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Joint diseases are currently not uncommon. Therefore, today we will focus on the joints, or rather the causes of their diseases and methods of treatment. In this section I will try to present the most complete information, also in such a way that it is understandable and understandable to absolutely all of you.

It is worth noting that joint diseases are the number 1 topic for almost one hundred percent of the inhabitants of the planet Earth. That is why this article will be the most voluminous and informational.
So, our body is mobile thanks to the joints. They give us the opportunity to walk, play sports, physical labor – in short, live fully. As I already noted, joint diseases are a mass phenomenon.

In most cases, joint diseases are inherent in people full, sedentary and elderly. However, cases when joint diseases appear in completely healthy people are not uncommon. It is known that every fourth person aged 30 years has problems with joints, and 90% of people over 55 develop arthrosis and arthritis.

There are many forms of joint diseases, and there are also many reasons for this. Joint diseases are associated with a complex of internal and external factors.

Let’s take a closer look at joint diseases and talk about ways to treat them:

Ankylosing spondylitis;
Still’s disease;
Felty’s Syndrome;
Arthrosis or osteoarthrosis;
Hip dysplasia;

By themselves, joint diseases are not born, some reasons contribute to this. Let them with you and consider.

So, the common causes of joint disease:

The most common cause of joint diseases is the mismatch between the load on the joints and the ability of the cartilage to resist it. As a result, there is a rapid “aging” of articular cartilage. The joints begin to hurt and deform.
Mechanical damage to the joint. Disease of the joint upon injury (stroke, dislocation, fracture of the limb).

The main cause of rheumatic diseases of the joints are immune disorders (weak immunity, the inability of the body to fight infectious diseases). In most cases, frequent or chronic diseases cause joint disease. Allergies can also be attributed to this category of causes of joint diseases.

Violation of blood circulation in the joints. Low mobility, lack of physical activity.

Endocrine factor. Dysfunction of the endocrine glands can be the cause of the so-called endocrine arthritis (for example, acromegal arthropathy, diabetic arthropathy, etc.), to be treated by an endocrinologist.
Nerve factor. Diseases of the nervous system are a direct cause of the development of certain joint diseases. Functional disorders of the nervous system, especially its vegetative section, also play a large role in the development and course of various joint diseases. It is worth noting that frequent and long-term nerve stresses affect the occurrence of any disease in humans. Take note of this.

Frequent and prolonged stresses, experiences are one of the causes of joint disease.

Improper human nutrition. The body does not receive the right amount of useful nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Intoxication of the body. Poisoning of all organs and tissues with toxins that poison the body (nicotine, alcohol, food additives, GMOs, metal oxides, exhaust gases, etc.).

Bad habits and wrong lifestyle (lack of personal hygiene – sleep hygiene, daily routine).