Alternative methods of treating foot arthrosis

Arthrosis is called degenerative-dystrophic processes that occur in the joints under the influence of various factors. Change and gradual destruction of the joints leads to the fact that they are deformed, and movements become limited. Most often, the joints are affected, on which the entire load of a person’s weight falls – hip, knee, ankle. In the article, we will talk in detail about how to slow down and stop the destruction of joints using traditional medicine. So, foot arthrosis – treatment with folk remedies, the most popular, effective and effective recipes.

How not to miss the initial stage of the disease

Many patients, sensing pain in the foot area, attribute this to fatigue and physical activity, and some think that with age, painful sensations become the norm. But this is not so!

Undoubtedly, with age, the delivery of essential nutrients to the joints worsens, but this is easily corrected. It is enough to introduce minerals, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and other biologically active substances into the diet. But arthrosis of the joints of the foot is not a passive age-related degeneration, but an active process of destruction of joint tissues with subsequent deformation.

In order for the treatment to be effective, it is important to know not only the causes of the disease and eliminate them, but also to stop the process of joint destruction in time. That is why doctors strongly recommend contacting a doctor if the first signs of arthrosis appear, which include:

  • joint pain that appears during physical exertion and intensifies as these loads increase;
  • the appearance of a crunch in the foot during movement (even insignificant);
  • fatigue and difficulty in movement in the foot when walking;
  • the appearance of corns or corns on the sole;
  • pain in the fingers (with arthrosis of the small joints of the foot).

If there is at least one of the above symptoms, you need to see a doctor, and the best means of early diagnosis of arthrosis is radiography.

Principles of treatment with folk remedies

The first thing that traditional medicine relies on in the treatment of arthrosis is a change in lifestyle and nutrition. Since the main cause of joint destruction is a metabolic disorder, a diet for arthrosis of the ankle joint is the main and necessary condition for treatment.

All effective and effective recipes for treating foot arthrosis with folk remedies have the principles of therapy, which include:

  • increased body tone;
  • Improving the speed of blood flow and outflow of lymph;
  • increase in defenses (immunity);
  • elimination of pain.

Treatment of foot arthrosis with folk remedies involves the use of several forms based on medicinal products and medicinal plants:

  • topical compresses;
  • grinding and grinding;
  • means for oral administration.

Remedies for local use

Treatment with folk medicine of foot arthrosis is best done in combination, using recipes for oral administration and compresses (rubbing). Below are some of the most popular local remedies for improving joint nutrition and movement.

  • We take school chalk, grind it well and add kefir to get a homogeneous paste, which we apply to the foot at night in the form of a compress. The content of calcium salts in the chalk improves blood flow, relieves pain and swelling.
  • We take the crushed roots of the marsh cinquefoil with butter, mixing them in a ratio of 1:10. We rub overnight in a sore joint. Butter can be replaced with vegetable.
  • We heat up the pork fat and rub it hot into the joints of the foot, cover with cellophane on top, make a warm dressing and leave it overnight.
  • We cook several full tablespoons of oatmeal with water until a gruel is obtained. Apply at night to the foot in the form of compresses. Use only fresh porridge, but not yesterday!
  • We prepare a mixture of medicinal herbs – St. John’s wort flowers, sweet clover flowers, hop cones (2 tablespoons each) and add 50 g of any oil. The mixture is applied to the foot at night in the form of a compress.
  • Boil 2 tablespoons of conifer needles in 100 g of water for 15 minutes. The broth is infused for 40 minutes and applied warmly to the joints.
  • Squeeze fresh cabbage juice and put it on the legs in the form of a compress. The same analgesic effect has fern leaves, plucked and used fresh.
  • We make a mixture of equal proportions (1 tbsp) of dry mustard, honey and olive oil. The mixture needs to be boiled and applied hot for 1-2 hours to the leg.
  • We prepare the tincture of onion in vodka (1 chopped onion per 100 g of vodka), keep it in a cool place for 2 weeks and then use it as a grinding.
  • We prepare a complex solution of honey (280 g), radish juice (350 ml), fortified red wine (120 ml), add 1 tablespoon of sea salt to it. The finished mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. Use: rub a small amount into a sore joint and leave under a warm dressing for 30 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Recipes for internal use

Treatment of arthrosis of the joints with alternative methods does not provide a 100% cure, but it is possible to stop the degenerative-dystrophic process with their help. In addition to compresses and rubbing, ingestion of tinctures and decoctions inside will help restore blood circulation and improve joint nutrition.

  • We mix in equal proportions (2 tbsp) willow bark, calendula flowers, birch leaves, nettle leaves, pour the whole mixture with 1 liter of hot water, bring to a boil, leave for 12 hours. Within 2 months, having prepared such an infusion, we take 100 g 3-4 times a day.
  • A similar method of preparing an infusion of equal parts of ledum, hop cones, St. John’s wort and chamomile relieves swelling, reduces pain and improves the delivery of nutrients to the joints.
  • We prepare a mixture of equal parts of celery and lemons (0,5 kg each), which must be passed through a meat grinder. Then add 0,5 kg of honey (preferably May) to the mixture. After the mixture is infused for a week, it takes 50 g shortly before meals.
  • Freshly shredded agave leaves, filled with alcohol (70 °), relieve pain well, the ratio of products is 1:10. The mixture must be insisted in a cool dark place for 10-12 days, and then take 20-30 drops before each meal.
  • A similar tincture for alcohol is prepared from finely chopped rhizomes of the marsh cinquefoil. From the saberfish it is possible to cook in a ratio of 1:10 a regular decoction in water, which is taken 100 g before meals. Take tincture or decoction should be at least 2 months in a row.
  • You can make a mixture of the juice of 10 large lemons with 6 raw eggs (along with the shell). The solid part of the egg gradually dissolves, after which we add 300 g of honey and 150 g of cognac to the infusion. The mixture is stored in the refrigerator and taken orally 1 dessert spoon shortly before meals.
  • We prepare a decoction of licorice roots in a ratio of 1:10, cook for 15 minutes, and insist 30 minutes. Eating only 100 g before each meal significantly improves lymph outflow and joint cleansing.
  • We take 100 g of dry horsetail, pour milk in the amount of 800 ml, bring to a boil. We cover with a warm towel and leave to insist. A daily intake of 800 ml of this infusion reduces foot pain and improves blood flow.
  • We prepare calcined cottage cheese (add 1 tbsp. 3% CaCl per 10 liter of hot milk), filter it, separate the whey from the curd mass. Separately, we prepare a decoction of 4 liters of water and 1 kg of freshly ground horseradish roots, which must be boiled for 10 minutes. Once the broth has cooled, add 500 g of honey to it and store in the refrigerator. You need to take 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese, washed down with 100 g of broth several times a day before meals.
  • We take 1 kg of rye grain, peel, pour 7 liters of water. Next, put on fire, bring to a boil, then let it brew for 2 hours. The infusion needs to be filtered, add 1 kg of honey, 200 g of 70 ° alcohol and 3 tsp. barberry root. The finished mixture is stored until ready in a cool dry place for 3 weeks, and then taken 3 tablespoons before meals.

The preparation of traditional medicine recipes requires patience and accuracy, and the treatment of arthrosis with folk remedies takes a long time, at least several weeks. But patience and following all the tips will help restore joint mobility and increase their lifespan. Before taking folk remedies, be sure to notify your doctor!

Treatment of osteoarthrosis of the feet with alternative methods

Traditional medicine will help you in the fight against the disease

Treatment of joints with traditional and folk remedies will simultaneously improve the prognosis. Rubbing, baths, compresses and oral medications will help to avoid the use of a large number of medicines that adversely affect the functioning of the kidneys, liver and other body systems. Treatment of osteoarthritis with alternative methods begins with a restrictive diet, exercise, and only then the drugs themselves. It is extremely difficult to cure the disease, so modern and traditional medicine is limited to removing symptoms and trying to stop the progression of degenerative pathology.

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Effective grinding and compresses

Osteoarthrosis of the toes is treated with rubbing and compresses. This is an effective therapy. The main thing is to consult your doctor before use. Recipes of grinds and compresses:

  1. In the same amount, mix alcohol and honey, add a little salt. Put the product on the joints of the fingers, wrap it with plastic wrap and a towel so as not to stain the bed. The compress is left overnight.
  2. Take 25 ml of good vodka, 50 gr. elecampane powder. The components are mixed, put in a dark place for 1,5 weeks. The resulting formulations rub the affected joints.
  3. In a container, mix 15 ml of liquid honey and 45 ml of apple cider vinegar. The medicine is used as a grind or compress. This solution can be taken orally. The duration of treatment for osteoarthritis of the foot is 1 month.
  4. Take 1 sheet of burdock and cabbage, mash, so that the plants let the juice. Now wrap the sore joints of the legs with leaves, then a plastic bag and a warm cloth. Compress should be put daily for 60–90 days.
  5. Pick a few cabbage leaves, squeeze the juice. Dampen the wool cloth in the cabbage juice, wrap the entire foot or only diseased joints, bandage it with a simple bandage on top. This tool warms the joints, reduces pain. After a few hours, the pain completely disappears.
  6. Take half a liter of quality vodka and one glass of bee subpestilence. The ingredients are mixed, put in a bowl with a tight-fitting lid. Insist medicine for 20 days. Rub joints for 1 month daily.

In order for the treatment with folk remedies to work, they should be used regularly. To skip the use of rasters or compresses is undesirable, in which case the effectiveness is significantly reduced.

How to prepare therapeutic baths?

The temperature of the foot bath for osteoarthritis is 37–40 degrees. Baths are prepared with anti-inflammatory essential oils: eucalyptus, calendula, St. John’s wort, thyme, add sulfur or sandalwood oil. Use medicinal plants. Against osteoarthritis of the foot, infusions of oregano, tricolor violets, shoot of marsh rosemary, common juniper, thyme, chamomile, and a succession are added to therapeutic baths. Here are some more recipes for baths with osteoarthritis of the feet:

  1. Pour hot water into the leg container. Steam the feet a little, then add the finely chopped Jerusalem artichoke tuber, a few pine branches and 1 tsp. turpentine. You can add 1 tbsp. l liquid honey and some sea bath salt (buy at a pharmacy or beauty store).
  2. Take 40 ml of turpentine, add to warm water, stir the product well, place your feet in water. The course of treatment is 12 baths.
  3. Boil 3 g in 50 l of water. needles or 10 pieces of bay leaf for half an hour. Cool the water to an acceptable temperature, place in a liquid. After the procedure, put a warm wool sock on the sore limb.

Therapeutic baths are taken before bedtime. After the procedure, you need to make an iodine net, put on a warm sock or wrap the affected foot with a woolen scarf. The duration of one procedure is 10-15 minutes. The course of treatment with Jerusalem artichoke and bay leaf lasts 14 days. The early onset of improvement does not mean the cessation of procedures, you must complete the full course, and after 2-3 weeks repeat.

Other medicines for external use

Treatment with folk remedies is carried out in a complex, using means for internal use and grinding. The most popular drugs:

  1. Take one head of Indian onion and alcohol. Rub the onion on a grater, mix with medical alcohol until gruel is obtained. The mixture is insisted for 2 weeks, then the product is separated from excess fluid. The gruel is applied to the feet before bedtime, wrapped in a warm scarf.
  2. Heat 250 g of rock salt, pour into a bag of dense tissue, apply to a sore spot, periodically warming as needed.
  3. Cook several potatoes with a peel, it should be crushed, add a little chalk, apply to sore joints.
  4. It is allowed to use mustard plasters, apply them to the foot, or pour ordinary mustard into socks.
  5. Take 1 tbsp. l salt, soda, dry mustard, honey. Mix, apply to a sore limb. The ointment is applied before bedtime, washed off in the morning. In parallel, you should take powder from the roots of dandelion, washed down with plenty of water. Dandelion expels toxins from the body.
  6. In osteoarthritis of the foot, the treatment is carried out using the roots of the saberfish marsh and butter in the proportions of 1 to 10 (where 1 saberfish, 10 is cream butter). Ointment is rubbed overnight.
  7. Boil for 15 minutes one handful of pine needles in 100 ml of water. Put the medicine for 40 minutes in a dark place, apply after heating the solution in warm form to the diseased joints.

For external treatment of osteoarthritis of the foot with folk remedies, radish juice, onion tincture on vodka, a mixture of olive oil, honey and mustard are used. Medicines restore blood circulation, reduce pain, relieve swelling.

Infusions and decoctions for internal use

With osteoarthrosis of the lower leg, medications used inside are also used. Means help establish joint nutrition, restore blood flow through the vessels. The best recipes:

  1. Mix equal amounts of crushed St. John’s wort, immortelle, chamomile, corn stigmas, horsetail, savory, birch buds. Take 1 tbsp. l herbal collection, pour 200 ml of boiling water. The medicine is insisted for about half an hour. Take 100 ml twice a day. Every day, the medicine is prepared anew, it quickly turns sour, so keep it in the refrigerator.
  2. One tablespoon of chopped agave leaves pour 150 ml of medical alcohol. The tool is insisted in a dark place for 12 days. Take before each meal, enough 20-30 drops.
  3. Take 100 g of horsetail, pour 800 ml of milk. Put the product on fire, bring to a boil. After a half-hour infusion, the medicine can be taken. The entire volume should be drunk in 1 day.
  4. Apple cider vinegar in the amount of 10 tsp. should be taken with food. By the end of the month, the pain will decrease by 75%, perhaps it will completely disappear, the joints will become more mobile.
  5. Take an equal amount of honey, iodine, alcohol and glycerin. Mix and rub the compound into sore joints.

When preparing a medicine for internal use, you should be extremely careful. It is very important to observe proportions so as not to provoke side effects due to an overdose of a medicinal plant.

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How to treat foot arthrosis with folk remedies at home?

The question of how to treat foot arthrosis at home, many people ask themselves. Most of them are women. What is the reason for this selectivity of the disease?

Arthrosis of the foot and its causes

This disease affects mainly the big toes. As a result of inflammatory joint damage, the fingers increase in size, redden and transform, movements in the foot area are difficult, a characteristic crack in the joints appears, the temperature in the places of inflammation rises, and the temperature of the whole body rises in the acute stage. These signs are often supplemented by painful sensations in the foot, aggravated by walking.

Not caring in the past about the convenience of shoes, a person suddenly realizes that now he needs to carefully monitor the shoes, buy them one size larger and already other styles.

What are the reasons for this misfortune? Arthrosis, of course, is a retribution for uncomfortable shoes and excessive load on the lower legs. Frequent and long wearing high-heeled shoes will sooner or later affect a woman’s health. And here only foot arthrosis will not succeed. In addition to disrespect for the needs of your legs, the causes of arthrosis include:

  • diseases of the spine, especially in its lower parts;
  • diseases of the vascular system (atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins);
  • metabolic disorders;
  • hormonal changes;
  • overweight;
  • infectious diseases with complications.

So, this is a disease mainly of women and those over 40. Such gender specificity of the disease cannot be explained only by the passion of women for the universally recognized canons of beauty. Of course, it is associated with the hormonal background and the burden of chronic diseases accumulated over the years of life.

DOA development stages

Pathological processes in the foot develop progressively, consistently showing new symptoms. These stages of amplification of signs are usually divided into the following degrees:

  1. First degree. Periodic pain appears in the forefoot. They increase with increased and prolonged stress. Endurance decreases, fatigue increases, legs begin to hurt even with not very heavy loads.
  2. Second degree. The pain intensifies, appears more often, becomes stable. The big toes thicken and blush.
  3. Third degree. This is the stage of deformation of the joints of the thumb and forefoot. The thumb drops and bends. Movement becomes difficult and constantly painful.

Thus, all the symptoms described indicate the severity of the disease and the need to begin treatment at its early stages.

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Methods and treatment methods

Arthrosis treatment can be divided into three parts: changing the load on the foot, eliminating inflammatory processes and restoring the state of the tissues of the forefoot.

As soon as the first symptoms of trouble appeared, it is necessary to refuse to wear tight shoes, including high-heeled shoes. It is best to switch to special orthopedic shoes or use orthopedic inserts.

Arthrosis of the foot is a good reason and incentive to lose weight. This should be done not through fasting, but by changing the diet. It is necessary to sharply reduce the amount of fatty meat food. Separate animal fats, sweet pastries, smoked meats, etc. should be discarded.

The requirement to reduce the load on the foot should not be interpreted as a recommendation to reduce mobility. Physical education here will only help to cope with the disease. Hiking, easy running over short distances are always necessary, except during periods of exacerbation with acute pain.

The treatment of foot arthrosis with folk remedies includes a whole range of external preparations.

Sea buckthorn oil compress. Rub sea buckthorn oil into the sore joint, wrap it with polyethylene and a warm cloth on top. Hold for several hours.

Alcohol rubbing. To the traditional rubbing with alcohol or vodka, you can add an enhanced version of the effect on the joints:

  • mix finely chopped hot pepper (1 pod) with celandine (1 tbsp.) and chopped aloe leaf (medium size 1 sheet), all this is poured with 0,5 l of vodka or alcohol, you need to insist for 3 weeks, a ready infusion is necessary rub into sore joints and wrap;
  • peel from 5 bananas should be insisted on vodka (0,5 l) for a month, used as grinding;
  • horse chestnut flowers (20 g) are infused with vodka (0,5 l) for 10 days, after which they are used as grindings;
  • mix alcohol with honey and sea salt, soak the cloth and wrap it on the forefoot, wrap polyethylene and cloth on top, hold for several hours.

Compress from the test. It is necessary to take coarse wheat flour and knead it like regular dough on egg yolk. Roll out the dough into a thin cake and wrap the joint with it. Cover with polyethylene and a warm cloth.

Iodine grid. At night, the entire forefoot can be lubricated with iodine. It treats inflammation and relieves swelling. The main thing here is not to apply the mesh too thick, otherwise there may be burns.

Folk remedies are also considered foot baths from medicinal herbs. It is necessary to mix oregano, juniper, rosemary and thyme in equal proportions. Pour boiling water over them, insist for about 1 hour. Then pour into a container for baths. Keep your feet in such hot water for no longer than 15 minutes. You can also use trays of sea salt or soda.

A good way to treat almost all inflammatory foot diseases is clay and sand treatment. Compresses can be made from clay densely diluted in water. You can be treated on the beach, digging your feet in the hot sand in a hot summer. The same can be done at home in warmed, clean and coarse sand.

Treatment of arthrosis at home allows you to use various methods and recipes in comfortable conditions, and most importantly – regularly. This is the key to success in the fight against the disease.

Herbal medicine and constancy – the key to effective treatment of foot arthrosis

After the completion of drug therapy, it will be useful to continue treatment of foot arthrosis with alternative methods. They have far fewer side effects and will not damage the gastric mucosa, as anti-inflammatory drugs. Let’s try to navigate the variety of recipes carefully stored in the people for this case.

Trays for sore feet

Answering the question of how to treat foot arthrosis, everyone suffering from them will answer that heat helps in any form best. The most affordable way to warm up diseased joints with the help of baths from decoctions of herbs. For these purposes, take juniper, thyme, oregano, pour boiling water, boil for about 10 minutes, insist and when the temperature of the broth allows, dip your feet. It is good to add to the healing broth and sea salt. Due to this, blood circulation improves, pain subsides, inflammation decreases. The usual duration of treatment is 10-15 procedures.


Arthrosis of the foot, the treatment of which is quite effective with folk methods, is often treated with compresses. Most often they are based on alcohol tinctures, sometimes from honey and salt. But there are also completely unexpected recipes.

mix powdered chalk with kefir, yogurt or sour cream. The resulting paste is smeared on the affected joint, covered with a plastic film and a bandage is applied. Such an unusual, but very effective, remedy quickly relieves pain and inflammation, and also significantly improves blood circulation.

Grinding Agents

In the treatment of foot arthrosis, various alcohol tinctures used for rubbing are also successfully used. One of the most popular means is eucalyptus tincture. To obtain it, 100 g of eucalyptus leaves is poured with half a liter of vodka or alcohol. Insist about a week in a dark place. The resulting remedy rubbed sore feet at night.

The rubbing agent can also be prepared from white lilac flowers. You need to take them in a ratio of 1:10 with alcohol. Insist in a tightly closed container for 7-10 days. Apply to rubbing and compresses.

The use of lilac buds collected in the spring is also effective, only they should be taken in a different ratio. 2 cups of kidneys require 0.5 l of vodka. In a dark place, insist 10 days, received tincture rub joints.

Can be used for grinding garlic. You need to mix half a teaspoon of grated garlic with olive oil, taken in the amount of 1 tablespoon. Rub the affected joint with this mixture.


How to treat arthrosis with folk remedies without the use of herbs, herbal recipes are a constant companion of people suffering from joint pain? It is recommended to use this collection for this disease:

1 g of buckthorn bark are taken per 60 liter of boiling water, 20 g of dandelion roots, mint leaves, fennel and parsley are added. 2 glasses of infusion are taken in the morning on an empty stomach.

This improves the metabolism and well-being of the patient.

Effective and the collection, consisting of equally nettle leaves, elderberry flowers, willow bark and parsley root. A tablespoon of the given composition is brewed with a glass of boiling water and boiled over low heat for several minutes. After cooling, take 2 cups a day. The treatment is long, up to several months.

At its end, the patient, who had the patience to finish what was started, will experience a significant improvement in his condition.

Arthrosis of the foot, the treatment of folk remedies which often requires discipline and patience, is slowly but surely cured with the help of the saberfish. To do this, 100 dry stems need to pour 1 liter of vodka. Insist to perform for 3 weeks. Take 1 tablespoon with 50 mg of water three times a day. In parallel with ingestion, rub sore spots with the same tincture. The course of treatment is a month, a break is 2 weeks. So, with interruptions, continue taking funds for a year.

Bees treat

An ancient healer’s method for treating arthrosis with bee stings is as follows. The caught bee is applied to the diseased joint and allowed to sting. A day later, at a short distance from this place, the next bite is performed. Moreover, on the second day of the patient, 2 bees should bite, on the third-3 bees, and so on to 5. Then the patient is given 1-2 days of rest, and the bites are performed in the reverse order. If the pain continues, the next course is carried out in a week. If it is also not enough – before the third year, arrange a two-week break. A third course, as a rule, is rarely required. Of course, you can buy ready-made bee venom in a pharmacy, there will be some result from it, but, believe me, is completely different.

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