Exercises for treating scoliosis at home

Scoliosis or curvature of the spine to the side is a common disease in adolescence.

Oddly enough, it is caused by the inherent reflex to maintaining equilibrium.

With regular incorrect posture, such deviations of the not yet fully strengthened spine are fixed in the form of bends.

Depending on the degree of deformation, they have the likeness of the letters “S” or “Z”.

Scoliosis affects all systems and organs – the heart, blood vessels, respiratory, nervous systems, digestive organs and others.

Next, we will discuss how to correct scoliosis at home – as an additional treatment for the disease.

What is scoliosis

Scoliosis is a deformation of the position of the spine to the right or left of the axis. It occurs in childhood and at the initial stage with the help of corrective treatment passes completely. It can be localized in any part of the spine.

Depending on the shape of the curvature, scoliosis is divided into:

  • C-shaped – with one bend;
  • S-shaped – with two bends;
  • Z-shaped – with three bends, is rare.
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Signs of Scoliosis

  • Asymmetry of similar parts of the body (e.g. shoulders, shoulder blades).
  • Violation of the gait, body tilts when walking in one direction or another.
  • Pain in different parts of the spine.
  • Fatigue of the back.
  • Changing the shape of the chest.
  • Violation of the functions of internal organs.


In most cases, ideopathic scoliosis is diagnosed, i.e. with unclear etiology.

Sometimes the causes of scoliosis are:

  • Distorted, one-sided or forced posture due to constant sitting or prolonged maintenance of a uniform body position.
  • Congenital vertebral pathology.
  • Violation of metabolic processes and softening of bones due to past diseases – poliomyelitis, rickets, osteomyelitis and others.
  • Osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency.
  • Pathologies or injuries in the spine, limbs, or pelvic bones.
  • Muscular pathology, myositis.
  • Cerebral palsy.

Scoliosis is more common with active development in adolescence, due to weak spinal muscles, girls suffer from it more than boys. The risk of disease is higher in people with an unbalanced diet and in lovers of carbonated drinks.

Scoliosis Treatment Principles

Can scoliosis be cured, and how to deal with the disease? There are several methods of treatment, depending on the degree of damage to the spine, one or another of them is effective.

But in most cases, a comprehensive, conservative treatment is used, including:

  1. Breathing exercises using different principles. For example, gymnastics Schrot. Thanks to this technique, its author defeated scoliosis. The essence of the method is that the spine is compared with a rubber ball, on which there are dents – bends. To get rid of the dent, giving the ball a perfect shape, you need to direct the air flow to this place. And in order to return to the spine its physiological form, it is necessary to inhale the concave parts. This method of therapeutic breathing is used only under the supervision of a specially trained instructor. It identifies problem areas on the patient’s body that need to be inhaled. The exhalation is carried out through closed lips, it is long. If desired, anyone can learn asymmetric breathing. This technique is widely used in world practice.
  2. Therapeutic massage is carried out at any stage of scoliosis. With it, they get rid of pain, improve blood circulation and strengthen muscles so that they can hold the spine. The essence of these procedures is to help concave areas to relax, and convex – to activate. Treatment sessions are carried out three times a year for 15-20 procedures. And it should be just a massage, not self-massage.
  3. Physiotherapy. Scoliosis treatment is carried out by electrical stimulation, water thermal procedures. All of them are applied in courses of 10-15 sessions. Ozokerite and paraffin wraps normalize lymph drainage and blood circulation in the shoulder girdle. And sodium chloride baths increase the tone of the body.

In severe cases and when conservative treatment is powerless, surgical intervention is necessary. It is used for painful pains, with limited functioning of the heart and lungs, and when scoliosis is constantly progressing.

The methods of operations are different, but always in their course the patient is implanted with metal structures to maintain the spine, which remain in the body forever. This eliminates pain, squeezing organs, removes the hump. But the spine after that is motionless.

How to treat scoliosis at home?

Treatment of scoliosis at home involves a set of measures aimed at improving and stabilizing the patient’s condition. Not every scoliosis can be treated at home.

What stage can be treated at home

Experts consider such categories of patients who can be treated at home to have a chance of recovery:

  • Children up to 7 years old at 1-3 degrees. Scoliosis in early childhood is completely cured. Especially great chances are for children under three years old with an active lifestyle.
  • Children under 11 years old with the same degrees of illness are cured by massage, exercise therapy and corrective corsets. The forecast is considered favorable.
  • In the first or second degrees in adolescents and adults, the disease is not completely treated. But with a non-progressive form, you can successfully maintain a stable state.

The first stage of scoliosis, which is diagnosed only with the help of x-rays or MRI, needs therapeutic massage and physical education in several courses, as well as prophylactic control of posture.

The second degree can be treated with the same methods, they are regularly added wearing a corrective corset for several hours. Sometimes there is a need for its use at night. At this stage, pain does not happen or they are minor, therefore, medication, as a rule, is not necessary.

In the third degree, home treatment is rarely and limitedly applied. Often, in addition to swimming, massage, manual therapy and prolonged wearing of a corset, pain relief and, possibly, surgical intervention are necessary. The treatment of the fourth degree of scoliosis is extremely operative.

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Scoliosis treatment at home quickly and without problems

One of the most common diseases of the spine in the modern world is scoliosis. The disease is characterized by a progressive course and often begins in childhood. If you do the treatment of scoliosis in time at home, then many complications can be avoided.

  • We get rid of scoliosis of the 2nd degree at home
  • Scoliosis in children: exercise therapy
  • We treat scoliosis of 1 degree at home
  • Treatment of scoliosis of the spine in adults
  • How to treat heel spur at home

Scoliosis Treatment Principles

It is impossible to quickly cure scoliosis, and it is the doctors who hope for a home-based, responsible and comprehensive treatment. Depending on the degree of curvature of the spine, the doctor prescribes a set of medicinal measures and preventive procedures.

Important! If you ignore the disease, do not act as prescribed by the doctor, then the pathological process will progress. As a result, this leads to the development of complications, many of which are already impossible to cure or require surgical intervention.

Scoliosis of the 1st degree

Scoliosis of the 1st degree at home is treated with a complex of several exercises:

  • take a stick, sit on a stool, put it on your head and put it on your shoulders. In this case, the neck must be held straight, the back too. You need to sit for 15 minutes. Do the exercise 2 times;
  • stand near the wall and press your head, shoulders and heels against it. It is necessary to stand 10-15 minutes;
  • twist the sheet, put it on a hard surface, on which you can sit yourself. Lie on a twisted roll so that it is along the spine. Do the exercise 2 times a day for 10 minutes;
  • hang on the horizontal bar, make turns left and right several times (as much as you can).

What are the goals for home treatment:

  • stop the progression of the disease;
  • stabilize the spine;
  • strengthen the muscles that hold the spinal column;
  • Correct already deformed sections of the back.

Scoliosis of the 2st degree

As for the first degree, recommended exercises:

  • stand in a spacious place and do the exercise “swallow”;
  • stand exactly near the wall and gradually lower yourself down, your knees will bend – rise;
  • lie on your back and make “scissors”;
  • then the “bike”;
  • alternately bring your legs to your stomach with your knees;
  • get on your knees, rest your palms and bend up and down;
  • become the whole foot on the chair and bend to the leg, change legs;
  • then you need to kneel on the floor, buttocks to sit on the heels, arms stretch out and do forward bends, lying down on the floor;
  • close your hands, bring them back and spread your elbows.

Scoliosis of the 3st degree

With the third degree of scoliosis at home, they perform the following exercises:

  • lie with your back on the floor, put your hands in the lock, move them to the back of the head, lower your elbows down – to the floor and lift up;
  • bring legs alternately to the stomach, touching his knee;
  • lift on your shoulders so that there is a deflection in the back;
  • in the same position, bend the thoracic region;
  • roll over on your stomach, rest against the floor with your hands and raise your torso;
  • roll your back, do the exercise “Bicycle”.
  • then “Scissors”;
  • lift your legs up and place them in opposite directions, then bring them together;
  • lie on your stomach again and raise your head with shoulders;
  • turn on your back and stretch as far as you can;
  • belly down again and imitate swimming.

What to look for

In addition to massage, regular courses of physiotherapeutic procedures and exercise therapy, it is necessary to include hardening of the body, proper balanced nutrition in the health program. Outdoor therapy, an active lifestyle, contribute to the therapy. Constant control of posture is important, you should sleep on an orthopedic mattress.

Traditional medicine offers its own means to relieve discomfort. Because of the deformation of the back, pain often occurs with scoliosis. Warm baths with herbal extracts, salt compresses help to quickly stop pain attacks.

In detail about the treatment of scoliosis at home

Control posture

If there are suspicions of scoliosis, tests can be done every two weeks. They will help to understand how correctly the back skeleton is formed (or already formed) in the child. If the posture is correct, then all parts of the body will be symmetrical with respect to the spine: there is no turn of the pelvis, bends of the spine. The proportions of the body with the growth of a person change, so you need to control your posture constantly, but especially in childhood (school) age.

Proportions of normal posture depending on age:

  1. At preschoolers. The shoulders should not protrude forward, but the shoulder blades are slightly extended back. The abdomen protrudes, in the region of the lower back there is a slight curvature of the spine forward.
  2. At schoolchildren. The shoulders are in a level horizontal position. The shoulder blades do not protrude; they are pressed to the back. The spine has moderate physiological bends. The stomach practically does not bulge. Both halves of the body are symmetrical.
  3. In young people. The shoulder blades are pressed tightly to the back. Nipples are at the same level, there is a triangle of the waist. The stomach does not stand forward at all, it is pulled in.

Treatment Exercises

When a doctor diagnosed scoliosis, the first thing to do is with specially designed physical exercises. Performing them is easy, and with regular practice a positive result will be visible.

What will help LFK:

  • the intervertebral cartilage is gradually training, ligaments and joints will acquire the ability to recover;
  • the spine, which is constantly in tension, will be unloaded;
  • muscle strength and flexibility increases;
  • overall well-being improves.

To properly perform the exercises, you need to learn them together with a specialist in exercise therapy. Further physiotherapy exercises should be done at home every day. Exercise is performed on average 15 times.

Standard set of exercises:

  1. Become straight, relax. Put your palms together and put them in front of your eyes. Pull your head up, trying to peek out from behind the palms. When the neck is extended, slowly turn it to the right, then to the left.
  2. With a straight back, raise your head. Gently throw your head back, then just as smoothly move it forward.
  3. Make measured turns of the head in different directions. Try to see with your eyes the opposite heel of the foot. The amplitude of the movement is gradually trying to increase.
  4. In a standing position, lower your arms along the torso. Slowly raise the right shoulder, and try to lower the left shoulder down. Lean your head slightly behind your left shoulder.
  5. With a straight back and a motionless pelvis, you need to squeeze the spine so that the shoulders go down (as if someone is pressing on the shoulders), then stretch the spine, stretch your shoulders to the ears.
  6. With a straight back and a motionless basin, try to wrap your arms around a large imaginary round object. Pull the arms forward, and the shoulder blades, then bend the back as much as possible.
  7. Sit on the floor, keep your back straight, with your hands resting on the floor. On inspiration, lean forward and try to reach your knees with your nose. On exhalation, gently straighten your back, try to reach the buttocks with the back of your head.
  8. Stand and bend your legs at the knees. With a straight back, put your hands on your belt. Thirty seconds to do circular movements of the pelvis in one direction, then another thirty seconds to move the pelvis in the opposite direction. Try to breathe deeply, tilt the body only a little forward, but keep your back straight.
  9. Become level with your feet shoulder width apart. Lean forward, arching the lower back as much as possible.

Treatment of scoliosis in adolescents

Treatment of scoliosis in adolescents is not particularly different from treatment in adults, only the effect may be better. At home, they are treated with the help of special exercises known to everyone:

  • “swallow”;
  • “scissors”;
  • “bicycle”;
  • different types of walking in place (hands behind the head, throw the shin; hands behind the back, walk on the heels; hands up – walk on toes).

Massage and manual procedures should be performed by specialists.

Scoliosis in children

For children, scoliosis is treated at home as well as for adults. Scoliosis in childhood is better treatable. It is recommended to ride a bicycle regularly, go in for swimming, and monitor your posture. Do not shout at the child when he is hunched over while doing homework, at school in the classroom. Such factors make you strain your muscles and it turns out that he occupies a position and posture even worse. Oral subjects can be suggested to do lying.

In order for the treatment of scoliosis at home to work, you need patience, regularity and a positive attitude. But it is important to be able to handle the spine correctly. You need to sit only with a straight back, otherwise the physiological bends of the body will be disturbed, as a result of which the spine is deformed. Buttocks with proper sitting should be on the chair, and the lower back should be adjacent to its back. You should constantly monitor your posture, try to eat right and lead an active lifestyle. With this approach, it will be possible to improve your condition and prevent the development of scoliosis in a child.

Features of the treatment of scoliosis at home: simple tips and exercises

Science believes that any pathology of the spine is a retribution for upright posture. Scoliosis is a deviation in the development of the spinal column, its lateral curvature. Such violations occur due to obstetric error during childbirth, various injuries or a genetic predisposition. Most often, the cause of the disease is idiopathic (indefinite) in nature. Pathology leads to an increase in the load on the chest and abdominal cavity, reduces the amortization properties of the skeleton, complications develop on the heart, gastrointestinal tract, brain; internal organs are displaced. Therapy involves conservative and surgical approaches. It is also possible to treat scoliosis at home.

Scoliosis Classification

The process of treating a disease is determined by its type. Scoliosis is divided into several types depending on its form, localization, degree and etiology. Scoliosis is diagnosed more often in children than in adults. Pathology can develop in the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine.

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According to the shape of the bend, the disease can be:

There are 4 degrees of the disease, depending on the angle of the bend of the spine:

  • 1 degree – up to 10 °;
  • 2 degree – up to 25 °;
  • 3 degree – up to 50 °;
  • 4 degrees – more than 50 °.

Etiologically, scoliosis is divided into the following forms:

  1. Functional. Weakening of the muscles that support the spine in a straight position.
  2. Age. Deformation is formed due to accelerated growth of the body.
  3. Congenital. Spinal curvature is promoted by diseases that develop in children even in the womb (vertebral deformity).
  4. Acquired. Pathology develops as a result of injuries, disorders of the nervous system (polio), metabolic problems in bone tissue.

Functional scoliosis is most easily treatable.

How to determine scoliosis yourself

The disease is discernible at any age. Orthopedists divide the body on the axis: vertical (from head to legs) and horizontal (pass along the shoulders, between the shoulder blades, along the lower back, along the gluteal region). Deviations from these imaginary lines will indicate a curvature. In the late stages of scoliosis, asymmetries are more distinct and visible to the naked eye. Before diagnosis, the subject should undress, relax, exhale, put his feet shoulder width apart, touching the floor with heels. The person conducting the examination may notice or feel:

  • blade displacement;
  • uneven shoulder height;
  • uneven position of the head relative to the body;
  • the asymmetry of the “windows” formed between the waist and hands pressed to it;
  • displacement of the ilium on the hips;
  • uneven location of the gluteal muscles;
  • different lengths of the legs according to the uneven arrangement of the knee bends;
  • protrusion of a curved vertebra when the body is tilted forward.

But a more accurate detailed diagnosis is made by the doctor based on x-rays.

Self-treatment of scoliosis

Scoliosis can be easily corrected at home if it develops due to a violation of the state of the muscle tissue that fixes the spinal column. In the early stages of the manifestation of pathology, it is possible not only to stop it by performing various exercises, but also to improve the general condition of the body.

If we are talking about organic changes and deformations of the structure of the vertebrae, then full treatment at home will not be possible.

Static exercises

With the independent treatment of scoliosis of the thoracic and lumbar regions, it will be necessary to pay special attention to the muscles that stabilize the back and the press. Exercises for the treatment of scoliosis at home can be both static and dynamic without auxiliary means:

  1. You need to lie on your back, raise your hands and tear off the upper part of the torso from the floor. Measure in this position. Hands reach for legs. Then lift first the right, then the left leg.
  2. From a position, lying on your back, bend in the lower back and grasp your ankles with your hands. Linger in that position.
  3. Lie on your stomach, raise your body, bringing the shoulder blades. Hands reach for legs. Fix this pose.
  4. Lying on your stomach, raise the upper torso without lifting your legs. To bend in the lower back. Stretch your arms forward and up. Measure in this position.
  5. Continue to lie on your stomach and grab your ankles. Bend in this position as much as possible. Knees raise higher, socks stretch to the head. Head down, and legs pull yourself back, bring the shoulder blades.
  6. Next, accept the emphasis of lying. Rest your elbows on the floor. Keep your back straight without bending in the lower back. Freeze in this position for a while. In turn, bring the legs with the knee to the chest with their backs.
  7. Get on your knees. Rest your palms on the floor. Tilt your head. Alternately, knees reach for the head, rounding the back.
  8. Lie on your side, with your forearm resting on the floor. Raise your pelvis. Fix the body in this position. Then raise your leg and try to keep yourself in this position. Work out the left and right sides of the body in this way.

Exercises with a gymnastic stick

It is possible to regain a beautiful posture if you practice with a gymnastic stick. At home, its analogue will be a stalk from an ordinary mop:

  1. Place the stick behind your back at shoulder blades. Press her to the body. Try to engage the lower back and then begin a series of turns to the left and right (up to 30 repetitions).
  2. Take a stick with a wide grip and try to put it behind your back to the level of the lower back. After that, return to the starting position – stick in front of you at the level of the abdomen. Do not bend your elbows during exercise. Do the exercise a few repetitions.
  3. Put the stick in front of you, bend forward in the lower back and lean on it with outstretched arms. Next, start to slightly “squeeze” down, trying to bring the shoulder blades together.

Cervical Exercises

With scoliosis of the cervical spine, it is worth doing exercises aimed at mobilizing the cervical vertebrae and neck muscles. Classes should be carried out in a calm state. You need to do them smoothly until the first pain. If pain occurs, it is necessary to reduce the load and continue to work gradually. It is recommended to engage in, using both the left and right sides of the neck. All movements are performed on inhalation, relaxation – on exhalation. For each exercise you need to do 5-7 repetitions:

  1. Turn your head to the right as far as possible. Look up. Relax your neck and make a small nod with your head tilted back.
  2. Put one hand on the neck from the spine, and the other on the temple. Press lightly on the head with your hand, and counteract the hand with your head, creating a slight tension. Beveling eyes to the s >

Spending 30 minutes daily work on the back, you can achieve full straightening and healing of the spine. Thus, reversing the disease is possible without surgery and massage. Self-study gives results in the initial stages of scoliosis, since scoliosis of the 3rd degree is rarely amenable to correction at home. In this case, the exercises are aimed solely at delaying the progression of the disease. And the fourth degree of scoliosis already requires surgical intervention.

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How to cure scoliosis at home?

Treating scoliosis at home is not a myth. This is really possible if you take seriously the implementation of all the doctor’s instructions. Massage, exercise therapy can be done by yourself, the main thing is to understand the essence. Folk remedies will help relieve pain. A special belt will maintain proper posture.

Basic principles

Before you begin to treat scoliosis at home, visit a doctor who will examine you and determine the degree of deformation. It is his recommendations that need to be guided further.

The basis for the treatment of scoliosis is:

  • stop the progression of pathology;
  • strengthen muscle tissue;
  • help straighten the spinal column.

Treatment of scoliosis in adults at home is based on:

  • performing special exercises;
  • massage therapy;
  • proper nutrition;
  • wearing a belt;
  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle;
  • the use of painkillers, relaxing agents.

Folk methods

Treatment of scoliosis with folk remedies is aimed at eliminating soreness, cramping. You can make a compress, a warm bath or ointment for scoliosis.

  1. Take 200 ml of 40-degree water. Pour into it 2 tbsp. tablespoons of salt. In this composition, moisten the gauze and apply to the affected area of ​​the spine. It will take about two hours to hold such a compress.
  2. In the same amount, cook potatoes (pre-peel), horseradish rhizome (grind in a meat grinder). The two ingredients are mixed and laid on the back. The mixture is covered with gauze. Keep as much as the patient can withstand. Such a composition will burn.
  3. A simple compress based on rye flour tortillas is also known. For cooking, only water and flour are needed. After the patient holds the cake in a deformed painful place, all the discomfort will go away.
  4. An ointment can be made from honey (50-60 ml), essential oil of spruce, pine (not more than 5 drops). The resulting mixture must be rubbed into a painful place for ten minutes. After such manipulation, you need to provide your back warmth, which is why it is advisable to do this before bedtime. In the morning, the mixture is removed from the back with warm water.
  5. For a therapeutic bath, you can take a decoction of pine branches, the basis of the bark or chamomile. All these plants will alleviate the human condition. Duration of stay – 15-20 minutes.


All exercises for the treatment of scoliosis at home are performed according to clearly established rules:

  • Initially, a warm-up is performed, which will prepare and warm the muscles;
  • each exercise is done at least five times;
  • if there is pain during execution, they must be stopped immediately;
  • always the back should be even, even when twisting and bending;
  • in the first classes, simple exercises prevail and are performed according to the minimum number;
  • movements should be slow and unsharp.

Physiotherapy exercises will help to strengthen muscles, which in turn will help to eliminate a spinal defect (scoliosis).

How to treat scoliosis at home with exercise therapy? There are certain complexes for this. For each degree of curvature its own exercises.

At the first degree of deformation:

  1. Arm yourself with a stick. Place it behind your head and sit on a chair. Watch your back. So you need to be a quarter of an hour. Do this twice, with a break of five minutes.
  2. Press against a flat surface: the back of the head, buttocks, calves and heels. And so stand at least ten minutes.
  3. Use a horizontal bar. Hang on it. Try to turn this way or that.
  4. Put your hands on your shoulders. Perform turns now forward and backward.

In the second degree of deformation:

  1. It is advisable to do the exercise “swallow”. Up to 10 repetitions. It takes a few seconds to stay in the “flying” pose.
  2. I.P. stand against the wall. Do the descent down, knees bend. Then rise. All at a slow pace with a flat back.
  3. Lying on your back, on an elastic surface, perform the exercise “scissors”.
  4. I.P. does not change, do an imitation of cycling.
  5. Lie down. Bend the leg at the knee and pull it to the stomach. One by one.
  6. I.P. on knees and palms. Do the “kitty” – deflections.
  7. I.P. sitting on your knees and heels. Perform forward bends. Lie on your chest on the floor.

With the third degree of deformation:

  1. Lie on a flat and hard surface. Hands on the back of the head in the lock. Lower and raise your elbows. After, add the alternate lift of the legs bent at the knees to the stomach.
  2. I.P. also. Hands down. Bend your back, shoulders remain on the floor. Then flip on your stomach and bend.
  3. Turn back on your back. Perform the “bike”, “scissors”.
  4. I.P. remains unchanged. Legs up. At times – we part in the parties, into two – we connect.
  5. I.P. on the stomach. We are trying to lift only the shoulder girdle and head.
  6. Stay on your stomach and pretend to be swimming.

If the patient has scoliosis of the first degree, then during classes it is possible to use a slight burden, but only with the permission of the doctor. Such exercises are done only in an upright position.

It is advisable to do yoga, Pilates, swimming.

In duration, one training session should not be more than forty minutes.

Remember! To cure scoliosis, you need to do exercise therapy daily. Therapeutic exercises will relieve back pain and improve well-being.

In the treatment of any disease, an important role is given to a balanced and proper diet. Food for scoliosis should not be scarce for:

Refuse junk food, namely:

No need to use spices in the preparation of dishes, the poison will be chips and crackers, alcoholic beverages. In drinks, give preference to still mineral water, compotes, natural juices, fruit drinks, and weak tea.

Wearing a belt

Often it saves patients a belt from scoliosis. This is a special corset that supports muscle tissue in the right position and strengthens.

How much to wear this accessory should tell the doctor. It can be certain hours or all day. It all depends on the degree of deformation of the spinal column.

When purchasing such a product, make sure that it is convenient for you. The belt should not put pressure on the chest, but keep the shoulders and shoulder blades in an appropriate position.

Over time, the back of a person will get used to the correct posture, respectively, and then you will no longer need to wear this device.

When wearing a corset you need:

  • wear only comfortable clothes;
  • at the same time do exercise therapy and other activities that the doctor will tell you about;
  • comply with the recommended time frame.

You should not buy such a belt without the knowledge of a doctor. Only after examination by a specialist can you decide something.

After the patient wears a belt for a certain time, you need to undergo a second examination, which will show whether the treatment yielded a result.


If scoliosis of 1, 2 or 3 degrees is diagnosed, then the doctor will definitely prescribe massage therapy. Therapeutic massage can be done by a specialist in a medical institution or relatives of the patient, having previously familiarized themselves with the basics and techniques of massage. You need to do a reflexology massage at least 4 times in 12 months, that is, 1 time per quarter. The course is 20 sessions. It will be necessary to massage not only the back, but also the hips and legs.

The task of the massage therapist is to strengthen weakened muscle tissue and relax the one that is tense.

Features of treatment in adolescents

The treatment for scoliosis in adolescents at home is the same as the treatment for an adult. The body is young, is forming, so the expected effect is usually much better.

There is also a mandatory need to do physical therapy, massage, eat right. Also important:

  • walk more in the fresh air;
  • engage in an additionally permitted sport;
  • move more;
  • do not slouch;
  • sleep on a hard mattress (the best option is orthopedic).


Curing scoliosis at home is not so difficult. One important point is a preliminary consultation with an orthopedist, vertebrologist or other specialist who will clarify the diagnosis and determine the degree of pathology. Everyone can achieve success, but it is better to start therapy at the initial stage and even in childhood or adolescence.

Morozov Georgiy

Georgy Morozov, rheumatologist. For more than 20 years, he has been involved in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of joint diseases.