their accessibility and simplicity, which led to their great popularity.

Principles of the effects of recipes from the people

The most effective folk remedies are when the pathological process is at the first stages of its development. Herbal treatment fees and various procedures that are suitable for home use provide great opportunities for maintaining the health of the patient. They allow you to treat many diseases, including osteoarthritis.

Recipes of folk healers relieve pain and swelling. They restore cartilage tissue and normalize metabolic processes, as well as stabilize blood circulation in the vessels.

Means for internal use

Alternative treatment for internal use can not only relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis, but can also prevent further deformation of the joints, which is caused by pathological disorders in the cartilage tissue.

The general principle of preparing all the decoctions and infusions is that you should take two tablespoons of each ingredient per liter of water. The necessary components are placed in a container and poured with boiling water. All must be insisted for at least seven hours. It is necessary to take such drugs in a glass per day, divided into three doses. Such treatment is planned for a long period.

The following are some effective mixtures for decoction.

  1. Dried calendula flowers mixed with shredded buckthorn bark, leaves from birch and horsetail, as well as nettle grass and elderberry.
  2. Birch and poplar buds mixed with elecampane rhizome, which is pre-chopped, with nettles, mint, chamomile and dill.
  3. Lingonberry leaves with stems of rosemary, with the addition of clover, meadowsweet, as well as roots and asparagus to the mixture. To this mixture add tricolor violet, peppermint and flax seed.

Before choosing one or another prescription for yourself, you need to make an appointment with your doctor for a consultation.

Recipes from folk treatment for rubbing

Treatment of osteoarthritis at home also involves the use of various rubbing.

  • Make a mixture of two tablespoons of castor oil and a spoon of gum turpentine. Grinding is applied before bedtime no more than twice a week.
  • Grinding of vodka infusion on red pepper. Put five pepper pods in a bottle and add vodka. Leave for 10-12 days to insist.
  • Pour vodka into a half-liter jar, filled to the top with lilac inflorescences, withstand for a week.
  • Make powder from dried wormwood and mix it with vegetable oil. Hold for 60 minutes in a water bath, and then leave for two days, after which it should be used as a grind, having previously filtered.

Application of compresses

Compresses of alternative treatment are loved by many patients because of their ease of use. Below are some of the most effective options.

  1. Mix honey, mustard powder and vegetable oil in equal proportions. Bring everything to a boil and cool. Soak a piece of gauze with the mixture and apply to the joint for two hours.
  2. With osteoarthritis of the hip joint helps compress from the internal fat of the pig. It is performed daily. Only seven days. The fat is superimposed on the joint, wrapped in polyethylene and fixed. Some burning sensation may be felt. To eliminate the s >

Healing baths

Baths for folk treatment of joints have long and successfully been used even at home. They help to normalize vascular tone, have a calming effect on the nervous system and improve the metabolism of cartilage.

One of the most effective baths requires salt (500 grams) of marine origin, chamomile flowers and dried seaweed 200 grams each. Laminaria is pre-insisted for ten hours in hot water and filtered. Brew chamomile flowers over low heat and add together with kelp to the bath with salt already dissolved in it. The water temperature should be pleasant for a person and selected individually.

Another good option is a foot bath with mustard. Ideal for osteoarthritis of the joints of the feet or between the lower leg and foot. Mustard powder is poured into a tissue bag in the amount of several tablespoons and placed in a bucket of water. There you should squeeze it several times and take foot baths for ten minutes. At the end of the bath, rinse the feet with clean water. There should be three such procedures.

Means for relieving swelling and inflammation

There are several healing recipes for alternative treatment, allowing you to remove the swelling and redness that has arisen on the skin covering the joint involved in the pathological process.

  1. Ice pack has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It is laid out in a heating pad, which, if necessary, can be replaced with a regular package. Attach everything to the joint and hold for no more than twenty minutes.
  2. Essential oil is added in the amount of a few drops to regular petroleum jelly and mixed thoroughly. The resulting mixture is smeared with inflamed skin and insulated on top with something. Oils such as peppermint, lavender and rosemary are perfect.
  3. Honey wraps are very effective when the disease is at the very beginning of its development. The joint is coated with honey, and then wrapped with a bandage, which is also saturated with honey. Leave the bandage overnight.
  4. Ointment from a mixture of white clay with vegetable oil. The amount of ingredients for treatment is taken the same and mixed until a thick cream is obtained.

The principles of diet

Diet with osteoarthritis plays an important role. It is recommended not to eat more than 1800 kcal per day. You should introduce the habit of eating a little every three hours and reduce fast carbohydrates, animal fat and salt in your diet. It is necessary to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages.

It is good for a patient suffering from osteoarthritis of joints to add to his daily menu dishes containing gelatin, as well as broths cooked from lean meat. This helps to start the restoration processes in the cartilage tissue.

When traditional medicine is unacceptable

Traditional methods of treatment, like traditional ones, have their contraindications to their use:

  • second and third degree of osteoarthrosis;
  • acute joint inflammation;
  • synovitis, which accompanies an unstable joint structure;
  • acute phase of bursitis;
  • intolerance to those substances or herbs that are part of the proposed recipe;
  • high blood pressure or asthma do not allow the use of herbal baths.

Also, do not select recipes for alternative treatment of deforming osteoarthritis on the Internet, because in its manifestations this disease is similar to many other pathologies of the osteoarticular system. The best solution is to see a doctor to find out your diagnosis for sure. And consult with him regarding these or other methods.

How to treat arthrosis at home?

Treating arthrosis at home is part of general therapy. It is necessary after surgery on the hip or knee joint, as well as on smaller joints. Osteoarthrosis is treated at home if a chronic ailment proceeds passively, having an I-II degree of arthrosis.

A set of measures for treatment at home

If the therapy for joint diseases has its own stationary measures to cure, then the correct treatment for arthrosis at home is also carried out comprehensively:

  • Compliance with healthy eating standards;
  • Bringing the weight to the optimal value;
  • Massage;
  • Exercise therapy, yoga;
  • Therapeutic baths, water treatments;
  • Running, swimming, walking;
  • Treatment of arthrosis of the joints with folk remedies;
  • Compliance with the orthopedic regimen.

Treating arthrosis at home has a number of advantages over clinical treatment. This option is preferable for most, cheaper. Moreover, deforming osteoarthritis is not treated in one month; getting rid of it requires many months of working on yourself, and being in hospitals for a long time, undergoing procedures there – not everyone can afford such a regimen.

However, a reservation should be made right away. The best treatment for arthrosis is a combination of inpatient therapy with outpatient and home treatment. With an exacerbation of the disease, of course, you can not do without the help of a doctor. You can make a call to the therapist at home, who will tell you what urgent measures to take, prescribe the necessary medications to relieve acute signs of the disease. But the main time when the ailment of the musculoskeletal system proceeds without sharp manifestations is the treatment of arthrosis at home.

It is impossible to imagine a cure for osteoarthritis without observing healthy eating standards. And this task lies with the patient himself, who will have to adhere to certain truths for many months (and, in fact, throughout his life).

Hundreds of television programs, thousands of books are devoted to proper nutrition, our site also pays great attention to this issue, separately about nutrition can be found here. However, we mention a few basic principles.

Firstly, it is necessary to ensure the intake of a complete mineral-vitamin complex, especially B vitamins. It is important to eat fish, greens, cereals, saturating yourself with calcium, phosphorus, proteins and everything you need.

Secondly, it is necessary to exclude from the diet (or at least noticeably limit) American legs, which are especially stuffed with strong steroids. However, unfortunately, the issue of hormones in animal products is becoming more acute in domestic manufacturers. Avoid chicken, pork, and beef, which is fed with growth hormones when grown.
Thirdly, you need less to use sausages, sausages, sausages, various juices and all other products where there are dyes, flavor enhancers, flavors. According to recent studies, all this adversely affects our joints, cartilage, joint fluid. Therefore, no miracle pills for arthrosis will not help if you do not change your attitude to nutrition.

Normal weight

Continuing the gastronomic topic, it is necessary to say that the treatment of arthrosis at home will include (and every doctor will set such a task for you!) Bringing the body to an optimal level of body weight. Excess weight is a scourge of joints! The more kilos you wear on your musculoskeletal system, the faster it wears out, the harder it is.

Following the rules of a healthy diet (fractional, moderate, balanced in fats, proteins and carbohydrates), adding physical activity, reducing weight is not so difficult. Among other things, if you do not suffer from overweight, then this will not only be an excellent prophylaxis for osteoarthritis and one of the methods of treating the disease, but also save you from many other diseases, for example, the cardiovascular system.

Massage treatments

Massage is a wonderful remedy for arthrosis of large and small joints, which does not require great knowledge and skills, moreover, massage is convenient for treating arthrosis at home.

Massaging of sick joints can be performed by relatives at home, it is not necessary to visit special institutions, which will be especially convenient for patients with complications of coxarthrosis (hip osteoarthritis), gonarthrosis (arthrosis of the knee joint), arthrosis of the lower extremities.

Massage accelerates blood through veins better than many remedies, increasing blood flow. If this is right to eat, then nutrients will quickly get to the problem areas of the deformed cartilage. Massage with arthrosis will strengthen the muscle corset, ligamentous apparatus, in addition, at home you do not need to wait for the massage therapist to do it, but do it yourself or ask your relatives, performing the procedure several times a day, which you won’t get while undergoing treatment.

Gymnastics and Yoga

Gymnastics is very convenient at home in the treatment of arthrosis. You can choose for yourself a comfortable time for training, alternating with their rest. It is important to remember that physiotherapy exercises should be therapeutic, and not ordinary. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out it with exercises sparing the joints, then it will strengthen the muscles, increase blood circulation, increase the amplitude of movements.

I would like to say a separate word about yoga. Not about one of the hundreds of yogis, but about the important principle of employment. If you are not familiar with oriental techniques, see how smoothly, gracefully masters of yoga stretch themselves, what perfection they achieve in stretch marks, the volume of movements performed. Learn meditation to gain inner balance and strength to fight arthrosis. Strive for excellence!


At home, in the treatment of arthrosis, part of balneotherapy can be carried out in medical institutions, sanatoriums, and resorts. This requires a deep bath and various components, looking what you decide to prefer. You can try baths with blue clay, which can be purchased at pharmacies or specialty stores.

Turpentine, coniferous baths, with sea salt, iodine-bromine are useful for joints. Active substances quickly penetrate the steamed body, nourishing the joint itself and its surroundings – ligaments, cartilage, synovial fluid. Carrying out such pleasant procedures, you have a great chance to experiment with the components, the main thing is not to overdo it and follow reasonable precautions, sensitively listening to your body.

Физическая активность

In addition to carrying out a set of exercises for sore joints, strengthening simple muscles, making the ligaments stronger, increasing blood circulation, will help such simple activities as walking, easy running, swimming and cycling, which, by the way, are a good addition to therapy away from a hospital bed .

There are many advantages of such activity, but you need to be careful not to overwork the affected joints. Remember: sparing mode in everything! Do not make swimming or cycling a sport. We felt pleasant fatigue in the muscles, and even more so pain syndromes – stop moving or slow down.


Treating arthrosis at home favors checking out some good recipes for traditional medicine. It is great if the patient has the opportunity to consult with your doctor about this or that folk remedy.

At home, arthrosis is well treated with compresses from medicinal plants, and also make tinctures, rubbing agents, wraps from them. Herbal medicine has tremendous experience in saturating the body with useful substances, which plant is suitable, and using which method to bring the healing properties of herbs to the joints. Medicinal fees can be collected in summer cottages, in the countryside outside the city, or can be bought at pharmacies.

Orthopedics at home

To comply with the orthopedic regimen for each person is important, and for a patient with arthrosis is a paramount task. Improper posture is one of the causes of arthrosis. The bent position of the bones provokes wear of the hyaline cartilage, this layer is destroyed faster, which leads to the appearance of pain.

When you are sitting at a computer, watching TV at home, pay attention to the position of your body. Another way to control your posture is to stand by the cabinet or wall, pressing your back, head, and heels so that there is no free space between the body and the surface. Fix this position, strive to walk straight, level. The recommendations especially apply to patients with cervical, brachial arthrosis, spondylarthrosis (vertebral joints).

In addition to observing the simplest rules familiar to us from school, numerous orthopedic appliances offered by modern industry are called upon to help maintain the required peace in case of complication or exacerbation: mattresses, corsets, belts, elbow pieces, knee pads, wristbands, etc. It is very convenient to do housework with them, to live more comfortably.


Treatment of arthrosis at home for many is the preferred or even the only solution. Even psychologically, it is more convenient for most patients to be among the native walls under the supervision of loved ones. If urgent medical intervention is not required, then treating at home is easier, cheaper. But the best thing is to combine the clinical procedures of modern treatment methods with home treatment for osteoarthrosis.

Treatment of joints

Joint site

How to treat osteoarthritis at home

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that develops due to damage to their cartilage. With the disease, bone growths of a spike shape occur, which cause severe pain and limit the mobility of the joints.

At the initial stage of the disease, pain appears only with increased stress and passes at rest, over time, they intensify and become constant, stiffness is noted in the morning, and walking brings terrible discomfort.

Osteoarthrosis can develop with increased weight, as a result of injuries or after an infectious disease. Various methods are used to treat this disease – drug therapy using painkillers, non-steroidal drugs, chondroprotectors, laser therapy, physiotherapy, exercise therapy, massage and much more.

Equally important in the treatment of osteoarthritis are traditional medicine. So, for example, many healing herbs and other natural components are widely used for the manufacture of various medications.

Decoctions and tinctures based on medicinal herbs

Decoctions are prepared from herbal preparations and help to reduce pain, relieve inflammation and prevent further cartilage deformation with osteoarthritis. Here are some of their most useful recipes:

  1. Decoction number 1. Ingredients: marigold flowers, juniper fruits, buckthorn bark, elderberry flowers, nettle, horsetail, willow bark, birch leaves.
  2. Decoction number 2. Ingredients: poplar buds, birch buds, elecampane root, nettle leaf, linden flowers, mint, chamomile flowers, dill fruits.
  3. Decoction number 3. Ingredients: calamus root, aspen bark, hawthorn fruits, oregano, St. John’s wort, mint, pine buds, tricolor violet, thyme, eucalyptus.
  4. Decoction number 4. Ingredients: galangal root, elecampane root, flax seeds, yarrow, succession.
  5. Decoction No. 5 Ingredients: rosemary shoots, meadowsweet, lingonberry leaves, sweet clover, St. John’s wort, flax seeds, nettle leaves, mint, three-colored violet, rhizome and shoots of medicinal asparagus, a succession.

The cooking principle for all broths is the same. It is necessary to mix the components and pour boiling water in a proportion of 2 tbsp. spoons per liter of water. You need to insist a drink for about 8-10 hours, after which drink a third of a glass in the morning, afternoon and evening. Treatment should be carried out for several months.

It is very useful to carry out herbal treatment in combination with the main therapy. Improving the condition can be felt after 14-20 days from the start of the decoction.

Important! Before stopping your choice on a particular medicinal collection, you need to carefully study the contraindications to all plants.

Remedies for local use

In addition to decoctions on herbs in the treatment of osteoarthritis, you can use the following local remedies that have a beneficial effect on the joints:

  1. Peel and finely chop 1 head of Indian onion, pour vodka. Insist for two weeks, then strain. The resulting mass must be rubbed into sore spots, and then wrap with a warm cloth. No need to worry if the skin starts to pinch or bake, it should be!
  2. 2 tbsp. tablespoons of castor oil mixed with 1 tbsp. a spoon of turpentine. The medicine rubbed the joints at night. This procedure should not be carried out more than twice a week.
  3. Take 1 large spoonful of honey, dry mustard, vegetable oil, mix and boil. After the medicine has cooled, it need to put on a bandage and wrap around a diseased joint. On top of the compress you need to cover with a film and wrap something warm, do not remove it for several hours.
  4. Healing ointment from clover flowers, hop cones, hypericum flowers. You need to take 2 tablespoons of each component and add a little butter, then mix. Use the mixture as a compress.
  5. 2 tbsp. spoons needles pour water (half a cup), boil half an hour. After tincture, you need to strain and cool. After that, moisten gauze in it and make a compress.
  6. Grind a few pods of red pepper and pour into a bottle of vodka. Insist for about two weeks in a dark, dry place. Tincture is used for rubbing sore spots.
  7. Dilute two large tablespoons of ordinary salt in water (0,5 liters). Moisten gauze in a solution and make a compress.

Remedies for inflammation and swelling

If, in addition to severe pains, swelling and redness of the skin around the joints are observed, such recipes will be very useful:

    Compresses with ice. Ice has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. It must be la >It is very important for patients with osteoarthritis to eat right, because the body must receive all the necessary substances that will contribute to the development of special joint lubrication. The effectiveness of the diet can be confirmed by any specialist and it must be prescribed on an equal basis with other therapeutic methods.

The main objectives of this treatment are to fill in the body a deficiency of essential trace elements, improve metabolic processes in the joints and reduce weight. Overweight leads to increased stress on the joints, which further exacerbates the course of the disease.

There are also several basic principles of nutrition for osteoarthritis:

  • per day you need to consume no more than 1800 kcal;
  • limit the intake of carbohydrates and animal fats;
  • eat fractionally, i.e., in small portions, but many times a day (for example, divide 2 large habitual servings of food into 6 small servings);
  • eat fiber-rich foods;
  • reduce the amount of salt consumed;
  • refuse seasonings, spices and alcoholic beverages.

The substances necessary for the formation of a lubricant – mucopolysaccharides can be found in aspic and meat broths. In addition to the bones and the meat itself, it is desirable to use cartilage and ligaments, because it is in them that these elements are contained.

As for meat, it must be lean. It is very useful to eat poultry. On the contrary, fish need to eat fatty, because it contains useful fatty acids.

So, what foods are recommended for osteoarthritis:

  • fruit;
  • vegetables (preferably raw, so that they do not lose the necessary vitamins);
  • skim milk and milk products;
  • jelly (mucopolysaccharides are found in gelatin);
  • cereals;
  • bow;
  • garlic;
  • asparagus;
  • garlic;
  • black bread.

Exclude from the diet you need:

  • tomatoes;
  • carbonated sweet drinks;
  • black pepper;
  • egg yolk;
  • confectionery;
  • chocolate.

In some cases, under the strict supervision of a specialist, therapeutic fasting is performed. Especially this method is effective during exacerbation of the disease, because due to prolonged fasting, metabolic processes improve.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely get rid of this disease. However, due to a diet and the use of traditional medicine in combination with other methods of therapy, you can get a good result and achieve long-term remission of the disease.

It should be remembered that before proceeding with self-medication, you need to consult a doctor.

Morozov Georgiy

Georgy Morozov, rheumatologist. For more than 20 years, he has been involved in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of joint diseases.