Butchers doctor how to treat arthrosis

But this book is small. Uric acid rises with a thickening of the blood. But we don’t even understand what terrible consequences are hidden behind these words. After all, with good immunity, recovery will take place much faster. He talks in an accessible form about the nature, causes of these diseases and the principles of their treatment.

Long-term use of various drugs can also trigger a disease. It does not replace all other methods, but they cannot replace it. Between them drives, they are young as jelly. Another thing is if you have frequent pains and urolithiasis has already manifested. There are countless types of fungal pathogens, which makes it difficult to select therapy without proper research.

Butcher’s doctor about knee arthrosis

  1. Rather, this is another reminder of the inexorable movement of time and that the time has come for proper skin care.
  2. To have an idea of ​​the medical errors and errors that we regularly encounter when we come to a medical institution.
  3. A sharp drop in atmospheric pressure, the approach of the high pressure front, the appearance of warm and cold fronts at the same time, magnetic storms, temperature jumps and a long absence of the sun.
  4. Can you tell us more?
  5. The representative of the famous medical dynasty has been paying close attention to this problem for a long time, writes books that in an accessible form give an idea of ​​the symptoms, causes and methods of treating pathological processes.
  6. Egg shell with arthrosis helps to strengthen bone structures, preventing the development of repeated manifestations of the disease.

If the muscles are weak, you need to walk at a moderate pace, avoid steep climbs. Although she recently complained of severe pain in her lower back and elbows! A pharmaceutical company buys a certain bioadditive, registers it, receives permission to sell. Legs and hands did not bend and ached strongly. First, relieve pain with painkillers, as the first days of taking allopurinol, the level of uric acid paradoxically jumps, and the patient can become even worse.

It has proven its worth even to medical scientists, so its use is really justified. It is difficult to name a specific cause, but it is clear that a sedentary lifestyle often leads to this ailment. After these words, Agafya opened her old recipe book and began to dictate the composition to us.

Home medicine

The usual drugs, according to Myasnikov, usually only treat the manifestations of the disease, but not the root cause. We may not have a butcher at all, but any joint that contains carbohydrates will decompose in arthrosis to glucose. Help with arthrosis is the effect of salt water on the skin through which joints have been nourished.

Dr. Myasnikov immediately said that there is an opinion among many patients and even some doctors that osteochondrosis cannot be cured. What is arthrosis of the cervical spine, and how to fight. According to Dr. Myasnikov, before proceeding to the examination, it is important to ask the patient about the history of the disease. The information about gonarthrosis, which Dr. Myasnikov brought to the viewers who watched his television shows, a sore neck and gives in his right hand saved many people from common mistakes and incorrect tactics of behavior in the occurrence and development of articular pathologies.

Those who go to research are much more likely to undergo surgical interventions. Our editors and our channel fully vouch for the effectiveness of Arthropant and the fact that the composition is fully consistent with the recipe of Agafia Lykova. The cream is made according to an ancient recipe of the peoples inhabiting the north-west of Siberia. Means for the treatment of osteochondrosis reviews if the pain is disturbing at night, the person has lost weight, there are unexplained temperature rises. If this is not possible, then it is subjected to steaming or treatment with keratolytic agents.

How to treat a sick knee with arthrosis Dr. Myasnikov

Therapeutic gymnastics according to Evdokimenko allows you to strengthen the muscles that surround and support the problem joint. This disease is very common. The first years of the disease proceed unnoticed. Everything is relative, but there is no real scientific data confirming the effect.

Arthrosis treatment by Dr. Butcher

Uncovertebral arthrosis of the cervical spine. You will learn how to be beautiful and feel young in any joint. The recipe is passed down from generation to generation and is kept in the strictest confidence. Procedures such as physiotherapy exercises or manual therapy are also not prescribed for the first two to three weeks of pain.

The mechanism for the development of knee arthrosis can be qualified in several ways. Without these rules, the disease cannot cope with any medicine. Given the long period of taking medications during treatment, it is better to abandon other medicines, follow a hypoallergenic diet, limit the consumption of junk food, alcohol and cigarette smoking. Secondly, it is gender. From time immemorial, the best minds of mankind have been struggling with these issues.

It seems that you can cure anything anywhere today. It is believed that the fungus cannot be cured to the end. Olga Budina broadcast from year to year. The next group of joint diseases are the so-called reactive arthritis. This pathology arises under the influence of a complex of negative factors, and no, even the most progressive and modern treatment will stop its development if reliable diagnosis is not made.

The movements should be as soft as possible. Local effects are provided by various ointments, creams, varnishes and plasters. It will be a real salvation for you if you drink it properly! This person gets rid of the disease in the quickest way, which gives an excellent result. Perhaps my ancient recipe will help get rid of such diseases once and for all.

The process can be localized in the neck. Many patients are interested in the information shared by Alexander Myasnikov about osteochondrosis. It is filled with all the necessary antioxidants responsible for the beneficial effects on the cell. Cervical arthrosis, or arthrosis of the cervical spine, is a common non-inflammatory disease of the joints of the neck with a slow and gradual progression of the symptoms of the disease.

Hip Arthrosis – Coxarthrosis

Reception is strictly by appointment. Treatment can be quite difficult. Conversely, people who drink coffee are less likely to have myocardial infarction.

Next issue Error This disease can turn any person into a helpless disabled person. With the combination of drug treatment and alternative methods of physiotherapy, it becomes possible to reduce the dosage of the drugs used while obtaining the proper therapeutic effect. We do not know how to take care of ourselves, we do not know how to help ourselves and our loved ones in a given situation.

Dr. Myasnikov about arthrosis of the knee joints and the treatment of pain in them

It is necessary to boil it from beef legs, subsequently drinking in a warm form for a duration of one day. They are removed with varying degrees of success by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers, such as naproxen. Another, not obvious fraud, is when we use drugs developed years ago.

Joint pathologies arise not only under the influence of physical conditions. At the end of this period, a week break is made, after which the treatment course is repeated. Also, with the disease, a swing is useful when knee joints are developed during the riding process.

Joint treatment with expensive dummies:
12-year-old rheumatologists trick patients around the country

The reason for the arrests, voiced by law enforcement agencies, is shocking. For 12 years, rheumatologists have tricked people into prescribing useless and expensive drugs. This practice has spread throughout the country. In total, according to investigators, more than 1 million patients were deceived by doctors for an amount exceeding 30 billion. But the worst thing is that many of the patients who were prescribed expensive dummies ended up becoming disabled.

We asked the leading rheumatologist of the country, deputy, to comment on the situation. Chairman, 1st Deputy Director of the FSBI NIIR them. V. A. Nasonova, Professor, Myasnikov Alexander Leonidovich.

Myasnikov S.M. – one of those who repeatedly asked the Prosecutor’s Office to conduct a mass check of rheumatologists

Soloviev: Aleksnadr, what is going on?

Myasnikov: What happens is that our law enforcement agencies had to do a long time ago – to transplant this whole mafia. Just think about these numbers – more than 1 million crippled lives in 12 years! People, most of whom are pensioners, turned to doctors for help. And those, instead of treating, profited from the suffering of people, knowing that the funds they wrote did not help. And this practice was common not only in commercial, but, worst of all, in state clinics.

Soloviev: What kind of means are we talking about?

Myasnikov: Mostly foreign manufacturers, for which doctors of a higher rank received large kickbacks and, in an orderly manner, informed their subordinates what exactly to write out. In turn, they received good bonuses for this.

We are talking about such ineffective drugs as:
Diprospan; Diclofenac; Dexamethasone; Alflutop; Movalis; Midcalm; Meloxicam; Prednisone; Teraflex; Mucosate; Aertal; Chondrogard Arthra Arthrosan; Fermatron; Celebrex; Diaflex; Chondrolone; Sirdalud; Ketorolac; Chondroxide; Flamax; Allopurinol; Alflutop; Flexen; Fermatron plus; Arthrosilene.

Soloviev: But after all, all of these drugs are sold in pharmacies throughout the country?

Myasnikov: Yes, it is. However, this does not mean that they really help to heal the joints. You see, today pharmacies are commercial entities. In fact, ordinary shops. They sell what sells well and makes a profit. And the listed drugs sell well for at least two reasons that do not depend on their effectiveness.

Firstly, they are prescribed by bribing doctors. They are recommended to be written out even incorruptible at various conferences sponsored, as a rule, by the manufacturers of these drugs. Now everything is sold everywhere and aggressive advertising is underway. Those doctors who do not really delve into which particular drugs help well, prescribe what others prescribe and what is being actively promoted.

Secondly, these drugs have virtually no competitors. That is, in fact, people have nothing more to be treated. And not because there are no effective drugs in principle, they are, they just are not sold in pharmacies, as they are simply not allowed into pharmacies.

Pharmacies in the city of Krasnodar are literally packed with useless medicines, but you really cannot find really effective joints for treatment!

Myasnikov: Ask yourself – do you know people who could cure joints with drugs from a pharmacy? Maybe your friends or acquaintances? There are no such people!

And I would also like to explain why the above drugs do not help, so that you fully understand the complexity of the situation. You see, it’s simply not beneficial for manufacturers of these “drugs” to have people completely heal the joints. It is much more profitable to sell those medicines that only relieve pain and help for a while – then people will come for medicines again and again.

Soloviev: Why does no one do anything with this? After all, this is chaos.

Myasnikov: Yes, it’s chaos, but, fortunately, it is over. We have repeatedly warned rheumatologists about violations, but they did not take our words seriously. After all, it is very difficult to refuse the money and the standard of living that manufacturers of dummy drugs offered them for their “promotion”. Detentions, including well-known doctors, are ongoing. Unfortunately, we do not have leverage at pharmacies, but this issue is also being actively developed at the legislative level. Very soon, a law will appear under which pharmacies will be required to agree on a list of drugs sold. Now there is no such thing.

Soloviev: Aleksnadr, you said that, despite the fact that useless medicines are sold in pharmacies, there are those that really help to heal joints. Could you name at least one of these drugs?

Myasnikov: Yes, of course. For example, a very good drug that allows you to restore even badly damaged joints and eliminate pain, is Artrodex cream, developed back in 2017 by V.A. Nasonova Research Institute of Rheumatology. Since this drug is domestic, and the research institute itself is not engaged in commercial activities, it costs a penny compared to those that are presented in pharmacies, but it helps at times better!

I want to show the results of clinical trials of Artrodex cream. They pleasantly surprised many doctors. For those patients whose joints often hurt, it will be a real salvation:

Myasnikov: And these are pictures of the joints “before” and “after” the use of Artrodex cream:

Female. 54 years old. The joint has fully recovered. The term of treatment is 1,5 months:

Hip treatment in men. 44 years old. The painful pains that accompanied the patient for 2 years have passed completely:

Restoration of the elbow joint. Woman, 31 years old. The term of using Artrodex is 2 months. The joint has fully recovered:

Myasnikov: In the photographs it is clearly visible that the cream not only relieves pain, but also triggers the regeneration of synovial fluid – what chondroprotectors should do. As a result, the cartilaginous layer becomes wider and more elastic – the joint improves, pain and stiffness pass.

According to the results of clinical studies, as well as the practice of use, it is Artrodex cream, according to the Ministry of Health of Russia, that is considered the main one in the treatment of joints and spine. And what is most remarkable – they can be treated at home. Indeed, many people do not want to go to the doctors. And they can be understood in this, especially in the light of recent events. Artrodex helps repair joints on their own.

Soloviev: how exactly does Artrodex work?

Butchers: This is a special cream that relieves pain, inflammation and stops the destruction of the joint thanks to a special formula. The active substances that make up Artrodex include joints, the circulatory system, connective tissues, and tendons. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, increases the resistance of the disease. Artrodex is a unique patented development of our scientists. More such drugs do not exist anywhere in the world.

Soloviev: Aleksnadr, if Artrodex is not sold in pharmacies, where can I get it?

Myasnikov: Everything is very simple, you can get Artrodex by contacting the Institute of Rheumatology through a special site where Artrodex is given at cost, making it a truly social medicine.

In addition, we managed to launch the federal program “Healthy Joints”, and therefore the packaging of the drug can be obtained absolutely free. We do not set the task of making money on the drug, we want to give every inhabitant the opportunity to return healthy joints and live a full and full life, regardless of his financial condition! The purpose of the program: To help pensioners and older people get rid of joint problems that not only interfere with life, but also pose a threat. We are very proud that we managed to launch such a project in our country! None of the countries in the world have this yet!

Artrodex restores joints even in old age, which is why it is recommended to senior citizens. It can also be used to prevent joint problems and injuries.

Soloviev: Aleksnadr, maybe you want to say something to our viewers before we finish?

Myasnikov: Yes, of course. I want to draw the attention of readers that diseases of the back and joints are getting younger, and even mild periodic pain is an occasion to pay attention to the problem. And remember: diseases caused by pain in the back and joints do not just bring discomfort. They shorten life by 10-15 years.

And also it is worth noting that the action will be held only until 28.08.19// inclusive! For residents of Moscow and the region, the original Artrodex cream can be ordered through the official website absolutely FREE!

Important! It was concluded that summer is the best time to start treatment for diseases of the spine and joints. Metabolism is accelerated, blood circulation in the body increases, the flow of blood and oxygen to internal organs increases, the effect of using the drug increases. The cure for back and joint pain, as well as concomitant diseases, is 67% faster than it would be at another time of the year.

Soloviev: In my opinion, the question is settled. Pharmacies offer obsolete and dangerous medicines, while hiding from people the truth about a new drug that is distributed at the expense of the budget. Draw your own conclusions. This is your health and only you are responsible for it.

Butchers knee arthrosis

How to treat a sick knee with arthrosis – Dr. Myasnikov

  • Relevance of the problem
  • Diagnosis and development factors of diseases
  • The treatment of arthritis according to Myasnikov

For many years trying to cure a MUSHROOM?

Head of the Institute: “You will be amazed how easy it is to cure the fungus by taking the drug for 147 rubles every day.

In joint pathologies, the therapy started on time is already half the success of the treatment. An accessible presentation of accumulated scientific knowledge plays an important role in the medical education of the population and timely access to medical care at the initial stage of the disease. One of the useful information semi-analyzers from the field of degenerative joint changes is Alexander Leonidovich Myasnikov.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

I have been treating joints for many years. I can say with confidence that the joints are always treatable, even in the very ripe old age.

Hondrostrong is an innovative drug that is created to combat joint diseases. It helps with arthritis, arthrosis and other diseases. Thanks to the use of cream, joint mobility quickly returns. Damaged cartilage tissue is regenerated, which prevents the further development of the problem.

Hondrostrong gel for joints

Our medical center was the first to receive certified access to the latest drug for osteochondrosis and joint pain - Hondrostrong. I confess to you when I heard about it for the first time, I just laughed, because I did not believe in its high efficiency.

But I was amazed when we completed testing: 4567 people were completely cured of diseases of the organs of the musculoskeletal system, and this is more than 94% of all subjects. 5.6% felt significant improvement, and only 0.4% did not notice any improvement.

Hondrostrong cream allows you to forget about back and joint pain in the shortest possible time, literally from 4 days, and even very difficult cases can be cured within a couple of months. In addition, the manufacturer of this product is now offering a 50% discount of the full cost of Hondrostrong cream.

Relevance of the problem

Medical and reference publications often refer to what Dr. Myasnikov says about arthrosis. The representative of the famous medical dynasty has been paying close attention to this problem for a long time, writes books that in an accessible form give an idea of ​​the symptoms, causes and methods of treating pathological processes. The lack of the necessary level of such information often leads to the fact that a person begins to self-medicate or does not pay attention to the disease until it comes close.

For the treatment of nail fungus, our readers have successfully used Tinedol. Seeing the popularity of this product, we decided to offer it to your attention.
Read more here .

The information about gonarthrosis, which Dr. Myasnikov brought to the audience who watched his TV shows, saved many people from common mistakes and incorrect tactics of behavior in the occurrence and development of articular pathologies.

The information allowed us to properly orient ourselves and start treatment in a timely manner, choose the necessary tactics and focus on the complex method, which is the only possible in the treatment of knee joints according to Dr. Myasnikov. The indisputable merit of Alexander Leonidovich lies in the fact that he popularized the techniques that he considered it expedient to implement in complex therapy. He used them in his own scientific achievements, which helped hundreds and thousands of patients with gonarthrosis.

Diagnosis and development factors of diseases

The knee is a complex and perfect natural mechanism that experiences daily and hourly stress. Joint pathologies arise not only under the influence of physical conditions. The main reason is that a person does not pay attention to joint health on time, does not provide him with normal nutrition and does not care about maintaining functionality.

According to Dr. Myasnikov, a modern person has a tendency to pathology of the knee joints at the genetic level.

Examining the set of genes for each patient, you can find the sources of arthritis or arthrosis. However, the arthrosis laid at this level is not realized in all patients. This pathology arises under the influence of a complex of negative factors, and no, even the most progressive and modern treatment will stop its development if reliable diagnosis is not made. To begin treatment, you need to consider many components.

It matters how the progression of the negative process began, which served as a provocateur, why natural immunity could not cope with its development, and which increased the intensity of the disease. Everything can be established and eliminated if a person asked for help at an early stage, and not when the knee became unbearably sick.

In addition to the diagnosis, which is carried out with the help of laboratory and hardware analyzes, the study of humoral fluids and computed tomography, it is equally important to fill out a medical history: not a medical card, but a history of the development of a negative process:

  • How long has the pain symptom been present
  • how often negative feelings appeared earlier;
  • whether extreme situations or factors that could provoke the disease were observed;
  • one joint or two is affected, how symmetrical;
  • whether there is stiffness in the movements, at what time it is observed;
  • what size joints are affected;
  • how long the patient observes pain in different joints, with a parallel lesion;
  • the pain is permanent, temporary or occurs periodically, after which it manifests itself.

A reliable diagnosis will be carried out by an orthopedic surgeon who will see the accompanying signs in accordance with laboratory tests and hardware studies. Distinguishing etiological causes under the general name arthrosis or arthritis is an indispensable condition for success.

The elimination of a provoking factor or its partial pacification is the main part of the treatment process in the treatment of articular pathology, an integral component of recovery. Without this, arthritis is treated for a long time and does not lead to significant progress, until there is a need for prosthetics of the joint.

The treatment of arthritis according to Myasnikov

Alexander Leonidovich Myasnikov notes that the treatment of arthritis of any etiology should be comprehensive. The correct combination of drugs should be aimed at eliminating pain and stopping the degenerative-dystrophic process. Pathologies of internal organs, malfunctions of functional systems, endocrine diseases can act as a provoking factor.

About Mythrosis and arthritis of the knee, Dr. Myasnikov says: “Symptomatic treatment can be compared to removing snow from a snowstorm. While snowdrifts are being removed, new ones are pouring from the sky. ”

The risk group includes athletes and people who are subjected to physical activity by occupation, women who are more likely to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis due to fluctuations in hormonal levels. All of them should remember one simple truth – the treatment and prevention of arthritis and arthrosis does not begin with the intake of biological additives and medications, but with physical exercises that ensure joint mobility.

Any joint should be developed at least a couple of times a day, overcoming pain and physical inconvenience, stepping over subjective excuses.

The second prerequisite is a diet and the exclusion of foods that contribute to the accumulation of harmful substances in the body. Without these rules, the disease cannot cope with any medicine.

Butchers on knee arthrosis

Analyzes and instrumental diagnostics

Arthrosis and arthritis affect mainly the knee, thigh and elbow joints. Diseases are accompanied by characteristic symptoms, so it’s easy to identify them when making a diagnosis. Visual inspection is supplemented by laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods, which helps to exclude pathologies similar to arthrosis. Then the following examinations are carried out:

  1. Clinical blood test. For rent in the presence of pain in the joints. Arthrosis does not cause significant changes in blood readings: sometimes a slight increase in the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and the erythrocyte sedimentation reaction (ROE), as well as an increase in white blood cells, which is often observed with a complicated course of synovitis, are possible.
  2. Blood chemistry. A biochemistry test is given on an empty stomach with a blood sampling from a vein. It implies a ban on meat 2 to 3 days before the test. With arthrosis, biochemical parameters remain within normal limits. In this case, there is an increase in inflammation markers in the form of seromucoid, C-reactive protein component, immunoglobulins, which help to distinguish arthrosis from arthritis.
  • Roentgenography. By means of such a common method for the diagnosis of arthrosis, it becomes possible to determine the severity of the disease, as indicated by the presence of deformational changes in bone tissue and a change in the width of the joint space. However, the radiographic examination for arthritic manifestations has drawbacks, because the x-ray does not allow to see cartilage structures.
  • Ultrasound procedure. Ultrasound allows you to see bone and soft tissue with arthrosis, however, it is not very accurate. The degree of information content corresponds to the quality of the device.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The method is characterized by extreme accuracy, which determines the high cost of the procedure. The basis of the examination for arthrosis is the influence of magnetic waves, which shows changes in the cartilage tissue structure in the early stages.
  • Computed tomography (CT) scan. This research method is prescribed if the doctor has identified contraindications for MRI. Does this help in a research method to detect arthrosis? CT is a modern form of x-ray, in which X-rays are used.

    Butcher Doctor on Arthrosis Treatment

    The school for healthy joints continues on the program. Program participants try to make their joints healthy. Three spectators took part in the project, they intend to recover from pain. You will remember how it all began, as well as what success women have achieved today.

    Moscow. Talk Show Let them talk. In this studio we discuss fictional stories about which it is impossible to remain silent.

    1. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs)

    Such drugs have been widely used to combat inflammation in the body with arthrosis. They are rarely prescribed for a long time, because they have the ability to mask painful manifestations: a decrease in pain creates a false sense of the cure that has begun.

    However, the disease continues to progress, since non-steroidal medications exclusively contribute to the elimination of individual symptoms of arthrosis without treatment.

    Arthrosis is a severe pathological damage to the joints, which leads to various degenerative processes in the cartilage. The disease is chronic, develops for a long time, over several years, and may have periods of remission and exacerbation.

    If rhizarthrosis is not treated in a timely manner, then the patient risks partially or even completely losing the ability to move. This pathology is characterized by constant exacerbations that adversely affect the state of the interphalangeal joints.

    Arthrosis is a serious joint disease that can lead to loss of ability to move and to disability.

    Its appearance is associated with changes in the tissues surrounding the bones at the joints.

    Cartilages lose their elasticity and gradually wear out. As a result, the bones begin to touch and rub, which causes severe pain.

    Causes and symptoms

    The causes of arthrosis can be:

    • excessive exercise;
    • work associated with prolonged standing or vice versa, low mobility;
    • metabolic disorders;
    • overweight, leading to increased load on the musculoskeletal system of the body;
    • physical injuries of joints (fractures, dislocations, sprains);
    • transferred infectious diseases, etc.

    Currently, a huge number of people complain of joints. This may be due to various injuries, improper lifestyles, a complete lack of power loads. As practice shows, one of the most common diseases today is considered arthrosis or osteoarthritis of the foot. It should be noted that mainly people of working age suffer from it.

    Treatment of arthrosis with folk remedies without doctors

    This tincture of a golden mustache is great for outdoor and indoor use. Also, local baths are made from the broth.

    Flax is an excellent medicine of natural origin, capable of exerting a healing effect on the human body due to its rich composition, which contains magnesium, calcium and other trace elements.

    Flax seeds for atrosis are highly therapeutic. For this, the following recipe is used, according to which a lotion for arthrosis is prepared: pre-ground flaxseeds are placed in a fabric made of cotton material and placed in hot water, where they hold for 10 minutes, after which they are applied to the problem place.

    Lotions should continue until the bag reaches room temperature. Flaxseed and beetroot combine perfectly with an antioxidant effect.

    Egg shell with arthrosis helps to strengthen bone structures, preventing the development of repeated manifestations of the disease. Paired egg shells are used in crushed form and after taking the consistency of the powder is added to the curd or porridge in order to enhance the therapeutic effect.

    Jelly is an excellent tool for nourishing articular tissues. It is necessary to cook it from beef legs, subsequently drinking in a warm form for a 10-day period. At the end of this period, a week break is made, after which the treatment course is repeated.

    The medicine is obtained by dry distillation, which is exposed to the outer part of the birch bark. The result of this distillation is a composition enriched in resins with oils and other useful components.

    Birch tar in case of atrosis is used as an external remedy, which, due to its high concentration, must first be diluted with creams or petroleum jelly, otherwise it may cause burns and irritation.

  • Morozov Georgiy

    Georgy Morozov, rheumatologist. For more than 20 years, he has been involved in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of joint diseases.