Adult Scoliosis Exercises

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Do you want to get rid of scoliosis forever, become slimmer and prevent stoop and back problems in your child? Then you should pay attention to therapeutic exercises!

And just in this article we are talking about scoliosis and ways to cure this disease, we propose to master a simple set of exercises to combat this pathology. With the help of our tips and tricks, you will be able to understand the methods of treating the spine, begin to exercise at home and take the path to getting rid of scoliosis.

The most common disease of the spine is scoliosis, and this ailment develops in childhood. Having started the right treatment in time, you can avoid the development of the disease and prevent the displacement of internal organs, problems with breathing and blood circulation. The most effective method for the treatment of scoliosis is physiotherapy and physiotherapy as part of exercise therapy.

What is scoliosis and what are the causes of the disease?

Scoliosis is a disease of the musculoskeletal system in which lateral curvature of the spine occurs. This disease is congenital, but most often scoliosis is an acquired pathology and this disease is diagnosed at the age of 4 to 15 years. The disease can develop in any part of the spine, but thoracic scoliosis is considered the most common.

The root cause of acquired scoliosis is weak back muscles, which first leads to stoop, and later the shoulder blades protrude, which indicates the onset of pathology. Among the main reasons are also: various serious illnesses, poor posture, uneven strong loads, a sedentary lifestyle, prolonged sitting at a table or desk at schoolchildren in the wrong position.

Types of scoliosis in shape

There are three types of scoliosis in the form of curvature of the spinal column:

1. C-shaped or simple. There is an arcuate curvature of the spine in one section to the left or right.

2. S-shaped. Curvature in two parts of the spine.

3. Z-shaped. It is very difficult to treat and is characterized by three many-sided arcs of curvature.

Degrees of scoliosis deformity

The severity of scoliosis is divided into four types of deformation:

  • 1 degree – curvature of the spine within 10 °, visually almost not noticeable, but the asymmetry of the shoulders and shoulder blades is already visible;
  • 2 degree – the bend of the spine reaches 11-25 °, the stoop is very visible, especially when tilted, the shoulders are uneven;
  • Grade 3 – a noticeable deviation from the vertical axis by 26-50 °, severe deformation of the spinal column, accompanied by muscle atrophy, pulmonary and heart failure begins to develop;
  • Grade 4 – an x-ray shows a spinal curvature of more than 50 °, the disease is accompanied by serious malfunctions of the internal organs.

The main methods of treating scoliosis

After conducting full examinations, the orthopedic surgeon will be diagnosed correctly and a strategy for appropriate treatment for the spine will be developed. According to indications, there are various ways to cure scoliosis.

For prevention and in the early stages of the disease of the 1st degree of severity, therapeutic exercises are effective. Exercise therapy together with physiotherapy allows you to strengthen the back muscle frame, stabilize the spine, stop the progression of scoliosis, even with 2 degrees of disease. Massage is used as an additional therapy to enhance blood flow and proper nutrition of musculoskeletal tissue.

Grade 3 progressive scoliosis requires the use of an individually made corset. In the most extreme cases, at the last 4 stages of scoliosis, a surgical operation is performed. In order to avoid complex treatment methods, it is necessary to diagnose this ailment as early as possible, and then you can cope with the disease with the help of therapeutic exercises.

The benefits and types of exercises in therapeutic gymnastics with scoliosis

Therapeutic gymnastics is the main way to prevent and treat scoliosis and is used at any stage in children. Given the degree and form of the pathology of the thoracic region, the doctor develops a set of exercises individually. In childhood, the spine is still quite elastic, so with regular gymnastics, even with scoliosis of the 2nd degree, the spine will again occupy the desired position in a teenager.

Exercises to correct curvature of the spine are:

  • Symmetric – designed to prevent the development of the disease and contribute to the formation of a strong bilateral muscle framework.
  • Asymmetric – used directly for the treatment of scoliosis, stop the development of the disease, contribute to the straightening of posture.

Rules for performing therapeutic exercises

There is a basic set of symmetrical exercises for the prevention and treatment of scoliosis of the first degree. Since the deformation of the back is insignificant, and the load on the spine is not strong, you can do it at home. When performing medical gymnastics exercises, strictly follow certain rules.

Starting from the minimum load, increase it gradually, taking into account the well-being and characteristics of your body. There should be no pain or discomfort. Vis and exercises on the horizontal bar can not be performed without the supervision of a doctor, only passive traction of the spinal column is allowed. Eliminate vertical body rotation and tilting.

The basic complex for the treatment of C-shaped scoliosis

We present you the basic exercises of the complex developed by the orthopedist. First of all, form a correct posture leaning against a flat wall. Be sure to warm up in the form of light gymnastics, a few squats and bends of the arms and legs. Remember – tilting and turning the body is prohibited, do all exercises smoothly. The first 4 exercises are for the shoulder girdle, and the next four are for the back.

1. Put your feet shoulder-width apart and, putting your hands on your shoulders, rotate your elbows forward, and then back 8 times, 3 sets.

2. From the same position on the exhale, bring the shoulders forward as much as possible, and on the inhale, the shoulders come back. Do not turn your back.

3. Do the same exercise, but only now put your shoulders back.

4. Pull the spine with the exercise “spring”. Lower your hands and stretch upside down, do not stand on socks. In the upper position of the head, a delay of 5-7 seconds. Return to starting position.

5. Lying on your stomach on the floor, arms along the body, raise your head up. Do not tear off your shoulders or chest.

6. Repeat the previous exercise, now with the arms resting on the floor.

7. From the starting position, lift both legs alternately.

8. Raise at the same time straight legs and arms extended forward.

After exercise, it is recommended to walk on your heels, after which walk on toes for 2-3 minutes.

This complex is not difficult, but to the question “is it possible for children to do gymnastics?”, A positive answer can be given with confidence. At the initial stage of scoliosis, the basic complex, together with physiotherapy, contribute to the rapid restoration of the spine.

There are also complexes for the correction of S-shaped scoliosis of the 2nd degree. We recommend that you master the exercises when the degree of curvature of the spine is higher than the first in the exercise therapy room under the strict supervision of a doctor. With pathology of 3 degrees in adults and children, vertebrologists recommend the use of the treatment system of Katarina Schrot.

Therapeutic exercises of Katarina Schrot – breathing exercises

Respiratory gymnastics, strength and recovery exercises for the treatment of scoliosis by physiotherapist Katarina Schrot are successfully used in rehabilitation centers around the world. Suffering from degree 2 curvature of the spine, Katarina conducted experiments on her body. In 1921, Schrot opened the first clinic in which she successfully performed scoliosis treatment.

Proper breathing is the basis of Katarina Schrot’s technique and without it, it is impossible to eliminate the decrease in intercostal space in the field of pathology. Once having seen a ball with a dent, she found out that the chest is asymmetrically involved in breathing and one of the lungs does not open properly when inhaled. Her daughter Krista Lenart Schrot continued to develop the technique and summarized her knowledge in the book Three-Dimensional Therapy of Scoliosis.

The essence of Katharina Schrot’s respiratory orthopedics is that a physiotherapist with the help of additional means – a ball, a roller, a Swedish wall, sets a certain position of the patient’s body. Performing exercises with inspiration with a tensile force, the ribs are brought into the correct position. Exhaling during exercise through almost tight lips, reduces the distance between the ribs on the problem side.

Using the Schrot system, even complex degrees of scoliosis can be cured. Experienced doctors for each patient develop an individual training program. In order to completely get rid of the curvature of the spinal column, meal therapy should be carried out regularly.

What to remember:

1. Scoliosis – a disease of the spine most often having acquired causes in childhood, manifesting in the thoracic region.

2. Spinal curvature is classified by shape and has 4 degrees of severity.

3. The treatment methods include: massage, exercise therapy, surgical intervention at 4 stages of the disease.

4. Following the rules of execution, you can do exercises for the prevention and treatment of scoliosis at home.

5. The technique of Katarina Schrot is effective in the treatment of curvature of the spine 2 and 3 degrees.

What is scoliosis, its symptoms and methods of correction

Correcting scoliosis in adults is a complex and lengthy process. An integrated approach gives greater effect, but you can not do without sports. Let’s look at ways to correct scoliosis in adults.

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Content of the material

Scoliosis in an adult is a very rare phenomenon, since pathological changes in the spinal canal occur in childhood. This disease greatly affects the vital activity of the patient, affects not only the physical, but also the psychological state. Correcting scoliosis in adults is not an easy process. We will examine in more detail how to treat this disease.

Before you get the answer to the main question, consider what scoliosis and the causes of its occurrence, symptoms of manifestation.

Scoliosis in adults. The figure shows its main manifestations. Scoliosis correction requires an integrated approach

What is scoliosis and its causes

Scoliosis is a pathological change in the spinal canal, namely, deviations of its individual sections to the right or left side. It is common in children and adolescents, but is rare in adults. Earlier we wrote about the causes of scoliosis in adolescents and recommended adding the article to bookmarks.

Correction of scoliosis in adults is complicated by the developed bone structure of the spinal canal. At the same time, competent restoration of the position of the vertebrae requires a long period of time.

Adults think scoliosis is an acquired disease. They also believe that pathology at this age happens from the patient’s inaction in the early stages of its development, but there are other reasons. Among them stand out:

  • Injuries due to spinal canal abnormalities.
  • Surgical impact. After surgery on the spine, complications can occur.
  • Pathologies of the spinal canal, which include: the presence of intervertebral hernias, osteochondrosis, protrusions, and others.
  • Osteoporosis. This is a disease that causes bone loss.

Pronounced scoliosis in an adult in the right picture. The hump in the region of the ribs on one side and the hollow on the other. The difference with a normal healthy spine is obvious

  • The presence of tuberculosis or osteomyelitis.
  • Oncology. The appearance of a tumor in the spinal canal or the occurrence of metastases that affect the vertebral bodies.
  • Osteomolation is a softening of the tissue of the bones of the spinal column.
  • Ideopathic causes are unknown stimuli leading to scoliosis.

Important! These diseases need to be treated at their first manifestations. But not everyone can recognize the manifestation of symptoms, so you need to visit a doctor on a regular basis.

We recommend to study:

Symptoms of scoliosis in adults

  • severe pain in the back;
  • differences in the location of the shoulders;
  • visual inspection shows a curvature;
  • violation in the musculoskeletal system;
  • discomfort and stiffness;
  • frequent catarrhal diseases;
  • loss of sensation of limbs;
  • the appearance of a hump on one side and a hollow on the other in the region of the ribs;
  • malfunctioning of internal organs;
  • the feeling that one hand is shorter than the other.

In addition, we recommend:


The main emphasis when correction of scoliosis in adults is required, doctors do on:

  • elimination of pain;
  • strengthening the muscle frame;
  • restoration of normal blood circulation;
  • elimination of the cause of deformation.

We wrote in detail about the treatment of scoliosis of the cervical spine in a previous article and advised to add it to bookmarks.

Correction of scoliosis is carried out by using conservative methods. Doctors use:

Wearing a corset gives a good result, but after that, strengthening the muscular skeleton is required. Doctors resort to the appointment of physiotherapy and exercise therapy, prescribe classes in swimming and in the gym

  • therapeutic exercises;
  • manual therapy;
  • physiotherapy
  • acupuncture;
  • taking medication.

Serious problems in the spine are indicated by poor posture. Curvatures of the spine cause pain to a person, change the shape of important internal organs and prevent them from functioning properly. The thoracolumbosacral corset helps to correct posture disorders in the treatment of the spine.

The surgical method is rarely used: with severe deviations, if conservative methods do not work.

Correction of scoliosis in the gym

Gym is a great option for correcting curvature. The training program is developed individually, but it always consists of:

  • Initial warm up. This stage begins with cycling and should take at least ten minutes.

Important! At the first trainings, the exercise bike should not be replaced with an ellipsoid or a treadmill, since the load on the spine will increase significantly.

Exercises that should be performed with scoliosis. They help to fix

  • The main warm-up complex and stretch marks. Here are worked out:
    • Neck. It is carried out by rotating the head and its inclinations in different directions.
    • Brushes. You need to rotate clockwise and counterclockwise.
    • Shoulders. Hands should be placed on the shoulders and make circular rotations.
    • Loin. It is necessary to make inclinations in different directions and forward, backward.

Important! Exercises should be performed smoothly and not overload the diseased spine.

Scoleosis exercises shown on video

  • Basic training. Such exercises for scoliosis can be used as:
    • leg press;
    • squats in the hack machine;
    • bench press and dumbbell;
    • breeding of arms bent at the elbows with dumbbells;
    • raising legs in a supine position or in the hanger;
    • push-ups from the floor or bars;
    • and others.

Important! The training program is a doctor. It depends on the degree of curvature.

These exercises should not be performed in the presence of scoliosis.

We recommend that you read the article on the use of an exercise bike with a hernia of the spine.

Correcting scoliosis in adults is not a quick and complicated process that requires an integrated approach. Swimming and visiting the gym are included in it and give an effect.

Gymnastics with scoliosis of the 1st degree at home

Gymnastics with scoliosis of the 1st degree allows you to completely straighten the angle of the spinal column. The easiest way to cure the disease in childhood and adolescence. Gymnastics helps adults to strengthen muscles and prevent the passage of scoliosis in stages 2-4.

A set of exercises is selected in accordance with the age and form of scoliosis. It is necessary to observe consistency, slow pace, smooth movements.

The occurrence of scoliosis provokes diseases of all muscle groups, the nervous system, and the musculoskeletal system. The reasons for its development are motionless lifestyle and improper landing at the table, desk. At the first stage of the disease, especially in childhood and adolescence, corrective gymnastics allows you to fully restore the disturbed functions of the musculoskeletal system of the body.

  • strengthening muscle elasticity and strength;
  • the formation of a strong muscle frame of the spine;
  • relieve painful muscle tension;
  • stopping the further development of the disease;
  • improvement of the heart and vascular system;
  • breathing recovery;
  • getting rid of curvature of the spine.

Regular physical activity improves metabolic processes in the body, cleans it of toxic substances and toxins.

Effective training for 6 months contributes to the complete elimination of scoliosis and restores a healthy anatomical shape to the spine.

Gymnastics with scoliosis gives a positive effect in childhood and adolescence, when the body is in a developmental stage. With a disease of the 1st degree, with the help of exercises, it is possible to completely cure it. Along with training, the therapy includes massage and wearing a special corset for posture.

In the treatment of scoliosis at home, symmetrical and asymmetric exercises for stretching the spine are used.

When performing gymnastics, the basic conditions must be observed:

  • a set of exercises is selected by the leading patient orthopedist;
  • >

There are requirements that can not be neglected when engaged in physical therapy (exercise therapy):

  1. 1. The complexes do not use exercises for strength, endurance, speed or dexterity: jumping, running, turning the torso, hanging and pulling up on the bar, acrobatic and power.
  2. 2. During classes, all elements are performed slowly. The reaction of the body to pain and discomfort with each exercise is noted.
  3. 3. The number of approaches increases gradually, from the first to the last lesson, without overstressing the body.
  4. 4. Only exercises for passive stretching of the spine are selected.
  5. 5. Workouts for muscle groups of the shoulder girdle, lumbar and leg muscles alternate with each other.

Sometimes it is necessary to exercise caution or completely abandon the treatment of scoliosis with gymnastics. With the rapid progression of the disease, sharp pain in the dorsal region, cerebrovascular accidents, cardiac and pulmonary function disorders, physical exercises cannot be used.

Any curvature of the spinal column is a pathological load for the human muscle system. The paired muscles of the body work on the principle of leverage and should have an even volume of relaxation and tension. With scoliosis, the principle of symmetry is violated. The ability of muscles to contract from the side of curvature of the spine is lost and atrophy of the paired group begins.

Therefore, in exercise therapy for scoliosis of the first degree, various types of loads are used:

    1. Asymmetrical. Muscle training on one s >

Exercise therapy for scoliosis takes place in three stages.

  1. 1. Warm up. It includes exercises to straighten the spine:
Initial position Performance
Get up to the wall. Heels, calves, buttocks touch the vertical surface. Clavicles – if possible Take two steps forward without changing the position of the body. Even breathing is smooth, without delay
Vertical position. Feet shoulder width apart. Hands along the torso Slowly and carefully, they squat to inhale, stretching their arms forward. Return to starting position on exhalation
Vertical position. Feet shoulder width apart. Hands along the torso Raise your hands up and slowly reach for inhalation. Then they lower their hands and exhale
Vertical position. Feet shoulder width apart. Hands along the torso Do the movements in a circle with the shoulders clockwise (4 times), back (4 times).
Standing up The back is straight. Hands down Alternately raise the legs bent at the knee. Hold for 5 seconds, then lower
Standing up The back is straight. Hands down Perform a walking movement in one place with slow raising and lowering hands
On knees Walk slowly on all fours for 3-4 minutes

2. The main part. Includes elements for strengthening muscles with right, left, or S-shaped curvature of the spine:

Initial position Performance
“Car”. Lying on his back Pull the heels down, head up. Exercise is performed 4 times, with a delay of 10-15 seconds
“Bike”. Lying on his back Kicking makes movements similar to cycling. Keep your legs low, close to the floor
“Elbow-knee.” Lying on your back. Hands on shoulders. Straight legs Bend the leg and try to connect the knee and elbow
“Cotton under the knee.” Lying on your back. Hands along the body. Straight legs The legs are bent at the knees, pressed to the stomach. Hands make cotton under the knees
“Tilts of the legs.” Lying on your back. Hands along the body. Straight legs Raise your legs up and slowly tilt them to the right and left
Chest-Knee. Lying on your back. Hands along the body. Straight legs They bend the leg at the knee, try to reach it to the chest. Fix the position for 10-15 seconds
“Scissors”. Lying on my stomach. The head is located on the back of the palms. Straight legs Straight legs make cross movements. The distance between the floor and legs should be approximately 10 cm
“Retention.” Lying on my stomach. The head is located on the back of the palms. Legs extended At the same time raise their legs and head. The legs are connected, the arms are pulled to the sides. Palms turn up. They freeze for 10-15 seconds. Perform in 3 sets
“Castle”. Lying on my stomach. Hands in the lock position on the back of the head. Legs extended Pulling your head up without lifting your legs off the floor
“Rotation of the hands.” Standing up The back is straight. Palms on shoulders Spin back with your hands. The amplitude of the circle should be small. The movement is performed at a slow pace 3 times for 25-35 seconds
“Dog”. Standing on all fours The right arm is carried forward simultaneously with the left foot. They freeze for 10 seconds. Then vice versa
“Cat”. Standing on all fours Bend back up. Knee pulled forward, trying to reach the head
“Cat 2”. Standing on all fours Bend back down. The head is pulled up as high as possible. Fix the position for 10-15 seconds
“Scissors sideways.” Lying on its side Make movements with extended legs back and forth
“Crane”. Lying on its side Raise your leg up. Fix for 10 seconds. Down

3. Conclusion. Otherwise, this stage of the exercise is called a hitch:

Chiropractor Tips: 2 exercises that straighten the spine

Good posture, the spine with the correct natural bends, as you know, is the key to good health. However, how few people can boast of it!

People often ask how to fix various pathological curvatures of the spine – scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis. Mostly questions are asked by parents who ask for advice on how to help their children. Adults usually don’t ask about such problems for themselves, apparently believing that it’s too late to help them – their skeleton has long been formed and is already too rigid to somehow affect it.

However, it is not. Observing people, of course, notice how the posture deteriorates and the legs of many elderly people are deformed, and the rigidity of the skeleton is not a hindrance. So, the skeleton at any age can actively change. And which way depends on the conditions that we offer him.

We will talk about what measures you can take on your own to correct various spinal curvatures today.

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine, which is possible in all its departments and in any direction. Already in the initial stage of the disease, the internal tension in the vertebral bodies and discs increases sharply. The spine becomes stiff, inflexible. The pathological processes are developing at an accelerated pace. The ability of the spine to withstand a variety of overloads is reduced. For this reason, it is impossible to preserve or stop the development of scoliosis, the disease progresses to a very old age.

In fig. 1 shows left-sided lumbar scoliosis.

The lumbar spine is curved to the left, the muscles on the left at the waist are hypertrophied, on the right, they are practically absent. This distribution of muscle mass in addition enhances the visual perception of the defect. Where did muscle asymmetry come from?

To maintain the body in an upright position, the muscles on the left should be constantly in a state of tension, on the right – in a relaxed state. That is, if the patient is standing or sitting, the muscles on the left are working hard, on the right – they are resting. If you walk, run, swim, go in for sports, the difference in loads increases many times. It means that it is pointless to treat such a curvature by playing sports and ordinary physical education, moreover, it is harmful. Scoliosis will only increase!

Traditional methods – physiotherapy exercises, sparing living conditions (for example, children are offered to do exercises on their stomachs), corsets, mattresses molded in body shape – are ineffective, and sometimes just akin to sophisticated torture. Well, and more surgery. I saw and treated children after surgery. The results are not just zero, but tragic.

The usual practice of chiropractors is to try to straighten the spine using a standard set of techniques, unfortunately, also does not achieve its goals. The spine is straightened at best for several hours, then comes to its original state.

What can you do yourself without resorting to the services of specialists?

1. Create conditions for the patient so that most of the time the spine is in a state of anti-bending.

2. Take all measures to align the muscular system.

Both that and another can be successfully realized, constantly carrying out the following exercises, or rather, to accept certain medical poses.

Pose for the treatment of lumbar scoliosis (Fig. 2).

The patient sits with a book under his left buttock. The lumbar spine bends to the right, the muscles on the left relax, and on the right they tighten. The thickness of the book (or other suitable item) is selected based on the size of the spinal deformity, the age of the patient, the width of the pelvis and body fat on the buttocks and varies from 1-1,5 cm for a child to 5-6 cm for a well-fed woman.

Sitting time for schoolchildren and adults is constant. This means that one must sit in class at school, at home, and generally always and everywhere, right up to a full recovery. Children of 4-5 years old with slight scoliosis are enough and half an hour a day.

But there are times when it is impossible to sit on a book, for example, at a party or on the beach.

In this case, you can use the pose options shown in Fig. 3 (away) and fig. 4 (on the beach, picnic or in the gym).

It’s comfortable to sit on an armchair or sofa with your foot in place of a book. It turns out extravagantly and is not associated at all with treatment. On the beach, on the lawn, you can bend two legs. Sitting in such poses, you can lean your right shoulder on a suitable support – the back of a chair, a wall, a tree trunk.

All poses are given for left-sided lumbar scoliosis, with right-sided – exercises must be performed in a mirror version.

With lumbar scoliosis, a posture with a reverse bend can be occupied while standing (Fig. 5).

To do this, the body must fully rest on the left leg, the right one is slightly bent, the right half of the pelvis is lowered down.

For those who suffer from lumbar scoliosis, it is important to remember that both sitting and standing, he unconsciously takes a pose that is convenient specifically for scoliosis, that is, a mirror treatment. Therefore, take care of yourself and take the necessary poses.

Well, what about the muscles? Even with the complete cure of scoliosis, muscle asymmetry remains, which some time later easily leads to the return of scoliosis. Therefore, for the development of atrophied muscles, I propose to regularly perform two exercises.

Exercise 1 (Fig. 6).

Press with the right hand on the fixed support, while the muscles of the right side of the waist are tensed. Recommended exercise mode: 2 seconds – pressing, 1 second – rest. In mild cases, 1 series of 10 taps is performed, in severe cases, 2–5 series.

Exercise 2 (Fig. 7).

Lying on the left side, slightly bending the left leg. The left hand is under the head, the right one rests on the couch. The body is slightly inclined forward, the straight right leg is raised up and slightly laid back. To stimulate the muscles on the right leg, you can hang a load (several kilograms) and lift it with your straight leg until fatigue appears. You can resort to the help of loved ones: the assistant presses the foot in the region of the ankle joint, and the patient resists pressing (until fatigue).

And the last tip. Do not forget about regular diagnostic examinations, as an overdose is possible. Therefore, it is important to stop in time, otherwise the curvature can go the other way. published by

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