Intercostal neuralgia drug treatment at home

At the initial stage, medications and physiotherapy are used to prevent the development of complications and eliminate discomfort.

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Ointments for neuralgia

Table – effective ointments in the treatment of intercostal neuralgia

Name of the drugThe act to be performedFeature of application
VoltarenThe composition of the drug contains diclofenac – a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. The medication quickly eliminates pain and inflammation. The maximum effect of the use of Voltaren is achieved when taken together with NSAID tablets.The ointment is applied to the site of the lesion 4 times a day.
KetonalIt has a powerful analgesic effect, which is achieved due to the composition of ketoprofen. Also, the medication copes with the inflammatory process.Ointment is applied 2 times a day.
ViprosalThe composition of the ointment contains snake venom, camphor and turpentine. The action of the drug is aimed at accelerating blood circulation at the site of localization of the pain syndrome and the restoration of damaged nerve endings.It is applied 2 times a day.
ApisatronThe drug is based on bee venom. Quickly relieves pain, speeds up the process of elimination of toxins and normalizes metabolic processes. After applying the ointment, redness and burning can be observed, but this is a normal process.It is applied 2-3 times a day.
FinalgonThe medication has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The composition contains butoxyethyl alcohol and vanilla nonamide.Ointment is applied 3 times a day.
MenovazineThe ointment has cooling properties, as a result of which it quickly eliminates pain. Composition: procaine, menthol, benzocaine.It is applied 3 times a day.

Acupressure for neuralgia

In the treatment of intercostal neuralgia, massage of two zones is shown: the back and chest. The procedure begins with the study of the healthy side with a smooth transition to the affected area. You need to massage your back intensively, while not provoking an increase in pain. The course includes 8-10 sessions, each lasting 30-40 minutes.

During the massage, blood circulation in the tissues is activated, there is a positive effect on the vertebral structures – the diameter of the hole through which the affected nerve passes, begins to expand, and the pain passes.

Fig. 1 – how is squeezing

Almag treatment

This is one of the methods of physiotherapy involving the use of a special apparatus. Before proceeding to the procedure, Almag is recommended to wipe with a gauze cloth soaked in a disinfectant solution (intended for plastics).

After that, you can proceed to the procedure itself:

  1. The course of Almag therapy includes 10-20 sessions, it all depends on the severity of the pathological process.
  2. It is worth carrying out medical procedures after eating – in the afternoon or in the evening. To do this, the patient must lie down and relax. The chain of coils is laid out along the affected nerve and left for 10 minutes.
  3. Between sessions, the interval is 8 hours. Each time, you can add 1 minute to bring the time to 20-30 minutes.
  4. If the disease has a chronic form, then the course should be repeated every 2-3 months.

Clinical recommendations for treatment of exacerbation

During an exacerbation, it is very important to alleviate the patient’s condition, so doctors prescribe medications in the form of tablets and injections, as well as proven methods of alternative medicine.

Neuralgia injections

All injections for neuralgia can be divided into several groups: vitamins, painkillers, NSAIDs and multivitamins.


They are indicated for severe and frequent pain. Effective injectable drugs:

The injections do an excellent job with pain, but not for long (4 hours). The course of therapy will be 5-10 sessions. It is not recommended to use injections longer, as this is fraught with the development of ulcers, colitis of the stomach and gastritis.


During an exacerbation of the pathology, injections with vitamin B are necessarily prescribed. A preparation containing vitamins B1, B6, B12 is injected into the muscle.

NSAID group

This group includes such drugs: Diclofenac, Ketonal, Ortofen. These drugs quickly remove the inflammatory process and pain.


Assign Milgamma and Compositum. The peculiarity of these medicines in their long-term use is up to 3 weeks. First, the drug is injected into the muscle, and then the patient is transferred to tablets.


In pathology, the muscle tissues that are located near the damaged nerve fibers are spasmodic, and their tone rises. Without spasmolytics, it will not be possible to get rid of pain, so doctors prescribe such funds:

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Anti-inflammatory drugs will certainly be part of the treatment of intercostal neuralgia. They quickly eliminate unpleasant symptoms and the inflammatory process.

  1. Ortofen. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The active substance is diclofenac. It is prescribed in the form of tablets that must be taken after meals. The daily norm is 25-50 mg 3 times a day.
  2. Movalis. Used to relieve pain and inflammation. The active substance is meloxicam. Dosing schedule: acute period – 1 tablet 1 time per day. Reception is carried out with meals.

Is it possible to be treated by banks

Cupping is one of the effective methods of eliminating intercostal neuralgia, but subject to its combination with drugs. With the help of massage, you can improve lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and quickly restore tissue.

Fig. 2 – We do not recommend using banks, but if you still decide, then do it with the appropriate specialist

Before the procedure, the patient needs to clean the skin areas where it is planned to install banks. Further, their surface is lubricated with heated oil (olive or eucalyptus). Next, you need to move the device from the bottom up, along the lymphatic vessels. The duration of the procedure is 5-7 minutes.

Folk remedies for neuralgia on the right and left

Alternative methods of treatment are used only after consultation with a doctor and in combination with other methods of therapy.

Honey massage

When performing a massage, it is possible to improve blood and lymph circulation in the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Thanks to honey, metabolic processes are accelerated, oxygen delivery to tissues is facilitated, and regeneration processes are enhanced.

  1. Preheat the surface of the skin with ordinary massage movements.
  2. Apply honey to a hot body and rub it.
  3. After a while, the honey is partially absorbed and begins to thicken. It will become impossible to massage, so you need to change the technique using the method of sticking-detaching hands.
  4. The session lasts from 1 to 2 hours.


  1. Combine glycine and iodine in equal proportions.
  2. Pour the composition into a container of dark stele, shake well and leave for several days.
  3. Apply a little medicine to the cotton pad and treat the painful area of ​​the back without affecting the spine.
  4. Lubricate the skin with light movements so as not to get a burn. Put a tight bandage on top and put on linen made from natural fabrics.

The treatment procedure should be carried out 12-15 times with an interval of 1 day. After the manipulation, the patient needs to go to bed and take shelter warmly.

Healing baths

Effective baths from a decoction of young bark:

  1. Young branches of aspen silt of poplar (0,5 kg) pour water, simmer on fire for 30 minutes.
  2. Infuse the mixture for half an hour.
  3. Filter the resulting product and add it to the bath with water (temperature should be about 40 degrees).
  4. Take water procedures for about 10-15 minutes, and then treat the affected area with fir oil.

2 most effective exercises

There are many exercises used in case of chest neuralgia, but several most effective and simple ones can be distinguished:

Fig. 3 – pullover exercise

  1. Pull over. You need to prepare dumbbells or sand bottles. Lie on your back on a bench so that your head hangs slightly, lower your arms with a burden further behind your head, slightly bending at the elbows. Breathe out and utter the sound “haa,” and then raise your arms to chest level. Perform 20-25 reps.
  2. butterfly. This exercise is done by analogy with the first, but you only need to reduce the exhalation of “haa” in front of the chest with weights. Do 20-25 times.

The combination of these two exercises will allow you to quickly eliminate pain in the intercostal muscles, and their regular performance and a cold shower after – an excellent prevention of such conditions.

Sage bath

  1. Pour 4 tbsp. sage with a glass of hot water for 1 hour.
  2. Filter the infusion and add to the bathroom with water, add 1/2 cup of salt there.
  3. Take water procedures for 10 minutes, the therapeutic course will be 10 sessions.

Potatoes and onions

Grind potatoes and onions on a grater, combine the components in equal proportions, apply to the affected area and keep the cake until it is completely dry. You can fix the compress with a bandage.

Important! Before applying the potato-onion mixture, you need to check the reaction of the body. To do this, treat a small area of ​​the skin and wait 10 minutes. If burning, pain and redness are absent, then a compress can be used to treat neuralgia.

Burdock leaves

To prepare the product, you need to use only freshly cut leaves. Rinse them under water and lay the inside to the affected area. Fix the compress with a bandage and a scarf, leave it overnight.

Mint leaf decoction with honey

This product is intended for oral administration. It is necessary to pour a glass of boiling water 1 tbsp. dry peppermint leaves. Wait 30 minutes, filter and add 2 tsp. honey. Take the drug 100 ml 2 times a day.

Intercostal neuralgia is a disease that is important to treat in a timely manner. Doctors prescribe complex therapy, since it is important not only to rid the patient of discomfort, but also to eliminate the cause of the pathological process.

Pills for intercostal neuralgia

Painful attacks that occur in the intercostal space, chest and back may be a sign of intercostal neuralgia.

This is a pathology characterized by compression of the intercostal nerves by the muscles located between the ribs.

The nature of the arising pain is very similar to disturbances in the cardiovascular system.

Therefore, the real reason for the appearance of pain can often be established only after consulting a specialist.

Intercostal neuralgia is treated with the help of complex therapy, which includes the use of medications, visits to physiotherapy procedures and a chiropractor.

The dosage of drugs, the frequency and duration of their administration should be strictly prescribed only by a specialist and not exceed the permissible norm.

Treatment of intercostal neuralgia with tablets

For the treatment of the above pathology, medications may be prescribed in the form of injections, ointments and gels, tablets. The basis of treatment often includes tableted drugs.

Their main advantage is the convenience of reception. If the patient cannot take the sick-list, and treatment is necessary, tablets are the most convenient form of treatment (you can certainly find time to take tablet medicines even while at the workplace).

Tableted preparations are not recommended for the treatment of intercostal neuralgia for people who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In such cases, the use of injections and ointments is recommended.

In the form of tablets for the treatment of compression of the intercostal nerves, the following groups of drugs are prescribed: NSAIDs, painkillers, muscle relaxants, antispasmodics and vitamins.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

The purpose of this group of drugs is to eliminate the inflammatory process and relieve swelling, which are usually accompanied by pinching of the intercostal nerves. The cause of the appearance of muscle inflammation and swelling of the soft tissues is spasm of the intercostal muscles. The elimination of the inflammatory process leads to a decrease, and sometimes complete elimination of the pain syndrome, which positively affects the general well-being of the patient.

Note! Treatment with drugs of the NSAID group should not exceed 7-10 days, since a longer intake may provoke the development of complications, in particular concerning the gastrointestinal tract.

Morozov Georgiy

Georgy Morozov, rheumatologist. For more than 20 years, he has been involved in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of joint diseases.