Bay leaf from salts in the joints

Everyone knows that bay leaf can be added as a spice in the preparation of various dishes. Any housewife stores this spicy food supplement in her kitchen cupboard. But not everyone knows that bay leaves are useful not only in the kitchen, but also as a folk remedy for curing many ailments.

Laurel leaf has a wide range of healing properties. For example, if you are tormented by joint pain or a backache, the bay leaf for the joints will become a real healing balm. Cleansing the joints with bay leaf is explained by the fact that the laurel helps to remove salts, which cause dull and aching pain.

Deposition of salts in the joints is often found in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Also, salts accumulate among lovers of salty and smoked foods, as well as with existing metabolic disorders. This is why cleansing the joints is important in getting rid of pain. Laurel leaves, thanks to the essential oils, vitamins and minerals contained in them (potassium, zinc, iron, selenium, copper, manganese, etc.), are a powerful antiseptic.

Laurel relieves inflammation and pain, this is an excellent restorative plant used at home. In addition to the beneficial effects of bay leaf for joints, they also treat tonsillitis, colds, and getting rid of vitamin deficiency.

The use of laurel is contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers. Also, you can not drink infusions with bay leaf to people suffering from ulcerative lesions of the digestive system, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, kidney diseases (the salts removed during the use of laurel can create complications for sick kidneys). The use of laurel decoctions inside people is contraindicated for people with existing cracks in the rectum, prolapse of the hemorrhoidal sinuses, predisposition to constipation. Therefore, consultation with a doctor is necessary.

You can use bay leaves in decoctions, infusions, externally.
Bay leaf for joints recipe for various types of decoctions. A decoction is perhaps the easiest to prepare and most effective against salts in the joints. A decoction of bay leaves can be prepared in an enameled bowl without any damage! The essential oils contained in the laurel are a living biological product that can create undesirable chemical reactions with iron (especially in damaged places).

The classic recipe for a decoction of bay leaves

Thirty grams (3 packs) of crushed bay leaves are poured into 400 ml of water. Put to boil, do not cover the dishes with a lid (let the essential oils evaporate), boil for about five minutes. After that, the dishes can be covered, slowly cooled under a towel, or stored in a thermos. A decoction of bay leaves should be infused overnight. In the morning, catch the leaves, filter through a canvas. The resulting drink must be drunk in 12 hours (but do not drink at a time!). This is an excellent remedy for arthritis.

Before use, it is advisable to sit on a lightweight diet, eat vegetables and fruits. You can repeat the reception of laurel in boiled form for the removal of salts after 20 days.

Before taking laurel tincture, it is advisable to clean the digestive system, including the gallbladder. After cleaning, you can begin to restore the cartilage of the joints. It will take a shell from boiled eggs. It must be freed from the film inside, finely and finely grinded, dried. Half a tablespoon of the shell with gelatin, pouring water. Thirty days to do this procedure every day, then – every other day. After restoration of the cartilage, then drink the infusion of laurel leaves to rid the joints of salts.

A simple recipe for laurel infusion

Boil half a standard pack of lavrushka (5 g) for five minutes in water (one and a half cups). Pour the resulting drink into a thermos, wait at least four hours. Drink tincture during the day, and so repeat three days. Use only freshly prepared. Then stop treatment for a week, and then drink again in the same way. The first year to drink infusion every quarter. In the second year – only once a year. The best treatment time is spring or summer.

Universal Laurel Infusion

10 pieces of leaves are taken in 3 glasses of water. Boil water, throw leaves into it, insist for three hours, covering the dishes with a lid. After straining, add two teaspoons of honey to the infusion to improve the taste. Drink it half a glass before meals three times a day.

Tea with Laurel

Tea with laurel is an excellent prophylactic against salt deposits. You can add bay leaves along with other herbs. Take 4-5 leaves per liter of liquid and allow to boil for twenty minutes. If you want to drink weak tea, then you can just chop the leaves and pour them with boiling water and let it brew.

Bay leaf ointment

The effect of the therapeutic effect of laurel is manifested not only when ingested, but also in external exposure. To do this, ointment is easily prepared: the leaves of the plant are crushed and mixed with butter. The mixture should be at room temperature. Can be steamed. Allow to cool. Lubricate the joints for two weeks twice a day.

Vodka laurel tincture

Pour 17 medium-sized sheets with vodka (0,5 L). Dishes should be necessarily dark. All must be insisted for three days. Shake the tincture regularly. Apply it as a compress. Put a joint with a damp cloth and wrap it well.

Bath with bay leaves

The body aches can be removed if 4-5 leaves are boiled in 1 liter of water. Pour into the bath. This method helps to get rid of muscle and arthritic pain and for the treatment of joints.

Laurel oil – can be obtained from simple bay leaves. To do this, put in a glass of olive oil a tablespoon of finely chopped leaves of parsley. Insist one month in a warm place, at the end of the month they are placed in the refrigerator.

After rubbing the oil into the joints, they are immediately wrapped warmly. You can massage the sore spot. Oil eliminates edema and relieves arthritic and rheumatic conditions.

There are different ways to get oil:

– Mix 30 g of leaves in a glass of vegetable oil (for example, linseed oil), place in a warm place for 10 days, strain.
– chop 10 g (pack) of parsley and add to olive oil, keep it in a warm place for a month, then – heat in a steam bath, filter.
– Grind 40 g of leaves and 6 g of chopped juniper needles in butter (80 g).

To reduce the preparation time of laurel oil, laurel leaves can be poured with hot vegetable oils and put away for storage. The dishes must be necessarily dark in color and preferably glass.
The ability to relieve pain with the help of laurel is due to the presence in the content of various organic acids and tannins in the leaves, which contribute to the reduction of edema and inflammation.

When rubbing the back with oil from laurel, the spine should not be touched! Rubbing relieves nervous tension and relieves muscle pain. Apply oil for arthritis, rheumatic pains. Before using laurel oil, it would be nice to check for an allergic reaction, just drop a small drop on your finger and wait: if redness does not appear, you can rub it.

Important points to know in order not to harm yourself:

• During the course of treatment with bay leaves, you need to completely abandon alcohol.
• During the course of treatment, stick to vegetarian foods to enhance the healing effect.
• Take into account the listed contraindications for health reasons. If you have problems with the digestive system, but really want to be treated with bay leaves, you can try to take decoctions and infusions only 15 minutes after eating, and only in cold ones.
• So that the toxins removed do not irritate the digestive tract and cause allergies, it is advisable to use an enema to cleanse the rectum while taking laurel broths.
• It is unacceptable to exceed the indicated dosage, otherwise internal bleeding can be provoked.
• Before cleaning the joints, it would be nice to cleanse the entire body, because according to doctors, salinization of the joints is an indicator of the total slagging of all body systems. Therefore, before proceeding with the treatment of joint pain, you need to cleanse the intestines, liver, kidneys in order to establish metabolic processes in the body. The effect of this will greatly increase.
• Laurel oil is used only externally!

It is prevention that brings the best effect. If there is a hereditary predisposition to joint diseases, then the best use of laurel can not be found!

Numerous reviews in the networks indicate the high efficiency of the laurel plant in the fight against joint pain. People note a significant relief from the change in weather: if earlier the change in weather conditions caused body aches, then after treatment with laurel these pains abruptly stopped.

According to patient reviews, ointments and compresses for joints bring good results. But medical experts recommend using laurel oil in combination with other methods of treating joint pain. After all, laurel leaves are a one hundred percent guarantee, it should be used strictly at the indicated dosage.

Laurel tree essential oil can cause an allergic reaction and intolerance. Sometimes laurel can cause exacerbation of chronic diseases. That is why it is so important that before deciding to try to get rid of joint pain with the help of bay leaves, consult a doctor.

Bay leaf will help in the treatment of diseased joints

Pain in the neck, knees, shoulders or back are those unpleasant symptoms that every able-bodied modern person wants to get rid of. Sedentary work and a sedentary lifestyle contributes to the deposition of salts. You can get rid of uncomfortable sensations simply and cheaply at home. Try cleansing the joints with bay leaf. This spice has a number of very healing properties and is used in the treatment of many diseases, for which it has earned numerous grateful reviews.

Over the entire existence of medicine, a huge number of recipes for decoctions and ointments have been created. For 7-10 days, the spice completely relieves pain. If you need to clean not only the joints, but also the entire body, then this is the most optimal and inexpensive option. But, like any drug, laurel has its own contraindications.

The healing properties of laurel and contraindications

Bay leaf – seasoning, as well as a unique antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent. Thanks to its astringent smell, laurel is successfully used in cooking. The rich aroma is due to the presence of essential oils in the composition of the leaf. Laurel is rich in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for man. Among them are potassium, iron, zinc, copper, selenium and manganese, vitamins A, C, B and PP.

In folk medicine, indigestion, sprains and bruises, colds, tonsillitis, diabetes mellitus, osteochondrosis, vitamin deficiency and diseases of the genitourinary system are treated with bay leaf. To avoid such diseases, traditional healers advise taking time to cleanse the joints of salts.

For pregnant women, laurel infusion is contraindicated

Treatment with folk remedies should always be accompanied by consultation with the attending physician, especially when using bay leaves. Laurel has contraindications, therefore mindlessly self-medicating is strictly prohibited. Treatment of osteochondrosis and cleansing of the joints eliminates the use of alcoholic beverages and animal products.

Bay leaf is contraindicated for pregnant women and children under 6 years old. Laurel helps to reduce the uterus and thereby causes a miscarriage. This is a long-standing way to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy, so even a small dose of decoction is dangerous for the expectant mother. It is undesirable to use decoctions from laurel for children under 6 years of age. Laurel is especially harmful to a small infant.

Bad effect of laurel broth on blood coagulation, which can provoke internal bleeding. People who have cholecystitis, a stomach ulcer and gallstone disease will have to be careful. Refuse this treatment method will have patients with chronic constipation. Remember that in large doses, bay leaf is poisonous!

How to make a decoction

To prepare a medicinal decoction, you must:

  • 400 ml of water;
  • 25-30 laurel leaves;
  • a small saucepan and a warm blanket.

Lay the sheets in a pan and fill with water. Place the pot on the fire without closing the lid. This contributes to the volatilization of harmful essential oils. Boil the mixture for several minutes and remove from heat, cover and wrap in a warm blanket.

Leave the wrapped pan overnight, then remove the sheets and pour the liquid into a container through a sieve. The broth is ready – you can start treatment with bay leaf. Divide the liquid in equal portions and consume within 12 hours. Immediately drink everything is forbidden!

Do not forget that during the use of the broth, your food should include a significant amount of vegetables and fruits. After such treatment of joints with bay leaf, pain symptoms during movements decrease, the crunch disappears.

Laurel Ointment

With osteochondrosis and rheumatism, ointments are used that warm and improve the general condition of the patient. In order not to run to the pharmacy for a miraculous and expensive ointment, it can be prepared at home. To do this, you will need:

  • packaging of bay leaves;
  • vegetable oil – 0,5 l;
  • 2 containers for a water bath;
  • dark glass containers.

Pour the entire packet of bay leaves into a container and tear all the leaves into small pieces. Pour in vegetable oil and place for 1 hour in a water bath. After this, infuse the mixture for a week. After this time, send it back to the water bath (same time). After all procedures, the resulting ointment should be stored in a cold place.

Reviews about natural ointments are almost always positive. People often use ointment for muscle pain, osteochondrosis, and even to calm the nerves. Before applying the product, it is recommended to warm the skin well, for this you can simply rub it with your hands. Then apply ointment. When rubbing it is used in small portions. Hand movements should not injure the skin. At the end of the procedure, wipe the skin with a damp cloth.

Another recipe for treating osteochondrosis and rheumatism based on laurel oil. This time you need to stock up on butter and bay leaf. Leave the leaves in a mortar and mix with soft butter (2: 1). Heat in a water bath for about half an hour, then cool. The ointment is ready to use.

Stages of cleansing and restoration of joints

When ointments and decoctions are prepared, you can begin to cleanse the joints. Cleansing the joints with a laurel drink takes place in 2 stages: direct cleaning of the joints of salts and restoration of cartilage tissue. The first stage is the cleansing and simultaneous treatment of the joints. The broth will have to be prepared daily for three days. Serve the prepared broth in portions. It must be drunk every hour during the day. After this, a break of 3 weeks is taken. Then again 3 days of taking the broth.

This course allows you to treat and cleanse diseased joints 1-2 times a year. Fasting or a cleansing diet on the days of taking a decoction will be useful. This is done to relieve the kidneys, which are very difficult to remove urine and salt from the body during this period. If there are problems with the kidneys, then the days of taking the decoction should be shortened.

After the removal of salts, which was done in the first stage, the cartilage tissue of the joints needs to be restored. Therefore, the second stage is the treatment of bay leaf articular cartilage. To do this, you will need:

  • eggshell;
  • boiling water;
  • gelatin powder;
  • infused with silicon water – 200 ml.

Peel the eggshell and pour boiling water over it. Then dry and grind to a powder. Add 2-3 g of gelatin to the powder and fill with water infused with silicon. This will be a daily portion, so you have to cook every day for a whole month. Additionally, it is recommended to take a decoction of wheatgrass.

The reviews of this two-stage treatment are positive. So, after the onset of menopause, many women are careful not to make sudden movements, because the bone tissue becomes very loose, which threatens with fractures. And this folk remedy not only strengthens joints and bones, but also cleanses from salt deposits, is an excellent remedy for osteochondrosis.

Bay leaf is used in folk health recipes in fresh or dried form. It is best to buy fresh laurel in the market, but in no case take leaves with black spots. If the purchased laurel is hermetically sealed, the leaf will be stored for a long time, but it is better to transfer the leaves from a regular bag into a glass container with a lid and store in a cool place.

Bay leaf joint cleaning reviews

It is suitable not only for borscht and fish soup. Even in ancient times they knew how to use it for medicinal purposes.

According to Hippocrates, if you spread the leaves of laurel at the bed of the woman in labor, this will calm the patrimonial attempts.

Galen recommended brewing laurel tea for pain from kidney stones.

Avicenna believed that the laurel is good for hearing and helps with tinnitus.

The Arab doctor, Rades, was treating a nervous tic of the face with laurel leaves.

People laurel treat arthritis, gout, rheumatism.

Bay leaf normalizes carbohydrate metabolism, which allows it to be used for diabetes.

Rubbed with bay oil for paralysis, convulsions, rheumatism.

Laurel is used even for cancer.

Bay leaf with throat cancer

1 cup crushed bay leaf pour 0,5 liters of vodka, leave for 2-3 weeks in a dark place, warm, periodically shaking. Strain. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day half an hour before meals before cure for throat cancer.

Folk healer Rim Akhmedov writes:

Varya Ch. Came to me with oropharyngeal cancer, with stage 3, she could hardly talk – they overdid with radiation therapy and burned the vocal cords. She underwent chemotherapy only once, then refused when white blood cells dropped sharply in her blood. In our treatment, the leading and permanent remedies were St. John’s wort oil, laurel tincture, pine honey with pine flowers, hemlock according to the scheme, daily rinsing with a decoction of root roots, lovage, sap fruit juice, alternate gooseberry grass, black alder leaf, grass infusion and tincture of common wormwood roots, stonecrop purple, yellow clover, buds ivy, initial letter medicinal. Three times the composition of the antitumor, antimetastatic balm changed. When in 2005 Varia was recognized as completely healthy and removed from the second group of disabilities, she was immensely happy and at the same time, no, no, she sighed with sadness: removed from disability, she lost the right to a monthly cash allowance and the right to free medicine. So choose here which is better .

With psoriasis

Select 10 dry, healthy leaves without stains, pour 0,5 l of boiling water in a thermos, leave for 2 hours. Take half a glass 3 times a day shortly before meals.

For arthritis and joint pain

5 g of crushed leaf pour 1,5 cups of boiling water, close the lid and boil lightly for 5 minutes, insist 3 hours with the leaves in a thermos. Strain. Drink in small sips throughout the day (immediately impossible!). The course of treatment is 3 days. It will not cure the disease, but the pain will relieve.

With diabetes

Pour 10 leaves with 3 cups boiling water, leave for 3 hours. Drink half a glass 3 times a day. After 10-15 days, sugar will return to normal. Be sure to take a break for a couple of weeks.

Rheumatism, bedsores

Count 90 leaves (this is 30 g), grind and pour 1 cup of vegetable oil. Insist in heat for 10 days (or soak for 1 hour in a boiling water bath). Strain. Rub into joints or bedsores.

Paralysis, cramps

30 g of crushed leaves insist 7-8 days in a glass of linseed or sunflower oil in a warm place. Strain, squeeze. Rub daily into paralyzed parts of the body, rub with cramps.

With barley

The people do this: take three large bay leaves and brew them in a mug of boiling water. Cover with a saucer and, when it cools down a little, you can drink it, not immediately, but a little, until the infusion has cooled down. Do this every hour, replacing the leaves with new ones. All you need to drink 6-7 cups per day, from morning to evening. During the night, barley will ripen, and by morning it will not be.

Reviews Bay Joint Treatment

I advise everyone to be careful with bay leaves. I tried it on myself and really suffered. Yes, actually the bay leaf destroys and removes the accumulated salt, but it does it very hard. I was very hurt, everything hurt by feelings. But then everything abruptly subsided, and I even felt an improvement in my aching joints.

I believe in the power of traditional medicine and regularly use various methods. I learned about treatment with bay leaf decoction from the Internet two years ago. And since then a couple of times a year I take this tool in courses. I can confidently say that I am very pleased with him. Joints worry much less.

To the funds from the bay leaf, I was not enthusiastic, or rather, even skeptical. My wife told me. And the elbow joint bothered me. But I did not decide to self-medicate, but went to my treating rheumatologist. He reacted approvingly to these funds, but said that they should not be treated alone. Advised to use as an addition to traditional treatment. A decoction of bay leaves helped me, I am grateful to folk medicine.

I learned about the decoction of the broth from my good friend. At that time, I had been suffering with a heel spur for 8 months. The broth prepared from 5 g of laurel leaves and drank two cycles of three days, making a two-week interval. The pain in the heel at the end of the second cycle completely abated, and now for 4 years it does not remind itself. I’m happy!

I treated the joint on the foot for salt deposition. He took decoctions inside. This was an auxiliary treatment, but in the complex after 10 days I felt relief. Swelling, pain in the evenings decreased. It has become much better.

I have long been tormented by pain in the knee joint, but I did not treat the joint with medications, as I try to be treated with something natural. But recently I learned that bay leaf is not only a seasoning beloved by everyone, but also a healing remedy. I got acquainted with the recipe, prepared a decoction and took it strictly according to the instructions. Inflammation subsided, swelling subsided. Cleaning the vessels helped me!

After reading about the healing properties of the bay leaf, at first I thought that this was all nonsense and someone just joked. But at that time I just had an aggravation with joints, and yet I decided to experience it myself. I thought that it would not be worse. Cooked decoctions and took them for 14 days. I was very surprised, but there was no trace of the discomfort in the joints. My friend had the same problem, and I gave her a recipe. A decoction also helped her.

Effective uses of bay leaf to cleanse joints: recipe and tips

Cleaning the joints with bay leaf is an excellent preventative measure. Due to improper nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, an unfavorable environment, due to age-related changes, joints lose elasticity, flexibility, painful sensations become familiar. The cause may be deposits of calcium, salts (oxalic acid), the accumulation of toxins, harmful substances.

The healing properties of bay leaves

Noble bay leaves (lat .: Láurus nóbilis) – a common, often used seasoning. Since it grows from a subtropical climate, it is mainly used in cooking in dried form. Thanks to the development of high-speed transport, it is possible to get fresh greens almost anywhere in the world. For pharmaceutical purposes, in cosmetology, alternative medicine, essential oil is used. A small amount of seasoning stimulates appetite, digestion, and increases perspiration.

The healing properties of bay leaves include:

  • strengthening immunity;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes, the health of the body;
  • reduction of edema;
  • neoplasm prevention;
  • anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties;
  • stimulation of the circulation of substances in blood vessels;
  • interferes with the calcination of capillaries, expands the antibacterial, antiviral effect.

Dried leaves remain useful, can be used for the preparation of medicinal compositions.

The recipe for cooking parsley joints

The leading advocate of alternative treatment methods is Gennady Petrovich Malakhov. The benefits of laurel in diseases of the joints are confirmed by traditional medicine. Candidate of Medical Sciences Olga Ivanovna Eliseeva talks about this in her speeches, writes in books.

Academician Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin offers his recipe for cleansing the joints: boil 4-6 g of laurel for 6-10 minutes in 300 ml of water, then insist for about 5 hours. Drink the resulting broth in the morning, every 2-3 hours, the period of use is 3 days.

The decoction of bay leaf for cleaning joints, prepared according to the recipe of Nadezhda Alekseevna Semenova, is popular. Take 5 g of bay leaf, 300 ml of water. Cook in enameled dishes. Boil water with leaves for 10 minutes, pour into a thermos, leave to stand for 3-4 hours, drain through cheesecloth. The broth retains the beneficial properties of 12 hours.

There is another drink recipe:

  1. 5-10 pieces of leaves pour 2 cups of water.
  2. Boil 15 minutes.
  3. Add hot water instead of evaporated.
  4. Remove from heat, leave for 2 hours in the same bowl.

You can prepare the tincture without boiling: pour 5 leaves of 250 ml of boiling water, leave for 3 hours, filter, add honey to taste. Take half a glass three times a day before meals.

The recipe for a therapeutic ointment: grind 3 bay leaves to a powder state, add 75 g of butter, warm in a water bath, allow to cool at room temperature. Apply with massage movements in the morning, in the evening. Apply within 2 weeks.

Another method of cleaning is medicinal baths. Prepare a decoction from a dozen sheets, 2 liters of water, pour into a bathtub filled with warm water. The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes.

If there are young green leaves of the plant, prepare an active food supplement that will be useful in complex treatment. Mix 30 g of crushed leaves with 200 ml of warmed vegetable oil, close tightly, place in heat for 14 days, strain. A similar result is obtained if the components are simmered for one hour in a water bath.

You can modify the recipes of bay leaf to cleanse the joints, adjusting the number of components.

How to drink a decoction of bay leaf to cleanse

Laurel broth is not recommended to drink longer than three consecutive days. You can not use the prepared product at a time, the active solution can provoke bleeding. Between courses of treatment, you must take a break of at least three weeks.

The organs of the gastrointestinal tract, excretory system will experience increased stress. 7 days before the start of the decoction, it is worth making changes to the diet. Eat healthy foods, refuse meat, fish, alcohol, spices, a lot of salt, strong tea, coffee. Light plant products are welcome. Restrictions must be followed within a week after cleansing.

Reception of the broth must be accompanied by cleansing enemas. The gastrointestinal tract will help to cope with the load, will contribute to the speedy removal of harmful substances and toxins from the body. You need to drink more water to compensate for the loss of fluid by the body.

The best time to start cleaning procedures is the eighth day of the lunar calendar.

Contraindications to the method

Before starting cleansing, consult your doctor. The presence of certain diseases of the body is a contraindication to the procedure:

  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • diabetes;
  • allergy;
  • peptic ulcer, erosion of the stomach;
  • ulcerative lesions of other organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • gallstones;
  • kidney disease, pancreas;
  • acute liver disease;
  • diseases of the rectum;
  • constipation, intestinal obstruction;
  • decreased blood coagulation.

Do not be scared if during the reception of the broth the urge to the toilet has become more frequent, the urine released has darkened (from pale pink to brown, green). The normal reaction of the body to the onset of cleansing processes. Cleaning the body proceeds actively. The skin performs an excretory, cleansing function, reactions similar to allergic rashes, urticaria can appear on the skin.

If your health deteriorates sharply, the body does not tolerate the medicine, you should immediately stop taking the decoction.

With regular cleaning, prevention of salt deposition, the joints will be mobile, the weather sensitivity will disappear, the movements will again become light, there will be relief from constant aching pain. To achieve the result does not require expensive drugs, lengthy procedures. Everything can be done at home with the usual seasoning – lavrushki. The main thing is to be careful not to harm.

Cleansing joints and bones with bay leaf

Bay leaf is often used to treat and cleanse joints of toxins, salt deposits. As a result of malnutrition, oxalic acid can accumulate in the human body, which pollutes the joints. The joints as a result of the deposition of oxalic acid salts lose their flexibility, in addition, pain and crunching may occur. Crystals, as a rule, settle along the spine, in the shoulders, knees, hips. To cleanse bones and joints of toxins, the best way is bay leaf. Bay leaf not only cleans the joints of salt deposits, but also helps eliminate pain. Cleansing the joints with bay leaf, as a rule, is carried out within 3 days.

Useful properties of bay leaves:

  • antibacterial;
  • antiviral;
  • antiseptic;
  • decongestant;
  • antirheumatic;
  • regulation of the nervous system;
  • expectorant;
  • antispasmodic;
  • diaphoretic;
  • stimulating;
  • promotes digestion.

Today, we use bay leaf mainly for culinary purposes, and do not realize that it is able to heal and clean joints. When eating bay leaf in food (cooking), it stimulates the digestive system, has a positive effect on the stomach, and fights fermentation and harmful bacteria. In addition, it has an expectorant effect, so it is recommended that patients with bronchitis add laurel to all dishes (soups).

Also, laurel can be used externally to eliminate joint pain, treat rheumatism. To do this, ointment is usually prepared, or essential oil is used (5-6 drops), diluted with olive (100 ml).

Ointment for arthritis: take 1 tbsp. spoon of powder from bay leaf, juniper, needles. Mix the powders, add 5 tbsp. tablespoons of butter and mix thoroughly. Use the ointment to massage the lower back or affected joints. The pain will quickly disappear.

Leaves of bay leaf contain essential oils, cineole, alkaloids, sesquiterpene lactones, geraniol, eugenol, pinene, terpinene and fellandren. Fruits contain a significant amount of lipids (read here).

This shrub or tree loves a subtropical climate, as he comes from the Mediterranean. Laurel is one of the most popular plants of Ancient Greece, where it was appreciated for its delicate aroma and healing properties. The Greeks believed that laurel leaves strengthen psychic powers. The leaves of the plant were considered a medicinal product and a valuable seasoning. Many medieval experts used bay leaf to treat the stomach and kidneys, in addition, it was considered a cure for the plague.

From the dry leaves of the plant, they made talismans that protected a person from evil. Also, with the use of laurel, there are many religious rites.

Joint cleansing with laurel

We all know oval dry bay leaves that have a straight or slightly wavy edge. The shelf life of dry leaves is 2 to 3 years. They contain valuable essential oils, healthy ingredients. To clean the joints with this seasoning, you will need dry, fresh (not expired) whole leaves.

Before cleansing, it is necessary to cleanse the intestines (read here), as well as switch to a healthy diet, get rid of bad habits (smoking, alcoholism).

Recipe number 1: make a decoction of 15 pcs. leaves and 300 ml of water. Boil the leaves for about 5 minutes over low heat, then pour into the brake for 6 hours. After this, the infusion should be filtered, poured into a glass container and taken in 3 sips every half hour. Purification course: 3 days in a row. Cleaning by this method is recommended to be repeated after 9 weeks, then carried out every 12 months. Meals during cleaning should not contain protein products – meat, eggs, milk and dairy products.

Vascular cleansing is also performed, but in this case the number of bay leaves is 6 pcs. Contraindications: gastric and duodenal ulcer, individual intolerance, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, gallstones.

Recipe number 2: 2 tablespoons of chopped leaves pour 1 cup boiling water. Let stand covered for half an hour. After this, strain and take 3 times a day, 50 – 70 ml. This infusion will improve digestion, blood circulation, joint condition. Chickens treatment: 5 to 7 days.

Recipe number 3: take 10 pcs. leaves, pour 500 ml of water, and boil over low heat for 15 minutes (the lid is open). Tip: use only enameled dishes. Pour the liquid with the leaves into a glass jar, cover warmly for 2 – 3 hours. After this, strain the liquid and divide into three equal parts (store in the refrigerator). One part is designed for 1 day of admission. Take the composition in 3 sips every 20 to 40 minutes for 12 hours on the first day. After a week break, you need to take the second part of the composition, then the next day – the third. Purification by this method is carried out for the first time – once a quarter, then 1 time per year. During the cleaning, you must follow a vegetarian diet, it is also recommended to cleanse the intestines with enemas.

Attention! Under no circumstances should you drink a decoction or infusion of bay leaves immediately, i.e. in a large dosage. This can cause bleeding, worsening of the general condition. Also, during the treatment with this seasoning, it is necessary to eat only plant foods.

Do not worry if, during cleansing, urine begins to change its color from greenish to bright red. This is absolutely normal and indicates that the body is cleansed of salts, sand.

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Bay leaf for cleaning joints

Many people in their life experience joint pain. In most cases, this is due to age or acquired diseases and interventions. Of course, everyone wants the best for himself, which is why I want to share information when the bay leaf for cleaning joints, recipes and reviews can help get rid of some ailments or at least reduce pain.

Many people have already cleansed the joints with bay leaves. After all, the main feature here is that it is this plant that can help remove heavy metal salts from the body. Because salt deposition today is the most common cause of joint disease.

And with all this, in any case, first you need to help the body get rid of toxins as much as possible, well, and then try to restore the cartilage tissue. The cartilage tissue of the joints from salts suffers so that various kinds of deformation occur, growths form, pains appear, and so on.

Applying a bay leaf for joints, a person helps the body, because vasodilation occurs, and this helps to normalize blood circulation in damaged places. Moreover, it should be noted that the special advantages of bay leaf are in many nuances.

The benefits of a healing plant for humans

Fragrant spice has a high content of essential oils. But healing properties have a beneficial effect on a person only when used correctly. After all, everyone knows that in order to rid the body of any ailment, it is necessary to correctly carry out the methods of treatment.

Manifestation of joint pain

Undoubtedly, the strength and elasticity of tissues in joints changes over time due to many different reasons. Definitely, it is sometimes impossible to identify the cause, because it is quite difficult. As experts who work on this issue identify and to date, most cases of pain are manifested when an excess of salt occurs in the body in certain places.

Such deposits often accumulate in places where there is contact between the bones, thereby unpleasant pain sensations appear during movement. Further they develop and often lead to serious diseases. Moreover, such diseases are usually detected as osteochondrosis or polyarthritis.

In order to somehow prevent the risk of such troubles, many use bay leaf. It is suitable for removing salts from the body and for treating many diseases, especially those related to joint pain.

What is useful bay leaf in the treatment of joint pain

  • removes salts;
  • dilates blood vessels;
  • soothing;
  • removes puffiness;
  • possesses antiseptic properties.

Using bay leaves for joints

Most often, it is best to use a decoction for treatment. Moreover, it is easy to prepare. To begin with, a small number of leaves of a healing plant is taken, for example, 10 pieces. They are washed in cold water from dirt and poured a glass of water into a small saucepan. After that, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 2-3 minutes.

The broth is boiled in order to evaporate the excess essential oils, since it is known that it can adversely affect the work of the kidneys of the human body. After this, it is better to pour the decoction from the bay leaf into a thermos, because then it can fully infuse.

Usually, such a tincture is concentrated, especially if left overnight. Therefore, it should be diluted 1: 4, and it is advisable to drink half a glass after a meal. This tool helps to remove salts, and it is better to breed it with boiled warm water. If the decoction of the bay leaf is not placed in a thermos, then it is better to make a fresh portion for drinking every day.

Drinking this product can be fractional, it’s even better, but if this option is not suitable for someone, then the portion can be divided into two parts, that is, to drink in the morning and then in the evening. Thus, salt deposits are crushed, and after a few days of administration, the output process will be noticeable. Sometimes it is visible by the color of urine.

Bay leaf for joints the recipe for this broth is very popular and has positive reviews from people. After all, many are trying to independently deal with an acquired ailment. Sometimes when using such a remedy, unpleasant cramps appear in the ureter. It’s not worth being scared. After all, sometimes quite a large amount of salt accumulates in the joints.

Of course, sometimes salts from the joints come out very slowly, because each body has its own specific characteristics. And not necessarily it will be dramatically noticeable. When taking such a decoction, the pain will gradually begin to fade, and then the person will understand that this remedy helps. After a week-long course of taking such a healing broth, the joints are not always completely cleansed.

The pain may continue, although it will become less. Therefore, it is worth taking a break, the duration of which will depend on what concentration of the decoction you took, plus you must take into account the duration of the course of treatment. It is best to consult with a specialist who will prompt and help.

Cartilage Restoration

After the body is cleansed of toxins, it should be helped to restore cartilage tissue. To do this, you can resort to the help of an egg shell, which is in every house. Even a small amount will do. Let’s say a couple of eggs.

Before preparing eggshells, it must be thoroughly washed. Then it is better to free from the inner film, dry and finely chop. After that, pour warm boiled water and insist for at least a day.

Next, the infused water is filtered through a strainer and drunk. As you know, water takes everything well into itself. That is why the shell can be insisted. Although many are sure that the powdered shell is better to eat.

It is not uncommon for many people to use ointment from bay leaves, for example, for rheumatism. To do this, butter must be brought to a softened state and mixed with chopped leaves of a noble plant. Do not put this product immediately in a cold place. Let it brew for at least a few days, while constantly stirring so that the leaves have time to give their healing properties.

Further, the “medicine” can be placed in the refrigerator and taken away by the necessary piece, which will rub the diseased parts of the body. Over time, the pain will subside or leave you altogether. It is preferable to do such procedures with oil at night. Then the body is relaxed, and the cells can calmly absorb the healing ointment.

Contraindications for use

Undoubtedly, like any medicinal or folk remedy, bay leaf has its contraindications when used. After all, it is not uncommon for many people to experience unpleasant allergic reactions. Also, you should not use bay leaf for many diseases, which it is better to talk with your doctor.

For example, with kidney disease, bay leaves should not be used. After all, as you know, when removing urine from the body, this organ will have an additional load, which is extremely contraindicated.

Also, in no case should you take pregnant women made products from this plant. Because it is possible to provoke a miscarriage, because this plant can cause contractile activity of the uterine walls. Which is extremely dangerous in such cases.

Based on what, before applying this or that remedy, it is necessary to study the plant or drug, as well as consult a doctor, so as not to harm your own health.

There are also good folk remedies like these to cleanse the vessels.

Shishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologistShishkevich Vladimir, orthopedic and traumatologist, project editor-in-chief ExpertNews.

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