Heel spur treatment at home preparations, folk remedies

Starting pain in the heel after awakening is the result of mechanical irritation of the foot by the growth. Stopping the pain signal is the main goal of traditional therapy, and for this, heel spur treatment is carried out at home. For the preparation of potions, bee products and available natural ingredients are used. When choosing an alternative method, it must be remembered that alternative therapy is an additional tool and can not replace drug treatment.

Characteristics of pathology

The pointed spike on the plantar of the calcaneus, formed as a result of proliferation of bone tissue, is commonly called the calcaneal spur. The formation of bone growth is facilitated by destructive processes and metabolic disorders.

The following predisposing factors may be the cause of degeneration:

  • mechanical damage due to trauma;
  • flat feet;
  • violation of metabolic reactions;
  • autoimmune pathologies;
  • overload stop;
  • hemodynamic impairment (blood circulation);
  • age changes;
  • endocrine pathologies;
  • infection.

The main symptom of a heel spur is heel pain, which manifests itself at the time of standing or walking. Soreness appears during the first steps after a long rest in a horizontal position. This condition is characteristic after morning awakening, when a person rests on a sore leg. The pain signal is often compared to pain when piercing the heel with a nail.

After a short walk, the pain gradually subsides and ceases to disturb the patient. The situation is significantly complicated if pain associated with inflammation of the plantar fascia joins the soreness from the bone growth. Plantar fasciitis is a frequent companion of the heel spur, so often treatment, including at home, includes procedures for getting rid of plantar aponeurosis.

In most cases, the disease is diagnosed in the female half of the population. The detection of the disease is carried out on the basis of clinical symptoms and the results of an X-ray examination. It is believed that women are sick more often than men because of wearing shoes with heels above seven centimeters, as well as with water-salt imbalance.

General therapy

Comprehensive therapeutic measures for the treatment of heel spurs in a hospital or at home are primarily aimed at eliminating the pain syndrome. In addition to drug therapy, physiotherapeutic treatment is prescribed, as well as the use of orthopedic medical devices.

All appointments should be performed by the attending doctor after a full examination of not only the feet in the heel, but also the general condition, taking into account the patient’s chronic diseases.

Medicinal products

The use of pharmacotherapy for bone growth on the heel is carried out in order to relieve symptoms and eliminate the inflammatory processes that often accompany the acute course of degenerative pathology. The anti-inflammatory effect is achieved with the appointment of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac, Ketorolac, Ketoprofen), which in addition to the anti-inflammatory effect will help relieve pain.

Chondroprotectors (Teraflex, Structum, Honda) are recommended to be used to prevent further tissue degeneration. The drugs provide the necessary components for metabolic reactions at the local level. Drugs require prolonged use, one course can last more than six months.

With severe pain, which does not decrease with prolonged use of non-hormonal drugs, local blockades are carried out. Chipping of the sore spot on the heel should be carried out only by a medical specialist. As a drug base, glucocorticosteroid drugs are prescribed – Phlosterone, Diprospan, Betamethasone. To get rid of inflammatory and painful reactions, steroid hormone with 1% solution of Novocaine or Lidocaine is combined in one injection.

In addition to oral medications, topical treatment of heel spurs with ointments or gels is recommended, which can also be used at home. The effectiveness of a local remedy depends on the active substance, which forms the basis of the ointment.

Effective local remedies:

    Voltaren, Nise, Dolgit cream, Bystrumgel with NSA >

Shock wave therapy

One of the most effective physiotherapeutic methods of influencing the heel spur. The therapeutic effect is based on the action of acoustic waves on the bone spike. It is believed that after several sessions, the growth is reduced. In addition, the condition of the connective tissue is improved, which makes the ligaments more elastic. A painless procedure is performed in a physiotherapy room.

Contraindications to the shock wave method:

  • pustular skin diseases;
  • period of gestation;
  • oncological growths;
  • vascular pathology;
  • vascular diseases.

At home, you can use the medical device “Vitafon”, the action of which is also based on acoustic exposure.

Physiotherapy and orthopedic products

Treatment of heel spurs with physiotherapeutic effects is carried out in remission, some of them can be used at home. Exposure to laser beams, ultrasound, radiation therapy, paraffin baths and mineral baths improve blood circulation and regenerate destructive tissues.

To reduce pain, modern manufacturers of medical products have taken care of comfort for patients with a heel spur. To do this, use heel cups made of silicone or with a round hole in the spur area. Orthopedic insoles and semi-insoles are preferable to wear. They are made by the same technology, but are additionally involved in the correction of the foot for the treatment or prevention of flat feet. One of the most effective products is the semi-insoles ORTO Grand, ORTO Festival.

Folk methods

Treatment of heel spurs at home is most often carried out using folk recipes of their own preparation. There is an opinion that this method has no contraindications, in fact, everything is different. People with a tendency to allergies have a history of chronic endocrine pathologies, heart or kidney problems, the use of folk remedies should be treated with caution and consult your doctor before use.

A pharmaceutical product in solution has a good therapeutic effect. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, compresses with Dimexide relieve pain and inhibit inflammatory processes. In addition, the solution has a disinfecting property, which will not allow pathogenic microorganisms to lead to the addition of an additional infection.

To prepare the base for the compress, you need 20 ml of Dimexide and 50 ml of warm water. Fold the gauze napkin in several layers, you can take five small napkins, saturate with a solution and spread on a sore heel. Fix napkins with cling film and wrap with a warm cloth. Keep Dimexide on the leg is recommended for at least half an hour. Repeat the procedure 2 times a day for two weeks.

The drug penetrates into the deeper layers, inhibiting inflammatory infiltration and improving blood microcirculation. These properties are indispensable for the restoration of affected cells. Compress with Dimexide can be used in the acute phase of the pathology, and contribute to enhancing the therapeutic effect of the main treatment.

Compresses and applications

  1. Raw potatoes are ideal for treatment. Thanks to organic acids, potato cakes will help eliminate pain impulses and relieve swelling. To do this, the raw vegetable is cleaned and crushed, distributed on the tissue or directly on the affected heel. The application can be left for sleeping, before the procedure it is recommended to keep your feet in warm water for fifteen minutes.
  2. The compress with horseradish will enhance blood circulation at the site of exposure due to the content of essential oils and volatile oil in it. Before setting the compress, finely chop the horseradish root and prepare a foot bath with sea salt for the legs. After holding your feet in saline for twenty minutes, attach a horseradish napkin to the sore spot and fix it with cellophane, covering your leg with a warm blanket.
  3. It is recommended to put a compress with black radish three days in a row if you need to quickly get rid of inflammation. To do this, grate the radish and apply a fresh mixture to the place of the bone growth, putting on top of the sock, wrapping the leg with a film.
  4. Compresses with table salt are used to treat heel spurs. If the heel spur bothers the patient against the background of inflammation, the following recipe is used for the compress: mix two tablespoons of salt with a tablespoon of fresh honey and three drops of an iodine alcohol solution. If the pathology is in remission, you can warm the salt, pour it into the sock, so that the salt is located in the calcaneal region. Put on the sock and do not remove until the salt has cooled.
  5. One medium onion and three cloves of garlic will be enough to prepare the mixture for a compress. Chopped onions and garlic have a powerful bactericidal effect, providing an anti-inflammatory effect.

The use of bile

Medical bile has an irritating effect, due to which hemodynamics increase, and local metabolic reactions are accelerated. The finished solution can be bought at a pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription. With regular use of bile for local procedures, salt deposits dissolve, and there is a tendency for the heel spur to break down.

Compress with bile is carried out according to general rules and is held for eight to twelve hours. The exception is pain and severe burning during manipulation. In this case, it is advisable to stop the procedure, remove the treatment composition, wash the foot and grease with a fat cream. Usually the course is about ten days, but sometimes it is recommended to put twenty compresses.

  1. Using pure bile is one of the easiest ways. To do this, the fabric folded in several layers is impregnated with the medicine and applied to the spur area.
  2. Combine fifteen milliliters of alcohol with the same amount of shampoo and ¼ cup of bile. Store in a dark glass container.
  3. Camphor alcohol, 80 ml of bile, chopped hot pepper, mix, you can store the composition in the refrigerator for no more than one week.

An excellent relaxing and healing procedure is the foot bath. The procedure relieves fatigue, relaxes and tones, softens the skin, preparing the feet for further manipulations. The approximate time for taking water procedures in all cases is about twenty minutes.

At the end, the feet are wiped dry and lubricated with baby cream or special local remedies that affect the spur.

The best recipes:

  • Three tablespoons of baking soda mixed with three tablespoons of sea salt without additional additives. Pour the mixture with three liters of hot water and stir for complete dissolution.
  • Heat the water to a temperature of fifty degrees, add two tablespoons of salt (sea or food) and twenty drops of iodine.
  • Clay, which can be bought at a pharmacy, is well suited for therapeutic baths. Dilute a small amount of powdered raw materials in water, which should not exceed thirty-eight degrees. The duration of the procedure can be increased to thirty minutes.

Ointments and medicinal lotions

Treatment at home gives good results, provided that the proportions of the components in the preparation of tinctures, decoctions and other products are observed. Complete course also plays an important role in achieving good results. One of the effective recipes is an ointment prepared at home. The disadvantage of a homemade product is a short shelf life.

Combine one raw egg with 50 ml of apple cider vinegar and 100 grams of butter. Melt the resulting mixture in a water bath and cool. The ointment “softens” the bone formation on the heel, if you use the product regularly in the evening before bedtime.

As lotions, you can use the following solutions:

  1. Turpentine – extract from coniferous resins improves blood circulation, due to which tissue nutrition improves, and natural volatile products disinfect and have anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. Five grams of mummy mixed with 80 ml of honey and heat in a water bath. After the composition has cooled, rub in the heel at night.
  3. Fifteen milliliters of sunflower oil to combine with 30 ml of ammonia. For application, it is recommended to soak the solution with a gauze napkin and apply to a sore spot.


The modern method of alternative treatment of calcaneal spurs will help get rid of the pain syndrome, unload the muscles of the foot and lower leg. The methodology is based on the application of teyp tapes, which with certain knowledge can be done at home. Correctly applied kinesio tape, resembling a wide adhesive plaster in appearance, supports the arches and muscles of the foot in the correct functional position. To feel a significant improvement, taping should be carried out for two months.

Overlay rules for calcaneal spur:

  • when sticking teip the foot should be clean and dry;
  • the application of the tape should be carried out with two hands, one of which carries out the necessary tension, and the second smooths the base;
  • teip is always glued along the muscles;
  • during the manipulation, the foot should be perpendicular to the lower leg, at a right angle.

For one of the taping methods, it is necessary to prepare two tapes with a length of approximately 20 and 30 cm (the size may vary, based on the individual characteristics of the anatomical structure of a person). Round off the ends of the tapes for better bonding to the skin. Fix one end of the strip on the heel, the other on the lower leg, fixing the Achilles tendon, with a slight tension of the tape (30%). The second tape is fastened in the middle of the foot, closer to the front, held through the heel and fixed at the same level as the first.


Physiotherapy exercises in the treatment of heel spurs is carried out at home after consultation with the attending physician. Regular training of the muscles of the feet and lower leg can improve blood microcirculation, the work of muscle tissue, to reduce pain and prevent inflammation of the plantar fascia.

  1. Stand facing the wall, leaning on it with both hands. Perform shallow squats, delaying for a few seconds, while the sore leg should be set back a little.
  2. Stand on an elevation (step) with two legs so that the heels are in limbo. Holding onto the wall and chair, rise and fall on the “socks”, first with two legs, then with each foot in turn.
  3. The next exercise will require a massage roller or bottle. Rolling is performed first with one, then with the second leg, for at least 5 minutes each.


An active lifestyle, combined with rational nutrition, is the basis for the prevention of heel spurs, which should be carried out from a young age. Wearing the right shoes, close to orthopedic standards, timely adjustment of the feet in case of suspicion of flat feet will prevent improper load distribution during physical activity. If heel pain occurs, an orthopedist should be contacted immediately for timely diagnosis of the disease.

When diagnosed, treatment of heel spurs at home is carried out under the supervision of a physician. In the treatment regimen, the medical specialist includes not only therapeutic procedures, but also recommendations for the prevention of exacerbation occurring against the background of inflammatory reactions. To do this, you need to drink at least two liters of water per day, limit salt, prevent the presence of extra pounds, use orthopedic devices to reduce the pressure of the bone spike on the heel.

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