Joint foil treatment methods reviews

Glad to welcome you, dear friends! Foil joint treatment may seem like a myth to you. But do not be disappointed, it justifies itself very well, even doctors confirm this.

This treatment method has worked well, it can help not only from joint pain, it is used for headaches and heartaches, with fatigue and pain in the back, with angina, bronchitis, varicose veins and so on. I am glad that the tool is publicly available, inexpensive and has almost no contraindications.

How foil works

For procedures, aluminum sheets are most often used (they are more often found at home), but sheets with gold or bronze dusting can also be useful. Pieces of foil are applied with a shiny side to the sore spots, using the most suitable way. Read about the methods below.

The healing properties of brilliant material are due to the impact on the human energy field. It has long been proven that if a person is sick, often nervous and in a state of stress, the energy field begins to collapse, until its complete disappearance.

The foil reflects this energy, it is able to preserve it and even strengthen it several times. The shiny surface directs the biocurrents back to where they came from. So it is possible to normalize their pulsation in our body. Also, compresses and foil bridges enhance positive energy, which undoubtedly flatteringly affects the state of our body.

Experts advise using foil in combination with traditional methods of treatment. It is used by courses and at a time. She has a huge advantage, she is able to immediately relieve pain, so for the treatment of joints she is simply necessary.

Joint foil

There are several ways to use foil to treat joints. You can easily use all at home. For some methods, the rolls we use in the kitchen for baking are suitable. And for some, the foil left over from chocolates.

We present you the most popular ways:

  • Using bridges, they are also often called “silver bridges”. Their essence lies in the fact that the improvised brilliant bridge transfers energy and impulses from the diseased area (organ) to the healthy one, and gradually the pain and inflammatory processes subside.
  • Silver compresses and applications, in which case the foil is used to enhance the action of other drugs.
  • Wrap the joints. Then a silver shiny cloth wound around a sore joint like a bandage.
  • Full body wrap.

The foil is often fixed with a shiny side to the body, but sometimes matte is also used. Fasten it with tape or cotton cloth, bandages, and sometimes fasten on adhesive tape. Most often, one layer is enough, but, for example, to wrap the whole body, you need several layers that will alternate with paper and fabric layers.

I would like to focus on the silver bridges method. Below you will find the action algorithm for the procedure:

  • Cut the patch (preferably wide). Its length will be slightly longer than the area that hurts. Remember that it will be glued vertically.
  • Attach a piece of foil to the adhesive patch with the matte side, it should not go beyond the patch. The strip can be one or more widths up to one centimeter.
  • Place the prepared “sticker” on the skin vertically.
  • Wear 3 days; replace if necessary.
  • If the bridge does not work, hold it for a few more days.
  • After completing the procedure, smear the skin with a soothing decoction of herbs or natural vegetable oil.

Knee joint treatment

Most often, people have problems with the knee joints. And this is not surprising, because they are just a global burden, especially if a person is overweight. Foil pads will help relieve pain, and their regular use, especially coupled with traditional treatment, will help to calm down inflammatory processes in the joint.

The procedure is simple! You need to attach a sheet of foil and attach it with a bandage, both normal and elastic will do. For convenience, you can prepare silver sheets in advance.

This dressing should be left for 10 hours. The foil breaks quickly, so the best time for the procedure is night. The complex lasts about 10 days. This method is also suitable for elbow joints.

Hip treatment

A large load is also placed on the hip joint. For the treatment of hip joints, various compresses and applications are most often used, first an ointment or other compositions are used, and only then a foil is applied, fixing it with a plaster.

Paraffin wax applications are very popular, it should be heated to a viscous state. This mass is applied to the sore spot and covered with foil. It can be covered with a small piece of cloth or immediately wrapped with cling film. Keep the compress until it cools down. Repeat the procedure should be every other day, the course, only 10 times.

Finger joint treatment

People who carry out painstaking and monotonous work with their hands often have pains in the phalanges of their fingers. And in this situation, foil will help us. For the treatment of fingers, it is permissible to use “silver bridges” or wraps.

Wrap sore fingers should be the matte side of the sheet, leaving it for an hour. Next, let our fingers rest for 2 hours and repeat the procedure. In total there should be 3 repetitions per day. The complex lasts a week.

Video – treatment of pain with aluminum foil


The use of foil in the treatment of joints is widely used and currently has no contraindications. However, where an increase in body temperature is required, there are limitations. For example, wraps that create the effect of a sauna. Contraindicated in:

  1. high blood pressure;
  2. pregnancy and lactation;
  3. violation and diseases of the skin;
  4. diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Be careful and do not violate contraindications. In any case, before using foil in joint treatment, consult your healthcare provider about the methods.

Add to your piggy bank methods of treating joints with foil. This is an inexpensive and effective tool that is popular in famous Russian and foreign clinics. May the joints be healthy!

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Foil joint treatment

Foil Release Process

Thin aluminum sheet is made of high quality material. It was first produced in 1903 in France. The uniqueness of this product was preserved during the high technology of the th century. The foil manufacturing process consists of successive multiple cold cutting aluminum rolling. High temperature annealing makes the contained element sterile, which ensures safety during direct contact with this metal surface, and the property of chemical inertness allows you to become completely harmless to health.

The mechanism of treatment with aluminum foil

Conventional foil used for domestic purposes in the household may be useful in the treatment of certain human diseases. Based on the data on the therapeutic effect in the application of this method, when treatment is carried out with aluminum foil, the reviews of doctors remain quite positive. Medical specialists use only established work standards in their work. The basic principle of a treatment plan is the scientific confirmation of any procedure or method. What is the mechanism of treatment with aluminum foil? This unconventional method of a therapeutic approach to a pathological problem in the body is based on several theories of scientists:

– restoration of the disturbed interaction of cells and the matrix field;

-chemical reaction causing the formation of salts, resulting from the interaction of acids released by the skin in the problem area with a metal sheet.

-reflection with a thin sheet applied to the pathological section of electromagnetic waves and thermal energy emanating from the body of the person himself. When treatment is carried out using foil, the biocurrents return to the active point from which they emerged. Bioresonance affects cells and membranes. Screening of biocurrents restores their normal biological pulsation in organs and systems. Regulation of intermolecular physical bonds occurs. Foil treatment of joints can have the effect of enhancing positive energy.

Foil pain treatment is used today in modern clinics. Refers to the type of additional therapy to the main treatment plan. But it can be applied independently. The method is quite simple and economical. It has a wide scope. Foil treatment can relieve pain in the internal organs, musculoskeletal system and in soft tissues. Use on scars after surgery helps to restore the skin surface faster. But you still need to know how to be treated with foil. The recommended course of therapy at least 10 times. After two weeks, a repeat is allowed.

Methods of Use

Foil treatment of joints, methods of application:

-application in circular sheets (most often used in the area of ​​the spinal column);

– wrapping with standard sheets of any size (most often used in the joints);

-application of plates, bridges (for internal organs, skin disorders, postoperative scars)

– wrapping the whole body with layers;

whole body wraps

Adhesive tape, tape, bandage or cotton are used for fixation. Enough single-layer wrapping of the surface of the painful area, and for wrapping the body, you can apply layer-by-layer overlay of a metal sheet with alternating fabric or paper (3-7 layers).

The application time for each site should be determined. On the limbs and their joints, on the pathology zone of internal organs, 10 to 40 minutes of exposure from a metal element can be used. In some cases, you can use about two hours. But this is the maximum allowed time. The shiny side is superimposed on the body. In the regulation of energy frequencies, the matte side can be used. Reduction of biocurrents can be carried out only after the established filtration of energy through a band-pass filter.

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There are practically no contraindications when treating with food foil. But during body wraps, it is sometimes recommended to achieve an increase in temperature. This procedure is performed by wetting the cotton fabric with hot water, followed by wrapping a warm blanket. This implementation of the method is contraindicated:

– with high blood pressure in patients;

– for diseases of the cardiovascular system;

-particularly during pregnancy;

-in the presence of skin diseases of various etiologies.

Foil treatment reviews

The composition can be not only aluminum on cooking sheets, but also copper and with gold plating. The most commonly used aluminum composition. When foil treatment is performed, the forum of participating users is a confirmation of this fact. It turns out that a very large number of people conducted independent use of this method. The main result is a reduction or complete disappearance of pain, regardless of the place of application. Those who have already felt a similar effect of foil treatment leave only positive reviews. In their comments, they write that this is a very effective method of treatment. It should be noted that beauty salons now also began to offer a body wrap procedure for losing weight and removing toxins from the body or to prevent wrinkles and reduce scars (local application in the form of metal paper applications). This also confirms the effect of the action of these plates on the connective tissue, on the soft and hard tissues of a person.

If a decrease in the state of toxicity in the body is achieved, the proper process of tissue nutrition is restored and enhanced.

Trace of micronutrients returns to its correct state. A toxic state is a problem of the organ that is responsible for the detoxification function of the body, i.e., the liver. Even in a healthy organ, the possibilities of self-healing are not unlimited. Here, treatment with foil of the liver will help, which will restore and improve the general condition of the body as a whole, due to a violation of the incorrect interaction of the energy supply of matrix cells. Foil treatment of the liver is performed along the meridian of the active biological point, which is responsible for this area.

Positive properties of a thin sheet

The main positive property of a thin sheet is the inhibition of all negative processes on the existing frequency scale of living tissues and organisms, which allows the treatment of joints with foil in many directions, including to reduce the inflammatory process.

Food sheet thin enough

The food sheet is quite thin, but has a healing effect. In the treatment of aluminum foil, it is considered an effective folk remedy because the proven effect of the metal on the suspension of any disease has been for a hundred years. It is based on the fact that this element of the Earth suspends any pathological process in the human body.

Foil treatment in kids is also good. During the treatment, the child has no negative feelings associated with fear and pain. The method is convenient to use and effective as well as for adults.

When self-treatment is carried out with foil of joints, the reviews that are left by users of many medical sites usually carry information such as this: “pain is reduced directly in problem areas.” But when the intensity of pain decreases, it is in the joints of the musculoskeletal system that the inflammatory process also decreases its activity, due to the fact that the spasm in the surrounding soft tissues becomes less. So, when treating the spine with foil, the spasmodic state of the nerve roots decreases. Treatment with back foil can be used for diseases: myositis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis (especially good for cervical osteochondrosis). It is possible to use copper plates in the treatment of spinal foil.

When treatment of joints with aluminum foil is necessary, another method of exposure is required. For joints of the extremities, direct wrapping of the problem area is used so that the action reaches all the connection areas (internal, lateral, front and rear).

Foil treatment indications and contraindications

Our life is such that in our fast running we lose what we could save if we were a little more attentive to our body. Traditional methods are effective, but not always, and sometimes you have to turn to unconventional methods that are more effective.

Nontraditional methods

There are many such methods, but so far we will focus only on one. A person is individual in nature and must choose the method that suits him. Understand each, feel that you are close. Just advice in this case is not enough.

One of such unconventional methods is foil treatment.

Indications and contraindications for this method are the first things that begin to get to know him. But first, you need to understand the mechanism of its action. Indeed, at first glance, the method seems somewhat dubious and unrealistic. Why does such material relieve ailments that we cannot cope with using the usual medicines.

The principle of operation of the foil

The treatment method using foil, which was mentioned in ancient China, in our time was described by Freud’s student – psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich. Chinese doctors have been successfully using it for centuries. Their statement is based on the theory of the matrix cells of the human body that interact with the matrix field of the Earth.

It is believed that the brilliant substance of the foil eliminates disharmonious phenomena.

The principle is based on the correction of magnetic radiation. This allows the human body to find the harmony set for it from the beginning.

Restoring harmony – restoring health. At the cellular level, all organs begin to work correctly and it is difficult for a sore to “catch on” to something. Everything ingenious is simple! It is this law that works in this case. During treatment, the fact that the foil has reflective and warming properties is also taken into account. Reich has repeatedly used this method and in all cases received only positive results.

Indications for use

Лечит ли фольга все заболевания? Нет, это не панацея. Но те возрастные «болячки», которыми страждет народ, особенно после 45 лет, ей под силу. Под силу ей и те патологические процессы, которые сопровождаются болью, спазмом, воспалением:

  • lung diseases;
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • mastopathy;
  • myositis; osteochondrosis; radiculitis;
  • arthrosis;
  • joint pain;
  • headache;

Perhaps this is not a complete list of ailments. It does not dull, but it heals and the spectator deep into the problem. Thanks to this, tangible pain and its consequences go away. The use of foil helps decisively get rid of any pain: headache, pain in the knee joint, in the spine, etc. This method helps to restore strength when tired.


Aluminum is not a pharmaceutical chamomile, although this wonderful plant also has its contraindications. Aluminum is a metal that is endowed with certain properties. And this is not always useful.

  • An obvious contraindication in this case is oncology. No specialist will undertake to predict how the tumor will behave in this case.
  • To make an application in the thyro >

  • Severe skin lesions, psoriasis.
  • Signs of an allergy to aluminum.
  • Do not treat with a foil diseases of internal organs in the stage of their exacerbation.
  • Ways to use foil

    There are several treatments for foil. But first, decide which foil to use. In China, aluminum and copper foil is used. In Europe, they often use aluminum foil, mainly food foil. The one in which the chocolate is wrapped is also suitable. But in all cases they apply it to a sore spot with a shiny side.

    The choice of the method dictates the disease itself, or the condition of the person: one thing is the treatment of the heel spur, another thing is stress relief when using “blankets” made of foil. In this case, complete wrapping is carried out. The most popular and effective method is called Silver Bridges.

    Silver bridges

    Such bridges can be made independently. They are made of foil and adhesive tape. Sometimes use a wide tape.

      Strips of 1 cm wide are cut out of the foil, but its length should be slightly larger than the diseased area for which it is intended.

    Foil Compress

    Directly foil, often in several layers, 5 or 7, is applied to the sore spot. Apply this method for spinal problems, for the treatment of gout. In the latter case, it is applied to the toes. This wrap must be fixed with a warm scarf or bandage. In the treatment of spurs, several times folded foil is placed under the toe.

    Start treatment with a few minutes, then increase the treatment period to an hour or more. Duration depends on the nature of the disease.

    Foil Belt

    It is used in the treatment of radiculitis. In this case, several layers of foil are combined with strips of paper alternately. The procedure is carried out daily, for 2-3 weeks, 40 minutes, 3 times a day.

    Foil Blanket

    This wrap is used for relaxation. The session lasts 10 to 20 minutes. It is used for stress, severe fatigue. A short-duration procedure restores strength and significantly strengthens the immune system.

    Foil treatment for colds

    The use of this method for colds has been tested by many. The foil in this case performs not only its “matrix” function, it also acts as a mustard plaster. It should be folded several times, applied to the foot and fixed with a bandage. Wear a warm sock from above. It will help with a sore throat. In this case, apply a compress and “silver bridges”.

    Mode of application disease Duration and treatment features
    Silver bridges Cold, tonsillitis
    Headaches, dizziness
    Housing and communal diseases
    Ovarian inflammation
    Pain in the joints
    Swelling of the legs
    Scars, stitches after surgery
    Bridges impose for 3 days, then they are replaced with new ones.
    The treatment lasts up to 10 days, after a short break it can be repeated.
    During treatment, they do not take a bath, only showers.
    Compress Heel spur
    Meniscus damage
    Pain in the joints
    Leg bones
    The foil is cut out in circles. Such a compress is applied for 1 hour. After a 2-hour break, the procedure is repeated. The duration of treatment is 2 weeks.
    Foil Belt
    Foil Blanket
    Fatigue stress
    The duration of treatment is 2-3 weeks.
    10 – 20 minutes as a means of relaxation
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    Pros and cons

    Opinions about foil treatment often differ. Nevertheless, the foil is really able to stop the inflammatory process, correct metabolic processes in the body, increase blood flow, and relieve pain.

    When deciding to apply such a method in practice, it is reasonable to weigh the pros and cons and not use it if there are contraindications. Do not neglect both traditional methods and folk remedies. Complex treatment often gives a positive result.

    Whether the result will be positive often depends on the person himself. Blessed is he who believes without doubt. After all, everyone is paid according to his faith.

    Treatment with aluminum foil: unique recipes

    Life Ecology: Health. Have you heard about the treatment with aluminum foil? The same ordinary food foil in rolls that we use to bake different dishes or to wrap and store food. It turns out that this very foil can serve as an amazing tool for relieving all kinds of pain and even treat diseases.

    Bioresonance effect of a foil on a human biofield

    Have you heard about the treatment with aluminum foil? The same ordinary food foil in rolls that we use to bake different dishes or to wrap and store food. It turns out that this very foil can serve as an amazing tool for relieving all kinds of pain and even treat diseases.

    Foil is a very thin rolled sheet of metal, which consists of aluminum, tin, copper, bronze, gold and silver. A sheet of foil is comparable to paper – it is flexible, plastic and can take a variety of shapes, which makes it convenient to use for wrapping.

    The first to speak about the beneficial properties of metal paper were Chinese healers. In their opinion, with its help it is possible to get rid of many pathologies in a short period of time, although the role of foil has not been fully studied and the opinions of experts vary widely, but this does not prevent people from resorting to bioenergy.

    The role of foil in the treatment of certain diseases is described in the works of the famous psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich. He suggested that the human body emits biocurrents that are reflected, and then return back to the meridians, i.e. to the place where they originally came from. And this has a beneficial effect on that organ that is associated with this meridian.

    In the human body there are special matrix cells that continuously interact with the matrix field of the Earth. For various reasons, this field is distorted and the interaction is disturbed, as a result of which the energy supply of matrix cells is also violated. The surface of the foil reflects the matrix field of the Earth and like a huge focusing lens strengthens it several times, which allows you to restore the interaction of the matrix field and cells. In addition, the shiny surface of the foil prevents the penetration of inharmonious radiation into the human body.

    Another theory is that the foil perfectly reflects the thermal or infrared radiation coming from both inside and outside, and the object wrapped in the foil retains its temperature longer. This property of the foil has found its application in the thermal treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and other diseases.

    Foil can be used in two ways: in conjunction with warm compresses – applications or independently.

    Currently, doctors explain the effectiveness of this technique by the fact that each person has his own energy body. If the body is subject to frequent stress or overstrain, then this destroys the energy envelope and causes the development of diseases. If you use the shiny side of aluminum foil, then it reflects the person’s own energy and enhances it several times. This effect is bioresonance – this procedure has a beneficial effect on cells and membranes.

    The so-called “foil bridge” is most often used for treatment. The essence of this method is that when healthy areas of the body are connected with patients, there is a “transfer of information” and the diseased area of ​​the body recovers. “Silver” bridges are an advanced analogue of copper plates used by Chinese doctors to restore weak points at the expense of neighboring – strong ones. The copper plate was fixed along the meridian at the problem point with overlapping at neighboring points and thus normal energy movement along the meridians is restored, damaged capillaries, blood vessels, as well as the skin on the site of the scar or scar are restored, and the organ corresponding to the meridians “sighs” relief.

    How to make a “silver bridge”? Cut off the strip from a wide (5-6 cm) adhesive patch of such a length that it completely covers the affected area, then stick the foil strips 1 cm wide with the non-shiny side, 5-6 mm backward from all the edges of the adhesive patch. The distance between the strips should be the same width as the strips themselves. Stick “silver bridges” need parallel to the spine and do not remove for 3 days. If the pains have not passed, you can apply them for a longer time – if the patch will no longer hold, you need to replace it with a new one (you can wash in the shower with a glued patch). After removing the medical patch, the skin needs to be wiped with vegetable oil, and after decoction of medicinal herbs or just mineral water – this will additionally remove inflammation and negativity.

    Contraindications for the use of this method: high blood pressure, problems with the cardiovascular system, pregnancy and exacerbation of skin diseases.

    Recipes for the treatment of various diseases:

    Treatment of joints of the arms, legs, cervical osteochondrosis, myositis – we take a wide adhesive tape, glue the necessary amount of foil to it and wrap the sore spot, fixing it with adhesive tape. The duration of the first few sessions should not be more than 2 minutes, but gradually the time period increases to an hour. The course of treatment is 10-12 days. There is another way called the “blanket”. The patient is wrapped in foil and left lying down.

    Radiculitis. It is necessary to make a foil belt in several layers with paper gaskets and lie in it 3 times a day for 40 minutes.

    Back pain. It is advisable to use a belt glued with strips of foil.

    Pain caused by inflammation of the sciatic nerve is treated by applying foil to the sore spot.

    Heel spurs. Foil insoles or a piece of aluminum sheet are used, which is fixed to the heel with a patch.

    Cervical osteochondrosis. The foil is folded into several layers (somewhere in 7) and fixed with a gauze bandage. Hold for 30 minutes. The course of treatment is 10-12 days.

    IMPORTANT! Apply foil with shiny side to the sore spot!

    Gout. The foil is fixed with a bandage on the fingers. The procedure lasts 40 minutes, repeat after 2 hours.

    Phlebeurysm. For treatment, use a foil 25 cm wide – it wraps a sore spot and fixes it with a compression stocking. Lie down for 20 minutes. The course of treatment is 3 weeks.

    Resorption of postoperative sutures and scars. The technique of the “silver bridge” is used. The length of the bridge should be sufficient to cover the seam from clean skin to clean skin.

    Otitis. Fasten the foil around the ear. Hold for 40 minutes. 2 times a day.

    Treatment of the thyroid gland. Cut two strips of foil from chocolate “Alenka”, stick on the neck area in parallel, wear 3 weeks.

    With a headache. Make a strip of foil and wear it on your head like a hoop.

    Angina. Attach a strip of foil to your throat and tie it with a scarf. You can keep an hour or even leave it overnight.

    Cold. Foil in several layers to wrap your legs. The procedure lasts from 40 minutes to 2 hours. published by

    Author: Alexander Maximov

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